Chapter 04- Zombies

Chapter 4- Zombies

So I figured I had about four hours before I needed to be at the Northman party, so I made a beeline for Wal-Mart to get the much needed Peanut Butter M&M’s for Sookie.   I ended up buying two bags because I figured I would keep her sugared up; maybe that would help her with the confidence she needed to meet all of my friends.

What was I thinking?

She’s going to need massive amounts of alcohol.  That way she could go into an alcohol induced coma to put up with the “elite” group.   I knew that Alcide, Maria, Quinn and Sam would run interference but I know of a few girls that would be a definite pain in my ass and Sookie’s as well.

Claudine and Isabelle came to my mind first, maybe I should ask for Pam’s help too because Sookie would have to go to the bathroom sooner or later.  I just couldn’t go in with her and I thought maybe Maria might be pre-occupied with Alcide and the party. This was Maria’s first time attending a Northman party.

Shit, once again, a new dilemma.

I would have to call Pam shortly and ask for her help with Sookie.  I would have to make sure I talked to Pam before the party because if I didn’t I might miss her once she got there; it gets rather hectic when everyone starts coming and going.

I got a hold of Pam and she said she thought she knew Sookie through Amelia.

WTF, why didn’t she ever say anything before? How many Sookie’s are there?

She said she would be more than happy to help me out.  Of course she snickered when I told her Sookie wasn’t her type that I was Sookie’s type and she snickered once again.

What the hell did that mean?    What did Pam know that I didn’t?

I went to my parent’s house early so I could get ready in my Zombie costume; I wondered out loud how things were going to go tonight.  Hopefully no one overheard me, I was so nervous.

One I would have my fake girlfriend on my arm for most of the night and two how the hell was I going to break up with her?

Sookie said we should sneak off every so often to be alone to throw people off and I thought that would be a great idea but where in the house during a party would it be private?  My dad’s study, the wine cellar, my old bedroom, the pool house, the garage or in the back yard at the old swing attached to the huge weeping willow tree.  I guess we would have to play it by ear and see where the least amount of people were at.

Ten minutes until party time, so I went looking for my mom to see if there was anything I could do……. NOTHING…… Pam still wasn’t here yet, figures she always has to make a dramatic entrance anyway.  I can’t wait to see what she has on as a Zombie outfit. I am sure she will have 5” stilettos on to accent her drab attire.

The witching hour had begun and people started to arrive.  I stood at the front door watching and searching for Sookie to walk through the door but nothing yet.

As I watched the guests enter, I saw the door open again and my posse came through it. They all looked great, even Maria; she had on this hot, little bloody outfit and great face makeup. Alcide was very proud of her.

I heard Quinn growl a little and noticed the two women I desired the least in life just walked through the door, Sophie Ann and Selah; nothing but two human piranhas who would chew you up and spit you out when they’re done with you.

Oh shit, they were headed in our direction, shit shit shit…… Selah asked if I was ready to yield to her yet and Sophie Ann asked for a dance.  I told them both NO I was seeing someone and my dance card was full..  They both told me I was full of shit…. Just then I was saved by the door opening once again…

In walked the most beautiful creature and she was all mine.

Quinn spoke up first and asked who the hell that was? She was gorgeous and he had first dibs since he saw her first.

Maria and Alcide laughed and said that little fairy is Sookie and she is already taken by Eric.

Right beside her when they entered was Amelia who was dressed as a witch (go figure she is always dressed as a witch) and my sister, Pam, dressed as an Erotic Zombie Dancer.  How the hell does she come up with this stuff?

But next to these two women I knew, stood the most beautiful creature, golden skin, small multi-colored baby doll corset type dress, black heels, silver glittered wings topped off with face makeup.   She was even more beautiful in her fairy costume.

If you did not know her before, you would most certainly not recognize Sookie now.  She was a sight for sore eyes and the boys were drooling.  She was absolutely gorgeous.

Just about that time my mom and dad walked over to say hello to the ladies and I followed along.

Sookie came up to me and gave me a big hug and kiss and she said that she missed me since lunch. SHE WAS GOOD, Pam just snickered.  I guess Sookie told Pam and Amelia what was up; at least now I would have two more allies to get through the night.

I would have to get Pam alone and ask.

My parents were excited to meet Sookie and I know all eyes were on us, watching to see what was going on.

It was well known I was a bachelor but having someone attached to me now, my family and friends- were all greeting her like she belonged was making things very interesting.

Selah and Sophie Ann were fuming and right next to them stood the other two wenches I hated –Isabelle and Claudine. It was beautiful; I was going to have a great evening despite the outcome.

Before we made our first disappearance, my mom asked Sookie why she was not dressed up in theme with everyone else.  She said she did not have time to get a Zombie costume and she had this outfit hanging around so she wore it.  She said she hoped they were not mad but actually Fairies were just as cut throat as Zombies but with a pretty exterior, my parents both laughed and told her she was beautiful and they would see us later.

One hurdle down, infinity left to go.

We went and got our first drink of the night and then left to find my dad’s study, our first getaway.

Sookie said she was nervous and found out on the way over here that Pam was my sister; she never connected us because of the last names.  I told her my sister was one of a kind and took my mom’s maiden name so she could be her own person; she wanted to be herself without the Northman name baggage.

She told me she felt sorry for me if that was one of the demons I was also battling with.

She was very sweet and I was falling for her after a half an hour.

God I was screwed, so our plan was to mingle with my friends, hold hands, an occasional peck on the cheek, drink and dance.

Well all was well for about an hour and a half; Mom came up to us to say hello and let us know she saw us sneak away once and asked me what we were up to; so I explained to Mom we were just trying to get some alone time.

Sookie used our talk as an excuse to go the ladies’ room.  She came back flustered and Mom asked her what was wrong.  Being gracious, she said nothing; she was fine.  I knew better, I did not know her well enough but still enough to know someone got to her. God, where was Pam, Amelia or Maria? They were supposed to go with her.



I snuck away from Eric and his mom’s conversation long enough to go the bathroom. He had warned me not to go by myself but I figured everyone was harmless since the whole Northman clan opened their arms to me and made me part of the family.  Boy was I wrong.  As I stood in line waiting for the restroom, I overheard a few girls ahead of me talking about Eric and how I must be some type of tramp to come dressed like I was.  They knew whoever I was I would not last because I was not of the social elite and they would snuff me out at every opportunity.  Why, because they deserved to be with Eric; they had all the right breeding, not me.   I was shocked and turned around and did not even use the restroom.  I would have to wait until I found one more private.  I could wait.


Shit, I needed to know.  So I told her we needed to sneak off again.  We went out to the garage but there was already someone out there making a lot noise and I mean a lot of noise.

OMG, it was Amelia and Pam, Oh God, I need brain bleach, OhMyGod, please get that image out of my head. Sookie just laughed and suggested we just walk to the back yard.  I knew where I wanted to take her.

As we walked towards the pool house, I saw Quinn was in there with someone. I could not tell who it was, so we kept on walking to my most favorite part of the back yard.  The old weeping willow tree, Dad had put up a swing when we were young and it has stayed there.  I think he goes out and mends it every so often just to make sure it’s there for me and Pam.

I asked Sookie to sit while I pushed her.  She obliged and giggled while I pushed her slowly.

I asked her what was wrong and she did not want to answer me.  I asked her again and she said just to drop it, let’s not ruin what little time we had left.  That did not go over well with me; I told her if someone said something to her I wanted to know so I could stop it.

All Sookie would tell me is that she overheard a conversation about her and I and she did not know who was talking.   To just please drop it, so I did.

It hurt me to ignore it but I told her I would not say another word about it.  I knew deep down it was bothering her but after all we were breaking up at the end of this night anyway.

Sookie was actually being a good sport about the whole fake relationship.  I gave her a peace offering before we decided it was time to go back in.  Before we left the house I had slipped a Ziploc baggie of peanut butter M&M’s in my pocket.  She was ecstatic about her treat when I offered it to her.  As she was placing one at a time in her mouth, she started to make these little orgasmic noises as she devoured them.

Oh my God, what a turn on.

I wondered if she was like this as she ate other foods as well; was she even aware she was doing it?  It took all my will power not to pounce on her but at least I got my own reward after she was finished with her chocolate bounty; she kissed me.

She asked me if there was more and I told her yes.  She was pretty excited at the fact she would be getting more peanut butter M&M’s sometime tonight.  The only thing is I needed to make sure we were alone so no one else heard her noises.  HMMMM, maybe if they did hear her that would make it look like we were doing something other than necking like two teenagers in heat.

HMMM, that gave me an idea I needed to run past her the next time we snuck out.

We went back in to the house to get another drink, but Sookie said before we did that she really needed to pee since she wasn’t able to do it the last trip.  So I took her up to my old bedroom which has its own bathroom attached.

                               Hell that was one way to get her into my bedroom.

Not like anything was going to happen but I could hope; I was falling for her hard.  Sookie was my exact opposite and fit me in every way.  Her personality complemented mine, she was shorter than me but in heels she was only a few inches shorter. She had great curves; she wasn’t a skeleton like some of the woman I knew. I was so involved in my thoughts I did not even hear her come back into my bedroom and sit down beside me.


I could tell Eric was worried about me but I was a big girl and could take care of myself.  I have heard much worse and that was from people I actually knew.

I told Eric I still needed to pee so he took me to his private bedroom which had an attached bathroom as he wanted me to be able to pee in private.

I decided I needed to hear what he was thinking; I had my shields up all night so I could enjoy myself, but I really needed to know his thoughts right now.

I heard him thinking about us both being nervous.

That he hated the fact that people were not saying nice things about me.

But what shocked me the most was that he admitted he was falling for me hard.

Oh shit this was supposed to be simple, not complicated.  But truth be told I was falling for him too, he was everything I ever wanted in a man. Why couldn’t we have met under different circumstances?  I know it was quick but he was right, we complimented each other.

What the hell was I thinking; I can’t keep this up for much longer.  I needed us to do the break up soon or it would get more complicated and harder to break up.

But what I did next shocked the hell out of me but I figured I needed it as much as he did.   I sat down next to him and leaned in and kissed him.

At the same time I undid my corset and asked him if he wanted to play a little bit because I did.  I needed to release some frustration just as he needed some release too. I did not need to hear it to know it was there, frustration is easy to spot in someone’s eyes and he was full of it.

Yes I was being forward but I knew I would not let it go any farther than third base, he was not scoring a home run tonight but fondling was okay.  I waited for his answer before I went any further.




As she sat down next to me I felt her lean in a bit and kiss me on the lips, it was nice, sensual, not quick and flirty.  Nothing like we were doing in front of company downstairs.  As it was when we snuck off before we never kissed, we just talked.  We would have a normal conversation or we would go over our plans for the breakup scheduled to go off at midnight.

I never expected her to undo her corset and ask me if I wanted to play a bit.  Of course I wanted to play, her breasts were magnificent.  So there I was contemplating what to do next, should I proceed or tell her I thought it wasn’t a good idea.     But we were interrupted by the knock on the door.

She moved quickly to the bathroom and I answered the door.  It was Claudine trying to track me down to tell me about my girlfriend and that she had it on good authority she was in the pool house with Quinn.  That she was there to console me.  WTF   She did not want me to get hurt by another gold digging whore.  Just at the right moment Sookie walked out of my bathroom and asked to be introduced to my friend.  I knew she heard the whole thing but what she said next was perfect.

She threw a wet wash cloth at me and told me it was my turn to clean up after our little bit of fun, she nodded to my crotch and I swear I blushed a deeper red than Sookie did.   Claudine was appalled and stormed out of the room.  I just laughed as did Sookie.  Like I said before she was being a good sport about this whole thing, I was really going to miss her after tonight.

Once we got ourselves back together I thanked her for her offer earlier and I told her I think fate saved us from doing something foolish.  She said yeah maybe it did, but she does not regret the offer.  God I love this woman, she is my perfect match.

We went downstairs and had another drink, danced a little and then moved over to the buffet table to eat a little bit of food to soak up the alcohol.  Well, just let me say this now, Sookie makes that orgasmic noise A LOT when she eats.

It just so happened Quinn walked up behind us as Sookie let out a low moan, GOD SHE WAS KILLING ME.  Quinn shocked us both by saying if she sounded that good eating food she probably sounded fantastic in the sack.  Naturally I punched him on the shoulder and told him to shut the fuck up.

I asked him who he was with in the pool house a few minutes ago and he said Isabelle, so I knew it was a set up between her and Claudine but where did they think Sookie was to get away with it?  They had to have someone trying to help them out, then it came to me, William Compton, I saw that slithering snake watching Sookie every time he got the chance.  I guess it back fired since we never left one another’s side.


We decided it was time to take another walk so I got a hold of the secret stash of peanut butter M&M’s and brought a baggie out with us.  We walked back out to the weeping willow tree to talk.  It was a perfect fall night and we were enjoying ourselves.  It felt like a real date.  How could this night be ending in less than an hour?   So I handed Sookie her newest bagged treat and she said I was spoiling her.  Little did she know I have 4lbs of Peanut Butter M&M’s for her up in my bedroom.   I should have showed her while we were up there, we might have had a different outcome than coming back down to the party.

But being the good boy I reframed.  I needed to keep in mind that everything was coming to an end and I needed to push forward to get over this and make it to midnight.  My stomach was starting to bother me and it wasn’t from the alcohol I was consuming.  It was nerves plain and simple.  We talked a little bit more about the break up and Sookie said she had a plan and I just needed to follow her lead.  I wasn’t too keen on the matter but I was going to trust her.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 04- Zombies

  1. God this chapter was so good! Sookie is really a good sport about all this situation! I felt sorry that people who don’t know her thinks they have the right to judge her! She’s better than all those girls…Loving that both Eric and Sookie are falling hard for each other!

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