Chapter 07: Election Night

Election Night

The last month of the campaign was the most fun I have had throughout my campaigning journey. Or as much fun as you could have bouncing all over the United States. And having frequent ghostly visits from the one you miss the most helped that month go by even quicker.

I had received the first of many visitations from my woman.  Yes my woman.   It was a well-kept secret no one knew about, well maybe two people did.   When I was having a particularly hard night this past month, I would find her scent encased in my pillow. This helped me more than anyone would ever know. She grounded me and made me want to finish my journey.

At the start of the month to about a week before Election Day I had only ever received one note.  I have kept it in my wallet right next to her picture ever since.

It read:

I Love you too my Viking

I am always with you



But let me not digress, I could go on and on about my love and her thoughtfulness.  I know that no matter what happens she loves me and she is doing her best to show me even if it is not face to face.

I was thankful in so many ways.

I was thankful to have purchased my own planes years ago and maintained to the highest levels, they were well equipped for Vampires to rest during daylight travel times.   Both could be easily converted to Air Force One if need be, I think my technology onboard Valhalla and Fólkvangr were far superior to what was on the presidential planes now.

Eric’s planes, the back end is light tight.  There is a white one and a teal one in his fleet.

I was also thankful for the Weres who protected us during the day and who flew my planes.  There were fifteen in all who rotated shifts, they were all handpicked years ago; all of them had military backgrounds with no living family.   They had all agreed to take my blood so that I would know if they were compromised in anyway.  Oh yes, beings of all distinctions can be bought, it did not matter from which species you sprang from. Everyone has a price.  My security team was paid very well and with my blood in them and with their Were genes they were living a much longer fruitful life span and enjoying every minute of it.

I was thankful for this perfect arrangement and if I was to be elected president, my security force would be factored into my secret service detail.  I trusted them a hell of a lot more than the men in the secret service now.  Those men I did not know, they knew nothing of protecting a Vampire and I would let them know as much if elected.  They have never protected one such as me before so it would be too new for them to train quickly. The secret service would not be the driving force behind my security, my Were’s would be.

NO reason to tax the coffers for what I could afford.

I haven’t even won yet with all these thoughts emerging from my mind.

I am getting ahead of myself again.

I am thankful that I have been able to spot my love a few more times over the past month.  I swear she hadn’t aged a day since I last saw her.

She is forever young somehow.

Willa had mentioned the same thing to me even in direct ear shot of Pam.   It was odd that Pam never mentioned anything about it to either one of us.  It was like she was glamoured or commanded not to mention it, but who would have been able to do that to her?  But then I thought about what Willa had said a month prior, it seemed as if Jessica was glamoured to not speak about certain things when it pertained to Sookie, her properties, and her life.

I had an inkling about the glamouring; the Fairy Niall, but I would have noticed his scent and Pam never mentioned another sighting of him since the farmhouse.

Was it done then or was it done on the road?

I guess this was just one of those issues to look at more broadly at a future time.  So I pushed it to the back of my mind because it was keeping Pam calm during the last month of our campaign.

To be honest, I didn’t want to hear her rant about how I lied to her about Sookie.  Not yet at least.

I had other more important things to worry about.

Winning this damn Election!!!!!!

Let me tell you, people are crazy right before an election night happens.

People, Vampires, monarchy, Supes I had not seen in years were coming out of the woodwork.  They wanted me to back them on whatever policy or legislation they were backing and if I would agree, they would sway their vote my way.


The AVL was not letting up either; they were still pushing their issues at me.

FUCK OFF!    NO I will not marry Freyda, queen of the bitches and wannabes.

Fuck You Felicia.

Just because I bedded you once does not mean it will ever happen again.  Besides you weren’t even good.  You were old enough to be much better than you were; damn woman, learn a few tricks or something, even some inept fangbangers I have had were better than you.

NO AVL, I will not support your archaic ways.

Bloody Hell No, the AVL needs to wake up and smell the new dawn, the new era, the new Vampire, the new USA.

They were not letting up and I knew that sooner or later I would come to blows with them, but I would need the backing of other Vampires to follow through with my plans if they didn’t back the fuck off.  Hopefully I could hold off on my plans but I have a feeling my plans would come to fruition before inauguration if I was indeed elected.

Fucking AVL, just back the fuck off and save all of your lives.

I am thankful to the monarchy that was left in the United States after the TrueBlood debacle; they have been smart enough to leave me alone.  They have not forced my hand on anything and if they are smart as I believe them to be, they will let it remain that way.

I am thankful for red lipstick.

I am thankful for notes.

I am thankful I hadn’t lost my ever loving mind through all of this.

The election was coming to a close soon.  I was way ahead in the polls.

I had faith in the public that I would be elected.

I had faith that my love would soon be at my side.

I had faith that our time apart was coming to an end.

I had faith that I would finally be getting what I wanted, what I needed, My Lover.

I had faith that I would be elected.

I had faith again in my GODS and I prayed to them nightly.  I asked Odin and Freyja for guidance and prosperity.  The asking of love granted would come later.

I do believe my prayers are being answered despite having left praying to my Gods years ago.


Two weeks and counting.

Every night was a different location.

Every night was new faces.  But not the one I wanted.

Every night the AVL would ambush me.  It got to point where my guards could predict what they would try next and every time they were thwarted.

I had to take a desperate action before I killed them all.

We had one week left before E-Night.

It had gotten to the point where I called in a favor from a witch I once knew….. Something I thought I would never do after the Antonia/Marnie issue ……  I needed wards set up, I needed something for ill will to protect me.

I wasn’t worried about the other candidates; they were clueless on how to truly kill me off.  But the AVL they were trying different tactics.  It even got to the point where I was wearing Kevlar over my chest when out in public.  That is how much I did not trust the AVL.

The witch Octavia, – she looked to be a woman in her sixties but she was much, much older than that, – showed up one night while we were in Texas.  I was campaigning in Dallas and visiting with Isabel Beaumont, Queen of Texas, when Octavia appeared in front of us.

My Were guards, as well as Isabel and myself, were thrown off guard, we could not sense her even though she was right there in front of us.    She smiled with her huge smile and nodded.   It seemed she could mask her scent like the FAE do.

She did not speak at first; she just looked me over and smiled once again.

She handed me a talisman and told me that I was already protected by magic but the talisman would protect me to the next level.

I know I had to look flabbergasted at her statement.  I could feel it in my bones.

She let me know that she was still indebted to me and would still owe me my favor. Octavia let me know that the magic surrounding me was a mixture of Fae and DAE and whoever placed it there placed it with love.


She stated that the magic that protected me was purely natural and it reeked of love.  The person whom cast it was a force to be reckoned with.  She hoped one day she would meet this person and pick their brain, which would be her payment for the talisman.   But until then, she was off.

Isabel knew of Sookie from when she was with me in Dallas back during the Godric debacle.  But would she believe me that she was still alive?

Would she call me crazy if I said anything?

I knew she was one Vampire I could trust.  However, before I could say anything, she spoke first.

“Eric, whom do you know that is a Fairy?  Or Daemon who would cast such magic?  I knew your Sookie from long ago smelt sweet and I thought perhaps she was part Fae at the time, but she would be dead by now.”

“Isabel, what would you say if I told you it was Sookie?   That I have seen her and she has not aged?”

Isabel looked at me and started to say something but I beat her to it.

“No, I am not going crazy, My Willa has seen her too and she visits me from time to time.  Something happened years back and she is not aging like she should and I do not know yet why.  My Sookie was only a small percentage of Fae so I do not understand what has happened to her to where she has so much Fae in her blood now; she should have aged, she should look to be in her eighties, but she does not. I keep hoping she will meet with me face to face.  All I have of her right now is her sightings at my rallies, the note she left for me, which I keep with me always, and her scent that she leaves behind for me to bask in before I fall to rest. ”

“Eric, I will not call you crazy but you need to be careful.  You need to make sure it is Sookie and not someone the AVL is using to distract you with.”

“Oh believe me, I am very careful.  Pamela doesn’t even know. My Willa and you are all that I have told.   I know not how she gets in my room…. or how she escapes me when I notice her, but soon I will know everything, of that I am sure.”

“Viking, just be careful.   The AVL are sneaky bitches and you my friend have pissed them off.”

“Oh I am careful; I can tell you it is Sookie.  I can tell you that I talked to her family members and they said she was alive but needed to stay away from me for some reason.  They would not elaborate and I did not push.  I can tell you I have met one of her grandchildren and she is just like her grandmother, a spitfire.  I haven’t pushed meeting her, but soon I will.  Hopefully it is before I am elected. Only Sookie knows the timeframe.  But I do know that since I have magic around me, I can call her grandfather and find out if it was he who placed it or her.”

“Wait, her grandfather, isn’t he dead?”

“Full Fairy that one is, older that dirt, he can mask his scent and we trust one another.”

“Oh damn, you are full of surprises.”

“NO my friend, the surprise is who her grandfather is, he was once thought to be but a myth.”  As I stared her down she nodded at me, I knew she would keep the secret.

“Sookie is Sky Fae, Brigant is her line.”


“Yes fuck indeed.”

After my verbal spilling, it felt good to have someone else in my confidence and I trusted Isabel, I always have. She is one monarch that I have fully on my side and I know she would never betray me.   I have always known that if I ever needed a state to land my feet in, I was welcome in hers with no questions asked.

As we sat there and talked some more about our lives and the AVL issues, there was a shift in the air.  We both noticed it.

I looked at Isabel and mouthed …. Sookie.

With that we looked down at the table, there was a folded piece of paper next to Isabel’s goblet.   On the top of it was Isabel’s name.

I told her to read it.

However, she read it to herself but answered out loud for some reason like being asked to.

It read:

Hello Isabel

Answer the questions out loud for me please.  No need for Eric to know what you are being asked.  Just the answers please, if possible.  He may know if you want him to, but let us keep this between us girls.

Of course, my dear, our secret.

Isabel, do you love the Viking as a brother? Or more like a companion?

Yes a brother, he has always been since the days of Godric.

Do you trust in his policies?

Yes, I back no other.

Will you keep his secret about me?

Yes of course, I can see he loves you and I am certain you love him as well.

If I release my scent will you tell me if you are affected? And by how much?

Yes go ahead, if it’s too much, I will let you know.

Can I trust you if I need your help as the Election Day draws near.  And his inauguration?

Yes, just tell me what you need.  We are sisters after all.

And before you ask the question, yes I am here. I am with him always.




 As I watched Isabel answer the questions, I knew not of what they were but a huge smile came over her face as she answered each one individually.

However, a smile came over mine as I realized Sookie’s scent was filling the air in the room.

My Fairy-hybrid was with us.

“It is not over-powering but it is sweet.  Just enough to grab your attention.”

I smiled at her words; my Sookie was testing another Vampire other than my child or her Vampire friends to see if she would survive if she was by my side.

I wanted Sookie to appear now, I needed her to, but for some reason she closed off her scent again.

I looked at Isabel and she just shrugged.

“I guess, Viking, we are both being tested, but I have to say, I feel different, protected.”

With that, another change in the air.

There was another slip of paper on the table.  It had neither of our names on it.  So I opened it.

It read:

You are both protected by my heritage.  You need not worry about anyone ever hurting either of you.  My protection stems from the sky and fire fae. You will always be safe.  My love, your Willa and Pam are also protected.


Holy Shit!!!!!!

Before I could say anything, I felt the air shift once again and it felt as if she left the room.

I wanted to speak to her but I had a feeling this was only the beginning, maybe I could convince her to communicate with me by notes.

I was actually staying at Isabel’s mansion for the night so it was not needed for me to leave to get back to the hotel, but I asked her if she minded if I retired for the evening.

Being the gracious hostess, she told me she had queenly stuff to do, to go ahead and she would see me tomorrow.

I walked very fast to my room; I almost bypassed Willa and Pam who were coming out of a donor room.   I smiled and told them I would see them tomorrow night; I was retiring to go over some things that had come up.  I let them know that they both needed to enjoy themselves now because the next week would be fast and furious until election night.

I left them to do as they pleased and went into my room.  The room smelled of my Sookie and there was a note on my night stand.

It read:

Ask what you dare to ask and I will answer in a note but I cannot fully come to you yet.  You are not ready. I will try to explain if you need me to.

I had so many things I wanted to ask her.  I needed to know why she could not be with me, but I needed her to tell me what happened twenty years ago, why she said Fae and Dae, what changed?  Why the wards around her property? How did Bon Temps not notice she never aged?  So much more.

“Sookie, I don’t know where to start.  I want to know everything but then, I am sure you can only answer so much on a small note……  If I ask now, will you be able to elaborate nightly to me by way of a small note?  That way I/we will feel like we are having a conversation even if it is one sided.   I want to start at the beginning but is that where you should start … or twenty years ago…. Or now?   Help me, my love, as I do not know. ”

As the air shifted, a note appeared on the bed next to me.

I picked it up and read:

I am with you always; I have been by your side since you started your campaign.  I can hide my scent and cloak so that is why you cannot see or smell me.  This is how I can avoid you and get away so quickly.  But I will have to start from the beginning to try to explain.  Will you be patient?  Can you be patient? There will be many notes over the course of our many nights till my corporeal reveal.

All I could do was yell, “YES.”

As I sat there and waited, I wondered how often I would receive a note, would it be nightly, would it be long, short, just tidbits.  But then I thought that I didn’t care as long as she told me in her own way.

“Sookie, I know that we have time on our hands.  I know that you could draw this out. So what I pose as an option is for you to tell me when you are ready to tell me and how ever long a note is needed.  However, if something happens and I am too busy with the election, hold off with the note, I want to cherish each one and understand what you are telling me so I do not have more questions.  But I do have a blaring question, did you glamour Pam?”

I wasn’t sure if she was going to answer me but there was a shift in the air again.

The note lay on the bed next to me.

It read:

It was more of a push in her mind to not be annoyed by what she might see of me at your events.  To not comment until it was brought up directly to her.  I guess it is a form of glamour, it is of Dae origin.

Dae???? Why was she getting Dae abilities?

“Sookie, on your first note to me can you explain the Dae and Fae abilities you might have so I better understand?  And how you have come to have gotten them?  Then I think maybe you should start from the beginning of what happened after we separated.   I know this will be longer by note but I will look forward to each and every one of them.”

The air shifted once more, as I looked down next to me, there was another note.


Love You


I went over to the fridge that Isabel had in all the light tight rooms.  Inside of it there was a small glass with something in it that looked like blood.

I knew I had my packaged blood from the Red Cross in there. I have been living off of packaged blood since I started my journey three years ago so anything but New Blood would be a gift.

It was blood, I smelt it and it smelled of her.

She was offering her blood to me.

“Thank you Sookie, you did not need to do this.  I will cherish this gift from you.”

As I drank down the red elixir, I felt different, I felt much more alive.  The blood tasted a little different than I once knew.  This must be the changes that occurred too.  She needed to know how her blood would affect me as well as her scent.

Smart Fairy.

“Thank you again, that was even better than before.  I can taste you with a little bit of a wild chaser behind it.  You have even better tasting blood than you did before. It has a tinge more FAE in it, but nothing that would make me drunk like drinking from a full Fairy.  If you are testing me so that we can be together, I approve with however you want to go about it.”

I looked over at the clock and realized it was too close to dawn to have any more talks but we had days ahead of us.

“Good night, my love, speak with you soon.”

With that, I rolled over on my side and looked at the other pillow, the side that would be hers; I reached out for her.  She was not there.  I could smell her sweet scent and smiled, it would be the first of many smiles that I would give to her side of the bed from this night forward. I could wait however long it took.

I could wait.

The following night I awoke with a huge smile on my face.  I thought to myself it was only a matter of time before we would be together.

We would be ONE again.

I was in a very good mood and was made to be in an even better one when I felt I had paper in my hand.

The day was overcast so I awoke earlier than normal so I had several minutes before sunset to relish in the fact that I had more than enough time to re-read the note in my hand over and over again.

The note read:

MY Love,

I wish I could be there with you.  But I feel it is better to do things this way for the time being.  Not only do I need to make sure I am accepted as the new me, I need to make sure you finish what you started and win this damn election and I do not want to be a deterrent.  YOU deserve it and I know you will make us all proud.  I wasn’t too sure on where to start so I will start at the beginning.  BUT I do not want to make these letters too long so that I can come back to you often and leave some more information of what happened after we parted our separate ways. Some letters may be longer than others so please bear with me,I will answer all questions I believe you have asked of me and others that you may have not.

I regret a lot of what I did in those last six months before you left and even some time before that. 

I should have never started up with Alcide; he was a place holder, nothing more.  I loved him, but not like I should have. If I had let him go, he might still be alive. I didn’t want to be alone and after I pushed you away, I knew I couldn’t get you back.

  Bill was an epic regret; it wasn’t until after I helped him commit suicide, yes I helped, I pushed the stake into his cold heart, I realized his blood is what held my heart.  I don’t think I ever truly loved him. He manipulated me with his blood and I let everything he ever did to me slide right off my back.  I never held him accountable for his many wrong doings. One of those manipulations was to convince me that you, my love, were very wrong for me and I should find my normal away from you and other Vampires. And yes, before you say it, I did finally realize much later on that I held you to higher standards and I would not let you slide on anything and I am truly sorry for that.

 As for Ben/Warlow incident, well I just want to forget that all together; not my finest moments.

Then, well you were gone, I drove you away.  After you left that night with Nora, I invited you right back in.  When you dropped me off to talk to Bill after the HepV debacle, I invited you in again.  I needed you, but I drove you away by not simply telling you to STAY.

I invited you in again as often as I could since I didn’t know if there was a time limit on the invite.

You, my dear, were always invited into OUR home; even though you signed it back over to me it was always OURS. I was hoping you would turn around and come back to me.  I wanted you to come back to me and by me not asking you to STAY, I lost any chances.  That, my love, is one of my biggest regrets. Loosing YOU.

So anyway, after you left town and I saw you on TV selling New Blood like you would sell a Sham-Wow, I knew you were gone for good.  I tried to live my life, but it was hard, the town was destroyed after the HepV Vampires killed most everyone and also, along with my heart, it was destroyed into many, many pieces.

It was five years before I attempted to let someone in again.

I am going to stop there because that is a story by itself. And that is enough for now because I am sure you are growling and all kinds of pissed off, but I have to tell you everything even if it will hurt what we might have.



She knew me too well, she knew I would be pissed; I had to let her tell her story.  I needed to know what happened and if she had to tell me about her regrets, then I would have to let her.  I had many regrets too since I walked away from her.  The many included all the fucking and feeding I did to try to forget her and push her out of my thoughts and my heart.

Let me tell you it did not work, she was never far away from my thoughts.  MY heart was a lost cause.

I read the note a few more times before my night started and I expected something to flare up since Sookie had started to be in my life again, but nothing eventful happened that night.  I still stayed watchful; she is a trouble magnet after all.   It was right before dawn that we boarded the plane and were headed north to Missouri for the night.

When I awoke the next night, I was still in my plane Valhalla and was awaiting the sun to go down.  The back end of the aircraft was light tight so I did not have to rest in a coffin but a nice bed.   Min döttrar were with me on either side of me and I smiled.

But what made me smile even more was my new note lying on my chest. I had an hour before the girls rose so I levitated off the bed and into a chair so that I could read this note quickly and be able to read it numerous times.

The note read:

Hello My Love,

I am starting where I left off from the night before.  Five years had passed after everyone left me. I still had Jason and his family and I had Niall when he came by and of course, my other close friends that lived through the HepV killings. I was cleaning out my closets one afternoon and found Alcide’s jacket which had me calling Jackson Herveaux.  He came by and we got to talking about our lives.  Well, he straightened his life out and he took over Long Tooth as Packmaster. I was very proud of him and told him so. I told him what had happened to me and he told me to pull my britches up and start living again; he knew his son would want that as he was sure you would want that for me too.

So that is what I did, I went to a couple of pack events as friend of the pack and that is how I met the Were Jake.

Well, I was drinking, and that never goes well, at one of these functions and one thing led to another and I ended up pregnant. I didn’t love him like I should, but I did have an affection for him. Jake didn’t love me like a wife either, but he didn’t want to shirk his responsibilities, so he moved in. As far as everyone was concerned, we were a married couple, we spent time together and we got along fairly well. But we never got married nor did we share the same room/bed every night. Jake knew all about you and he knew that he could never replace you so he never tried. The thing was, Jake was like Alcide in that aspect he wanted to have a mate but he didn’t want to add to the pack with just anyone.  He was looking for his true love, but he felt he would never find it with his limited prospects after so many of his kind were killed off during the HepV debacle. 

So we made a pact, we would live together; we would share in responsibilities of raising our children and keep each other company; neither of us wanted to be alone, so we felt that this was best for all concerned. We had four children in total, all were telepaths and all could shift. Apparently, when you cross a full Were and a Fairy you produce a Shifter.  We loved our children deeply and we held great affection for one another but nothing more.   He took care of us the best he could. He provided for us even though I had money so we put it away for a rainy day. But sometimes your past catches up to you.  No it wasn’t his past but mine.

Much Love


GRRR, a cliff hanger Sookie, seriously?  I knew why she was cutting these notes down but it still irritated me that she would not go on.  I needed to know what happened to her, but I have a feeling she was not going to tell me anytime soon.

I had an inkling in the back of my mind telling me that she would hold that story off for much later and tell me about other stuff I might not care to know right now.

But I knew in my heart she was telling me in her order of importance. So I guess I would have to be patient and wait.

I was kept busy that night in Missouri and the next night we were in Michigan so I was unable to dwell on what I hadn’t learned yet, but I kept going over what I did know.   I knew what was coming up was going to be unpleasant for her and for me; she should have called me, I could have helped her twenty years ago.

Of that I am sure.

Three nights to E-Night.

Our route for the remainder of the week would be from Michigan we would go to New York and then onto Georgia and then the final stop was Louisiana where we would cast our own votes.

I was getting worried that I would not be getting a note in New York since I didn’t get one in Michigan.   But I was sweetly surprised with one when I woke up inside Valhalla which was located on a private airstrip outside of New York City.

Of course it wouldn’t be what I needed it to read, but it was able to satisfy me on a couple of things.

It read:

Hello My love,

You were too busy in Michigan but I felt you needed this note as much I needed to write it. 

First off, my property in Bon Temps is all mine; Niall and I had set out before I met Jake to buy back the property that was once my families. It consisted of about 200 acres before grandpa and gran had to sell some of it off.   The funny thing is we could have just taken it back, we thought it would be best to buy it back from the City of Bon Temps since most of the owners were killed by the rouge Vampires inflicted with HepV or ran off to other states.

 Most small towns around us had no population whatsoever, even Hotshot was desecrated. We were lucky we still had some people left. Between Vampire, Fairy, Were and Human…there were probably about 30 of us.  Most of us were connected as family somehow.

 Andy Bellefleur…do you remember him, was still sheriff and he contacted the State Police and they asked him if he would mind patrolling the adjoining 6 parishes since there was only a few people left in each city. He and Jason offered to do it since they were the only officers left on the force and the state agreed to pay their salaries. What a mess that time was.  Well, I spoke to Andy and I told him about buying the property back and he agreed to a fair price and we put that money in the City’s Bank Account, but we had to get a lawyer to draw up the papers for ownership and that is when I met Mr. Cataliades.  He came by the house to give me my inheritance from my friends who had been killed recently, Bill, Tara, and Maxine Fortenberry.  I didn’t want Bills’ money but I talked to Jessica and we decided on how to use it and built the other houses on mine and her properties. We built a large stable for horses, we built a large garage to house everyone’s cars and we installed a state of the art security system, or so we thought.  The rest I put away for a rainy day and let me tell you, it could rain for a very long time and I wouldn’t use all his money up. I was pissed off at him because of all the times I scrimped and scraped and he offered me nothing but annoyance at not being able to pay my way and upkeep on my home, but I was not going to bow down to his way of thinking… .I was better than him, I didn’t need him anyway and I certainly didn’t need his fucking money.  I would use it only if I had too. However, I found out that Niall could take care of our wants and needs because it seemed great grandfather had plenty of investments in the USA for us to have money to live off of and Mr. C. was actually his lawyer for those investments.  He had them for when he was in this realm and was quite a wealthy man himself.   But anyway, did you know Tara had money and left it to me and Lala, it had to have been given to her by Pam because that girl couldn’t save a penny if she tried and she tried several times, but bailing her momma out always got in the way. As for Maxine, that was a shock too, apparently after Hoyt disappeared to Alaska, she didn’t know whom else to add to her beneficiaries so she added me and she died before she could take me off, who would of thunk that old bitty would even consider me, but I guess she figured I wouldn’t amount to much and this was her way of helping me out.  Anyway, once Mr. C realized who I was, we became friends. I felt like I knew him too, like kin would feel familiar to you but I didn’t know how familiar until I was hurt years later.   As the years went by, our little city didn’t grow much bigger but from time to time we would get new residents, mainly Supes because they heard we were okay with their kind in our town and the 6 parishes around us. Even Andy got used to it and hired a few on as deputies and office workers so he and Jase didn’t have such a big area to patrol.  So as the years went on, Jason, Adilyn and I were able to hide amongst the other Supes since we were not aging and no one seemed to ask any questions as to why since they knew we were Supes ourselves. It helps to be able to hide amongst your own.

I think that is enough for the night, it is making my head spin and we don’t need that to happen.

Anyway, I love you, my Viking, and you will get another note tomorrow, I promise.



Well that explained a lot.  I re-read some of the note a few times.   I knew for certain that I was the one that had given Tara the money right after she helped me load the cash out of the basement into the indestructible coffins.    Once we got out of that mess, I told her to keep the one coffin and do with the money as she wanted.  It was the least I could do for my grandchild.

Hmmm Mr. Cataliades, I haven’t spoken to him in years. Yes, he is my lawyer too; he has power of attorney over my accounts so he doesn’t ever need my signature any more.   Maybe after the election I will have to give that Daemon a call to get some answers if Sookie withholds what I need to know.  Plus, if I win, I will have to remove myself from CEO of a lot of my companies or somehow hide the fact that I have so many.  Maybe I will just have him sign the companies over to Sookie until they need to come back to me.   Something to think about, but I wanted to be honest with the people of the Unite States so I think removal is the way to go for the time being.

Hmmm back to the campaign, New York what a fiasco, the AVL showed up and tried to have me marry the Queen of New York. I never realized she was in their back pocket; well bitch, you lost a friend and ally for not telling me. I couldn’t wait to leave for Georgia and another note.

As per the previous night’s, we died and rose in Valhalla.  It seemed to be the safest place for us now and the AVL could not get on the plane to plant a trap of sorts.

I again arose with a smile on my face. Sometime during the day min döttrar were carefully moved onto a pallet of fur on the floor.  I knew I needed to move them back soon so they didn’t wake up pissed off at the world for being on the floor.  Willa would take it in stride when I told her why she was moved but Pam, I could hear WWIII going off in my head.

Nevertheless I felt my body still, as if there was someone lying on my bed with me.  I could feel the outline of their hips with my hand as I moved it up and down the curve of them, but I could not see whom it was. Oh, I knew who it was and she must have fallen asleep after moving the girls.

I moved a little closer and smelt her hair…sunshine and honey… trying to touch her, all of her, but not touching her to cause her to wake … but as I felt myself purring at the smell, the body next to me jolted upright as if shot out of a cannon and shimmered away.

Left in her wake was a note.   AND her scent.    I.WAS.IN.HEAVEN

The note read:

Hello my love,

Sorry I must have fallen asleep.  I laid down on the bed with you and spoke to you about everything going through my mind.  I knew you could not hear me, but it felt good to say it out loud.  No, no-one heard me, I put up a privacy spell, so we had been cloaked in it the whole time, I moved the girls and while I talked to you.   So your Weres do not know I was here. 

I guess if after the election I am to be part of your world, if you still want me to be after you hear my story, then we must tell them, but first you must know everything before I make myself corporeal to you and everyone else. 

Anyways, we left off with Bon Temps and how I stayed there.  So let’s move onto my children.  I told you about Jake, he was a good father to his children, even though we didn’t see eye to eye on a lot of stuff we still made our home a happy one for them.  And in a way he made me happy too, no, no the word content would be the right word here. We ended up having four children, two boys and two girls. We had decided that we would each name one of each gender and the other could not complain for any reason on what we chose and why.  I chose Erik and Tara and he chose Karolina and Charles. I loved my children and they mean the world to me, I know that if I had stayed with a Vampire I would have never had the opportunity to have my own children even though I swore I didn’t want kids, I had lied to myself over the years about that fact and with Niall’s help, the children learned to control their telepathy early on. We had also been given a ward to look after, Hadley had a son and when Ben/Warlow attacked the Fairy Club one of the fairies was able to teleport himself and my cousins’ son away from there just in time. So along with raising my own, I was raising Hunter as well. My cousin Claude was found by Niall while he was searching for Fairies still in the Earth’s realm. Kinda freaky, I thought Hunter was killed that day by that damn Faepire. I wish I could have sealed that stake in his heart over and over again. He couldn’t die enough times for my liking.  I was grateful Hunter wasn’t dead; I blamed myself for too long about his death as I did over all the fairies in the club.  

In spite of everything we had been through, we were living a charmed life for the time being. My children grew into adults and married other Supes that they had met and lived in one of the many houses on my property. They started having their own children and life was grand.   As of today, I have 10 great –grandchildren, with Adele being the youngest. Niall had stayed on the property from time to time but after the great –grandchildren were being born he stayed more often than not. He helps a lot with their training and schooling as does Claude who also tends to stay on the property more often than not; Niall is a very smart man for being such a goofball sometimes. He is the main teacher to all of the children including Jason’s. I had been overwhelmed with how calm my life was, I never expected calm, I was always looking over my shoulder but nothing was ever there, you always called me a trouble magnet and I knew I was and I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. But it never did until about twenty years ago, but that story is not going to be told yet. Maybe after the election.  You do not need a sad story tomorrow before you go to the polls to vote and wait for the outcome.  I need to tell you some good news and maybe leave you a special gift…. We shall see.

Love you always


That damn woman would be the death of me yet.  First her visit and then staying away from the event I needed to hear about.  But I could understand her hesitance, she was looking out for me but her leading me on about that night, damn her.

My other thought was she named her son after me, I was honored and pissed he was not of my blood.  All I could think about was how happy I was not to be her Were with the reminder of her calling my name out on a daily basis.

I re-read the note several times until it was five minutes till my daughters’ awakening.  I swiftly moved Pam first over to my side of the bed and then Willa to the side where Sookie had lain.  I knew she would smell the sweet scent and would not say a word.

As I shifted in the chair across from them, Pam awoke first and asked me why she was on the wrong side of the bed.   SHIT SHIT SHIT.

“Pam, that is where you fell asleep.  I only moved from between you two to come sit here in this chair.”    As I was finishing my sentence, Willa rose and buried her face into the pillow; she looked up at me and smiled.

“Pam don’t you remember we chose different sides last night…. I know you were not drunk, we cannot get drunk, your mind must be slipping in your old age.”

“I am not old; I am well preserved even after that damn witch’s curse.  The Fairy-hybrid gave me my face back.  I will have to go check to see if I have any wrinkle lines that would cause my mental lapse.”

And she was off to the bathroom.

“Master how are you tonight?” with a wink and a smile, “We only have 2 nights left; are you ready for Georgia because I am sure they are ready for you.”

“Yes, my child, let’s get this show on the road so that we can head to Shreveport as early as possible and sleep in our OWN beds.”

“Pam, you have 5 minutes and we need to leave.”

After giving her ten, which she did not need, we went to our last rally.

It was fun but also troubling as the AVL was nowhere to be seen.    But I did catch the sight of Niall standing in the back of the room, smiling and eating what looked like a bowl of spaghetti.  Where he got that from I will never know but he waved at both Willa and I, and I think that answered my question about the AVL.  I wondered what they tried but Niall thwarted.

It was good to have a few fairies in your back pocket.

As we made it to the plane to board, we were greeted by Isabel.  Her words were ‘a mutual friend brought her to town. Thought she would be needed the next night.  Isabel said she did her early voting that evening in Texas before she popped away.’

I thought it might have been Sookie but she mouthed Niall.   Sneaky old Fairy.

I told her she was more than welcome to come with us, that we would be headed for Shreveport shortly and she was more than welcome to stay at my home.

She then said, “I was given instructions for us to stay at the Summerland Hotel in Shreveport.  Apparently, your residence has been compromised.”

Fucking AVL.

As we flew into Shreveport, I let my guards know what was going on there at my residence.  Some of them had already driven ahead of the flight and were surveying the breech.    It was worse than we thought, however, the intruders had been contained by one pissed off Fairy and a few Weres.   Apparently Sookie had sent them to make sure no fuckery happened before I arrived.  I was grateful to her being back in my life and being the trouble magnet she is, it seemed My Sookie had become a tactician too.

My guards sent me a picture of the makeshift tactical team.

In the picture I saw Jason and two men whom I am sure were Sookie’s sons and three more men I didn’t know but one had pointy ears so I had assumed it was her cousin Claude.   The group all waved in the picture with big goofy grins and their captives were shackled in sliver, with their faces planted in the dirt.  I could only imagine there were Were and Vampire in the picture but you could not tell by the backs of their heads.   This group made up a great security team, I do wonder how they were trained and by whom and how they would have been able to overpower the Vampires.

I guess that was another question for Sookie.

We arrived at the Shreveport airport and were whisked away by a caravan of SUV’s to the Summerland Hotel.  When we arrived it was very quiet, no one was waiting for us.


When I went up to check us in the concierge just smiled and said, “Mr. Brigant, we have been waiting for your arrival.  We have 4 light-tight rooms and six extras for your staff on one floor.  If you need us for anything please let us know. Discretion is our top priority.  Barry will show you up to your floor.  No need to sign anything, it has all been taken care of.  Rest peacefully today and we will see you upon your rising.  Good Luck tomorrow.”

As we walked to the elevator, Isabel looked at Willa and me and mouthed Sookie and we both nodded.

Pam of course took this moment to get unfucked in her head.  “What the hell Eric, why the false name? Who the fuck is Brigant?  I know you are keeping things from me and sooner or later I will find out, mark my words.”

“Pamela, enough.  We will speak in the room.  No need to air dirty laundry in the elevator.”

As we approached our room I looked at the bell hop and saw him smile at me.  I knew him. I saw him in Dallas at the Hotel Carmilla, but how…now, I thought Sookie said he ate the light fruit in Faery.

“Mr. Northman, I was told to give this to you by my uncle, your friend calls him Mr. C.  This hotel is owned by said friend so no need to worry about breeches here. My cousins will be helping guard the hall for added protection.”

As the door opened there stood, Gladiola and Diantha.  Two very strong and very smart Daemon warriors.

“If you need anything else I will be the one that attends to you.   I have taken the liberty of stocking your mini fridges with bagged blood, if you require a donor let me know and I will find one for you.   Good night sir.”

This night was looking even better.

We were showed to our individual rooms.  Pam never followed me back to my room so no explanations tonight which I was grateful for because on my pillow lay a note.

It read:

My Love,

Where to begin?  Well, we both knew before we parted that I was Human and Fae.  We had thought that being 1/8th Fae would not do much to me.  But since I have the Fae Spark, it didn’t matter how much was inside me.   It was after my injuries occurred twenty years ago that I learned from Mr. C. that he was my godfather.  He knew my granddaddy Earl. Even though Earl never let on he knew he was different to Gran, he still felt it since he was a half-blood and Uncle Desmond convinced my grandpa that there might be a chance of complications when Gran gave birth to my daddy.  So Uncle offered a thimble of his blood to help fortify Gran’s baby making machine. It fortified her enough that after two babies with grandpa, his Faeness and Uncle’s Daeness was passed onto to both babies and then passed onto their babies.  You see Jason has a gift too, but it didn’t come out until he hooked up with Adilyn.  Apparently, he is empathic along with having the Fae allure.  Me on the other hand, it strengthened my telepathy and allure.  But when the accident occurred, much more was triggered by both heritages once I was brought into the Fae and Dae realms. I don’t want to get into what happened yet but being hurt, drinking the healing waters of both realms and being in those realms triggered what lain dormant inside me. Hence the comment Lala said, Force of Nature. It appears that I have the Fae abilities of telepathy, shooting light from my hands, masking my scent, baby fangs, pointy ears, no aging and a longer life. MY Dae side, I have telepathy, cloaking, pushing, shimmering, no aging and a new improved tactical brain with a side of warrior. But the one thing that I got from neither side, because I was bitten several times during the accident, was the ability to change into my familiar. It is that of a lion. I don’t shift into just any lion but the king of the beasts.  It is scary sometimes when I am not expecting it, but I am learning to adapt to the many changes.

Courtesy of Jason Chan Art

I am hoping that you will be able to adapt to them too.  That you will be able to accept me for the new me. That you will be able to handle my new flavor of blood. I believe the wildness in the flavor is the lion spirit now within me. I also have the natural ability to do magic, that is why my wards are so strong, they are run off my emotions, mainly love.  It is something that I have been honing on and I am quite good at it too.

And before I forget, you high-handed Vampire you never told me we started a bond, Niall told me about it and HE taught me how to keep it alive in my body so that I will always have it.  I believe you feel me more lately and that is because after the time in the other realms it shifted that bond too and made it stronger.  I can feel you too, but I can mask my emotions from you like a Maker to their child.  I didn’t want you to be scared of things unknown to you.   But once,-if it does happen, – and we are together, we are gonna talk about that bond, mister….high-handed pain in my ass. It scared the shit out of me when Niall explained the odd feelings in my chest that I knew were not mine.  Niall has always liked you, he told me you were the Vampire for me and a good man, but when he mentioned it to me we were already having a discussion about the side-burned douchebag and I was unsure of whom he meant.  

I am sure I am leaving something out, I always do but we have time for the later.

Hugs and Love


I had a hard time falling to rest that night.  So much swirling in my head over that last note. Making sense about her heritage and why I had my two Daemon warriors outside my door.  I think I was staying up extra late so that I could get another note from her.   But what I did get was a calming aroma that quickly had me falling into my day rest.

I awoke with a start and no note.   I did have Sookie’s smell rubbed all over my pillows and something else was left behind.


Evil Minx.

I had awoken to my chest covered in kisses shaped in a heart over my undead heart and I wanted to keep them.   I searched the internet on how to keep them, but no luck.   I was going to end up losing them when I put on my shirt, a white shirt at that, when they were rubbed off.

Courtesy of Gettyimages

As I was getting ready in my tux, Isabel and Willa knocked on my door.  I turned around as they entered the suite, they both snickered.

I told them to help me figure out how to keep them on my chest without the shirt smudging them.

Willa came over and tried to rub a little off and they were adhered to my chest, they were left on and affixed better than any super glue.

“Master, I guess she has marked you.  I don’t think they are going away anytime soon.”

“Yes Eric you are stuck with them…. I think it is a perfect marking from your Fairy.”

We all started laughing at Sookie claiming me as HERS.

We all were done and heating up some blood when Pam walked in.  She told us we needed to get going so that we could vote before the polls closed.

So the four of us headed downstairs, followed by my Were and Daemon guards.  But what surprised me the most was when we left the elevator, I had about ten more Were guards at my disposal and a smiling Fairy.

“I am Claude and we are here at the request of Niall.  We are to stay and help protect your entourage until we are given our leave.  We have already voted so your guards can take their turn at the polls if need be.   As for your party tonight that was to be held after the polls closed and was to be held at the Shreveport Arms, now has a change of venue, because of what happened last night, it has been moved to here as well for your protection.  The arrangements have all been taken care of and everything is set for midnight.  If we move out the front door the SUV’s are waiting us and we will take you to your polling venue.  A few of us will stay behind so that there are no mishaps before we come back for the party.”

I couldn’t help the smile on my face.

As we approached the SUV’s, Claude handed me a note.

It read:

For your safety and your daughters’ safety.


The night was getting better and better.

We had decided early on that Louisiana would be where we voted and stayed for the reveal of who won on election night.  It was a solid idea and it made perfect sense, it was our hometown after all.  And now that I knew of the extra layer of protection, it was the best idea ever.

As I walked into the voting room, I gave the thumbs up.

Thanks for the picture Oh My Mr Skarsgärd

I was ready for this.  I knew I would win.  I just knew it. From what I heard, the votes from the early voting told us the story of what was going to happen that evening, I would just have to wait it out.

Election Night was a total whirlwind.

I was happy I had Vampire recall because I was afraid I would have forgotten something.

It was that very night that I went back to my hotel room after the party we had thrown in the downstairs ball room, where I was left a special gift from my lover which was one of many that night from her.

I won.  I really fucking WON.



Mr. Cataliades

Gladiola and Diantha


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    Glad that Niall & cie are helping with his protection from the AVL. Can’t wait for the reveal of what happened 20 years ago.

    • thanks for reading and yes everyone seems to know the AVL needs to be put down and i am sure when the fairies did their thing the AVL is wondering where he got such strong allies from. hmmmm next chapter will be the twenty year reveal and another long one to boot. KY

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    • Thank you for your vote of confidence on the notes, i wanted her to be able to talk but since the story is in EPOV it was the best way i could think of. only a matter of time.

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    • thanks for reading and yes a Force of Nature for sure. In TB they never hit in the daemon side of it but i thought since this my own made up reality after TB i could add it in to make it work. as for the Union, i hope you all enjoy it when it happens. KY

      • I just LOVE when Sook’s Dae side is explored!! So fun!! Hahaha…so, I totally meant REunion…but yeah, union too, *snort* haha…

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    • you welcome on all accounts and i am sorry i am such a tease. But if i said he left, she left, they came back together what fun would that be. As for the AVL, soon they will be handled. KY

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    • Yes like kids in high school , kinda gives away my age. LOL as for the lines you liked , i had to make you all laugh with all the other seriousness going on. For Jackson, i felt so bad for him in the show he was even worse off then in the books, i needed to give him a chance. AS for the accident and what happened, i think when you read it you all will say shit i forgot about that. I know i am teasing again, sorry. Thanks for reading, enjoying and reviewing. KY

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    • thanks for reading and liking the story. As for the AVL , no they do not have anything to do with Sookie. But she and Niall may have something to do with taking down the AVL, just a little hint. As for the AVL, they want the power that Eric will have, they think in their deluded minds that they want to stay locked on the old ways but look where that got them when the factories were blown up and HEP V came about. and one last hint No Pam was not involved. KY

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      • Yes, i contemplated on that but since her attack many things have come about that normally a 1/8 fairy-hybrid wouldn’t have. I wanted something powerful and not of true fantasy. If that was the case she would have been a Gryphon. KY

    • your welcome on all counts ….. the next chapter is a long one too. Yes Sookie is a great story teller but like one of the other readers said, it had to be drug out so Eric could digest it while still running for POTUS. until the next chapter KY

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    • thanks for reading, my knee is better, however it is a work in progress. i have the next chapter in editing, it is a long one, so i am moving things around to the next chapter. Hopefully within the next week i will get it finished. KY

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