Chapter 02- The Lie

Chapter 2- The Lie

I woke up the following day and called my mom and set up a lunch date for Saturday.  We always met at Merlotte’s Diner in Shreveport, my buddy, Sam, owned it now after his dad passed away, so it felt like home and it made me comfortable enough to talk to my mom about my new “girlfriend”.

We got there a little after 12:30pm and it wasn’t too busy which was good.  I wanted no one I knew to hear this and I knew a lot of my friends and co-workers frequented there often enough to put the fear of God into me.  Plus, I had hoped once I told my mom everything she would keep quiet about it for me, at least for the time being.

Well here goes nothing … Mom and I ordered our drinks and then our lunch.  I could tell she was curious about why I wanted to meet her for lunch so I jumped right into it.    I told her I met someone and that Sookie and I wanted to stay under everyone’s radar since she was not part of the Shreveport social group that the Northman’s ran in.  I told my mom about how she grew up and was raised by her grandmother after her parents passed away.  That she achieved her dreams by becoming a high school teacher and teaching at her alma mater in Bon Temps.  Mom said she never heard of that town and I told her it was about a 40 minute drive south of Shreveport.  I told her we met at one of my favorite seafood restaurants midway between here and Rustin.

…… I kept thinking to myself—unbelievable– she is eating this shit up, maybe this will be easy……. 

I told my mom we were taking it slow since we live in different cities and saw each other as much as we could.  We did not call each other but used Skype instead so we could see each other and not just hear our voices.   It helped us not to miss each other as much….. Damn I was laying it on thick, I am better at this than I thought, she believes me……. Oh shit there’s the look…..  I thought I was caught in the lie but she just watched as I talked about my girlfriend and my new life.  Hell, I was smitten with Sookie and I did not even know her.

Mom asked me questions; I gave her answers and it worked out, thankfully I had the right answers.  Until her next question; the one I was dreading; when was I going to be bringing Sookie over to my parent’s house to meet them.  I told her I would get back to her because Sookie has a very busy schedule with school so it may be difficult since the year just started.

Mom said the following, “I will not be put off forever; I need to meet this young lady of yours before you get more serious than you already are. I can already tell you are smitten and I do not want the same thing to occur that happened with Thalia”

OUCH    I guess she did not trust me or my heart

We finished up our lunch and we said our goodbyes but made a date for lunch in two weeks time and she was hoping Sookie would be with me on October 16.   I would have to come up with a good excuse when she was not at lunch with me.  I would have to talk to Alcide and Maria and see if they had any ideas.

The talk with Alcide and Maria went well but we were still trying to come up with a legitimate excuse for Sookie not being there.  There wasn’t anything we could come up with and as the day got closer we were getting more creative. We had two days to go when Maria had a brilliant idea and went onto the Bon Temps High  School website.  She wanted to look at their calendar to see what was happening in the month of October.

As luck was on our side we found out that the Junior Varsity Football team had an away game on Saturday at noon…… JACKPOT…..   Maria had done a little research on her own and found out that the Stackhouse’s worked as a team when it came to the JV Football team; Sookie’s brother Jason was the head coach.  Maria had also found out Sookie would go as his teams EMT since the school could not afford one.

That would help us out with a diversion for my mother.  Sookie would have to be at the school early in the morning to catch the bus with the team, then the 40 minute trip to Minden. The game would last at least 2 hours and then the trip back would put her back home at the early evening hours.  She was always tired after these trips so we would not be seeing each other on Saturday, possibly not even on Sunday, because she had church with her grandmother……….. DAMN we were getting to good at this ………….   This plan had to work.

Well, Saturday finally got here and I was nervous to say the least.  My mom was not happy when I walked into Merlotte’s without a certain blonde on my arm.   I apologized to her from Sookie stating that she had a prior commitment and she could not disappoint the team by not being there.  It worked like a charm, hook, line and sinker.

We talked a bit and then she reminded me about the Northman Halloween Party coming up on October 30.  She expected Sookie and me to be in attendance.  The Northman’s have kept some of our families’ Swedish traditions alive and one of them was the celebration of All Hallow’s Eve or Halloween.    I about fell over. I forgot all about that; how the hell was I going to pull this one off?  She also reminded me that the theme this year was “Zombies”.

I knew Alcide, Quinn and Sam already had their outfits but I wanted to wear my normal Viking costume.  I enjoyed it and I felt at home in it.   I always got hit on a lot by the woman in attendance but I did not care.  I did not want to be a Zombie but I guess I would have to dress up as a zombie for my mom or never hear the end of it.     We talked a little bit more and then we said our goodbyes. I asked her if she needed anything for the party, she said she would let me know.  I knew she would not need me for anything; she handles everything; I guess you can call her a control freak.

I called Alcide and told him of our new problem.  That Sookie’s attendance at the party was not an option; she could not miss out on this event……   Damn I was screwed again…… We would have to put our thinking caps on again and hopefully come up with something.  Or I could just let my mom know we broke up because we could not come to terms with our busy schedules and the conflicts it caused. It would break her heart and mine but it might just be my only option.

The week disappeared quickly, quicker than it ever has before and then the following week got here and I was shitting bullets; if they were only silver and I was a vampire maybe they would not exit my body and I would be put to my final death.  This lie was starting to get out of control and as I was becoming aware I was unable to control its outcome.

Friday night arrived and I called my mom to meet me for lunch the next day at Merlotte’s diner, I knew she would be busy with preparations for the party but she agreed to meet me.  I had decided I was going to tell her Sookie and I broke up because of schedule conflicts; it was the only thing I could come up with that made sense to me, Alcide and Maria.

I did not want to tell my mom before the party but it felt right; I just did not want my mom to be upset all night when I did not show up with Sookie.   I wanted her to enjoy the party she looked forward to it every year.  But I figured if I was upset from the break up that evening and then proceeded to get cold stone drunk over the break up; it would prove to her I was in a relationship and one that meant something to me.  The guys were all in on this so I could use it as my excuse and she would leave me alone for the night and maybe a few more weeks.  It seemed to be my only option and a great idea or so I thought.

…….. But of course Murphy’s Law was summoned on my ass……. Of all the luck……..

Mom and I arrived at the same time at Merlotte’s Diner so we walked in together.  We were having a friendly conversation and then my world stopped cold.  I mean dead stop, end of the world stop, off its axis stop…..I was so fucked……There she was sitting at booth by herself and looking as beautiful as ever.  Shit I was so fucked.

I kept thinking to myself …

Oh My God, Oh My God, she’s here, MOM please don’t notice…please please please. Oh shit she’s looking in our direction.  I know from her picture she’s beautiful but in person she is so much more.  From the information I complied on her, her name is Sookie Stackhouse and I told my parents we have been dating for the last couple of months.  Oh Shit how am I going to keep my mom from walking over to her and saying hello, I’m Eric’s mom, Aude.  Please don’t embarrass me Mom. Please………Please       ……..    OH MY GOD I’m so fucked.”

Mom and I sat in the next booth over from Sookie but I could still see her.  She looked curious like she was listening to someone but no one was with her.  Her face scrunched up a bit and then relaxed, what was that all about?   Was she alone or meeting someone?  Please if she is meeting someone, please make it a girl.   I don’t know what I would do or say if it was a guy.  I thought I heard her snicker, what the hell was that about?    Oh shit, what the hell does my mother think about all this? I have some explaining to do.  What the hell am I going to tell my mom?

The waitress came over to Sookie first and asked her if the rest of her party was there yet and she said no not yet but she would like a sweet tea w/lemon while she waited.  The waitress then came over to us and took our drink order as well.  Mom started to say something but then Copley Carmichael’s daughter came into the diner and stopped by our table.  What was her name again? She was an aggressive female so I should remember her name.   Pam would know it since she went after both of us.   Damn, what was her name? I was lost and saved by my mom when she said hello to Amelia and asked her how she was doing?  Mom asked her if she would be at the Halloween Party tonight?  Amelia said she would not miss it for the world.  She acknowledged me but said she was meeting someone and she would see us tonight.  She walked away and sat in the booth with Sookie.  I did not know if my mom noticed this little tidbit or not, hopefully not, otherwise she would hound Amelia for information about Sookie and it would blow my story.  What the hell was I thinking? It was all unraveling.    I’m screwed; someone needs to rescue me now. I’m going down for the count 8.9.10.  Throw me a life vest, I’m drowning.

Then I thought, how the hell does Sookie know Amelia? They run in different crowds.   I could not think on that right now. I had to figure out what I was going to say to my mom now that Sookie was also at Merlotte’s.  I could not tell her we broke up because she would march right over to Sookie and confront her.  Shit shit shit.  I am so screwed.   What was I thinking, setting up a fake girlfriend for myself where she had a history and background stories and it was all true? It seemed like a beautiful plan at the time.  Why did Sookie have to leave Bon Temps today of all days?

I sat there quietly for a while just thinking but when I looked over at Sookie she was either looking like she was listening to something or she was actually smiling at me…. WTF…. That was eerie.  She shook her head once and then dived into conversation with Amelia at the same time I started talking to my mom about nothing but nonsense.  I had to fill the conversation somehow.

We ordered lunch and talked a bit about everything else going on in my life but never about Sookie.  Could Mom tell something was wrong?   As I was finishing my lunch, I heard Sookie tell Amelia, rather loudly, that she was going to the ladies’ room.  This was my chance to get her alone, see if she would help me out.  I was desperate at this point.  The party was less than 5 hours away.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 02- The Lie

  1. Well Eric is really in deep trouble what the hell is he going to do!? How come Sookie was there to meet Amelia!? How does she know Amelia by the why!? How come Aude didn’t notice Sookie at all? Questions alot of them…now I just have to push that little button to find out the answers!

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