Chapter 05: Family Arrives


As I settled in for the night I sent out another text to Stackhouse to have the Sherriff and his daughter with him tonight when he arrives so that they could be part of the conversation. I told him to let them know that NO harm would come to Adilyn, no vampires will touch her or they would be ended.

I had already spoken to Thalia and the sister’s about this so I knew they could control themselves. I sent off a quick text to my youngest child, hoping that she would attend with the others, I wanted to make amends and if I needed to grovel a little bit I would, plus I knew Willa would do fine since she had been around Adilyn already.

I just had to worry about Bill showing up again and ruining the party-of sorts- tonight.

He was going to be a liability I didn’t want, but I had a notion he would piss off the wrong vampire sister and be ended. Plus, I noticed he was faking the HepV virus on his way back home earlier I was going to call him out on it tonight.

I needed to figure out how he was getting the veins to grow in his body on demand, Sookie had told me she watched them spread and it sickened me that he would have her watch such a thing. But then again Bill had no shame and he wanted My Sookie to live with guilt.

I was trying to figure out what his end game was with this new farce, would he have Sookie end his life, would he have had her end her own life so that they could die together. Another variable I didn’t need but I needed to have a contingency plan for when he spit forth hate upon Sookie’s rising.

As I sat waiting for the dawn to come I spoke to the mound that contained my love and her maker.

“Thalia, the douchebag from next door came by earlier, he started a bit of a commotion but the sisters took care of him and chased him off. I do believe he will be an ongoing issue until Sookie allows us to handle him OR he pisses off the wrong vampire. I just wanted you to know what happened and let you know that I was going to protect the two of you no matter what; if I have to end him I would need your help in explaining this to Sookie. She may not believe me at first that I did try to ignore the ass.”

It was a bit mumbled but I heard her.

“Brother, I hear you and understand. I heard what he said earlier and I will help you explain everything to our ‘little one’. Plus we need to find out how he is faking the HepV virus? I will see you in two nights but if you need to speak to me just come by and talk. If I can answer you I will.”

“Sister, I am going to figure out his end game but I think it has to do with Sookie ending herself over the guilt of infecting him. I have a long night ahead of me explaining to her family and friends what has happened to Sookie. I wish I had asked Niall to come back to help me with the brother, Jason can be a bit dimwitted and slow but he has potential to be much more. If the squirrels in his head are engaged when I tell him what happened then and only then it will be a smooth evening. I wish you a good rest and I will speak with you soon.”

“Rest well my brother.”

I dug my resting spot on the right of Sookie, I was close enough but far enough away that I did not interfere with her change. As I buried myself I thought to my Sookie, “I Love You min kära, rest well”.

I felt her mind buzzing in my brain and I felt a warmth spread over me that I have never felt before.

“Thalia, do you feel Sookie, her life force is buzzing in my head. The bond is open wide and she is sending me love. Can you feel it?”

“Yes Viking, I can feel her. Upon her rising we are going to have our hands full if she is able to use her brain functions already. What had you done to illicit the response?”

I figured she would learn sooner or later and this would be our family secret.

“I spoke to her with my thoughts. You might not believe me but I spoke to Sookie telepathically before her final breath, she said something to me and I answered her back. I am hoping it is one of her gifts that she shares with me; maybe she will be able to share it with you as well. We will have to test her upon her rising. I know it is usually the maker whom shares their gift or gifts with their child but with Sookie and her faeness we might be in for a whole new vampire.”

“If she does have this gift it will be a good one for us especially with training a newborn”

“Thalia, I do not personally think Sookie will be an issue as a newborn, I think the hardest part will be drinking from a donor. You or I are one thing, she will drink from us but I think it will gross her out if she had to deal with a donor. Bagged blood would have helped us out with her but I am not sure if we can get that yet since the blood banks have cut us off after the factories were destroyed. And, and this one is a huge issue, if her telepathy is stronger and her shields do not hold up it could be a nightmare for her. But until she rises we will not know. Also there is one more issue. Warlow was a Faepire which made him a daywalker; we may have another problem on our hands if the same thing happens to Sookie. ”

“Yes, it is something to think about and we need to have a contingency plan ready for all of it.”

With that we both went back to our own thoughts.

I was losing my morning because of the sun rising but I was forcing myself to stay awake. I didn’t care about the bleeds. I wanted to stay awake for a long as possible to protect the two women beside me.

“Eric rest, I will not succumb to my rest for quite some time, we will be fine.”

With that command I let go, but I did not rest as normal.

I was dreaming, I saw Sookie and she looked beautiful. I walked up to her and she hugged me, she told me that I looked great in the sun but of course she had that memory from my own time in the sun not so long ago.

I told her she looked more beautiful than ever in the sun and with that her fangs snapped down. We both looked a bit confused but I told her we were both dreaming and she asked me how that was possible.

I told her it must be the bond again, like the first blood exchange in the cubby.

We talked for a while, laughed for a while and we laid down in the grass and looked up into the bright sky…. TOGETHER…..

She asked me questions about being bonded and questions about what it is like to rise as a vampire, she asked me what her vampire gift would be and I told her I would not be certain until she rose.

I let her know there was a possibility that she would be a daywalker like Warlow was. Her response, ‘bring it on; I won’t lose my sun then.’

I chuckled at her; I guess we would have to test her out as soon as we could.

She asked me how things were going to go upon her rising vampire, I explained to her what Thalia and I had spoken about, changing the farmhouse to be light tight throughout, adding on more rooms upstairs or small houses out towards the back of the property.

She said she like the idea of smaller houses for her aunts.

I explained to her that her brother and friends would be over tonight and I would let them know what was going on. What had happened to her and what to expect when she rose.

She asked me to go easy on her friends and her brother, they were all pretty simple minded but if I asked them to do something nicely, not demand it, I would get more out of them.

I told her I would respect her wishes.

She had an idea about the farmhouse. She asked if the rolling shades like she saw at the Hotel Camilla could be installed in our home, that way she could still have light in our home at night and see the stars when they were out.

I told her I could look into it but for the time being we would have to use plywood and light blocking curtains so that we would all fit in her home and be safe.

She said that she was good with knowing that change was going to happen and she knew that I would be the high-handed vampire she loved and pay for it even though I didn’t have to. I told her as my mate and bonded that whatever I have was hers, so my money was hers as well.

Her answer, ‘we’ll talk about that later’.

I told her to expect the same talk about money from her Maker. Thalia has been around 1000+ years more than me and I am sure she has stock piled away her money as well, since the death of her father and mother I am sure she has even more; Ambrose was a very crafty and thrifty vampire to have been on this world for as long as he had. My guess was he had lived for 3500 plus years, maybe even closer to 4000.

She said she would ask Thalia about her deceased grandfather.

I told her to tread lightly and be respectful. She said she would ask but if denied she would not bring it up again.

As we lay in the warm grass my eyes closed for a split second and when I opened them up again I was again in my resting place and by myself.

I felt for Thalia and then Sookie.

Thalia felt my probe and asked, “Brother, what is wrong?” I told her about the dream and she said, “That she too felt Sookie’s body humming all day and did not get pulled to her rest as usual.”

I asked her, “Should we try to talk to her when the sun sets later to see if she could talk to us.

She stated that she wanted us to put it off, unless Sookie did the asking herself.

I told her I agreed with her thoughts.

There was a lot of movement overhead and I was curious to whom it was, I knew Stackhouse would be here at dusk, I didn’t expect him to be here so early.

Jason Stackhouse played by Ryan Kwanten

Jason Stackhouse played by Ryan Kwanten

I asked Thalia, “What is all the commotion above us” and she replied, “The brother and others have been bringing stuff by all day. They did not know why you needed all this stuff but they brought enough plywood to cover all the windows in the house. Someone named Lala was out getting curtains since he knew what was needed.”

Lafayette Reynolds played by Nelsan Ellis

Lafayette Reynolds played by Nelsan Ellis

She said, “I believe the brother has stood over our resting places several times today but never speaking, just weeping. I think he knows his sister is different now.”

With that I heard him standing over us again. I texted him to speak to us but he would have to get closer to the ground to hear us or wait until I rose in a little over an hour.

“Eric I needs to know, is she dead dead or vamp’ dead.”

“Jason, she has chosen to become a vampire, it happened last night when an assassin sliced her threw her mid-section while she was alone here at the farmhouse. I blame myself for not being here for her. I am not her maker but her mate and she chose that last night as well. You will meet her aunt’s tonight and I will explain everything else once I rise.”

“Dude, I don’t think she will blame you for not being here. We all know she can attract trouble no matter where she goes. But I will wait until you are ready. Everyone is here except the vampires.”

Duh dimwit, the sun is still up.

I shook my head but I heard Thalia chuckle, I think she now understood what we would be dealing with as far as Stackhouse was concerned.

“Jason can you get a hold of Niall. I need for him to be here tonight too.”

“Sure thing I call hm’.”

As Jason walked away I heard Lafayette come back and they unloaded his car of the curtains he could fine. He said Sook would not like the color scheme but she would have to deal with it.

There was silence again but I felt someone approaching our resting spots.

It felt hot above the ground, like warm hot above me, Lafayette.

“Hookah, I’s dons know whas happened, but take care of our girl. If anyone can it yous’.”

Before I could answer he walked away and joined the rest of the humans in the house.

I think there are more supernatural friends then I suspected. I would be able to tell better once I was face to face.

The time ticked by slowly and as I felt the sun finally set, I shot out of my resting place only to have Niall standing beside me when I landed.

Together we approached the house and knocked.

Jason told us to come on in. I was unsure how he knew it was us but he did. I think the boy has more going on for him then we give him credit for.

I let him know that before I would start the conversation that needed to be heard, I needed to get his new aunt’s out of the cubby, also there was a visitor that he might not like being in Sookie’s home but she is here to help, -until I explained he needed to be patient-, and we also needed to wait until the other vampires arrived.

He agreed to it all and asked if I needed anything else?

I told him to bring in the chairs from the kitchen and put them in the living room and if there were any more chairs throughout the house to bring them in as well.

He was off like a flash, hmm Violet’s blood made him faster but I detested that vampire. Maybe the aunts would take care of her too along with Compton.

The Gods only knew if that wish would come true.

We didn’t have to wait long for the others vampires to show up- Jessica, Willa, Keith and James.

Jason or the humans, Andy, Adilyn, Arlene and Lafayette had left messages for them to come to the farmhouse as soon as they rose.

The last vampire to enter was Violet and once she saw the aunt’s she went into attack mode. Apparently there was bad blood from a past meeting and since Mina had chosen to stand beside Jason a fight looked like it was about to happen.

Before it got out of hand I took control.

“Enough, this is my home and if you dare sully it in any way I will kill you myself. We are here to talk about what has happened to Sookie and I need for you to listen before you jump to any conclusions or start a fight you cannot win. Violet back the fuck down. Sisters please come stand by me.”

You could see a question mark across Jason’s head to my last remark but he just nodded.

I started the introductions. “Jason these five lovely woman/vampires, -Kathryn, Sasha, Belle, Mina and Naomi-, are Sookie’s new aunt’s and by Sookie standards they are your aunts too. Their sister Thalia, whom is the oldest, had given Sookie the choice to die last night or be turned. Sookie chose to be turned. An assassin got her outside the back door and inflicted a death blow to her midsection, I was not close enough to get to her in time or I would have given her the same choice and been her maker. Niall was here as well and he can attest to her wishes.” With that Niall nodded in affirmation, “She asked for him to be here tomorrow night when she rose. She promised that she would not eat him and Adilyn. I swore to her that I would protect them both with my life and I intend to keep to my promise. Adilyn, I have talked to the aunts and they would like to sniff you to see if your scent is too overpowering for them to be around you. Sookie would like for you to remain in her life and she still wants to continue helping you with your telepathy and powers. That is if your father approves?”

Andy nodded his approval but added, “How do we know that Sookie won’t hurt her, she is my last daughter, I don’t want to lose her like I lost her sisters.”

As I started to speak I saw Jessica bow her head and cry, she must have been the one who killed the others.

“Adilyn, do you want to stay right there or move over to the sisters? Niall will walk with you if you would like, we need to make sure that they can handle his stronger scent as well.”

Adilyn walked over to the sisters and let them breathe her in. They all smiled and then did the same thing to Niall. It was a go; their scents would not be any issue.

Kathryn chose to speak, “Brother we will protect her as one of our own, and of that you have our word.”

Niall proceeded to hug all the sisters and told them thank you, his mind would be better rested knowing that she would be protected when he was unable to be around.

After the sniff introduction was over I asked Willa to do the same thing, she walked up to Adilyn and hugged her and said she would never hurt her, they were friends.

I smiled at min dotter and quietly told her I would like to speak to her in private after everything was said and done.

We all settled back down and I asked for our other guest to be brought in. As Sasha retrieved Sarah, I explained who this person was and why she was vital to be here.

“As you know Sarah Newlin escaped from the vamp camp with her life but before she did that she drank the cure for HepV. Well I found her and that is how I no longer have the disease.” As I stated this she came around the corner with her head down and growls came out of the other vampires.

“Sarah please come over here to me.” And before I finished she was beside my side still with her head bowed.

“Now what I was saying was that I would like the vampires here in attendance to take a drink of her blood so that you become immune for the rest of your days. The aunts have already drunk from her and once Sookie rises she will also drink of her blood and Sarah knows of this and is a willing party. She has been told that she will offer her blood to any vampire that needs the cure in my Area and once I have everyone here inoculated, I will offer her services to Dr. Ludwig. However, while she in in my care, none of you will harm her.”

“Um mister, can the humans take it too, I am infected and I want to feed my vampire but I can’t.”
“Once he or she drinks the cure they can drink from an infected donor just like a clean donor.”

“Good to know, Keith, honey, please take a sip of that woman.”

“James, I want you drinkin’ of the hookah too. I wants yous’ rounds for a while.”

I looked around and Violet looked like she was gonna kill Sarah the first chance she got. I would have to make sure that vampire was carefully watched while here on the property. I saw the sisters notice it too so I knew I had backup until she was turned over to Ludwig.

“Eric, can we go get Bill and have him drink too, he is infected and I know Sookie would want him healed because she infected him.”

My blood was boiling at hearing his name. Belle saved me from having to answer.

“Young one, is Bill the douchebag from next door?” a soft chuckle was heard from MANY mouths. “If he is, he was here last night; hours after our Sookie had breathed her last breath, demanding her body and this home. He did not even feel her when she got hurt or when she died, how can that be if they shared blood, we always feel the other of whom we share blood with. He was an ass to us and just so you know, that vampire does NOT have HepV, he is clean and he lied to our ‘little one’ and to you. For what reason he has to lie we do not know but Thalia is not happy about that lie.”

I could see shock come over everyone’s face and they were not happy.

“Mr. Eric, I don’t understand why he would want to hurt her, she was sweet and kind and helped all of us out even when we resisted.”

“Adilyn, I cannot fathom what his pea brain is thinking but I think he wanted her to die with a guilt worse than she ever felt before. I think he was trying to get her to die with him. I think he felt that no one should have her but him, even after he called her an abomination and she chose Alcide, he was and is a selfish prick.”

I’ll kill him, it was said in a whisper but I still heard it.

“Now more about Sarah and then we will move on. I know all of us have our issues with her, she helped KILL my sister Nora and I have not forgotten that but she has also given me the opportunity to love, take care of and cherish Sookie for the rest of our lives. For this I will honor what I have told her and I would hope that the rest of you can put aside your reasons for wanting her dead.”

I could tell everyone was not happy but they said they would honor my wishes.

“Now as for why we need the wood, curtains and blood. Sookie will rise tomorrow night. We need to have the house light tight before she rises so that she is secure for the day. However, since she is FAE we do not know yet if she will be a daywalker like Warlow was. We have a lot of questions about what type of vampire she will become but none will be answered until she comes to life again. As we move along we will be building onto the farmhouse and adding houses for the sisters since we will all be staying on the property. She has requested the rolling shutters for the house but that will take some time to install and not be an immediate fix.”

“Eric, I believe she may rise as a daywalker, she has the spark and it may carry over. But we will deal with that when we figure it out.”

“Okay before we waste the whole night, vampires please come over and drink from Sarah, and then we can start getting this house in order. Lafayette can you please put together snacks and drinks for the humans. I am hoping all of you will stay and help us get her home ready for her rising tomorrow. I want to make sure the upstairs windows are covered completely with plywood but cut to fit the windows properly. The downstairs bedroom window I want boarded up but all others I would like the light blocking curtains hung so that she can see out at night. Jason, I saw Herveaux’s truck still parked on the side of the house, please go see if he has the tools we will need. Niall can you stay with us for the time being and speak with Adilyn and Andy about how we can train her to use her fae powers better.”

“Of course, come my child we can hang curtains and talk.”

The only problem I had from any of the vampires was Violet; I had to break her jaw to release Sarah’s neck. I did not know how attached Jason was to her but if she kept it up she would be ended.

The sister’s had decided that two of them would stay with Sarah at all times and keep watch. Niall was watching over Adilyn and I was watching over everyone.

As I stepped outside Willa vamped up to me and asked if we could speak.

“Of course min dotter, what would you like to know?”

“You released me the other night. I wanted it but now I am not too sure. I want to be a part of your life but you made me so angry by leaving me, so I requested that you do it… Now I see how much you love Sookie and I just want you to love me that way too.”

“Child…Willa I am deeply sorry that I left you behind. I wanted your sister to take care of you in my absence. I was grieving my maker’s death, the death of my sister and the woman I loved rejecting me. I needed space and I ran from my responsibilities. I am sorry I left you to survive on your own. I wish I had done it differently; I should have been here for you. Pam should have been here for you, but it seems that you had others helping you out instead of your vampire family… It is an action that I cannot take back. It is one of my biggest regrets. Please forgive me and I too wish for you to be in my life.”

“Eric, I can come to forgive you because if anything Sookie showed and taught me was how to get over the obstacles in our way and move on. But I need to know if it will be okay for me to live here too? I have been staying with Tara but now that she is gone I will not have a place to live.”

“I will have to speak with the sisters and Sookie but I am sure that will not be any issue, we will find the room.”

“Um K…. Eric…. Where is Pam?”

“She has left us, she did not see eye to eye with me on what I wanted for my future. So I gave her some money and she left us last night.”

“I think she will be an issue later on, especially after Sookie rises. But I will help protect her best I can.”

“Min dotter, I would be very pleased. Is there anything else you need, otherwise we can go help the others.”

“No I am good”

Faintly I heard Thalia call me.

“Eric please bring your daughter over to me please.”
I saw Willa’s eyebrow go up, like it was odd that the dirt was talking to us.

“Sister, what can I do for you? First let me introduce my daughter, Willa Burrell.”

“Hello Willa, I am Thalia and you will see my face tomorrow night upon our rising. I would like to personally welcome you into the family and yes you can stay here with us. I am sure Sookie would say the same thing. But first there is an issue with Sarah that must be addressed?”

As she finished what she was saying Mina approached.

“Sister, you called?”

“Yes please have the others know that Willa will be staying with us. She is our brother’s daughter and we will welcome her with open arms in our nest/home. Make sure the others are aware of my decision.”

“Yes sister.”

As she walked away, Willa spoke up. “Thalia do I call you Thalia or sister? Plus as far as Sarah is concerned, I think karma bit her in the ass. I hated her when she was my father’s mistress, but now knowing that my maker has her for the soul purpose of fixing what she caused for our kind. I couldn’t be happier. I will protect her as well since Violet, was giving her the stink eye earlier.”

“Who is this Violet and what has happened?”


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    • hello yes it is being finished, my stories are a slow go these days, either my muse is with me or against me and i will not push a story. thanks for reading and asking KY

      • I did not want any one to push anything that is why your stories are so great they are written from the heart not like the true blood series sometimes it felt it was just written to get it done. My thanks for all the great stories you all have given us

      • hello thank you for your kind words, yes they are from the heart. I know what you mean about pushing out a story to get it done and I am not a fan of those either. I have 1/2 chapter left of Oval office to write and then i will start posting the 4 remaining chapters. I have been working on other stories as well and will start posting those after Oval office. Stay healthy and safe KY

    • thank you for reading and reviewing. I am working on all my stories, slowly but surely, there will be updates. enjoy Oval office, that story is now complete and will be all posted by the end of the year. KY

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