Chapter 08: Sightings and Notes

Part 1

Authors Note: The chapter ended up being huge so I needed to break it up into two parts. Both parts are around 9000 words each.


We had decided early on that Louisiana would be where we voted and stayed for the reveal of who won on election night. It was a solid idea and it made perfect sense, it was our hometown after all. And now that I knew of the extra layer of protection it was the best idea ever.

As I walked into the voting room, I gave the thumbs up.

I was ready for this. I knew I would win. I just knew it. From what I heard the votes from the early voting told us the story of what was going to happen that evening, I would just have to wait it out.

Election Night was a whirlwind. I was happy I had vampire recall because I was afraid I would have forgotten something.

It was that very night that I went back to my hotel room, – after the party we had just thrown in the downstairs ball room-, where I was left a very special gift from my lover, which would be one of many that night from her.

I Won… I Really Fucking WON.

But first let me explain.

The polls were utter chaos.

I was told more voters had turned out then for the previous election(s).

I was told that the early voting that had already taken place had put me in the lead by fifty percent.

Fifty fucking percent! That is unheard of.

We waiting in the poll lines like everyone else, I was not allowing my entourage to jump the line, even when we were told to do so. I was congratulated by many, saying they were happy that I won or would be winning since the polls were still open. They wanted change to happen with their government and they wanted it bad enough to vote for a vampire. The government had been slowly dying with the way it had always been run and the people were hoping I would not kowtow to anyone.

I had made promises to them early on, I was not beholding to anyone’s agenda. I would make the country great again and I would help to get changes made before I left office in either four or eight years.

After we voted, I invited whoever was there at the polling station back to the Summerland Hotel for the party. I had no issues with everyone attending and I felt that Niall and his group would know I wanted that too. It was how I had run my campaign and I wasn’t about to change it now at the end.

The party, to say the least, was packed as we waited for the midnight hour for the polls to be closed across the states and for the final votes to be tallied.

I saw several vampires I had not seen in years at the Summerland Hotel this night upon our arrival.

Thalia, Rasul, and Bubba.

I was happy they lived on, but I was unsure of why they were there until Claude walked up to the three of them, spoke quickly and walked away.

The three dispersed into opposite directions from one another, Bubba headed in my direction.

“Hello Mr. Eric, nice ta sees ya again. Mr. Claude told us to stay close to each one of ya. I gots’ you. Ms. Thalia has your Willa and Mr. Rasul has your Pam. Mr. Niall wanted me to tell you there are fairies and demons here too to protect everyone. They just look like everyone else here all fancied up. And Ms. Sookie said to let you know she is here too, just cloaked is all. Anyways….Just letting you knows that I will be your shadow.”

What the Fuck, Bubba knew of Niall and Sookie? What the hell happened twenty years ago?

“Thank you Bubba.”

As I walked around I saw Thalia approach my Willa. I nodded to them both, once to let Willa know it was okay with her new guard and twice to say thank you to Thalia.

I was caught off guard by Pam and her shadow. Pam as per usual could not keep her voice down.

“Eric, what is the meaning of this guard. I do not need one, no offense Rasul. I wanted to be able to mingle and have some fun, if you know what I mean, and with him in tow I don’t see that happening.”

“None taken Pam, however I am NOT leaving your side.”

“Pam, this is a precaution. One that is needed. If we are elected, you will have a guard . . Stop being a petulant twat and deal with it.”

As I got glared at. I spoke again.

“Thank you Rasul for your help. Bubba has explained it all to me.”

“Anything for our boss, SHE treats us well.”

Their boss, Sookie was their boss. How the fuck could that be?

I walked around and mingled and when the time came for the final announcement I was pulled up to the podium.

I was excited and yet I missed my love, I wanted her to share this with me. However, when I looked up, there at the far side of the room she stood. In all her glory, she looked like perfection, ‘still like sunshine in a pretty blonde bottle’.

Even though she was not by my side she was in the room for the announcement and it made me very happy.

As the big screen became alive behind me, we watch in awe as the numbers for all the delegates were shown. It seems even before this night I was the winner and the finally tallies proved it.

As Pam, Willa and I watched and I was finally declared the winner before the world; the only thing that made me even happier was the blonde on the other side of the room with tears streaming down said face, clapping and screaming my name with a huge smile on her face.

I went to go to her and she shook her head no, apparently it was not the time. I wasn’t happy about it but I knew she still had plenty to tell me. And she motioned towards Bubba, who was holding a note for me.

He placed it in my hand and

It read:

Beware, the AVL has planted fangbangers in the crowd of well-wishers and they mean to entangle you. Stay close to Bubba and Isabel.

So that is exactly what I did for the rest of the night. I mingled with the crowd with my guard and one of my trusted friends standing at my side.

I was approached by many donors offering themselves to me at the party but there was only one woman whom I wanted.

I turned all the others away.

Pam came over to me and scuffed at me for turning them away.

She could not understand why I would not feed and fuck anymore.

She did not understand why I would not take up the offers being given to me. Why I would let such tasty morsels leave. I was given prime choices of a meal, not the vermin we once had to deal with at Fangtasia.

Little did she realize some of those choices were set ups by the AVL so that I would choose one of their moles to be my mate. I wasn’t born yesterday and because of my love looking out for me, I could smell AVL all over them.

I could explain it to her but she would call me an idiot. I could hear her now, “Just use them and loose them”.

And then there was the Sookie situation.

Pam would say I was hopeful for something that would not happen in my lifetime. Pam would call me a liar for telling her Sookie was dead which she wasn’t. But according to her headstone she was this past twenty years.

I figured the excuse of not being hungry nor horny would only get me so far. So I told her, I needed to thank all of those who attended our election night party. I needed to mingle with the public so they knew I wasn’t blowing smoke up their asses just so that I could win. I wanted them to know I was approachable. I wanted them to know my agenda had not changed; it was still going to be the same even after I had gotten myself elected.

Besides we had a fountain of Royalty Blended set up for the vampires in attendance that needed to be drank and not wasted, so I was already taken care of in a way.

I mingled for about 4 hours. We had human, vampire and various Supes in attendance. It was roughly 4 am when I made my way back upstairs to my suite. I knew immediately when I opened the door that I had had a visitor or two.

I had smelt a couple of scents. One of whom I did not know, and the other scent was my love.

I found a note explaining as much, my love was very thorough.

The unknown scent was a tart from the donor pool downstairs that had talked one of Summerland’s new bellboys into opening my room door up for her since she had a note telling him I approved. It said that I had told her to go ahead of me and I would meet her up there shortly.

Apparently she had been planning this for weeks to happen at the other hotel and had to find the poor unsuspecting sap quickly today.

She somehow had gotten my signature and copied it. And unbeknownst to the bellboy the signature looked like a match to mine so he did as he was asked without asking his superiors. To me it smelled like the AVL all over it, it was the only way she would have gotten my signature.

My love said the bellboy would be fired come daybreak because of what he had done and I was unsure if that was wise. I think perhaps a strong talking to would work out better as he would be more loyal to the hotel and never let it happen again; and he would now always ask management about other issues that may arise in the future. It would be a good training tool for someone so young.

Yes I have grown in my beliefs of kill first ask questions later.

I myself will have to rethink my security now and place someone at the door even while I am not inside of it, just so this doesn’t happen again.

But then again I had a lovely fairy-hybrid watching my back.

My love had found the tart and interrogated her in her own way. Kept her note, and somehow erased her memories from her. She let her leave and go on her merry way; she will not be remembering anything about her wanting to be my consort.

I am curious how did My Sookie erase her memories? Could it be the pushing she spoke of before? Hmmm a new power maybe? Oh another question I will have to ask her when we finally are face to face or by note. The notes were fun and all; they passed much of my time in the evening after I went to my room. But I still craved to finally be face to face with her.

Just as I was getting ready to change out of my suit my phone rang. I did not know the number but it did say private. I of course picked it up.

I knew it wasn’t the AVL because every time they called me on a different phone number, and it was logged in my phone, I would change the ring tone to what Willa had picked out, ‘Another One Bites the Dust’. We were tracing all their numbers back to them and they were being put on the proverbial hit list.

Anyway, it was the outgoing president calling to congratulate me and to let me know that he wanted the transition time to go smoothly between the old and the new regimes. He said that his transition four years prior was very rough; the outgoing president did not want to give up his office. He told me that he did not want that to happen in the off chance I needed his help after the changeover. He was more than willing to help in any capacity if need be. He said it was up to me when we should start. It usually ran about 72 days but he had a feeling I would catch on rather quickly to what I would need to know and do. He let me know that he had already started to light tight some of the rooms with automatic shutters so that the White House would be ready for my residence. Even though he was running against me in this election, he said he knew in his heart he would not be serving a second term and that I would be the winner of this election hands down. In truth he felt the United States needed change and I was the perfect one to be able to do it. I thanked him for his due diligence and told him we would meet in a week. I wanted a week to relax and catch up on other things and then we would move forward with what we both needed to do. He agreed and he told me he would continue to light tight the residences and the Oval Office for me so it was complete upon my inauguration. I thanked him once again and we hung up.

It seems this man would be a great ally to keep. He wanted change as much as I did but was unable to make it happen being saddled to a party.

I made my way over to another post it notes hanging on my lamp.

It read:


Love You


I was wondering as I walked over to the fridge if Sookie had left me another gift of her blood, this would be her second time feeding me this week if it were there.

When I opened the fridge door, there was a small beaker sitting on the wire rack. I would say it was about 250 ml in size, it was much larger than the last offering and it was the reddest blood I had seen in a very long time.

It wasn’t just any old blood either; it was fairy-hybrid blood. MY Sookie’s blood.

She wanted to feed me again. Was this her gift to me for winning?

Yes it must be.

I was just getting ready to drink it like a good glass of scotch when there was a knock on my door. I placed the blood back in the fridge and opened my door.

It was Pam with a donor.

I was not happy at all. “Pam what do you want?”

“I brought you a gift, no glamouring needed. She is willing to fuck and feed the next President of the United States. I only ask to stay and play which she has also agreed to.”

I saw Rasul and Bubba standing back against the side wall, just shaking their heads in disbelief. Neither of them was in agreement to my child’s timing.

“Pamela, I am warning you. Take your meal and leave me alone. I do not want her or you in my room. Now leave, you and I will discuss this later. . !”

I then pushed both Pam and her meal out the door.

What in the hell was she thinking.

I have not shared a meal and a fuck with her in decades and I was not going to start now. Besides this was no way for an incoming Vice President to behave. Especially not my child, it wasn’t going to happen.

This is exactly how some past Presidents and Vice Presidents behaved but WE would not be labeled the same. We will be having that talk before I finalize my other business this week. We cannot start our term with a scandal.

I decided to sit back down on the couch, to try and calm myself down. I wanted to savor my meal not tarnish it in anger. I decide before I drank my special meal I would go take a quick shower and change into my track pants.

But when I walked into the bathroom I was greeted by another message written in lipstick on my mirror.

It made me smile. I have a feeling this is just the beginning of these types of messages and possibly a face to face.

I quickly showered and got dressed.

I looked down at my chest and my heart was still there, it made my heart sore that it was not lost to water and soap.

I strolled into what would be my living quarters for the foreseeable future and drew in a quick breathe. It smelt like she had come back into my room again and recharged her scent while I was in the bathroom.

How could that be?

It smelt like she was standing next to me releasing her sweet scent, could she be cloaked and standing right next to me?

I was enjoying every minute of it as I approached the mini fridge once again. I opened it up, took out my beaker and took it over to the couch where I was going to sit down.

“Cheers my love, I won, we won. Here is to you being by my side soon enough. Thank you from the bottom of my undead heart for my special gift. You did not have to do this, however, I will enjoy every last sweet drop.”

As I started to sip her blood. I felt recharged. I felt the bond in me awaken even further. I felt her blood moving in me like it was racing in the grand prix. I felt a strong pull to the south of me. My cock was responding to her blood.

I felt her even more now than before but how could that be, she had not had my blood again. Yet I had had hers two times now.

Lafayette had said she was a force of nature now. I am only now contemplating what he meant by that statement, what happened to her twenty years ago? That is one story she has not told me yet.

“Sookie if you hear me. I have so many questions and I don’t want to wait any longer for answers. Please my love you have to talk to me. Tell me what happened twenty years ago to have all these changes happen to you. To make you more.”

I leaned back on the couch, breathed in her scent, drank in her sweet nectar and enjoyed every minute until I emptied my treat.

It was the best meal that I have had in a very long time. I require very little blood now but that beaker of blood filled me up like I was a newborn quenching their first rise thirst.

Nonetheless I sat back and enjoyed the feelings flowing through me, the quiet and the aloneness.

I knew I had work to do and still had an hour before dawn but I didn’t want to do it. I wanted to savor her visit. I knew I said I could wait the four years for her if I needed to, but after her newest gift and after her scent being left behind again that was not going to happen.

However, I would let her set the pace.

I was hoping that she would come to me again and again. That we could talk and make plans, but again I was getting ahead of myself. Until I knew what happened and what was going on with her now I would have to be patient and wait.

7 nights till transition starts

I rose in the same spot I had gone to rest, sitting on the couch. But what I felt next to me was not there the night before. I felt a head resting on my shoulder and a slight snore coming from an invisible being curled up next to me. She was cloaked but sleeping. I would let her rest and enjoy the feeling of having her near.

I took in her scent and smiled. She was revealing herself to me a little at a time and I would take whatever she gave me.

I wanted to touch her so badly yet I knew if I did or changed the way we sat to a laying position I would wake her up again like on the plane. I did not want her to leave so soon so I stilled myself into a form of downtime and waited.

I could feel her blood coursing through me.

I could feel my fingers twitching.

I could feel the smile playing across my face.

I knew it was only a matter of time before My WILL lost out to My WANTS.

Thirty minutes had passed and she had finally begun to stir.

So I did what any man would have done and I drew her to my lap. I may not have been able to see her but I could feel her form, her curves, the curves of my woman.

I felt her lay her head on my chest and gave it a chaste kiss.

I felt her wet lips on my bare chest.

I felt her tongue and teeth drag over my clavicle.

What this woman could do to me with something so simple as her tongue and teeth.

I needed to center myself before I attacked her. I drew my breath in along with her scent and pushed it down into my lungs to savor; a smile then spread over my face when I rested my head against her cloaked one and said.

“I will love you till the end of time. You are my everything. I miss you so much. I look forward to the day you can be mine and uncloaked. I don’t care what happened to you twenty years ago. I don’t care about your past. WE all have them. I care about you, so please don’t make me wait too long.”

See kissed my chest and I felt her body moving. It seemed to me like her head was moving so that she could look up into my eyes.

She whispered the following before she disappeared off my lap.

“I love you too my Viking. You too are my everything but I cannot reveal myself just yet. Things have to transpire first, it was her words to me that said so. My Mark is left behind on you, I marked you last night and you will remain marked as mine until I can come to you fully. MY Mark will remain until I choose to erase it. Until then.”

I no longer felt her on my lap but I felt her presence in the room. I knew she was still with me, so I knew that I could talk to her and possibly get a note.

I thought about the words that she had spoken to me.

Who was the HER?

The only her I knew who could make Sookie hold back was the Ancient Pythoness. How did she know the old woman? The old bitty hasn’t been heard from in years, not since Godric took his life.

Every time I think I have more figured out, I have more questions at the end.

Well let’s get this show on the road then.

“Oh and Lover, I know you are here. I spoke with the outgoing president last night, which I am sure you know and I have given myself seven days to get my business in place. So that means you have seven days to leave me more notes so that I can focus on you before I focus on the transition. Also I want to put your name on my businesses as CEO but I need to know the name you use now to do so.”

A note rested in my lap.

It read:

Willa and Pam are on their way. I will have a note for you later but I will be here with you too. As for my name, that can wait. You might not like what name I chose. And you might think me high-handed but I did take a page from your book.

“Oh my Love, as long as it is not Compton, I could give two shits. But I will wait, I have to contact your uncle anyway as he is my lawyer.”

With that I stood up and went to get changed. As I was changing into a button down shirt, there was knock on the door.

“Enter min döttrar.”

As I turned there was a gasp. Oh shit my markings. Willa snickered and Pam vamped over to me and tried to rub them off.

“You have been fucking someone, why did you not tell me.”

“Because my child, it is none of your fucking business.”

She tried to rub off the kisses but nothing was happening.

I looked down at her and told her, “give up they are not going anywhere. They are held on by magic.”

“You are sleeping with a witch, are fucking out of your mind?”

“No, she is not a witch, and how and why they are not removable is not any of your concern.”

Willa again snickered and warmed herself a blood from the fridge. But while doing so she found the beaker I left unrinsed in the sink. She brought it to her nose and took a sniff. She smiled and looked at me and said, “I am happy for you.”

But before Pam could investigate the beaker and its contents Willa began washing it out with soap and water. Willa was a great ally to have on your side; min dottir was perfect in keeping her sister out of the loop.

Once Willa was done, she sat on the couch waiting for what would be the start of my commands to min döttrar. I could no longer issue commands that would hold to their very soul, but I could still command them to bid to my wishes. I would hope that their honor and my trust in them would allow it to hold.

“Min Döttrar, I have some important issues to go over with you. I need for you to listen and then we can discuss them. I need for you to heed my words and follow my instructions to the letter. I need for you to not disregard your Vampire or Were guards, they are there for your protection.”

I looked over at them both and they nodded. But I needed them to say it so I knew they meant it.

“Please confirm it out loud. I need to hear your sincerity.”

“Yes Master.”

“Of course Master.”

“Very well. I have heard from the outgoing president last night and there is a transition time that takes place between now and inauguration. During this time We will ALL sit down and learn about our upcoming new jobs. We will listen to what is said to us and we will add to it to make it better. We will choose our cabinet members wisely and not give into anyone pushing us into the wrong people. WE will stay fast to the agenda we campaigned by. NO one is to try and earn favors from us. NO. ONE. Am I clear?”

In unison, “Yes Master.”

“First our guards. We will have My Weres who have been with us forever it seems, I will inform them of our new vampire guards and they will assimilate them into the ranks. We will also have a mixture of Fae and Dae guards at our disposal. I believe Gladiola and Diantha will be with us for at least the next seventy two days.” With that I felt a squeeze on my shoulder as a yes, I looked to my right but saw nothing, but it did not matter I knew she was there as did my Willa when I saw her smile in that direction.

“From this moment forward we will each have our new vampire guards that we met last night. Willa, Thalia is a force to be reckoned with, she is much older than me, if she says jump, do it, do not hesitate. Pam, you hate having a shadow, but get used to it. Rasul is almost as old as I and he will protect you with his life. We have these vampires at our disposal due to Niall; he is who has been helping us as of late with the AVL. He is also who employs these vampires and before you ask NO we do not owe him any favors. He does this for Sookie, why- because he knows she would have wanted us protected.”

I knew the glare was coming from Pam before I even looked over at her when Sookie’s name was mentioned but it was Willa who spoke up.

“Sister, do not hate her. Sookie was kind to me when you and Master left me behind. I know it was my choice, but hindsight told me much later on that I should have stayed close to him. I learned a lot from Sookie on how to be a better vampire. Even though she was not a vampire herself she taught us, Jessica and me, many things that our own Makers had not. She taught us that we will have very strong emotions that we may not be able to keep under wraps, but we need not bottle them up all the time because if they busted out we would go berserker, she said that around family we could show our love, our anger, our angst, our kindness but around strangers to keep our shields up and be stoic. I am unsure how she knew all of this but she did, she ended up being a very good Maker to us both. She taught me and Jessica how to find our meals easier since it was so difficult after the HepV scare. She taught us that Were blood, even though it had a animalistic taste to it, could be an alternate source since we had so few humans left around Bon Temps. And with the surrounding parishes having just as little of a population as we did, we were left to be creative; the rogue vampires killed most everyone off within six parishes. We took many a field trip as Sookie would call them because she knew somehow that young vampires needed a lot of blood and she would be damned if any of us died. Keith and James came along with us too because their mates could not always feed them. They too taught us things that Sookie did not know but some of the things Sookie taught us apparently they did not know either. I am figuring she was very observant around vampires and their practices when she was with the side-burned doucebag and/or our Master. Granted we were okay when we had the cure in the can but as you know it is so much better having fresh blood. Sookie is also who showed us how to go to the Red Cross and to the Blood Banks after the scare, granted we got older blood but we were willing to take it off their hands so they would not have to dispose of it. She is the one who made the deal with these entities. She read them as she talked to them so she knew all the right things to say and to ask. If Sookie had not been there I am sure I would now be dead. She was/is like my mother, so please do not say mean things about her. I know you have a grudge against her about how she treated our Master but you have to keep in mind that Bill manipulated her with his blood and with his words, and once both were out of her system she knew that to be fact. I am pretty sure she regrets what she did to Master but that is between him and her, not us. Besides did she not heal you? You have to give her some credit for that, she could have told you to suck an egg.”

I chuckled at the last part, Willa sounded just like Sookie there at the end. I could tell Sookie was beaming, she had opened up the bond and her feelings came rushing into me. It was a nice feeling and I sent back to her my approval.

“Pam, you cannot judge me for whom or who I love. Sookie was the only woman I ever loved. We BOTH made mistakes. We both pushed each other away more than once. It took me a very long time to realize I did as much pushing as she did. But my pushing was more on making her feel more towards me, then understanding her as a person. It was more about me being high-handed and manipulating her to see things my way, than allowing her to be her own person with her own thoughts and wants. It made things worse and for that I am truly sorry, if I could apologize to her for this I would. I later came to realize that if I had given her her own space and her own words to use like I did when I was cursed; a lot of what happened between us would have been easy to overcome. And maybe, just maybe, Billith would not have affected us the way it did. We could have ended things before it started. I know now that I should have killed Bill after Sookie returned from Faery but at the time I knew she did not wish for that to happen. He manipulated her at every turn and I do believe she came to realize that too late. Did you know that she is the one that ended Bill; she drove the stake into his dead heart. He manipulated her into doing it because he was too much of a chicken shit just to meet the sun. She was brave to end him, he could have turned on her at the end and she could have been the one to die. I do believe with my whole undead heart that she was/is the one for me. She is the only woman I have ever started a bond with. She is the only woman I would have ever married by vampire or human law. She is as stubborn as me and when the two of us would butt heads it was apocalyptic. If I could ask for her forgiveness for everything I put her through I would. I would ask the same of you because deep down you know she wasn’t all bad, you got along at times when you would allow it. She saved us all more than once and for that I am very grateful, as you should be. But I also know there were times when she got under your skin and you did things that you shouldn’t have. I am sure she forgave you on that as well, she was a very forgiving person and we should take one from her book and do the same. I am not saying it will be immediate but take it under advisement because if you knew the things that I did, as well as what others of our kind saw or thought of her, you would not be so judgmental of her now. I will give you time my child but you have to let this go, it brings out the ugliness in you. I love you and I love Willa, but as my daughters, no more than that. It was never more than that and it will never be.”

“Master, I will think on this matter but I do not understand why you bring this up now?”

I could feel Sookie’s joy but I could also feel her hesitance. She was unsure of what Pam would say or do. It made me wonder if we should ever take Pam out of her ‘glamour by Sookie’.

“It is all that I ask. The reason I bring this all up is because of the Fae and Dae that we have at our disposal is all because of Sookie. What I am about to tell you, you must keep to yourself. Niall, is Prince of the Sky Fae and Sookie’s great grandfather and I plan to have a friendship with him and with Sookie’s other kin. Desmond Cataliades is Sookie’s godfather and her family’s lawyer as well as my own. Her children, brother, and cousins are all part of our temporary guard. This hotel is owned by her family and is safeguarded for us. If this not proof of her love for me than nothing will be in your eyes. The last two AVL attempts at me/us have been thwarted by her family. I believe there will be more; because of their due diligence we are safe for now. Isabel has become part of their kin as well and she will be safeguarded upon her return to Texas and for the rest of her undead life. So you see min dottir, the fairy-hybrid woman whether alive or dead is a very strong and important part of me. I hope you choose wisely in letting this go for good, it does you no good. I love when you are a cold-hearted bitch but I love you more when you are the gentle person I know you to be.”

Again I felt Sookie, but it felt like she was crying, if I was a smarter man I would have turned and hugged her, cloaked or not. But I knew outing her now was not in our best interests.

“I have a couple more things to go over and then you can go walk the grounds of the hotel. However take your guards with you. Until transition starts we have a free week. We will be spending it here. If you need to go off grounds please let security know so that they can set it up. I am sure Niall will make sure you have back up guards. The reason I say this is because last night the AVL tried again but the fairy and daemon guards were able to cut off their attempt. That being said, be careful of the donors, they are not what they seem. They are AVL plants. If you need a donor, seek out Barry the Bellboy and he will get you one. Barry is to be trusted, he is Sookie’s kin and related to Mr. Cataliades. And the last and most important, Pamela.

DO. NOT. EVER. TRY. TO. FORCE. A. FEED. AND. FUCK. ON. ME. AGAIN. Do you understand? I will fuck and feed off who I want, when I want and you will not be in the know. WE WILL NOT HAVE A SCANDAL ON OUR HANDS BEFORE THE INAUGURATION. Do I make myself perfectly clear? Your attempt last night was beneath both you and I and if it happens again you will be punished. I do not care that you will be Madame Vice President; I am still your Maker and my word is law, do not make me use this against you.”

“Yes Master, I understand and I will think about everything you said. I will not make that attempt again.”

“Very well, you both can go. If you see Isabel ask her to stop by before she returns to Texas.”

With that they both kissed me on the cheek and left my room.

“I feel you my love, sit down next to me. I need your comfort and I believe you need mine.”

As I felt her blood moving round the couch, a note appeared in my hand.

It read:

Isabel has already been popped back to Texas. Niall did it himself as soon as she rose. He is assigning what is left of my cousins ‘The Claudes’ to protect her. You see there was about eight of them before Warlow and only four survived along with Claude. They are very fierce female fairies and they will protect her well. A Were from our Pack is also going along with her as he thought he would be best used as her personal guard. Since he knows about the fairies, it will be easier for him to direct their talents in the right direction for guarding their new queen. Isabel has agreed and he has been dispatched to meet her in Texas. I say our Pack because Erik and Charles are Co-Packmasters. After Jackson and their father Jake died they stepped up and took over the pack. Both of my sons look to be in their Late-twenties but they are both in their late forties, as are my daughters. You see they all have the Fae spark and Niall takes them back to Faery every so often to recharge their spark. They will live a long life and are all okay with that. They all know they will outlive their spouses and they are also okay with that too. But they know they will be around for their children for a long time too because my grandchildren have the Fae spark as well. I guess I was worth something after all. I know, I know, I don’t know my own worth but I never thought I would amount to much and I never thought I would turn out to be the woman I am today.

Okay let me stop for today. Tomorrow is another day. And I believe you have some work to do.

Love you


I hadn’t realized until I finished the note that Sookie had curled into my lap and laid her head on my shoulder. Her palm was held over my heart. She was still cloaked but nonetheless she was still there. I pet her hair and hugged her tight. I knew for now this was all I was going to get but I would enjoy it as much as I could. I leaned down and kissed her head.

I felt her breathing change a bit, she was very relaxed.

“Sookie, I understand more than you think. I understand that you hid yourself for a reason. I understand that you, my love, are it for me. I understand how your mind now works; the tactician in you has come alive. You have always thought outside the box. I understand that if I accept you, I need to accept your whole family. I do accept them, I do accept you. But I need to know if they in turn will accept me? I would never be able to replace their father, I would never try. But I would like to be part of their family. I would like to give Adele another grandparent. I would like to become friends with them all. Is there a way I can talk to them before your reveal? I want them to get to know me. Is there a way? Also would any of them be willing to come to DC when we go? I need all the familiars I can get. Please think on this and let me know. Until tomorrow, little one, sleep.”

I felt her fall asleep in my lap and I did not want to move but I knew I needed to answer emails before the night was through. I also needed to contact Mr. Cataliades to ask him to stop by tomorrow so I could find out how I should proceed with my businesses. I had a few things that needed to be done in the next six nights but I knew if I could work on them quickly I could be done in two and then Sookie and I would have the other four left to spend together.

I was curious to what else she needed to tell me about her life but I knew she was jumping around a bit.

I decided that she was nervous about the attack story.

I have a feeling I would be pissed by the end.

I knew she did not call me for help, not that she thought I would drop everything and come to her after all we had been through. And if she was unaware of the danger there was no way for her to have warned me or asked for my help ahead of time…

I knew the next six days would be nerve racking only because I had a feeling she would draw out the story I wanted to the end of our time.

I still needed to know what her new name was, why I was unable to find her while searching for Sookie Stackhouse. It couldn’t have been that difficult. But then again I did not know if her children took her last name or her Weres. Just one more question in the long list I had stored in my brain.

I rose off the couch and proceeded to take her into my room. I laid her down on the bed and I saw her body shimmering in and out. I guess she could not hold the cloak as well while sleeping. But no matter I would leave her alone until it was time for me to lie down as well.

I grabbed my lap top and went back in the living room to get some work done.

I don’t remember making it back to bed that morning but there I was sprawled out on my bed with a shimmering fairy looking down at me with a smile on her face.

As I reached up at her, her smile widens and she shimmers away.


“Don’t you know it!”

“Sookie, why don’t you stay corporeal when we are alone; I see you in the shimmers now and I feel you when you rest on me. Why not stay solid for us to talk and maybe do other things.” With that I waggled my eyebrows at her.

“I so want to make love to you. I so want us to talk face to face. I know that you are not teasing me on purpose but you are and it is very hard for me to control myself lately. I just need to know why. Please tell me?”

“Because My Viking, I need you to know everything first. There are a couple of things you might think I was high-handed about. I know you love me. I know you want me physically. As I want you, but I am scared, for the first time in a long time I am scared of what you might think of me and my past. I glow more than I used to and I can control it but I am scared you will not want me. So I feel for right now that I need you to know that I never leave your side when you are awake. I am always with you. I need you to know that I want us to share blood again if you are okay with it. But I feel that needs to wait until after the last important note I give to you. I have six more notes to give you before your presidential transitions starts. Plus I feel if I am with you now, so will be my scent, and Pam cannot know about me yet. She will know soon enough, it will happen in the White House during transition, so be prepared. As for the tease I am sorry, I have thought about teasing MY gracious plenty to help you out a bit, it would be right as you are coming to for the night but I did not know if you would think of me wrongly for pleasing you like that and you not being able to see me in the flesh or reciprocate. I know you have been celibate for years, I applaud you for that, but it wasn’t needed, if you think I would look down upon you for it you were wrong. That is not me anymore; I have grown up, a lot. I know you have urges Eric, all men do. I have so much more to say but I know uncle is downstairs waiting for you to wake. I will leave you in his care and go speak to my children who are all downstairs waiting for me. As for a note tonight, we shall see, for now you have work.”

“Lover, before you go. First let me comment back to you. As for the high-handedness, touché, I am looking forward to knowing what you have done. As for your scent I understand now and I will respect your wishes, but I want you to know I enjoy your naps on my shoulder, I enjoy waking up to a shimmering you and I enjoy the sweet blood you have supplied to me. But know this; if I was to wake up to you playing with ‘Your’ Gracious Plenty I would be over the moon, he has been waiting for you for a very long time. As for blood sharing, I think we can do that before the end, nothing you did or do will make me change my mind about us. You are IT for me woman, believe me on this if you believe me on nothing else. As for Pam, thanks for the warning, I will keep an eye out because I am sure it will be epic. As for my celibacy, at first it was because I had grown tired of them throwing themselves at me, and I knew I could go without since I have done numerous times before. But when I found out from Niall you were still alive and you still wanted me in your life it sealed the deal for me and I didn’t care anymore. I just needed to make you see I changed, that I changed for the better. As for being scared, don’t be scared of us LOVER, it will all work out in the end and I believe we will be better than anyone ever expected. Once I learn everything whether it be good or bad, it will all be in the past, we will look towards the future. And for your uncle I will call down after I shower so I get the stink of fairy off my clothes. I’m sure Desmond wouldn’t care but I have a feeling Pam will be stopping by tonight to give me a piece of her mind. Two more things and then I will let you go. I still want to meet your children, will they meet with me? I want to get to know all of them. And last, do you personally know the Ancient Pythoness? Is that who you spoke of the other night?”

“Of course you silly man on all counts.”

I heard her giggling as she walked away.

“OH my love, we will talk more about what you said later. For now I need to go check on things and you need to know Pam is about fifteen feet away from your door. So silent mode it is.”

I was shaking my head as she shimmered out of sight and just as quickly there was a knock on the door.

“Enter min dottir”.

“Master, I would like to speak to you. Can you give me time tonight?”

“I am meeting with Mr. Cataliades after my shower, so if you would like to speak now follow me in the bathroom and we can talk.

OH FUCK ME and then I laughed.

How the hell was I going to explain this?

I guess it really didn’t matter. It was none of her fucking business anyways. Besides she will think I have a donor or fangbanger on the side and she will leave me alone about my sex life.

There was a small gasp behind me, so I knew I would be questioned.

And when I turned around and faced her, there was a snarl on her face and her fangs were down.

Authors Note: Sorry about where I cut it off. I needed to stop it somewhere where a transition could happen easily so I chose this scene.

On another note I received a question about Sookie’s familiar when she shifts. I chose the male lion over the female for 2 reasons. Sookie is now a Force of Nature and also she is One to Be Reckoned With. Yes a female lion is formidable the male is even more so. I know the female of the prides do all the work when hunts happen and they take care of the young but the male is who protects their entire family from predators and that is what our Sookie is doing now. I thought of a more mystical familiar but I didn’t want to push my luck there. Hope this helps a bit. KY


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    • Thanks , yeah the Pam in TB was a bitch through and through. But damn she could hold a grudge and she thinks only of herself. Well i think she will figure it out soon enough that she is not Eric’s only concern and he does not love her in the way he does Sookie. more will be happening soon enough. thanks again for reading and enjoying KY

  2. ¡Qué bien que todo esté yendo fenomenal en tu recuperación!
    ¿Dices que hay otra parte tan larga como ésta esperándonos? ¡Es fantástico!
    Nunca pude tragar mucho a TB Pam y si haces que ella vaya más hacia el lado de SVM Pam, será una victoria. Esa fue una de las cosas que TB y sus productores hicieron muy mal (creo que querían que todos los ‘familiares’ de Eric fueran percibidos como ‘malos’ o bien que rehusaran estar a favor del vikingo para ser percibidos como ‘buenos’). Pero esa es solamente mi humilde opinión.
    Gracias por esta parte de capítulo y esperando el resto con ansiedad mal disimulada.

    • thanks for reading and yes the next chapter is just as long and we find out more about everyone. As for Pam yeah i have her headed in the right direction but she is more stubborn than the Viking and Fairy put together. You are right TB lead all of our favorites in the wrong direction, there only saving grace was not killing off Lafayette, he was a true treasure. Until the next post and thank you for reading and enjoying KY

  3. Pam is being so much the TB version…hopefully she will come to consider Sookie a friend the way she did in canon. Can’t wait to read the second half of this massive chapter.

    • yes you have pegged our Pam on the head. i am trying to lead her down the right path but we will see if she lets me. thanks for reading and enjoying this little story. KY

  4. So excited to see a new chapter of this story! 😍
    I just can’t wait for Eric&Sookie to be together….
    Hope that Pam understands what Eric told her and behaves …
    Thank goodness your knee is doing better .
    Take care kleannhouse. 😘

    • thank for the nice thoughts on my knee. it is a work in progress. As for Sookie and Eric, i am sure after the next chapter y’all will be ‘hell no she did not do that’ but it is one step closer to them being together. As for Pam i think she will calm down some until Sookie is revealed in corporeal form. thanks for reading KY

    • LOL, i was hoping someone would say the smell gets to Pam, good guess but NOPE. I will explain in the next part of this chapter about the smell not being in his room. thanks on my knee and thanks for reading. LOL on Pam being VP, hopefully it doesn’t go to her head and daddy gets her under control before she starts the next War. KY

  5. Again, so much is happening and it is all very exciting and very hard to wait for updates.
    Cannot imagine what happened to Sookie for all these changes to have happened and look forward to when she tells that part of her story.
    Also hope Pam can turn around and be the Pam that Eric needs her to be. She is set in her way though and I feel that more needs to happen before she will see the light.
    Awesome chapter as usual, thanks so much for sharing!

    • thanks for your nice words. yes there is a lot happening and soon you will know what y’all need to know about Sookie and what happened to her 20yrs prior. I don’t think it was pretty. But i do believe Sookie is softening up to our Viking. as for Pam, well i hope she gets with the program soon, because if she doesn’t she might just stay glamoured/pushed by Sookie. thanks for reading KY

  6. Pam is a jealous Bitch just as in TB. She has had Willa around now for a while so maybe she has gotten used to no longer being the only woman that Eric loves. I hope you can lead her down the rosey path so that she does not fuck it all up. She is the vice president of the good old USA. Time to step up.

    • exactly. she will fall in line but it will be a long and uneasy road for sure. Yeah Willa is a good ally for Eric when it comes to Pam and since she has been back in his life Pam is learning how to share. as for her VP status hopefully Eric can keep her in line and it doesn’t go to her head. time will tell thanks for reading… KY

    I LOVE Thalia! And Rasul! And Bubba!
    I guess Bubba has some type of cloak on too for no one to go ape shit over his presence. Lol.
    Oh shit! Sookie’s a BOSS BITCH now!
    Pam really needs to hold off on her snarky remarks until they are completely alone! Never know who’s watching!
    The AVL is such a douche!
    Figured the Ancient Pythoness had something to do with it. I know that they technically have FOREVER but I want them together NOW.
    Wonder if she changed her last name to Northman!
    Eric finally spilling all the beans to Pam went better than I expected. Willa was a huge help in that matter I believe.
    Sookie needs to take the plunge for everyone’s sake! But mostly mine!

    • LOL, take the plunge, maybe she already has. Part 2 should answer all of your questions about Sookie. as for Bubba, i am chalking it up to most people know him by now on the property . We shall see what happens during transition time(ch 9) to see how the outgoing president takes to the looks of the new guard. here is to hoping that an additional 80 years has past as has Elvis’s popularity, we shall see. Yup our Sookie is a Boss, but a good boss , a fair boss. As for Pammy, i don’t think she knows how to hold back her snark. and she is taking things better than we can hope for but there is always backlash. Willa admires and loves her daddy so of course she is gonna help him out and well she loves Sookie too. until the next post KY

    • thanks for reading, and it may be a good thing or it may be a bad thing….. we will have to see what Pamela found. and yes it is all coming together and he is learning more about her as the days go on. KY

  8. Pam can be such a tool. At least Willa is supportive and a big help to her father. I’m looking forward to Eric interacting with Sookie’s kids and seeing the relationships develop.

    Wonder what has Pam reacting that way?

    • Yes Pam can be a royal tool at times. but i think she will come around and if she doesn’t there is always Sookie glamour. Yes Willa has become the better daughter for sure. As for Sookie’s kids, first interaction happens in Part 2 of this chapter so you won’t have to wait too long. As for Pam we shall see. KY

  9. Took me a while to get to, but so glad you posted this long chapter. Gotta love that Pam. Can’t wait to find out what Sookie did. Can’t wait for more. Thanks

    • as for Chapter 9 it will be chapter 8 part B…. and i am working on it. I found inconsistencies and since i am my own worst critic, i tore the chapter apart and I am putting it back together again with fixes. I promise soon, but since we have a hurricane headed our way i have to get ready for that first. KY

  10. If fairy Sookie doesn’t give Pam a swirlie, I swear I will. Does she do anything worthwhile in this election/presidency or does she think she’ll just ride Eric’s coat tails and bask in reflected glory? Ugh…enough of her.

    Sookie has become quite the tactitian. I can’t wait to hear more about what happened 20 years ago and why she’s allowing doubt to cloud her storytelling about how Eric will feel for her. I wonder –was Pam one of the vampires who attacked her, or did Pam set it up? Wouldn’t put it past her…..

    • thanks for reviewing, oh I love the way your mind thinks. Pam will always be Pam from TB, it is hard to change her character since they made her such a hater of Sookie. I like the books Pam much better. As for Pam and the election, Pam was always one to ride his coattails but I think once she gets into office she won’t be able to any longer, you know since the VP has their own job and all, and daddy won’t be able to cover her ass any longer. As for Sookie, yes she has grown up and is very tactical now, and as for her self doubt Sookie was never able to realize her potential and she at many times had no self confidence, she always worried about what others thought of her. but i think with Eric’s and her children’s help that will change As for the attack, keep reading. KY

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