Chapter 03- Peanut Butter M&M’s

Chapter 3- Peanut Butter M&M’s



I was sitting at Merlotte’s Diner waiting for Amelia to show up and as usual she was late.  I was thinking to myself that the people in this diner were rather boring as I sat their listening to their thoughts so I decided I needed to put my shields back up; I figured I was going to fall asleep in this place if I didn’t. It was really, really boring for a Saturday lunch and I was done entertaining myself from other people’s thoughts.  Most people are usually thinking about what screw up they had done the night before and were trying to figure out how to fix it but not today.  It sucks being a telepath sometimes, not many people know about my disability, just family and a few friends like Amelia and Tara and I would like to keep it that way.  It comes in handy with my students though because I can usually tell when something is bothering them and then gently coax it out of them, for those reasons only, it helps being able to hear them.  I guess that is why I am popular with the student body in Bon Temps.  They know they actually have a teacher that they can talk to when they need one.

Anyway I was just getting ready to text Amelia when I looked up and watched this tall, gorgeous man walk into the diner. He looked familiar too, a little like Amelia’s friend Pam Ravenscroft, but only in the eyes and blonde hair.   The thought occurred to me once I watched his face change in demeanor, he looked quite shocked and since there were not too many people in the diner I thought to lower my shields again to see what was so wrong.  His face looked like he just saw a ghost and that he was in major pain, not necessarily by his facial expressions, but by the look in his eyes.

Needless to say I was a bit shocked by what I heard in his thoughts:

Oh My God, Oh My God, she’s here, MOM please don’t notice…please please please. Oh shit she’s looking in our direction.  I know from her picture she’s beautiful but in person she is so much more.  From the information I complied on her, her name is Sookie Stackhouse and I told my parents that we have been dating for the last couple of months.  Oh Shit how am I going to keep my mom from walking over to her and saying hello.  Please don’t embarrass me Mom. Please………Please                OH MY GOD I am so fucked.”

Yeah I was shocked but I was also intrigued.  Why would he know my name and where did he get my picture from? Why would this ADONIS of a man have to lie to his parents about having a girlfriend? Was he GAY? Was he in a relationship he did not want his parents knowing about? So many questions and no way to ask him unless I ignored Amelia during our lunch and listened to him and the woman I presumed was his mother.

I hadn’t dated anyone in over a year so it was a beautiful thought for me to be the girlfriend of this Adonis of a man. He had to be 6”5” about 190-200lbs, Scandinavian heritage from what I could tell by his looks.  He looked to be in great shape, perfect abs and biceps. I wish I could see his butt; the ass is one of my favorite parts of the male anatomy and then maybe their eyes.  You can tell a lot about a person from their eyes, so many emotions go through them.  What was I thinking I was a figment of his imagination, not his true girlfriend but one could dream? ……..RIGHT……..

As I looked up again, I noticed this Viking Adonis was headed in my direction, what was up with that? My next thought, was he going to approach me and make me feel awkward by sitting with me?  No. No. No…. OH thank god, he stopped at the booth next to me.  I could still see him, I could not see his mom but I could definitely see him.  So I smiled at him and nodded a hello.  He looked shocked to say the least.  My next thought was, Do I know him and how? He seemed so familiar.   So I then thought to myself do I keep my shields up or down to see what’s up?  But before I could make that decision I heard the following thoughts, they were not from my Viking but from his mother,

“Look there’s Eric’s girlfriend Sookie, I wonder if he is going to introduce her to me or make me wait until the party tonight. She is beautiful just like the pictures Eric has showed his father and me.  I am curious how she feels about my son; he has been hurt too many times in the past.  Poor boy has put a wall up around his heart and won’t let anyone in.  I hope it works out for him; she’s beautiful and Peder would approve.”

As I was listening to her I am thinking to myself, WHAT THE HELL?   How did he pick me to be his fake girlfriend and why would he have to lie about it to his family?  Again the thought crossed my mind, he looks so familiar but I know I have never met him before because he is a person you would not forget. ….EVER….  OR have I met him?  Food for thought for a much later time of course when I would have more time to think about it; but not now… Then the thought occurred to me that possibly I met him at one of Amelia’s or her dad’s parties.  I know he does not know me from Bon Temps in any way shape or form, he would never run in my circles and I know I don’t run in his.  Hell, he probably lives in Shreveport, why would I know him.

As I sat there contemplating my next action, I thought to myself.  Amelia, damn it, show up already I need your advice “NOW” ….. What do I do, what do I do? Do I help him out? Do I listen some more or do I just ignore him?

The next thought I hear is from my Viking, “Oh My God, she is smiling at me, why is she smiling at me?  I am so screwed….. She has a beautiful smile and bright blue eyes…. God I am so screwed” So I decide to keep my shields down and focus on his and his mother’s thoughts and block out everyone else’s.

Mom is thinking, “I wonder what costume she is wearing tonight to the party? I hope Eric told her the theme is Zombies.”

The Viking is thinking, “I am totally screwed.  I do not know Sookie. How am I going to talk to her and ask her if she will go with me tonight? Shit this little white lie is going to bite me in the ass and Mom is going to kill me. Shit why the hell did I lie, shit I hate lying and people who lie because of that bitch who lied to me all the time, I don’t want to be like her.”

………Wow at least I know now he isn’t gay……..

“Oh shit Oh Shit, I am so screwed……. Breathe Eric “

                           …… at least I know his name is Eric. I wonder what his last name is………

“Breathe Eric, you can do this, she can only say no but how the hell do I approach her?  I must look like a creep, just staring at her. But she is staring right back; why is she doing that? Am I drooling?  GOD I AM SO FUCKED

Well as I sat there I thought to myself, what to do now that I heard his dilemma, he must be shitting bullets not being able to approach me and not being able to say anything to his mom about me.  Again, do I help him out? Or do I wait to see what he does? From what I have heard through his thoughts I have a pretty general idea about what happened and why.  I don’t like what he did and how he did it but he was trying to get himself out of a pickle and his scheme backfired on him, big time.

Please Amelia, just show up so I can talk to you!

Finally, I almost screamed it out loud as Amelia came through the doors of the diner, about friggin’ time.  But the shocker was Amelia stopped at their table first and said hello. Damn she knows them; maybe I won’t have to do anything after all.

Once Amelia arrives at our table, I ask her who that was at the other table and why does he keep staring at me with so much pain in his eyes.  She tells me that his name is Eric Northman and his mother, Aude Northman.   She knows them through her dad and that I have met his sister before at one of her dad’s parties; her name is Pam.

                                          “I don’t remember a Pam Northman”

But she has no clue why he staring at me except that I am a very beautiful woman, of course I blush at that compliment and Amelia tells me I am too easy and should accept the compliment graciously.  All I can do is smile at her.

I think, Oh that explains a lot, over privileged rich snobs from one of Amelia’s dad’s parties.  So that’s why he feels the need to make up this lie about me.  How high handed can he get, the nerve of him.  I should just ignore him and go my own way.  SCREW HIM

Amelia brings me out of my own thoughts and asks me if I have heard anything and points to her head.  Of course I nod YES.  But I really don’t want to talk about it yet.  It pisses me off that he thinks he is entitled to make up a story about me.  I’m fuming to say the least.  However, I am still trying to figure out what exactly is going on and if I could even help him.  My emotions and thoughts keep going back and forth and I am sure my face keeps scrunching up like I am in pain.  I need to shut him out for the time being to get back a little sanity so I can make a rational decision.

The waitress comes over and takes our order and then we fall into a peaceful conversation.  I had to lock my mind down since Amelia is such a strong broadcaster she gives me a headache sometimes, but I love my college roommate none the less.  She is one of the few people who know about my disability and I want to keep it that way.  She found out the second week of college and has kept my secret ever since. She is a godsend sometimes and other times a pain in my ass. But I still love her.

Case in point, she starts talking about “The Party”, that we are supposed to go to tonight. She begs me once more to go with her. But I tell her I am unsure, since I am not from “that side of town”. Little does she know I already planned on going with her, my costume is in my car.

Amelia laughs at me and tells me once more that I am better than that group of people because I genuinely care about other people not just myself and I would never hurt anyone intentionally like that group of people tend to do.   I look over at the other table I see Eric smiling after her comment, did he hear her? HMMMMMM

Hell, I know who her dad is and I could care less.  He offered to help me out during college and I told him I would earn the money myself if I needed it.  He told me numerous times he thinks of me as his other daughter; it’s nice to know if I needed him I could always turn to Copley.

So I tell Amelia once again; “just because you have money it does not make you better than anyone else.  I would rather be myself and poor than be a rich snob with no true friends. I could care less who your dad is and how much money he is worth and that she is my BFF regardless of her upbringing.  She is just plain ol’ Amelia to me, from our college days and I will love her no matter how big of a pain in the ass she is.”   At that moment, I feel like someone is watching me, I look up and it is the Viking again.  He has a very strange look on his face.  I wonder did he happen to hear what I said to Amelia.  I know I get loud when I tell Amelia that little speech it happens all the time.  Oh well, not my worry if it offended him.

Since it seems like everyone around us in deep in conversation so I figure I can tell Amelia about what I heard and get her opinion on it.  She was a little shocked to say the least.  She said she has known Eric and Pam since she was little and she knows he has not dated anyone seriously since his fall out with his college sweetheart.  Apparently it was a nasty breakup.  He had found out after they got engaged that she was cheating on him and only wanted to marry him because of his social status (BITCH) and the Northman name.

No wonder he lied to his mom about dating me; but it still does not give him the right to lie; though I do understand why he did it a little bit better now.

Well I decided I would just wait and see what his next move would be. Just then the waitress came back over to the table to give us our lunch and to see if our drinks needed to be refilled; Hell I was already working on my third iced tea.  We started to eat our lunch and I realized I never did give Amelia my answer on whether I was going with her tonight to the party.  So I decided I would wait for a while and make her beg me a few more times.  She wanted me to meet her friend Pam, she always talks about her and we have missed each other at the few, and I mean few, other functions I have gone to with Amelia.   I knew she was not Pam Northman because her last name was Ravenscroft and then a thought occurred to me.

…. Like I really attended her parties or functions just to meet her snobby friends….

She said Pam was different; she wasn’t like the rest. That she may have been raised in a house of privilege but she hated it.  So she would give all the snobs attitude whenever she could at these parties, she was fun to hang out with because of it. That Pam never took her family sir name because she wanted to make something of herself on her own and she did.

Well I thought I would give her a shot, I might just like her. So I figured I would talk to Amelia about her more later when we were at her condo and in private, Amelia was starting to get loud and people were starting to notice.  I looked at my Viking once again and he was smiling at me. Did he hear Amelia’s rant? Oh well if he did, it’s none of his business; it’s not his sister we were talking about.

Oh damn, I needed to pee.

So I told Amelia I needed to excuse myself; I drank too many sweet teas and I needed to use the restroom.  As I stood up I realized my Viking was staring at me once again,   He is really starting to creep me out with his non-moving stare.   If I was really nosey I would drop my shields to see what he was thinking but I really, really needed to pee. If I waited any longer I was going to pee my pants.

So I got up really fast and headed for the restrooms and thought to myself if he was going to approach me this would be his best time but I was not going to invite him, he would have to make that move on his own.


I followed Sookie and walked over to the restroom behind her but as soon as I got to the doors she turned around and said “Eric, we need to talk.  But I need to pee first, wait here.”

How did she know my name, all I could think was Amelia told her while they were talking during their lunch?

When she returned, she asked me if I was okay because she kept catching me watching her and staring.  Sookie also stated she thinks the woman with me noticed I was staring her down as well.   I was dumbfounded, I did not think I was staring that much.

I asked Sookie if we could talk right now and she agreed.  It was odd she was so willing to talk to a stranger but it felt comfortable for some reason.  I got the same feeling while I spoke with Adele those few weeks back, there was a comfort in my heart while we talked.

There happened to be a bench situated in the hallway between the two restrooms so we took a seat to talk in private so not to be disturbed by Amelia or my mom.   I figured we were safe for a little while.

Again I was nervous, shit what was I doing?

So I proceeded to tell Sookie I needed her help and not to think of me as a big pervert or stalker because I wasn’t one.  That I made up a story about us dating and told my parents about our relationship, that they fell for it, hook, line and sinker.  The worst part was that they fell in love with her when I started telling them about her life with her grandmother.  She raised an eyebrow at me and then she chuckled a little.  I wasn’t too sure what she thought or why she would laugh at me, it was no laughing matter.

On second thought, yes it was.

But she sat there and listened to me about what I had done and how I had gotten the information.   She seemed to not judge me, I was waiting for her to slap my face or storm off but she just sat there and listened to me quietly like she was listening to two conversations at the same time.

I did not tell her about why I had no social life and why my mother thought I needed her help but I figured she didn’t need to know any of that.  As I finished up my little story she seemed to perk up a little bit but I was not too sure why.  I had not said anything yet about the party and I needed to before our cover was blown and my mom came looking for me.

I was already gone from our table for a good five to ten minutes and being a mom I knew she would come looking for me even if I was a grown man.

So I took a deep breath, and asked Sookie if she had plans for this evening?   I sat there waiting as she said YES she did have plans………..  Shit I was screwed………..

But she then filled it in by saying her plans were going to a Halloween party with Amelia.

I remembered that Amelia had said to my mom that she would be at our party tonight so I was very hopeful.  I asked her if the party they were attending happened to the one being held at the Northman’s and she told me she did not know where it was held because Amelia was driving and she was along for the ride.

Sookie said she had never been to one of Amelia’s friends parties before but it was going to be an experience for her. She told me that she had been to the Carmichael’s parties before but never any of Amelia’s friends’ parties.  Sookie said she was afraid she would not fit in, but since it was a costume party she figured she could get away with it.

So I took another deep breath and asked her if she would come to my family’s party tonight as my date. I was hoping that she would say yes and make this easy for me.

…….. What do you think my chances were, zero, right…….

I told her Amelia said she was already going to be there so once she got there she could hang out with me.   I told her it would be perfect — she could meet my parents and sister and then we could have a big breakup in front of them and then this nightmare would be all over.   I told her I would owe her for life.

Sookie sat there for a few seconds before she spoke to me again.  She was chewing on her lower lip, it was so damn cute.   I ended up pulling her lip out from under her teeth with my fingers and asked her what she thought.  She said YES but she had two conditions.

                      ……….  Oh NO, Conditions, SHIT…….    I can handle conditions, right………




Eric had such a handsome face and a great body to boot.  I had to concentrate on not listening to him internally.  It was hard enough to concentrate on his words while watching his lips move.   He had great lips.

I had heard so much of his quandary at lunch while I was talking to Amelia that I came up with the idea to go to the restroom in hopes he would follow me there.

I usually don’t help anybody out by using my telepathy but he needed my help and he was so damn cute. I usually only helped out my family and few close friends when they needed me to; it was safer and I stayed under everyone else’s radar and out of the limelight.

There are only a few close and I mean close friends that know about me. I had heard too many times that I was odd or Crazy Sookie and classmates were warned to stay away from me, that’s why I felt like a leper in High School. I could hear what everyone thought of me and it wasn’t pretty.  But look at me now — I teach these morons’ kids and they love me.

……… KARMA, it’s a BITCH………

I hadn’t been with anyone in over a year so I knew just being his date for one night would not kill me but I was going to make him work for it.

I was actually looking forward to it because I had met a few of Amelia’s friends and they did not approve of me and my country bumpkin ways.  So being seen with Eric would be a major boost to my self esteem or so I thought.

I was always considered a blonde airhead and I hated it.   They treated me like crap because I grew up with no money and apparently no social skills. ….. SCREW THEM……..

So Eric explained to me what he did, even though I pulled most of it out of his head earlier.  He was really distraught over this and was ashamed of himself because he thought his plan would work but eventually it backfired more than once.

He just neglected to factor in the holidays and the Northman Parties.

So he asked me one more time if I would go to his parent’s party as his date and then break up with him all in one night.  It was a little overwhelming even if I knew what was going to happen.

So I said sure but I had two conditions… He turned white as a ghost, maybe not a ghost, maybe a pale white vampire with great shoulder length blonde hair.

Condition one; I will not dress as a Zombie for anyone.

Eric smiled and laughed about that one and he told me Okay; wear what you want because he hated the “Zombie” theme too.

Condition two; I wanted my OWN supply of peanut butter M&M’s.

They were one of my vices and I loved them.  Eric laughed but said he would get them for me.

I told him that once we were together at the party we could sneak off a few times to make it look good plus we could plan our eventual break up.

He said that sounded great to him because it was a better plan than he had.

Seriously what was he thinking? He should have had this all planned out if he wanted it to work properly, but he was a man and they all wait until the last damn minute to do anything; planning is not their forte.

About that time his mother called out his name, she was getting closer. I could track her by her thoughts and I knew how far away she was from the hallway.  She was about to enter the hallway so being the good girlfriend I was, I slid into Eric’s lap and was nibbling on his ear when Mrs. Northman made it fully around the corner.

She was shocked to say the least; she was neither expecting us to be together nor someone sitting in her son’s lap.  Let alone me kissing and nibbling on his ear.  I felt ashamed I got caught and I blushed bright red but I was enjoying every minute of it.  Eric smelled so good and he tasted like the ocean.


When Sookie told me her two conditions I was elated.  They were easy; I thought for sure I was going to owe her something big.

Most girls would have gone for jewelry but Sookie wasn’t most girls so I had to readjust my thinking.

Sookie did not want material or monetary things, just simple requests and I was going to give them to her.  I had figured whatever she asked for would be well worth it to keep my parents at bay but luckily it would cost me less than five dollars.

I can’t remember any time in my short life when my date cost me less than a hundred dollars let alone five dollars.

I was defiantly flabbergasted by her values.

The other thing that threw me off was when she slid into my lap and started nibbling on my ear.

I did not even hear my mother so I was glad she did because it saved our asses BIG TIME.

I had a strange thought about her; was she like Adele and very intuitive and could sense people and their approach? If we were dating I guess that would be a question to get answered but I guess I will never know.

……….Since after tonight we would never see one another again………..

As my mother approached, she gasped in surprise and I saw Sookie blush a nice red color at being caught, that color of red looked good on her.    I don’t know if it was faked or not but she looked quite embarrassed by what she was doing.

She was killing me with her nibbling and kisses on my neck, it felt so good, so right.  I knew then it was going to kill me to fight with her tonight, I wanted this to work out but I knew it couldn’t.  It wasn’t in the cards.

Mom asked who my friend was.  So I introduced her to Sookie and my mom was quite happy about the introduction finally.  I told her I wanted Sookie to be comfortable when meeting her for the first time so we decided to do it this way at Merlotte’s so the odd feelings could be put out of the way.

My mom said she thought that was a good idea but that the weekend before Thanksgiving we would both be expected to go to my parent’s house for a little conversation.  This long awaited talk would be between my parents, Sookie and me.  We both told her we would be there.

Thank god we were ending this tonight or I would have to set up a play date with Sookie to get through this next hurdle.

We said our goodbyes and told each other we would miss each other until we were together tonight.

Shit that was sappy…..   Shit I hope she wasn’t wearing a mask I forgot to ask her what she was going to dress as……. Shit Shit Shit………

I guess I would have to wait and find out because I didn’t even have her phone number to ask.

Mom and I left at the same time and she told me she thought Sookie was a nice girl, but she really wanted to sit down and talk to her.   I told her that Sookie was an open book and would answer any and all questions asked of her.   But I asked my mom to please not do it tonight, to let us have fun.  She agreed….. Thank god.


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  1. Oh gosh so Sookieiis a telepath in this story and she knows Amelia from her college interesting! Loved how Sookie read Eric’s thoughts and decided to help him out with this fake relationship! Loved the scene where Sookie slips on Eric’s lap and starts kissing and nibbling on his neck…Can’t wait for the party!I don’t think they are going to fake a break up!

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