Chapter 05: Gobsmacked


You could feel it as you passed over the properties dividing line.


WARDS had been created.

Strong ass motherfuckers for sure.

It made you want to bend in half.

But WHY?

I followed Niall and the child whom I had come to find was named Adele.

Niall led us over to the old farmhouse which looked the same as when I had had it repaired.  I couldn’t believe my eyes. You would have thought it had been held in a stasis spell.

I followed him up the steps and stopped. He motioned for me to continue.

As I walked up hesitantly I realized I crossed over the threshold of the home.  But how can that be, she uninvited me the night I had given her her home back.

“Niall, how is this possible?”

He turned and smirked at me, “Silly vampire she had reissued your invite not long after the Compton debacle. You have always been welcome in her home.”

That was not possible, why would she, she wanted normal, she wanted anything but me.

“You see vampire, you missed out on so much. But it seems my grand-daughter is as stubborn as you.  Never contacting you, never telling you what you meant to her, never telling you she chose wrong, never telling you that she wanted you to be the father of her children not some damn Were.  She wanted you but she thought she had lost you when she chose that side-burn doucebag over you.  She believed his lies that he had spilled and it wasn’t until you were on the TV for New Blood that she had decided she had lost you for good.”

“But she never contacted me?”

“I know not if she did or not, but I do know she followed everything you did.  She always knew where you were and what you were up to.  Yes she married a Were and he fathered her four children but they never loved one another. He was meant to be the sperm donor and nothing more. He needed to add to the Pack and she wanted to have children. They had an agreement for the length of their marriage.   My granddaughter slept in your cubby; she still sleeps in your cubby.  She says she feels closer to you that way.  And I know not why she never let you know that her four children were telepathic and could shift, like a full Were.  I know not why she never told you of her telepathic grandchildren, like Adele. I know not why she hid her fake death from you; these are all many questions she alone can only answer.”

I did not want to stop him from talking, I was learning a lot and I did not want him to quit on my account.

Adele spoke up.

“Do ya wans to see yous’ cubby, gran keepes everthin’ precius to her downs there?   I knos’ she woulnt’ mind if ya wenst down ther.”

I just nodded, but asked.

“Niall where is she, where is My Lover?”

Before he could answer there was a loud knock on the door.  Dammit she must have decided I was gone too long for my side visit and decided to track me down. I could tell it was Pam but I ignored it…  Apparently she followed me… Bitch… I guess I was not to be trusted with my own feelings and thoughts.

But apparently Adele could not ignore the person at the door, she had been brought up with the same manners as Sookie, so she ran to the door to open it.

I heard Pam gasp at Adele.  I guess she wasn’t expecting a mini-Sookie and couldn’t contain her shock.

“Whos you?  Why yas knockn?”

“I am Pam, I am here to see my master, is he in there?”

“YuP.”      She popped that P just like Sookie used to.

“Can I come in?”

“NoPe. I dons’ knows yous.  If gran had invit yous in aleady yu cans comes in.”

Pam pushed against the threshold and was bounced back, well I guess that answered it, Sookie still held a grudge after everything Pam did to her.   I really didn’t blame her.

I didn’t move from where I was.  I looked at Niall and he smiled. He popped over to the door and startled Pam.


“Yes I am and since your eyes are glazed over you are not coming in either.”

As he spoke those words Willa, Jessica and Lafayette pushed Pam aside and walked in.  They all gave Niall a hug and kiss on the cheek and Jessica and Lafayette gave Adele a hug.

Well we all now knew where Pam stood and it wasn’t on the good side.

“I demand to see Eric now!”

With that I vamped over to the cubby and descended the ladder. I would deal with her later; I needed to visit my cubby to see what My Lover had been up to.

I could hear heated words going on upstairs but I didn’t care what was being said.  And since Pam was on the outside looking in, everyone would be just fine.  Plus Niall could handle his own.

I however did care about looking around my/the small room I had installed in Sookie’s home. I cared about taking in ‘her’ scent.  I cared about seeing my old clothes folded nicely on a chair.  I cared that the old afghan she covered me up with so many years ago was there as well.  I cared that there was a picture of me in a frame.  I cared that Sookie cared about me too.  It seems she missed me as much as I missed her.

Damn Fools We Have Been.

I didn’t hesitate to sit on her bed. I even laid my head on her pillow and took in her scent.

I wanted to roll around in her sheets, cover myself in her sweet scent.  But I held back.   I controlled myself.

She wasn’t there for a reason and only she would be able to tell me why. The only thing Niall didn’t tell me is where she was right now.  I have a feeling it was to stay away from me.  But I couldn’t answer that question and more that were popping into my head at a very quick rate.

I looked around a little more and found a pen and paper and penned my lover a note.


Dearest Lover,

I stopped by to say hello.  You were not home. I have missed you so much over the years and if I was a better man I would have contacted you many years ago. My pride got in the way. I was jealous that you did not choose me and you married the Were.  It is because of something Niall had said earlier that makes me believe that was all a front that you would have allowed me in your life again if I had only asked.  

What fools we are. 

Either one of us could have approached the other or we could have just simply been friends again; if not more.

I ache for you my love and I believe we are still ONE, that we still share a small bond.  It should have been dead years ago but for some odd reason it is still there.

It still lives.

I felt you at two of my rallies but when I went to look for you, you were gone.  I came here looking for closure but only have more questions.

I would have loved you Sookie, I could have loved you if you allowed my affections. 

So now I sit in my cubby wishing you were here with me. Wishing that I could see you once again.  Wishing I could hold you once again.  Wishing …… wishing so many things.

But alas it is all for naught.  You are not here.  You ran once again.

So I will leave you with this.

I Love You, you stubborn woman.  I love you with all my heart.  If you ever find it in your heart, please seek me out.  Please call me.  Please find me.

There are a few months left of my political journey, whether I win or lose does not matter to me.   I am fighting for the people, your people. 

I would wish for you to be at my side if you would have me.  I don’t care about your past.  I don’t care if you are old and gray.  I don’t care if you have wrinkles.  Your age and looks do not matter to me.  What matters is the heart of the woman I love and whom I believe still loves me.

Until you find it in your heart to seek me out.

forgive me for not coming sooner.

Love always and forever

Your Eric


I vamped upstairs and let Adele know that I was leaving and I would make sure Pam stayed away from her so she could go outside to play.

I thanked Niall for his hospitality and told him about the note.  I gave him my phone number just in case the family ever needed me for anything.

I hugged Jessica and Lafayette goodbye and walked out the door with Willa by my side.

I looked at Pam and told her that if she as much hurt that child she would not live long enough to tell the tale.  I came to see Sookie and she was not there.  If she had paid closer attention in the graveyard she would have seen Sookie’s grave.  Her blatant disrespect was uncalled for and it better not happen again.  She was to leave this family alone.

As I was finishing my little spiel I heard my name faintly. “Miser Eric.”

I turned my head and winked at Adele.

With that simple gesture, the child knew I was fibbing and would keep my secret.

I was grateful that Pam did not realize that after I told her Sookie was dead, why she/Pam was not allowed in the farmhouse.  It also occurred to me that Adele had mention her gran’s non-invitation to Pam and that tidbit was not brought up either.  I was hoping this whole thing would be shelved and not reopened again. Pam being caught off guard by my anger would serve Sookie well.

I looked at Pam and told her to leave me alone while I finished my visit.

She vamped off and I spoke lowly for all the others to hear.

“She is never to find out Sookie is still alive until I deem it necessary. The lie will keep until a reveal, if there is ever to be one.  Thank you everyone, Sookie is safer this way.”

I looked at everyone and they all nodded but it was Lafayette who spoke as I walked away.

“Oh honey child, you have no idea, Sook is a force of nature now.”



35 thoughts on “Chapter 05: Gobsmacked

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    • thanks for reading and enjoying my story. thank you for the kind words. as for Pam , yes TB made her a bitch and she could never get out of that mode. maybe she will learn the hard way. KY

  2. That was a sweet moment although Eric didn’t Sookie this time. Hopefully they will meet up soon. Pam needs to stay out of Eric’s personal business find some other shit to do. Perhaps building a bridge just so she can get over it.

    • LOL, love the bridge building, yes she needs to get her own life and leave her Maker alone, but don’t forget we have Willa as a buffer and she doesn’t put up with her sister’s shit. Yes, Eric is finding himself again even though he did not see Sookie, give her time she will appear. you know i love the angst. thanks for reading. KY

    • your welcome, and yes it will be interesting once they meet up again. but keep in mind the Sookie has been following him so there is no telling how often she was in his life before he realized it and noticed her back. KY

    • thank you, yes i am feeling better just busy at work as usual. the letter made me tear up too, it was revised a few times. as for Lala words… a force of nature…. give it some thought, she faked her death….. it can go multiple ways. KY

  3. Eric has reached out. Wonder what is up with Pam and if she was involved in he and Sookie not being able to communicate? Can’t wait to read what Niall is doing there on the Brignant/Stackhouse (really?) property. So many questions!!! 🙂

    • so many questions and only 5 chapters left. they will be answered i am sure., the chapters are getting longer and longer each post. as for the question about Pam, no she is not involved directly. as for Niall we will find out that too. it has to do with her faked death years prior. thanks for reading KY

  4. Aww, I wonder where she is hiding. I hope the note will encourage her to get in touch with Eric. I love that Jess, Willa, and Lafayette could go in and hug Niall and Adele, and Pam couldn’t. Glad Sookie got to have her family even if she didn’t love their father. Great story.

    • thanks for reading and enjoying. Yes the letter will encourage her, but in a fun way. you will have to wait and see what she does. as for the trio yes, it must have frosted Pam’s ass for not being able to enter. she shouldn’t have fired that rocket at Sookie and got in the way other times concerning Eric and Sookie. Yes Sookie got her family but lost her true love in the process, but we will fix that soon enough. KY

  5. Pam…oh, Pam…I do love her, but she and Sook…sigh…Poor Eric will have his hands full with these two, that’s for sure! Lol!

    OMG! Made me all teary eyed reading that sweet letter! Your Eric is such a complete sap still and I still just adore him for it!! 😀 I cannot wait until these two finally meet!! So excited to see just what has become of the blonde telepath!!

    Also…the Were…is this the nameless, faceless man shown at the end of TB??

    • oh I think Pammy will be handled soon enough. and it will be in a fun way . she will explode when she figures it out but she will be too busy as madame VP to do anything about it. So i was able to make you all tear up, good , it was meant to since Eric wanted to be heartfelt and tell her nothing has changed for him but time. When you want your woman/mate back you have to totally honest and i think he pulled it off. oh the telepath we will find out about her, but not till chapter ????. i know tease. As for the Were, i didn’t think he deserved a name (since we didn’t get one) but yes he is the faceless man in TB’s ending. KY

      • Yes…you made me tear up, but you’re right, this is a good thing! The Viking’s words were totally heartfelt and endearing…I loved it…
        Ha, oh Twisty Kristy, how you continue to tease us all…lol! I love it…keep me coming back for more! 😀
        Ah…the nameless, faceless man. I agree, no name is needed… 🙂

      • tears are a good thing when they are for all the right reasons. The Viking needed to show her that he did and does care. She thought she could never trust it and that was her downfall in trusting the side-burned douchebag, too bad Beehl wasn’t a nameless one too…. KY

  6. Hi . I like that Eric took the first step and left a note. I like that the note expressed his feelings and he put all his cards on the table. If Sookie has been watching him, I’m curious how long it will take her to find him? Really enjoying this.

    • I am glad you are enjoying this. Yes the Viking took the first step and it was heartfelt. OH i think she has found him but has her reasons for staying out of sight , all will be revealed in the next few chapters. thanks for reading . KY

  7. These chapters always seem so short! Can’t wait to see the new and improved Sookie. Mini Adele is super cute! I love that she calls Sookie ‘Gran’.
    Pam needs to get her big girl panties on and get over the fact that Eric and Sookie are meant to be together!

    • LOL, yes they are short, this was a one shot but i felt it needed to be broken down into chapters for a better feel. The chapters get longer as we go along though. Yes the mini Sookie is as spunky as our Sookie ever was and is. As for Pammy, she will learn soon enough to get over it. KY

  8. So glad Eric took the time to write that letter and let Sookie know what was in his heart.
    Pam needs to get over herself and see what is best for her Maker, and it is not exclusively her! I fear she will regret what might happen if she can’t or won’t change.
    Looking forward to seeing Sookie’s response to Eric’s note.
    Awesome chapter, always leaves me wanting more.

    • happy thoughts on your words. glad you are enjoying this little tale. yes Pammy does need to grow up and away from thinking the world revolves around her. She is not what her MAKER needs and she will learn that soon enough. thanks again for reading KY

  9. Oh what did that little fairy token do to our little Miss Sookie if Lala is saying she is a force to be reckoned with. Inquiring minds want to know. Loved the chapter.

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