OOH for the Love of Zombie’s

                                   A HALLOWEEN FIC EXCHANGE

Bookverse/Showverse: Book
Rating: M

General Idea/Prompt: It would be AH…Eric tells his mom he’s dating someone so she’ll leave him alone and the pic he shows her is a random pic he found on the internet of Sookie…until he’s out to lunch one day with mom and Sookie is at the next table over…he corners Sookie and begs her to go along. Eric’s annual family Halloween party is that night and he has to convince her to go.

Disclaimer:  I don’t own any of these characters or Southern Vampire Mysteries but I enjoyed playing with them under the Weeping Willow Tree. Thanks Charlaine Harris

Authors comment: Just to be clear as to what I was thinking about when I wrote this story; I used Eric’s passivity from when he was Amnesiac Eric. He would have never been able to have such strong emotional feelings if he was his Bad Ass self.  So in this story Sookie is the strong one as during Book 4. Also I spoke with a couple of male friends who said they do think things like this but would never say them out loud.

Thank you to my BETA Northwoman she was a godsend.  I would like to thank Southernlady23 and Makemyheadspin whom were a great help in convincing me to continue with this fic that I am still nervous about it.

Chapter 1: Intel

Chapter 2: The Lie

Chapter 3: Peanut Butter M&M’s

Chapter 4: Zombies

Chapter 5: The Break Up

Chapter6: Decisions

Chapter 7: Home

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