Chapter 01: A Look Back


AN: This is Eric’s story; he is telling us about his journey to becoming President of the United States and what had occurred during that time till he became said president.  The chapters start out on the smaller size but build to larger ones as we go along.   I apologize for the story starting in past tense and it seems to gravitate towards the present tense and then back again. I know it is my style of writing but I wanted to apologize to all before I am called out on it. This Fic is 10 chapters long.  I will post once a week Enjoy   KY

A Look Back

Chapter 1- A Look Back

How the hell did I get here?

Who would have thought the son of a chieftain would have been named President of the United States.

Not thirty years ago we Vampires did not have any rights as a US citizen.

Oh we paid taxes and we were watched but we had no vote, no say so.

We were not allowed to have a social security number even if we were born in America before we were turned.

We were stripped of that right once turned.

We weren’t allowed to hold office for any form of government job.

The government had thought to give us all green cards like an immigrant but that was never approved by the populous.

We were only allowed to marry humans in certain states. Other states did not recognize Vampire as anything but a sub-species.

We were allowed to have driver’s licenses but that was how the government was able to watch us.

To keep track of our movements, they thought they were sly in doing so.

It was a long and treacherous fight to finally be considered equals to the humans we lived with on a daily basis.

Oh yes we are far from equal but we needed to have the same inalienable rights as the Weres and Shifters and of course said humans.

There are still many Supes that have not come out of the woodwork.  They intended to stay hidden until rights were given to us all.

It wasn’t until after I was hawking New Blood that the tides of content had started to change.

After the debacle of vamp camp and Hep V, the humans were being swayed more into giving us the rights we deserved.  They realized that the Vampires were not at fault, they soon found out that it was humans who were behind it all and it was humans who put their lives in danger. The destroying of the TrueBlood facilities was somehow pinned on humans as well, even though I knew better.

I became a public figure during the first ten years of New Blood.  I was considered a genius and a devious businessman.  I was followed and pursued by top corporations to help them out of pickles they found theirselves in by mismanagement.

I had been a very busy man.

Some would say I had the Midas Touch.

It wasn’t that, I was just good at what I was, a shrewd businessman.  I followed trends, I knew what made money and I knew when to get away from something that was going to fail.

I had not been around for 1000+ years without learning a thing or two.

I had lost a few things along the way.

Like a permeant home, I hadn’t been home to Louisiana in years until we started to campaign.

I had lost the only woman I had ever loved in all my long life to a ghost and then to a Were.

She was apparently given the normal life she craved.

I stayed away and didn’t look back.  Oh I thought of her always but I would not drop to her human level and beg her to come back to me.

I would never beg, I never have and I never will.

Instead, I just walked away.  Never looking back.

As my oldest child told me over and over, it was for the better, I did not need that fairy snatch to survive.

I tried to believe her, I really did, but I could not lose the ache in my undead heart.  Oh I tried to fuck and feed that ache away but it never left.

I also lost my youngest child, I released her and she walked away from me.  Willa was made vampire for all the wrong reasons and I know that I treated her poorly.  I should have never released her, she was too young, too inexperienced.

However, I did get her back about 35 years ago.   I was giving a lecture and she was in the audience. She approached me after the lecture was over and asked if we could talk.    She has been by my side ever since.

It was not an easy transition for either of us.

We were both set in our ways, plus Pam would tease her intensely. She was relentless. But Willa had a strong backbone by then and gave it back to her older sister tenfold.

I was very proud of her.

It was my Willa who became the driving force behind the Vampire Rights Amendment.  It took her five long years but she was able to get it passed and then more addendums added on as the years went by.

And now we have the same rights as the humans, including marrying humans in all fifty states.   We are also allowed to hold government and political office after we had been a US Citizen for more than a hundred years.

The final Vampire Civil Rights amendment has been in play for the last ten years. Like I said a long haul, but a fortuitous one nonetheless.

I guess you could say because of Willa, I am where I am today.

President of the United States, with my oldest child as my Vice President and my youngest as my Press Secretary.

What could be better than this?




39 thoughts on “Chapter 01: A Look Back

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  2. Love the new start! Is this an Eric/Sookie story? She’d be pretty old by now wouldn’t she? Or did her fairy blood keep her young?
    Thanks so much,

  3. Wonderful start and I like how he explained the laws etc and also has Willa back. Can’t wait for more. I hope he finds live with someone who will treat him better than Sookie did.

    • thank you, we will have to see what happens. Yes Sookie was an ass at the end of TB but the writer’s sucked by the end and gave up on the one true couple that we enjoyed…. but i guess if they wrote better we wouldn’t have fanfiction. KY

  4. I have never read a Eric as the president story. I do not know why, coz it is dope. You could go just about any where with this story. How does the AVL work with the political climate. Does Eric have more power than the kings and queens? What about the supernatural council and how do they fit in? Oh and of course is there still a Sookie?

    • questions questions, all in due time…. as for the story, the picture was posted on a FB SVM fanpage and everyone was hemming an hawing about it so me and MistressJessica said we would try a collaboration but we are both so busy i just went for it on my own. i sent her the first chapter when i finished it and she said go for it. so here it is a first one i am sure of many KY

  5. Great beginning. I guess Eric qualifies if he was on the continent before the law was passed that a President has to be born in the US. He has to be at least as good as any human we have ever had. I am ready for more.

    • I think he would make a fantastic president , he doesn’t scare easily and he has a backbone so i think he is golden. as for the timing for him, yes indeed he was grandfathered in. happy that you liked it. see you next week. KY

  6. No way!! Haha!! This is awesome! Okay, so I’m TERRIBLE about reading stories that are still in progress, but…you’ve intrigued me, woman! Can’t wait to see how this all plays out! Happy Writing! 🙂

  7. Oh, this promises to be a good one. The vampire that never wanted to be king of a state is now running the entire country! Looking forward to him answering his first question.

    • yes indeed but he feels the need to change things, that things will be going in the wrong direction if he doesn’t. plus he has his children with him so that makes it extra sweet for him. KY

  8. Can’t wait to see where this goes. Please don’t forget about your other stories though. (if Dreams Come True especially)

    • thanks for liking and i understand about the other stories and i have not forgotten them. i know i have to get back to IDCT but that last chapter was very hard for me and i need to pull my big girl panties up and get on with it. abuse and stalking hit too close to home. i think i will have to re-read the story and make sure i finish it properly. happy that you liked it. KY

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