Chapter 10: Inauguration Day

I woke up to Erik standing over me.

“Far we have an issue.”

Not a way to wake up that was for sure.

“Tell me.”

“Well it happened about two hours ago, it was Weres and humans. The Weres were trying to distract our security team and the humans were pumping our staff for information. One of the Fae guards popped in front of one of the humans after they learned of Sookie and the farmhouse. She screeched and ran; we could not find her. We detained all the others; they are in the basement. We have no clue what to do about the runner. We fucked up and I am sorry. We should have known better, that the AVL would have used a new tact.”

“No worries Min Sön, the AVL is getting better at this game but so are we. Can you call Claude up here please? We need to contact Sebastian.”

It was only a moment later and Claude was in my suite as well.

“Claude, can you please pop over to Sebastian and let him know what happened, maybe he can stop the spy before she tells.”

“I sent him a text a while ago to alert him, but yes popping would be best. I will go now; will he be awake?”

“No, he is young he will wake up as soon as the sun sets. Take Erik with you in case he tries to attack you when he rises. Young ones are hungry when they rise, take bagged blood with you just in case. Erik restraint only, do not hurt him. We need him to get to the spy and kill her. NO glamour, she needs to die unfortunately, they may have already glamoured her to resist another’s glamour, I would have done that very thing.”

“Far, anything else?”

“No just tell him which female and get to her asap. Claude if you must pop him somewhere do it. This must be done quickly. We cannot let them learn of Sookie or our kin.”

“On it Sir, we will see you shortly. Can I grab the blood from your refrigerator, or do I need to go downstairs?”

“No, take what you need. I have no use for it.”

“Gotcha, we will see you soon.”

With that they were gone.

So, there I sat waiting for their return.

I contacted Tray to find out if all went well at the farmhouse and he said he had a good time and the push worked. He wanted to know what to do with the people in holding. I told him that I believe Sookie needed to push a new message into their head, I would contact her so that it could be done quickly and before their vampires rose. He agreed and said he would take her down to the cells.

I texted her quickly and told her to get Niall to pop her over quickly, before I shut my phone off, she was there. I told them what happened, and Niall said he would pop them down to the cells, no need for Tray to be involved. Once they were done, he would pop them back to the farmhouse. I knew Tray wanted to watch, so I told them to head on down and I would have Tray meet them.

I called Tray and he was already down there checking on the detainees, so he was not too shocked when Sookie tapped him on the shoulder. Tray said she was real quick about it, she did all the Weres at the same time since none thought she was much of anything but a lonely human: she let them think that I moved on to D.C., they were too late when they arrived this afternoon. As for the humans, they would not look Sookie in the eye, she did not need to have their eyes locked on hers, she touched their arm and took over and pushed the same scenario she told the Weres. Tray said it lasted all of five minutes and then her and Niall popped away. He said it was very cool to watch and a great experience.

I told him to wait another half hour and then release them. By that time, the other problem should be handled.

Ten minutes later, there was a pop in my room. The boys looked happy.

“Far, Sebastian killed her, we popped him to where he knew she would be waiting for Freyda to arrive. She was one of Freyda’s favorites, so he enjoyed the kill. Claude popped her body to a swamp and fed the gators. Once he was done, he came back for us and popped us to Sebastian’s house. Sebastian said thank you for the kill and if we need anything else let him know, he enjoyed helping.”

“Text him and let him know we appreciate the work and ask if he needs anything from us.”

“Will do. Oh, and by the way he said thanks for the blood, he will enjoy it.”

“Claude, pop back over to him and take him another ten bags, as a thank you.”

“Sure thing Eric. I will see you at the farmhouse.”

He popped away and that left Erik and me.

“You ready to go to the farmhouse Far?”

“More than ready, let us get my things and get out of here. Where is Charles?”

“He is down with the Were security guards getting them ready to leave. Niall sent over Suburban’s to travel in.”

With that we were off for a four-day retreat of sorts. Anything could happen, but actually, it was quite peaceful, thank the gods.

There were a few things that occurred while we were at the farmhouse, all family related, and none were a hassle to deal with.

It did not take us long to get to the farmhouse that evening after leaving the hotel, the whole family and I mean WHOLE were waiting for us to arrive. I keep forgetting that they all lived on the property since Sookie and Niall had bought up the surrounding area. I had also forgotten that the local vampires were also part of the family and they were there as well.

As I stepped out of the Suburban I was greeted by little Adele, she wasted no time in introducing me to her siblings and cousins. She ended up being my tour guide for about an hour before Sookie asked her if she could have grandpa back.

Adele looked her square in the face, well as much as her shortness would allow and stated with a huff, “he not grandpa, he Farfar, gets’ its rights’ Gran.” With that we all burst out laughing, even the Vampire and Were guard contingent could not hold a straight face.

After that everything was relaxed. I could surely get used to this.

We all settled in for a quiet night outside with a roaring fire and comfortable conversation.

Family life. Sigh

This is what I have been missing.

However, Adele had one more item up her cute little sleeve. While we were all sitting around a nice cozy firepit she walked up again and stood in front of me and her Gran and proclaimed, “Farfar since Ims’ your favrite’ barnbarn and only fairs’ to me, cans’ I peas go to D.C. with yous’ an’ Gran an’ daddy for your inagurgaion? Mes’ cousins and sissies donts’ wants to gos’, too borin’.”

With a much-needed straight face, since the bond was laughing its ass off, I said. “Of course you can go since favorites are allowed, I guess Gran will just have to find you a Ball Gown. However, I think it would be nice if you ask your daddy and mommy first if it is okay that you go with us. You will need their permission.”

I really did not think they would agree but the offer was out there.

“Ohs’ they nos’ care, I be with you. You will tect’ me. Aunt Thalia tect’ me too, she wuvs me.”

And there you have it out of the mouth of babes and a directive was issued and accepted, but will it be carried out. ‘Freya’ help me that little girl had me wrapped around her little finger already and I knew it, and of course my lovely wife knew it as well and she let me know this through our bond.

While we sat around, I spoke with several of my new family members and I let them all know I was looking for recruitments for my new guards and other positions on my personal staff. I let them know that I would be paying them out of my own pocket to take care of my personal needs. I did not feel that the government should pay for their positions since most of what I was looking for was personal business not government business.

Sookie was speaking to Sasha, Erik’s wife, and was asking if she would want to cook for us in case the Whitehouse Cook up and left because I was vampire. She told her since she was already going to be there with Erik, she had no problem doing it or helping out. At least one task completed. Plus it answered my question, Erik would be one of my guards.

Jason and Adilyn came over to talk to me next. He was very relaxed and then he blushed. I looked over to Sookie and she was beat red.

Dream sequences must be playing out in his mind, damn I would love to be able to see these dreams and if they affect him still after all these years, they had to be very erotic, sensual and unforgettable.

Damn I was good.

I asked Jason about the job of helping guard Pam and if he was able to cloak his scent. His response.

“Bro, I would love to be on her detail, but I still have little ones at home. We can all cloak, so our scents would not be noticed by Pam or other Supes. But dude my young ones cannot be upturned just yet. I would love to help maybe on a part time bases if that is available. Once they all graduate if y’all are still in DC I can help more.”

“Dude, I totally understand. How about if when she goes on away trips and we need extra security you can help out then. Even take the missus and the little ones on a trip to like a foreign country that they may never get to see?”

“Jason Stackhouse, if you say no to that you are in the doghouse.”

Jason of course just smiled, I guess that was my answer.

“Adilyn, would you be willing to do stuff behind the scenes for me, you can work out of the house if you need to. My businesses are going to still need taken care of and Uncle Des will oversee them, but I think a little help would be appreciated on his end. I am not too sure if you work or not so I might be overstepping a bit.”

“No Far you are not overstepping, I help take care of the farmhouse and the property, it might be fun to branch out after all these years. Is it okay if I call you Far? Or do I need to call you something else? I am confused since everyone is calling you Far.”

“Well actually Far means father in Swedish, what you can call me if you do not want to call me Eric is Farbror or Morbror or Onkel. The names are by tense, it is your choice. However Far is fine too if you prefer it.”

Adilyn blushed like Sookie does, she did not realize her mistake, I was not too worried about it though. Then Jason took her out of her embarrassment and thrust himself there instead.

“Dude does that mean if I take your last name that I can call you Far and you will be like my dad?”

And the squirrels are back.

“Bro, NO WAY. It means if you want to do the last name change for protection then do so, yet the right term for you to call me would be Broder or Bror. I would not be your father unless I adopted you.”

“Cool Man. Bro it is.”

“You know you can just call me Eric. And it is pronounced with two R’s, Bror.”

“Bro is easier, so Bro it is.”

“Anything for you Jason.”

And a chuckle was had by all. I guess the squirrels slip back in every so often to remind us Jason can be a real idiot sometimes.

“Adilyn, just let me know what you decide, and we will go from there.”

“Onkel, I will let you know before you head to DC.”

“Thank you. And I like how Onkel sounds.”

“You hittin’ on my girl Bro.”

“Gross Dude, she is like my sister, just eeewww.”

“Please stop both of you. Jason he is not hitting on your wife. He is not that redneck or hillbilly. And you mister do not talk like that ever again.”

After another chuckle or two it became quiet and everyone just relaxed. It was getting late; the young ones were rounded up and sent off to bed. Everyone else dispersed and Thalia said she would stay behind to put out the fire when the time came.

Sookie took us to the cubby so that we could talk and play around. I had forgotten what the cubby looked like and it had been a long time since I had slept in it.

cubby doors from the show True Blood

We talked a little bit about what our days ahead would be like, I let my lover know while we were at the farmhouse I wanted to relax as much as we could. Work would be done once we got to DC. I knew there would be some work-related talks, yet I wanted to keep everything lighthearted as much as possible.

We talked some more about her letter/note. I tried to explain to her again that I held no judgement, and neither should she and she said it would take her some time to come to terms with that, she was willing but to give her time. Well time we had, lots of immortal time.

I asked her if she still was able to wield light from her hands and she said yes and then she showed me just how much she had grown into her light. She zapped me too, it felt weird but somehow good. I felt healing come to me like before at the Festival of Tolerance. I knew I was not sick or ailing but the feeling just would not let up. We decided we would watch and see what may come my way.

The following day I rose even earlier than I had before. If this continued I would be able to take care of the Presidency job/issues easier from behind light tight shutters and get much more done with a longer day.

When I went upstairs, I found Sookie in the kitchen talking to Niall and they were as thick as thieves.

Apparently, Niall had a surprise for me.

I heard whirring coming from the windows and watched as automatic shutters went into place and made the whole house light tight. I could have come up sooner if I had known.

Niall reversed the shutters and told me to come closer to the windows. They were tinted so there was extra protection from the UV light of the sun, and I would be able to watch the sun set or rise each day.

I do not know what got into me, I hugged my first full fairy. I was laughing so hard and thanking him that I did not hear Sookie laughing and crying in the background.

I thanked him and told him it was a great surprise. I was hoping and thinking that maybe Oliver was using the same technic with the White House, that would be a boon for me. If not, maybe I would have to do a little modifying when we got there.

We headed back to the kitchen and Niall told me he needed to get back to the hotel, he trusted The Flowers and Rasul, but he wanted to make sure there were no more issues.

I reminded him I still needed to talk to him about security and he told me he would pop over again when he could.

With that he popped away.

We did not have to wait long for there to be a knock on the door. It was Erik and he wanted to talk to me about the blood giving. I was wondering if he was rethinking his request, however he was not, he wanted to start now before we moved on to DC.

We moved into the living room and I asked him how he would prefer to take my blood, -from the source, glass or injection.

He stated matter-of-factly, “Far I prefer from the source but if you prefer one of the other ways then I am okay with that as well. I want you to be comfortable.”

“Min Sön, direct is fine. I will feel you quicker.”

“Ready Sir”

With that I bit my wrist, and he took it ever so gently. I think he thought he might hurt me.

From behind us I heard Sookie state.

“Erik use your fangs around the wound so that the punctures do not close up, your dad will tell you when you have had enough, do not feel as if you are going to hurt him.”

I just chuckled.

It felt right that I was feeding my oldest son. Her calling me dad was euphoric. It was an immediate high on my side feeling his emotions. He loved me and he was enormously proud of me, as I him.

I let him take a few more pulls and then told him to stop. He pulled away and even licked the puncture wounds so they would heal nicely. He did not have to do that as I could already feel the wounds closing. I am sure he was being polite, but how did he know to lick the punctures? Maybe when the other vampires took their blood so they could be tracked he must have watched.

He looked at me with a huge grin over his face. Punch drunk is what I think they call that face.

“Erik honey, you okay, your dads’ blood has a wicked kick so just sit back a minute and take it all in.”

“He tastes like the ocean, musky a little bit, not at all what I was expecting, no coppery aftertaste.”

“Yes I agree, it is a nice vintage if I do say so myself.”

I listened to their banter and just smiled. I was happy they approved of my blood.

Within a few minutes my blood was working overtime in my sons’ body. I could feel it melding with my blood already in him that was dormant.

As it melded it exploded within him.

I leaned over and smelt him. Sookie even smelt him.

His scent was now forever changed, he no longer smelled of Fae, well just less, and smelled more like me. No doubt about it he was my son.

“Far, while we are sitting here, I wanted to let you know that Charles and I have started the name change with Uncle Des this morning. He is going to push it through as quickly as he can so that it is changed before the inauguration. He said momma’s would be done by then too.”

“Thank you for letting me know. Now I want you to know that taking a vampire’s blood directly from the source will do certain things to you. Hopefully, no sexy dreams because that would be simply wrong, maybe we could will it together to have family adventures for you instead. You will feel healthier, stronger, your libido will be up, -a benefit for Sasha, – your hair color may brighten, your skin will not have blemishes. Some old scars may heal. I will be able to feel your emotions for a while, I will try not to react on them, hopefully I can squelch them down some, but I do not want to snuff out the bond, I want to enjoy feeling my hybrid son. I will be able to track you and I will feel when you are in trouble. Sookie, anything else since you have drunk of me?”

“Sweetie your strength will be affected, you are already strong, but this will make you stronger. I was able to hold up the end of a couch and vacuum under it the first time I had blood and that blood was a weakling compared to Eric’s. If we find you are too strong, we will have to get your dad and Thalia to show you how to control vampire strength.”


“Oh, during sex be gentle with Sasha, your libido and strength will be at vampire strength, no need to hurt her.”

“Son, you might even gain vampire stamina during sex. Quick recovery time too.”

“So what you are telling me is I have to keep my p’s and q’s in check until I get a handle on this.”

“Exactly.”, we said at the same time.

With that he got up to leave but when he left through the front door, he ripped the door off its hinges. Well I guess strength training will be starting now.

Sookie called to Thalia, who she knew was not too far away. Apparently, she never leaves her mistress from being unguarded.

“Thalia, Erik has taken my blood, he is stronger than normal, can you start training him on how to handle the newfound strength?”

“Northman it would be my honor. Plus, he smells like you, I thought it was you who came out with a door in their hand. I am doing hand to hand with Willa, we can stop, and I can work with Erik.”

“No, continue with Willa, I want to see what you do for training. Then we can help Erik out with his strength.”

Sookie and I went outside to watch. It was different to see Willa fight, she was such a calm vampire, no warrior in that one, OR so I thought. She stood up good to Thalia, who I knew was taking it easy on her.

Thalia switched over to sword training, Willa chose the Katana, a wise choice for her size. As we watched the young ones showed up to practice too, they all had their own training Swords or Katanas in different sizes or in once instance the Sai. That beautiful creature was Addy and she belong to Erik. Erik said she had watched the movie Elektra and decided her sword of choice would be the Sai like the assassin for hire.

As I watched her practice, I knew she had chosen wisely on her weapon of choice. Her movements were fluid and well-practiced. She would be a force to be reckoned with if she were ever in true hand to hand combat.

Erik beamed at her and I him.

Thalia asked me to demonstrate my sword fighting abilities, I told her I did not have a sword but damn if one did not materialize in front of me.

The children backed off and I went through my warmup and as I got more fluid I sped up. The children were laughing because they could hear the swoosh of my blade but could not keep up with my fast movements.

Apparently, all this laughter drew everyone in to watch. The young vampires were amazed at my skill and speed. The Weres were weary of my skill and speed. And the children were tickled pink as they say because their Farfar was badass. My Sookie just beamed.

After the show I helped Thalia with the training of sword play. I mentioned a few things that should be changed, and it helped the children out immensely. I knew everyone could shift, but the knowledge of the sword would be an added benefit to them along with their telepathy.

I noticed that Charles had pulled Erik aside and they were talking about the blood giving. Erik was telling him they only side effect he could see so far was that his strength was tenfold, and it would be something he would have to get use to.

Erik let Charles know that he smells different, more like our Far then himself. Charles took a sniff and agreed more like Far then he was before, but with a hint of fairy. Erik said that he thinks Far’s blood in his system hooked up with the new blood and that is why he smells different, but he likes it. It made him more a Northman than anything.

I could see from where I was standing the look on Charles face that added strength was a deciding factor for him for now since he still had little ones at home. I would wait to see what he had to say to me about it in person.

Thalia pulled Erik aside and started to instruct him on his new strength and how to pull it back so no one knew he had an extra kick. They worked for about twenty minutes and then she told him to practice on his own and then every night they would get together for twenty minutes to see how he was progressing.

I decided to let Thalia handle the training, no need to interfere.

The night continued in the same fashion as the night before, sitting, talking, fire.


The following day I woke early again but this time I could go upstairs and visit before sunset.

When I got up there Hunter was there waiting for me. He asked me if I had a minute for him and I said always.

I knew he was nervous I could see it in his eyes. But then he started to talk and just be open with me, I think that is what synced our closeness after that.

“Far or should I call you Eric?”

“Far is fine, you are Sookie’s son are you not?”

“Yes in a roundabout way. Can you tell me why you think I should call you Far beside that?”

“Well Hunter, I knew you Mother Hadley way back when and she was always around vampires, I believe one even killed her which I am sorry for. However, you came to live with Sookie, and Jake and you were raised as their son, were you not?” at this there was a nod. “She told me that you were always around for story time when she would talk of me, she told me that she would explain to you all who I was, what I was and that I was away. She never lied to you about her love for me and I think she told all of you how she felt. Even Jake knew she loved me more than him. Min Barn told me that they always thought I was like a stepdad to them just away for work or out on a tour of duty. Erik said you were always included even though there was a large age gap between you. He thought of you as an older brother, or broder in Swedish, and that is what you are to him and them. To me, like them, you are Min Sön, my son.” A tear slipped down from his eye. “Your brothers and sisters are Min Söner and Min Dötter. It does not matter that you had different parents, what matters is how you feel in your heart. I accept you as part of Min Barn because that is what you are to Sookie and now to me. I would be honored if you called me Far but if you are uncomfortable about it then Eric is fine.” At this there was a huge smile that reached his eyes. “Also, I would like to extend the invitation out to you to be part of my guard or if you would like to do something else just let me know.”

“Thank you sir, I think I would like to call you Far, I already call Sookie momma so it would only be natural. As for my biological mother, she should have listened to Aunt Sookie when she told us to run. I do not blame vampires for her death, I blame the Faepire for her death. I was leery of vampires at first, but Claude reminded me that they were not who killed Hadley. That every vampire is different just like Humans, Weres and Fairies. The vampires that are part of our family would kill for me just like I would kill for them. Thalia is scary but she is my friend, and she worries for my safety even if she does not let on. She is who I share blood with for tracking purposes. Thank you again for allowing me to ask you questions. I would love to be able to talk to you again about history and such. I have so many questions, I love to learn, and you are a perfect source for correct information.”

“Son, we can talk anytime that you want to. I want to learn everything about you, your brothers and your sisters. I have missed so much being away for so long. Now tell me what gifts you have, that the others do not and why have you never married if I can be so bold to ask.”

“Well Far, I was with Claude for about seven years, we traveled a lot to stay ahead of Vampires and the Faepire that killed the rest of the club. He popped us between the Fae realm and this world so often I started to age rather slowly. He told me it charged my cells and my spark caught and then my Fae ignited. If I were to stand next to Erik, I look like I am his younger brother even though I have him by thirteen years. I think it is one of the reasons why I have never been married, I look too young, I still look like I am in my teens. I have fallen in love, but I hide it since she does not feel the same for me. As for my abilities, I cannot shift since I have no Were genes, however, I am fast not only in speed but in popping. I can pop unlike Momma or any of Min Barn, who cannot. I think it has to do with going back and forth with Claude when I was still in puberty. I am telepathic and empathic. I can heal with my hands and I can shoot light from my hands like Momma. I think that is it. Plus, Niall said I am very smart, too smart for my own good.”

“I am proud of you Min Sön, you are a true Stackhouse-Northman. You can be whoever you want to be and do not let age or looks get in your way of true love. If your amor does not know your true feelings, then how could she or he reciprocate.”

“I will take that under advisement but for now I will keep that name close to my heart.”

I had a feeling I knew who it was, and I would have to watch more closely to see if I was right.

“Very well, that is up to you. Now is there anything else I can do for you, a job perhaps?”

“I was thinking that I would like to be one of your Fae guards since I can pop. I have been working on cloaking my person and I am close but still have a few issues. Claude said if you agreed to my post, he would continue to work with me on it.”

“You Min Sön are now one of my Fae guards. Keep working on cloaking and let us see what happens.”

“Thank you Far.”

“No thank you for trusting me, talking to me and letting me hear your feelings on everything and I look forward to many more conversations.”

Hunter smiled and walked away.

I looked up and saw Sookie standing outside with Charles and Godric.

So, I decided to sneak up on her. I closed down the bond to almost nothing so I could sneak up and do a gotcha. I learned that day that there will be no more gotchas where Sookie is concerned.

I was stealthy but not stealthy enough.

I got to Sookie by moving slowly and hovering above the ground, however, when I reached out to touch her and give her a bit of a scare, a massive lion reared around and swatted me like a fly and sent me flying.

It was not a pretty flight either.

I heard Sookie yelp, but I do not know if it was from the scare or from my flying by way of lion paw. Once I got up, I went over to apologize and to ask for forgiveness from My Maker, now her familiar. I bowed my head and went down on my knees and offered my neck to him. I wanted Godric to know I respected him, and he would always be Master.

His response to my gesture was a giant lick to my face.

I heard laughter all around me, I did not know it but at the time I was being watched by everyone and they wanted to see what I was up to and what Godric would do. Fair warning would have been nice but like Charles stated, it is a lesson everyone must learn on their own. It appears Godric is always watching his mistress and she is well protected.

After I was able to pull myself together, it was decided we would spend the evening relaxing again. Sookie had gotten an email from Pythia and she would be here tomorrow night, our last night in Bon Temps.

As we sat around the fire it was general conversation once again. Charles sat next to me and let me know that he wanted to hold off on taking my blood until he saw how it affected his brother. He had little ones and the strength part scared him, so he wanted to see what all shifted in his brother first. He asked if we could table it for now. I told him of course, he was still my son no matter how much of my blood he had in him.

The calmness of the night was exhilarating. It was exactly what I had been needing all my life, – true calm, love and family.

We ended our night as we previously did, and we all went our separate ways.

Before I went to bed, I texted Desmond to see when we could meet up, I needed to talk out a few things before we started training at the White House. I thought perhaps he would be by the farmhouse while we were there but so far, no such luck.

He texted me back and said he would meet up with me in DC. He had some things to go over with me as well. So I made a tentative date with him and then cuddled into my wife who had fallen asleep next to me.

I lay there and thought of all the good things/people who have come into my life and I truly knew now what it meant to be blessed.

When I awoke the next day, I had Tray waiting for me in the living room.

“Good evening sir, Sookie told me it was okay to wait for you here since you have been waking up early and I did not want to interfere with your last night of calm.”

“Sure, what brings you my way?”

“Sir, we need to glamour the other Were’s. It is our last night here and we need for them to be done before we leave.”

“Did you talk to Sookie? Did she say if she has already done it? Why did you need me there?”

“Sir, we work for you, I know she is your wife but still the others might balk about it if you are not there. They already know she is different. They know some how she and the lion are the same but do not understand how since they can separate. They believe she is Fae, but they saw her shimmer out and that is Dae trait. I did not want to overstep my bounds here and demand it to be done. They are loyal to you; it will take time to shift over to her and your family as well.”

“I understand, let me call Sookie and see if she has done anything to any of them or if she is waiting on me?”

I decided to try a type of Maker’s call to her through the bond, I wanted to see if it would work. And only seconds later Godric bound into the house and Sookie hot on his tail.

“What is the matter Eric. Why did you call me that way?”

“I was trying it out, I am sorry if I got you upset. Sorry Godric.”

Of course, that got an eye quirk out of Tray. I guess there was more explaining to do.

Before we talked to Sookie and before we went in search of the Were guards, we had a little explaining to do to Tray first.

“Okay ask away.”

“You called Sookie like a vampire child, how is that possible? I know the lion was her familiar and they can separate but you apologized to him and you used your Maker’s name? I’m confused.”

“We are married and bonded and because of Sookie’s heritage it seems we are able to call each other like a Maker can. It is a handy trick to have don’t you think. But I think I might have put a little bit too much umph into it.”

He agreed.

“As for Sookie’s familiar. No one knows for sure why they are able to separate and be two entities. The A.P., who by the way will be here shortly, says because of Sookie’s heritage and that she was mauled not bitten by a Were is why she is able to operate as two entities. As for his chosen name, it came with the package. When my Maker left this world, his soul was taken care of by the Britlingens and when his purpose was revealed he became Sookie’s familiar. He has retained some of his memories and he is very protective of his charge and her family. I startled him and Sookie and that upset him, you could see it in his eyes. So, I apologized because My Maker is still teaching me lessons after all this time and I respect him for that. Does that about cover it?”

“Yes sir that makes sense. Now can we do the other thing we spoke of since the A.P. will be getting here soon.”

“Sookie, we needed to know if you were able to push to the other Were guards or were waiting on me?”

“I was waiting on you, didn’t want to overstep.”

“Alrighty then, Sookie I need to have the Pack take over the perimeter while we do each guard. We will push your heritage to them since they are questioning it. We will let them know we are bonded mates. We will tell them of your telepathy. We will tell them Godric’s name and because of your heritage you are able to be separate. We will tell them that your children are my children by blood and should be protected as well. You will push that no one else will be able to glamour them or push in their brain but you. Their head of security will be there at all times during the glamour, so no funny business happens.”

“Okey Dokey Honey. Tray I have already contacted Erik, he is having the Pack cover the perimeter. Can you call your men in, we can do a couple at a time if you want?”

“Sounds good, do you want to do it inside or outside.”

“Let’s do it on the porch, less smells in the house.”

For the next thirty minutes Sookie pushed her will on all the guards, they now knew all the same thing. There would be no secrets between them.

As we were finishing up the A.P. showed up with a guest. In tow was a Britlingen, Clovache to be exact, a very formable warrior and not one to be messed with. We sat down and talked for a while; it was like the A.P. was an old relative just visiting. Thalia just scowled at Clovache and then laughed. I guess she figured out what was happening before we did.

The A.P. told us to call her Pythia when we are family visiting. She called Godric over to her and laid her hand on his head. “I am sorry old friend, I wish I intervened back in Dallas, you should have not of perished. That being said you are still here with us in another capacity and I ask for your forgiveness.”

“Pythia, he says he is not mad at you. Things happen for a reason and if things had not gone the way they had he would not be here for me now. He loves being my protector and he gets to see his child and teach him a bit more; Eric’s lessons are far from over.”

She then pats Godric on his head and ruffles his mane, “Thank you old friend. So now let me ruffle your childes life a bit. I have seen many threads of what is to happen, you already know to keep vigil over the AVL, they will not go away till they are ended, you will know when that happens. I will be at your inauguration, I will show up during, not before. I will come via Air Fae. As for why Clovache is here. She will become another layer of protection for you and yours for the next thirty years, she will protect you while in office and after you will know where to post her. I have paid for her service myself and if the thirty years needs to be longer than I will make it so. If for some reason another Britlingen is needed make me aware and I will make it happen. As for who needs to know about her and what her purpose is for, I believe your security force for now, your family, most know her already as she had visited before. Your vampires, Thalia, Rasul, Bubba, Willa, Jessica, Lafayette, James and Keith. Pam can wait no need to tell her before someone is revealed to her. Is your head of security close by I want to introduce them? Do you have any questions for me, otherwise I am here just to visit my little friend Adele?”

“Pythia, thank you, that is an awesome gift. We will treat Clovache as one of our own. Tray is right behind you so he is aware of her already, but I guess they will need to talk in case they need to synchronize their work. I will make sure everyone know that Clovache will be with us soon. When should we expect her permanently?”

“She will come to you on the day of Pam’s reveal.”

As we were finishing up Adele came skipping along. “Aunty Py, why yous’ nots’ comes’ find mes’?”

“I had to finish up with your Far first. Did you miss someone else; she is here with me as well?”

Adele spun around and saw Clovache talking to Tray and strutted over to the warrior, she has some balls on her for sure.

With her hands on her hips, “Clovhe whys’ yous’ here, yous’ said last Is’ nots’ see yous’ before DC. After Is’ talks’ to Py yous’ and mes’ playtime. Is’ goes’ get my sword.”

Without waiting for a response, she spun around on her heel and grabbed Pythia’s hand and dragged the old woman to the porch to sit down and talk.

They were there for a while, so Clovache was able to meet all the guards, Tray took her around to all their posts to introduce them. I am sure they were all intimidated by Clovache. However, they had not seen what we saw or been where we sat and were not able to watch little Adele take charge, they might rethink that line of thought on intimidation but then again, Clovhe may love the child and protect her but damn anyone else, she was a warrior protector after all.

They visited the rest of the night and I watched Clovhe’s playtime with Adele. She was very patient with the little person, and she could tell her her errors without upsetting her, I think under Clovhe’s tutelage Adele will become a great swordswoman.

A thought just occurred to me, Adele knew she would be in DC, I wonder whom told her Aunty Py or Clovhe?

The night ended and we needed to get back to the hotel, but Niall popped in to say hello and let us know that he would pop us to the plane tomorrow so that we could leave on time.

After he popped back, I realized we never talked about security, I guess another time.

Yes, another night to relax with my family before the learning began.

I said my goodbyes to everyone who I would not see until the inauguration, apparently a lot of the family would be in attendance both Were and Vampire. So, I would just have to wait until then to see them or on breaks for the holidays.

I decided Bon Temps would be where we would spend those holidays and breaks, we could guard it well, the perimeter was already set up so not much else would have to be done except let the secret service detail in on everything with a little push to boot.

The following day Niall showed up at 3pm and popped me and Sookie over first to my two planes. My Weres went by caravan with some of the Pack Weres. Min Söner met us there with Willa, Bubba and Thalia in travel coffins. Min Döttir traveled in their own Suburban with some of the Pack Weres. The Flowers packed up Pam and Rasul and met us shortly thereafter. The rest of my Weres had left in the a.m. in Suburban’s and headed for DC, we wanted to have our own cars there so Niall was loaning us his from the security company for the duration.

It was well synchronized, and I realized how tactical the fairies were that took care of us.

I also realized that maybe I would not have to talk to Niall about security because it seemed like Sookie and him already had it covered.

One headache I would not have to worry about.

As we settled in to leave, I let Sookie know that I was nervous but with her by my side we could get through anything. Since we were loaded before sunset the planes took off and we were in the air when the rest of the vampires rose for the night. They were a little disorientated by their surroundings but realized we got an early start and settled in. This also meant Sookie was back to a shimmer, I would miss her in her corporeal form, I knew she would come to me when she could.

When we arrived in DC, I realized we had no place to stay.

Which really was not the case as a paper fell on the floor next to my chair and our itinerary was within my grasp.

She had taken care of it.

I let everyone know where we were staying, and we would have a whole floor to ourselves so there would be sharing when necessary. And I was informed by Erik that the guards traveling by Suburban’s were already made aware of the itinerary and where we were staying.

It appears I was the only one with my own room. My lover made sure we could still have ‘us’ time.

The next day would start a new chapter in my life and a new line of work. I was looking forward to meeting up with Oliver.

The days moved by quickly after our short time off before the training process of being POTUS began.

The outgoing President was very cordial and was of great help. You might even say we became friends, and I was thinking about adding him to my cabinet elect. I knew if I did this, we would have to come up with some way for his party not to control him and fight against my agenda. I also knew that by asking this of him was something no one had ever tried before, so I knew it was not against the rules, YET.

I had also decided that I wanted the outgoing President’s advice on whom to keep from his cabinet, whom he thought I should get rid of and who would look at this as a good opportunity not as a conflict of interest because I was of no party or because I was a vampire. I knew I was going to do this because I knew that they, the returning cabinet members, would pass the Senate’s approval as they already held the position and since they already knew the job there would be no training time, no lapses, we could more or less jump in and move along at a fast pace, with no delays.

I had promised the American people that I held no agenda, I would get us out of debt, and I meant it. I also told them we would continue to work on the government as a whole; we needed to get rid of the members who seemed to want to die in their office. This was going to be a long haul for sure but well worth it in the end.

However, I knew the AVL was still lingering around and Sebastian proved to be a great help on that front. I believed they, the AVL, would be my biggest issue before the running of the US government even began.

Sookie stuck by my side through all of this. I knew she was there because she either held my shoulder while standing behind me while I sat in the Oval office during my discussions with Oliver. I had wanted her to sit but this was her way of guarding me without anyone’s knowledge. Or she held my hand as we walked through the halls of the White House, she was always in shimmer form, but I knew she was there. She was a great comfort through the whole process.

The training and turnover were going by quickly and without any hiccups. My meetings with Oliver were productive and we finalized each one quickly.

It seems as Pam was having the same turnaround time as I was. She was settling in and I was told by her guards she was not scaring anyone. Min Barn let me know that she was earning everyone’s respect quickly.

At least that was one issue that I would not have to handle. That being said, I knew my childe, and I knew somewhere down the line I would have to step in and give her an attitude adjustment.

It was decided after a couple of weeks that the outgoing President would be informed of Sookie and they would meet, in both her forms. He needed to know before everyone else that I was married and Sookie was FAE. It was also during this time that Oliver was going to be introduced to my FAE guards whom he did not know were always with us. I needed to see his reaction to all of it since the FAE had not come out ‘yet’ but would be soon enough. My FAE guards consisted of Cousin Claude and Min Sön Hunter, who were now my family through Sookie, and I knew they could be trusted.

After much discussion, I had decided that I was only going to change seven names out from the existing cabinet to my new cabinet. I had asked the outgoing President to be my Secretary of State and he accepted after he got over the initial shock of my request.

He then met Sookie and of course Godric. That of course was another shock to his system but Godric seemed taken by the outgoing President so I knew if Godric were separate from Sookie he would protect Oliver as well.

After those two shocks, he asked me what other ones we had in store for him and it was then that Claude and Hunter materialized before his very eyes. This was his initiation to the FAE. He chuckled at me and told me I was a very lucky man/vampire, and it would be a very long time before anyone would be able to get close to me.

Now if he only knew about the Britlingen that would be part of my detail come my inauguration.

After talking to Oliver, we had decided as a collective that Sookie would push her will on him to not let anyone redirect our agenda from his mind. She also pushed that no one would be able to glamour him after she was finished. We videotaped this so he could see that she made no more recommendations in his mind and after he saw the video it was deleted from everywhere including the cloud, we wanted no leaks.

It was after the reveals were completed that I let him know my choices for the seven positions that I would change. I let him know that the only position who was not a supernatural beside himself was Colin Powell III.

The rest we would leave from his appointed cabinet, he thought we could trust them, so I would as well.

My choices were:

Secretary of State- the outgoing President Oliver Carver (Human)

Secretary of Defense- Colin Powell III (I always respected his great grandfather) (Human)

Attorney General- Desmond Cataliades (Dae)

Secretary of Veterans Affairs – Duncan Eastman (an old friend who fought many wars, human and vampire) – (Vampire)

Secretary of Homeland Security- Thalia (Vampire)

Press Secretary – Willa Burrell (Vampire)

United States Trade Representative- Isabel Beaumont (Vampire)

Ambassador to the United Nations- Niall Brigant (Fae)

The only glitch I had from my list was Thalia. She declined when I asked her, but she did state that she would help whomever I chose but wanted to be able to continue to guard Willa, she thought she was needed there more.

I concurred and went back to the drawing board.

It was through the suggestion of Pythia that we came up with a new name for the Secretary of Homeland Security; it would be Nergal, Desmond’s half-brother. He wanted to stay in this realm for a few years and he wanted the DAE to come out in the USA and thought this would be the perfect time. We only had the issue of him not being a US citizen, which somehow was acquired, and I was gratefully left out of that loop on the how.

The countdown had started till inauguration. There were a few items left to complete and a big one was Sookie materializing for Pam and staying corporeal for all others to see. Of course, Sookie knew when that would be, so I did not press the subject.

The other items left were in their final stages; light tighting the White House and Vice President’s home and training the 130-member Secret Service agents to be able to protect Supernaturals, I made sure that all of my incoming cabinet members would be protected by a service detail as well, I wanted no one harmed. This service would also be extended out and offered to the returning cabinet members. This was something I thought was important and should have been an option prior to my election. Oliver agreed with me and he said he would back me up on this. However, to do this we would need to hire more agents, the one hundred and thirty would not be enough to carry this plan out.

It was at this time I also integrated my own Were’s into mine, Pam’s and Willa’s service details. Thalia was integrated in as Willa’s assistant, which of course she grunted at. Rasul and Bubba wanted to remain behind to protect the farmhouse and I could not blame them for that.

They did however stay with us until the Inauguration Ball.

During Rasul’s stay, he and Thalia started to train my Secret Service detail. Niall would show up as well and instruct the recruits as he called them. They had two months to train them and train them hard to be the best Supernatural guards’ money could buy.

The ones who complained loudly were either redirected to another detail or left the Secret Service since they could not see themselves working for a vampire or being trained by two of the undead.

The ones who stayed were in awe of their tutors. Not only did they train these men and women but also supported them emotionally. I never thought I would see Thalia in such a role, but she was hugely impressive, I think working for Niall had paid off and tempered her a bit.

The men and women who stayed were a substantial relief to my Weres and had gained their respect.

The agents also found respect for Min Sön Erik during this time. He trained along with them as one of them, they found out at the end he was my true son, and he would oversee my guards along with Tray and his lieutenant. They were astonished that he was willing to train just like them and that he had no airs of grandeur about him.

Charles trained with them as well, but the agents soon found out that this true son was only a part time guard when needed for travel. They only met the girls in passing since they were not going to be guards at all but my CEO’s, but they showed them the respect they were due as well.

Now to train the security force on the new Air Force One planes; we would be using Valhalla and Fólkvangr. My planes were much smaller and there was no need to have such huge planes, the bigger planes could be used but mine would be able to outmaneuver any and all threats while we were in the air. We did not carry weaponry but being smaller we could easily handle ourselves. If the larger aircraft were needed, we would use them, but I did not think it was cost worthy.

So, my life was running along smoothly with no serious bumps.

I took a meeting with Desmond three weeks before inauguration day. I needed to find out if he was okay with being Attorney General. I wanted to make sure he would be able to handle both rolls as my CEO in disguise and the AG position.

He told me that my businesses were well taken care of and he was going to have Barry and Adilyn help him there. Adilyn had helped him in the past with a few little things and Barry was an assistant for him already. He was only working the hotel gig while I was in Shreveport.

He let me know that he had already spoken with Adilyn about her new duties and she was excited to start. He said Barry would split his rolls between the two jobs and Barry was like him, he needed little or no sleep so there were more hours in the day to get things done.

Desmond also let me know that they name changes were complete and we made just under the radar of I-Day. He told he let the others know as well.

I was relieved, two less things to worry about.

We had two weeks left before the inauguration and I knew that the Sookie reveal could happen at any time and at any place in the White House.

It so happened that the reveal was taking place twelve days before I-Day, how did I figure that out. Well, there was mischief shooting through my mates’ blood and she was not by my side for one.

But what really sealed the deal was the loud gasp.

Pam was by my side and I heard and felt that gasp, it was so loud.

Before I looked up, I knew what was finally happening and I just smiled and smirked.

There coming down the staircase was the love of my life. Always lovely in red and just for me.

Something like this classy and elegant look is what Sookie would be wearing.

“What the fuck Eric, is that Sookie. You told me she was dead. She looks the same, why did she not age.”

“No Pamela,- My Wife, My Love, My Sookie is very alive, just different.”

A Force of Nature different.


I was loving how this was catching Pam off guard. She was catching flies with her mouth gaping open.

“Yes, WIFE!”

“Master…. umm…”

“Speak Pam.” Even though I knew why she was stammering I wanted her to speak it out in words because beside my lovely wife was Godric her familiar.

“Master why does she have a lion beside her? Is that the large lion from the hotel? I thought he was your guard. Is the lion her guard?”

I leaned over to whisper in her ear, I chose not to use Swedish so Willa could hear and understand me too. We needed to further Willa’s Swedish vocabulary and soon, I waited too long on teaching her.

“Min Döttir, that lion is Sookie’s familiar. She can separate from him if she desires. Plus, if you look into his eyes you will understand who her familiar once was. Though understand once you realize whom it is, HE will protect her first before even ME or you. I for one am okay with that understanding.”

I watched Min Döttir approach the lion and stare into his eyes, he tilted his large head at her and puffed.

I had learned his different sounds by now, but the puff was a good one for his introduction to Pam. Godric saw her as having peaceful intentions. I knew if he thought otherwise Pam may have lost a limb or two.

She let out a gasp.

“Godric…. grandsire…is … is that you?”

She raised her hand in the air, I believe to pet his head, but Godric was not having it. He woofed at her which meant her actions startled him.

That I learned the hard way when I got swatted by his exceptionally large paw one evening at the farmhouse.

Oh yes, he left a mark, but I guess I was still being taught lessons by my Maker.

Sookie leaned over to Godric and rubbed his mane gently with her hand. “None of that, she was only trying to pet you. Be nice.”

“Sookie, how…. I thought…. I don’t understand.”

“Pam this is not the place to discuss this, we will retire later, and we will explain. But please keep in mind, I nor Godric will put up with your bullshit any longer. I will show you respect, and I will have you show me yours in return or heads will roll. Do you understand me?”


We left the hallway so that we could talk. Oliver suggested that we head to his office for privacy.

As we all sat down you could tell that Pam was inpatient for answers.

The whole crew was there- Min Barn, Sookie, Godric, Oliver, Thalia, Willa, Bubba, Rasul, Tray and a few other guards from Bon Temps and of course myself.

“Pam, Sookie was not dead just reborn. I will not go into all the backstory on this, but she was wounded mortally and if it were not for the quick thinking of many people, she would be dead like her gravestone says she is. She ended up going to the Fae and Dae realms where she was healed and came back as she is now. Lafayette calls her a Force of Nature; I just call her my wife. You see back in 2072 Sookie married me and I was okay with that. I should have been with her the whole time, but circumstances did not allow it.”

I got a look from Sookie and I answered back in the bond with go with it.

“When I visited Bon Temps, I reinserted myself into Sookie’s life and she in mine. She is who has been leaving me notes, she is the one who gave my kisses. She is how those kisses stayed on. She has been traveling with us the whole time but in a shimmer with a cloaked scent. You were not made aware of this because of your attitude.”

I got a look of disbelief, but I continued.

“Min Barn are mine in blood as well, you see the Bond I started with Sookie never disappeared, she has been my bonded for years and my blood coursed through her veins when she was impregnated by her Were Jake, Min Barn’s biological father. So, they are a part of me, just smell Erik and you can see.”

With that she leaned over and sniffed, to say the least she was shocked. It helped that Erik had a good dose of my blood not too long ago, so he smelt even more mine than before.

“Now as for Godric, somehow his soul and essence were saved, and it was kept safe for his new designation as Sookie’s familiar. Again, this is not going to be in-depth on the how and the whys. It is her story to tell if she wants you to know. Which for now it is none of your damn business.”

I could see the attitude rising in her face.

“Pam enough, do not start with your whining. This is why you were pushed/glamoured not to see Sookie when she was near until the time of this reveal. As for who did the pushing, it was Sookie and she is also who pushed Sebastian’s mind. My wife is incredibly talented and one day you will appreciate all that she is, but for now I just wish for the two of you to get along. I will tell you now I will take her side if you start in about the fairy snatch and all the other bullshit you have ever said about her. I love her, we are married, and she is my bonded mate.”

With that I felt love hit me through the bond and a Puff from Godric, he approved as well.

“Now, you can ask questions that are civil. You can talk to Min Barn and ask questions; however, they are not obligated to tell you anything if they do not want to. And yes, Willa knew about Sookie all along, so Do Not take this out on her. She was a good wingman during all of this, you once were until you decided that no one was allowed into my life but you.”

I got a smile from Willa and Min Barn, it was nice.

“Now do you have anything to say?”

“No Master, I am simply happy I have finally been included and I will try my best to behave. I know in our talk months ago I promised I would, and I will keep to that. I have a feeling I will be watched by many faces and if Sookie can shimmer that means she will be able to hear me if I go off. My only question is for the time being besides Rasul who my guards will be.”

“Min Barn Karolina and Tara will be assisting you during the day. They will watch over you and protect you. But please note they have been schooled in your ways so do not push your luck. During the night you will have Rasul, but the girls will remain with you since they are both telepaths and might hear something you do not.”

“Will they remain after the inauguration?”

“No, they will be going back to their families in Bon Temps and helping run my businesses, for the time being they are my company’s new CEO’s along with Bubba and Thalia. As for why the change to their names it is none of your business.”

“Understood Master. Is there anything else?”

“Yes, before I forget when you travel abroad, Stackhouse will be one of your guards. He will be a part time guard for you. However, that being said, his family will be with him, so do not embarrass me or yourself with your shenanigans. As for other guards that we trust, it will be a work in progress as to whom I will send with you.”

“Understood, if there is nothing else, I would like to go digest all this.”

I could tell there was more unsaid by Pam but for now it would have to do.

As we finished our talk with Pam about Sookie and Godric and as she was getting ready to leave, I heard another gasp. I knew what this one meant too…Clovache.


“Pam meet Clovache my new guard courtesy of the Ancient Pythoness, I will not get into too many details but Clovache is here as added security for us. Or me in particular. Pythia as Sookie’s family calls her awarded us a new guard. She will be cloaked unless needed. She is an extended member of Sookie’s kin, so be aware she likes all of them already and you will have to earn her trust. To piss her off is to piss off her kin, so rein yourself in and everyone will get along fabulously.”

“Yes Master.”

“Clovache is there anything you will need from me? Us?”

“No Northman. I have everything I need. I will let you know if I need anything or I will just get with Sookie. I do have one request though, when little Adele gets here, I would like her to be close to me for the duration of her time in DC.”

I just gave her a look and she shook her head. At least she was not a target, but I guess Clovache had other reasons for the request.

The last thing that was needed to be done was to reveal my wife to the Secret Service agents and to show them the Lion detail that would be with us until after the Ball.

The reveal went by as expected.

Shocked faces from the agents and pride coming from My Weres.

The agents were grateful to know about Sookie before the rest of the world was told. Yes, all the agents were there, we pulled them all in for a special meeting. It was also then that Oliver discussed with them a form a glamour that was to be used on them so that ‘No One’ could extract information from them or glamour them and they were told that My Were’s already had this done as well, it was just an extra precaution.

They all agreed to it after they saw how it was done.

Tray had offered himself up for the guinea pig role. He was given some new glamour or so the agents thought, it was just a reinforcement of what he already knew. However, Sookie did add on that he could not discuss the glamour with anyone else but Sookie and Eric.

She told me later she wanted to add that to all the guards. I thought it was a good idea.

Once that was done, it was then recommended that the agents see Were on Were fighting, so my Lion Detail went up against five of My Were guards, yes Sookie was included.

As the sparing commenced, Tray was the commentator/announcer of sorts, he explained why there were sounds that came along with shifting to Were form and no noise coming from the lions as they too shifted. It was demonstrated five different times on both sides. They sparred a little but nothing to hurt one another.

Of course, there were questions,

-stripping down to not stripping down

-where were My Lions clothes versus what they could see on the floor

-Noise versus noiseless

Then the one after Erik shifting back but into a Grizzly Bear versus his human form

-Shifter versus Were, why a difference

-how could he shift twice so quickly

Then the question came about how they fought

-was it tactical or thought out

-did the Weres think while changed

-could they talk as animals

The questions were answered one at a time by Tray and explained in detail so that the agents all understood.

However, the true question came when Sookie shifted back fully clothed with Godric standing by her side.

Tray answered that one as well, – she is anomaly, a Force of Nature, there is no true explanation for why. Do not mess with her or the lion named Godric.

With that there was a Puff from Godric in agreement.

After that we all dispersed and went on as normal until the big day.

It seemed Pam was getting into a stride with her new job and we were all quite proud of her. Even Min Barn said she was being nice to all.

Pam did however ask questions about Sookie from time to time, she seemed to be handling the information better than we thought she would. Hence, we found out just before I-Day that she had been talking to Willa about it all along.

We decided not to interfere since it seemed Willa was keeping her grounded on the subject. And it was one less thing for me to handle.

As for me and training, Oliver and I finished up weeks ago, what had we been doing this whole time, well we drew up a plan on how to proceed after I-Day since it was going to take both of us to pull it off.

As for my wife, she stayed by my side in shimmer and Oliver could care less. He liked the added protection my guards brought with them. He knew the Fae guards and Clovache were there as well and it seemed to relax him.

You might be asking about Oliver’s wife and if her and Sookie ever met; yes, they did and they got along well but Oliver’s wife kept pretty much to herself, she said she was not feeling well and was always tired. It was the calm before the storm for her and no one was the wiser.

Life went on for another week.

Well, that is except for the AVL.

The AVL was stupid enough to attack us once again. We had some warning by Sebastian on upcoming attacks, but he was not privy to the exact timeframe anymore. I had warned the AVL to leave me be, to leave my family alone but they apparently do not know how to pay attention. For them to have the balls to do it at my Inauguration went so past my leniency and patience.

During the days leading up to being sworn in, the AVL continued to try and uproot me and mine. They tried to spread rumors, they tried to undermine me, and they tried to scare Sookie’s grandchildren. They failed at everything they tried so I was not too surprised at this attack.

The AVL was pissed off when I told them I was already married when they gave me an ultimatum about backing their policies and taking a vampire wife of their choosing. I pretty much laughed in their collective faces and told them to bring it on.

We joked often about the situation but knew this would happen sooner than later. The AVL needed me on their side before I was sworn in.

And if not me, Pam.

I just did not know how it would go down and what my new family and bodyguards would do when the time arose.

What the AVL did not know was that the deck was already stacked in my favor.

Not only did I have my Were bodyguards, the ones I have always had.

I had the Secret Service on my side now as well. -The agents went through some heavy training at the hands of Niall, Thalia and Rasul to be prepared for any and all supernatural assailants. This training also made them better at human protection.

I had my wife and children, both human- fairy hybrids and vampire.

I had my loyal vampire friends/bodyguards, a few loyal Weres that had come from the Bon Temps/Shreveport Pack.

And I had a couple of Flowers.

But my biggest threat to the AVL were the Fae guards, not just Hunter and Claude, in attendance who materialized along with our new Britlingen friend/guard.

As the AVL lackeys advanced on us from across the stage or should I say steps of the Capitol, Min Barn and Min Maka went into action. They changed flawlessly into the five giant lions in front of me; one of the AVL lackeys had the balls to laugh at them. Let me tell you he laughed no more. Godric/Sookie took a large swipe at him and his head was removed, and he melted into a puddle of goo.

I told the Fae and Dae in attendance to protect the humans as they materialized, there were about thirty between the two factions and they formed a wall in front of all of them and behind me, I think the AVL realized then they were certainly doomed.

The Flowers were directed to guard Adele by Clovache once she materialized and Nergal stood by their side.

However, what I think sealed the deal was when Clovache materialized and let out a battle cry. I know my battle cry is loud and chilling but hers split the hairs on the back of my neck.

She was a sight to behold.

The battle was short lived and televised so the whole world got to witness how well protected the new POTUS was and how deadly my guards could be even if they looked like a tiny Southern Belle or two; OR mere ghosts until they materialized in all their glory.

However, the true realization was, at least to me.

I now had a badass family from Sookie, and I was profoundly grateful for them to call me theirs.

If I knew nothing else for the rest of my long life… My Maka/Wife and Min Barn were nothing to trifle with.

I loved them ALL.

and finally

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17 thoughts on “Chapter 10: Inauguration Day

  1. Great chapter! Everything is coming together for Eric and Sookie. Even Pam is behaving for now although I suspect Eric is right that at some point he will have to adjust her attitude.
    Looking forward to the next update but sad it will be the epilogue.
    Thanks for continuing to write and share, and have a great holiday!

    • thanks for reading and reviewing, yes everything is coming together for our two lovebirds. yeah Pam will be Pam. and as for one more chapter, I thought it best to stop now before it became too mundane. KY

  2. Great update! Sorry to know that this is ending and the epilogue is next. Now…the most important question of all was not answered. Did the outgoing president share with Eric the truth/secrets of Area 51? Are there aliens? 🙂

  3. Feliz Navidad y mantente a salvo.
    Eric parece que hubiera deseado durante toda su vida tener una gran familia a la que pudiera llamar propia. Y ahora la tiene.
    Parece, también, que el AVL no va a aprender nunca y tendrán que desaparecer de manera definitiva. Pam me está sorprendiendo pero no me sorprendería que se pusiera de parte del AVL para deshacerse de Sookie. La Pam de TB siempre odió a Sookie porque siempre quiso ser lo más importante para Eric y Sookie era un impedimento para ser precisamente eso.
    ¿Quién necesita al área 51 y extraterrestres cuando se tiene otras realidades como la Fae y la Dae y hadas y demonios y vampiros y cambiantes y…?

    • Merry Christmas to you as well. Yes my Eric is a very happy vampire, he has what he has always been searching for. As for Pam, Pam is a bitch and she is damn proud of it. But I do think I may have mellowed her out a bit, we shall see in the epilogue. Yes I love our reality in the fanfic fandom. KY

  4. Is Eric’s ulterior motive to out all of the supernatural community and blame it on the AVL for attacking him and his campaign? If so, way to go! Things are moving along nicely and everyone is behaving, expecting the other shoe to drop soon. Enjoying the drama of your story.

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