Chapter 05- The Break Up

Chapter 5- The Break Up


*****TISSUE ALERT*****


There was only an hour left before the breakup scene.  It was going to be rough for both of us.  I was going to keep my shields down so that I could deflect anything he was going to be verbally throwing at me; plus I could use some ammo from the other guest’s thoughts.  That thought occurred to me after the bathroom experience and then again in the bedroom.  I would get some pretty nasty shit from some of these women that thought I was honing in on their turf. It was perfect; I just needed to make sure Amelia was close by when the shit storm happened so she could leave with me quickly; nothing like having a melt down and not be able to go anywhere because your ride is MIA.


I don’t know what Sookie was up to but I was going to go with the flow.  We decided to dance some more. It was little too close for my liking.  Normally I would be all for it but knowing that I was going to be frustrated enough when Sookie left, let alone sexually frustrated on top of it was too much for me.  But I knew I made this mess and she was helping me clean it up.

I asked her to go on one last walk before the night ended.  I choose the wine cellar because no one would go down there and it would be very private.

When we got down there I thanked her for helping me out and I asked her if we had met under different circumstances would she have gone out with me?  She told me yes, but she felt we would have never met since I don’t run in the same crowd as her and she does not see me being held down by her small town back water ways.

She was from a small town and I was larger than life and she did not think that mixed well.  I told her to stop putting herself down, she was everything I ever wanted in a woman and more.  She was perfect for me and I told her so.

But she had reason on her side and said this relationship started out wrong and that was not a good way to start.  Maybe if we started out the right way things would be different but she knew she would miss me just as much as I would miss her.

I kissed her once more, a toe curling kiss, one for the record books.  I poured all my emotions into that one kiss and she responded in kind.  I wanted to shout out to her that I LOVED HER but I thought that would not be wise.  It would make it harder for me at our breakup; it was in less than 20 minutes.

…….. Oh MY GOD    20 minutes   please make it go away ………..

We went back upstairs so that she could find Amelia and I needed to find my posse, they were all busy doing their own thing but once they saw me alone they knew I was rallying the troops for the inevitable.  Sam and Quinn said they were glad that they finally got to meet Sookie and it was too bad it was ending but they understood why.  Quinn asked me if he could have Sookie’s phone number, I did not need to smack him because Alcide and Maria took care of that.  Alcide punched him pretty hard; he moved a few feet.

Once we were together we went looking for Sookie.  We found her talking to my parents she made this too easy.  She had a plan and it was coming together.  I was just waiting for it to start.  It was minutes away now I was just waiting for her to start the argument and then for her to run off from me forever.  But I wasn’t expecting what happened next.


Well once I found Amelia I told her to say her good byes to Pam as she needed to stay here to help with Eric.  I knew what I was going to say and it was going to get dirty so I needed her to be there for her big brother, he was going to be in a lot of pain and his emotions were going to be on overload and he would need her support as well as his posses’ support.  I did not care what the Elite Whores thought after I left.  I knew I would never see them again.

As I was looking for Eric, I found his parents instead and I thanked them for their hospitality and that I regretted having to leave so soon. There were some unforeseen circumstances and I needed to leave now.  I also told them I had church in the morning with my Gran. I had promised her I would be home to take her.

As Eric approached he tried to slide his arm around my waist but I backed off from him.  He was thrown off and his facial features showed it, I told him not to touch me.  He did not have the right to do that anymore.  His parents looked as shocked as he did.

He was starting to plead with me to explain why I was backing off from him.  But I told him I did not want to air his dirty laundry in front of his parents and friends.  I could hear from the whore patrol that they were right — I hooked up with someone else at the party and I did not want him to find out.

He begged me to explain and I had already had enough of the elite group’s thoughts that I was hearing.  It was egging me on to go one step further.

Gold digger



What the hell happened, they were having so much fun together.

 OH MY GOD Eric not another one.

 What did you do?

I was a tramp to come dressed like I was

I was not of the social elite and they would snuff me out at every opportunity

They were bred for him not me.

Good, more for me, I can pick up the pieces once she leaves.

Fat bitch.

And on and on, it started to get real nasty in the “Elite bitches” thoughts

There was plenty more and I starting throwing what I was hearing at him.  He said he did not say any of that.  I told him it wasn’t him or his family who had said any of it but it was what I overheard while I walked around without him.

His guests were only being gracious to his face and if this is what they thought about me then I was sure he thought the same since he was raised in the same “ELITE” group of ASSHOLES.  He was shocked.  His parents were appalled at what I overheard, but they kept quiet while I ranted.

I told him at least I was just smart enough to get out now before he threw me away for a better model and one that was more polished.  That I did not know it was going to be this difficult; I had thought his friends accepted me but I was wrong.

They were all nodding yes I was accepted by them and were equally shocked that I thought different; Eric never turned to look at his posse to see their acknowledgment.

I could see the tears welling up in his eyes.  I needed to end this soon as I was starting to break down as much as Eric was.  Listening to his thoughts my heart was being broken in two.  When I heard him say he loved me I was not sure if he said it out loud or I heard it in my head.

I waited for a moment and he said it again.  I heard people gasp this time so I knew this time he said it out loud.  I told him I loved him too but I was not made out for this; I was a simple girl with simple ways and I would be swallowed up whole by the vultures he called friends.  That this was not going to work out no matter what he said to me; we were over before we even began.

As I turned I started to cry and then ran towards the front door.  Amelia wasn’t too far behind me I could feel her getting closer.  I heard Eric scream my name but I was listening to the “ELITES” thoughts instead.

Poor girl

Poor Eric, why did she do it so public, oh well I will be there to pick up the pieces.



Good riddance.

 OH MY God Eric, my poor baby, what the hell happened tonight? 

What did these bitches say to her?

Damn she’s good.

She pulled it off but Eric is devastated, how the hell am I supposed to help him through this one?


I ran to Amelia’s car and told her to be quick we needed to get out of here like now.  I heard Eric again he was getting close.  He was yelling “Sookie please” over and over again. He was telling me not to leave, that we could talk this out like every other time.  I was getting closer and closer to getting out of the car and I told Amelia that so she stepped on the gas and we shot down the driveway; she had the forethought when we arrived to park in a good spot to leave quickly.

I heard Amelia gasp so I turned around and watched Eric crumble to the ground.  I then watched as Alcide and Quinn picked him up and carried him back into the house.  I told Amelia to pull over once we were far enough away.  I needed to compose myself and stop crying.

She did as instructed and asked me if I was okay. I did not answer right away but I did put my shields back up.   She told me it was a great break up and she wanted to know how I came up with what was being said about me. I pointed to my head and she smiled and told me that she was sorry she knew a bunch of them were bitches but she did not think they would attack me.  She said these supposed friends were dead to her now.  Pam of course wasn’t, but the rest of them she adjured from her life.

She hoped to never see them again.  But she needed to tell her dad why and if that was okay with me.  I said fine, I understood why she would need to elaborate the story to Copley so he would know what happened.

I am sure he would not be happy about any of it since he said I was like a daughter to him.  Amelia said she would not tell her dad it was a fake relationship but she would tell him what happened at the party.  I told her again that would be fine.

I finally sucked it up as we got to her condo and told Amelia I was not okay and that I did truly love Eric.   How could that happen in one day? He was my perfect match in every way and now that was fucked up because of the fake relationship and the fake break up.

God shoot me dead; I was going to hell.  I finally found the man of my dreams and now he was gone.

I told Amelia I was going straight home and going to bed because I was emotionally exhausted. She said she understood and to call her tomorrow after I got home from church.  That’s what I loved about Amelia the most, she never pushed.




I was shocked when Sookie pulled away from me.  My parents were equally as shocked; you could see it on their faces.  I did not know what she said to them before I got there but it must not have been good which led into what followed.

She told me she was leaving and that I did not have the privilege to ever touch her again.

I started to plead with her; I wanted her to explain what was going on.  She told me she did not want to air our dirty laundry in front of my family and friends.  Just to leave her alone and it was over.    I knew we were going to fight but when she started saying things that the people at the party had said I was shocked.

Gold digger.



She was a tramp to come dressed like she was.

She was not of the social elite and they would snuff her out at every opportunity.

They were bred for him not Sookie.

Fat bitch.

It was hurtful, nasty comments she overheard and I couldn’t believe what Sookie put up with all night long while at our party.  How long had this gone on for, did it start when she went to the bathroom that first time?  Oh My God, I was ashamed of these people that I have known forever.

I told her I did not say any of those things and I never would.  Her next remark was since I grew up and ran with this Elite group of assholes I probably felt the same way about her.

I did not care anymore about breaking up with her; I just wanted her to stop talking, she was wrong, she had to be wrong.

I wanted to take her in my arms and tell her everything was going to be okay.  That I did not need these selfish people; I only needed her and my world would be aligned again.

I tried
unsuccessfully to get her to stop talking; I tried to get her to go out of the room with me, she wouldn’t budge.

But the venom she was spilling out of her mouth was killing me.  She had to know I loved her, why didn’t she know, why didn’t I say something while we were in the wine cellar.  Couldn’t she tell from our last kiss how I felt?  I know it was too early but she had to have known, she had to have felt the same way as me.

……..She just had to……….

After our last kiss and had I known what was going on I would have never suggested continuing with our planned break up tonight.   That kiss meant something to me and I knew it meant something to her.  But after hearing what people thought of her or even us, I was appalled as were my parents.

My parents just happened to be looking around the room to see if they could figure out who had said all this garbage to Sookie?

I could feel the tears starting to well up in my eyes, I couldn’t hold them back any longer, I felt more for Sookie in just a day than I ever felt for Thalia.   My heart was breaking in two; I couldn’t lose her like this.  I had to tell her that I loved her.  I had to do it now before I lost her forever.

“Sookie please stop, I LOVE YOU.”      She just looked at me no expression no nothing. Did she not hear me?  So I said it again.     “I. LOVE. YOU. SOOKIE”       I heard people gasp but I didn’t care. I wanted her to respond. I needed her to respond.

Sookie told me she loved me too but she was not made out for this; she was a simple girl with simple ways and she would be swallowed up whole by the vultures I called my friends.  That this was not going to work out no matter what I said to her; we were over before we even began.

Before I knew it even happened she turned and ran for the door, Amelia was right behind her.  I had to get to her.  I needed to talk to her, if we could get alone I knew we could figure this out.  I loved her; she had to stay with me. I couldn’t lose her.

So I ran after her calling her name over and over again, she didn’t stop until she got the car.  I told her not to leave me and I begged her over and over again not to.   I thought for sure she was going to turn around and run back to me but I was wrong; she closed the car door and Amelia bolted out of her parking spot down the driveway.

I was in shock when I looked at the car leaving my driveway I crumbled to the ground; I was devastated, I just realized I lost my true soul mate and I would never find her again.

The next thing I knew Alcide and Quinn picked me up off the driveway and help me into the house.  I didn’t care anymore I wanted to die and I said as much to my parents.

I couldn’t stop my tears, Pam tried to console me but I didn’t want it. I needed to remain miserable because I brought this on myself; I was the one who started the lie.

Alcide and Maria were by my side as the wenches started to come over to me to say they would help me get over her, she wasn’t worthy of me, she wasn’t one of us.

Well I had it, I stood up and told them all to go to hell; they would be the last females on earth for me ever, and I mean ever, to share my life.  That they were the cause of this and if it was the last thing I did I would reap my vengeance on them.

I was devastated, pissed and destroyed.  It wasn’t supposed to be like this, it was supposed to be easy peasey.  I wasn’t supposed to fall in love with her but I did.

I then heard my parents tell the Elite group of assholes to please leave; they were no longer welcome in their house; apparently my parents had figured out who had said the nasty things to Sookie.

Those four bitches had the nerve to tell my parents they would be black balled for this.

My mom glared at them and said, “I would rather be black balled than to ever be in the same room with you again.  I would rather be in Sookie’s company than with your fake asses.  I am ashamed of myself for ever suggesting Eric date any one of you.”

I then noticed Maria and Pam come to Mom’s rescue and escorted the bitches out of the house and then Pam slammed the door on their asses.  It was a few minutes later I heard my parents apologize to the remaining guests for what happened. That they hoped everyone enjoyed themselves prior to the argument and that they knew once everyone calmed down that Sookie and I would work it out.

There were a lot of people who agreed with my parents.  I was shocked, what did they know that I didn’t?

I knew my parents didn’t know this was a fake relationship but what had they seen that I hadn’t?

I desperately needed a drink. So I asked Alcide for one but Sam got to the bar before he did and got me a scotch straight up and it was then he heard Bill Compton say it was about time I got knocked down a notch and he was glad it happened in a public place.  I knew he hated me but not at that level.

I have never seen Sam fight with anyone but the next thing I knew Sam threw a punch and broke Compton’s nose.  It was unbelievable and well deserved.

It was my father who personally walked Compton out of his house and told him he was not ever welcome again, of course, Bill squealed that he would sue all of us and my father told him to go ahead and try.

I decided I was done for the evening, I couldn’t be with anyone anymore and I needed to be by myself to curl up and die.

So I excused myself and went to my room.  I was miserable and did not want anyone’s help in getting better.  I brought this upon myself.  And I would take what was dealt to me.  I would never be the same but I knew I could get over this one day.

……..Yes one day, perhaps…….

After I got changed and was getting into bed there was a knock on my door.  My dad asked me if he could come in and I told him sure come on in. I was still a little weepy but I didn’t care.

It was odd; my dad never talked to me about relationships so when he asked me about Sookie and me I was flabbergasted.  I told him it was all a dream, that she was never MINE and never would be.  My so-called friends ruined that for me.  I would use that lie over the one I created about Sookie and me; it was an easier pill to swallow.

However my dad said “If she is truly what you want for your future you need to suck it up and go after her.  Follow her to the end of the world and back. Do whatever it takes to convince her you were meant to be a couple.” From what he saw of us she seemed to be worth it, that mom and him were behind me/us 100%. He said he never saw me react this way about any girl before and he could tell this was the girl for me.   “Don’t give up so quickly, give her time to cool down and then go after what I know you want.”

He kissed my forehead and told me to sleep on it and tomorrow would be another day to react but don’t be foolish with my actions. He told me good night and shut the door.

What the hell was that? My mom is the one who usually says that kind of stuff not Dad.

I was so confused.  I decided to think about it later; I just needed to rest and then I would know what my next move would be.  It was supposed to be so easy – fight, breakup, done.

I don’t know how long I stared at the ceiling but I finally fell asleep after a couple of hours passed…..


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  1. This needed a tissue alert dearest! I’m still “leaking” as Pam would say…So happy that the bitches and Billy boy got kicked out of the house! Eric’s dad was so sweet!

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