Chapter 08: Sightings and Notes, Part 2

Part 2

There was a small gasp behind me, so I knew I would be questioned.

And when I turned around and faced her, there was a snarl on her face and her fangs were down.

“Master who are you allowing in your suite to be able to write that…that on your mirror?  Are you insane?”

“Pamela, I think I made it clear last night.  Who I let into my room.  Who I decide to FUCK and when, is none of your damn business.  But since you are not going to let this drop.  Get used to the idea of a Step Mother!”

“What the fuck Eric, when have you had the time to find a woman, let alone fuck her and keep her hidden from me. Date her and propose to her?  I don’t smell her, I don’t even smell her or your cum.  Seriously Eric have you gone batshit crazy again? ”

Before she could blink, I was on her with my hand wrapped around her throat.

“Pamela, I love you but not enough to put up with your bullshit any longer.  The woman I am seeing will be a pleasant addition to our family.  The woman I am seeing and YOU ARE NOT will be given your respect upon acknowledgment. You do not smell her because I do not want you to.  In due time you will meet her, until then keep your mouth and fangs in check min dottir.  This is your last warning.”

“Yes Master.   I wanted to talk to you about what you said last night.”

“Then talk, I am taking a shower.”

I was beyond pissed, she better make this good because right now if she was not my child I would have ripped her head from her shoulders.

As I got into the shower she started.

“I don’t know what to call you any more, you have changed again.  Do you want me to use Father, Master or Eric?   I want you to know I did listen to yours and Willa’s words last night.  I think fifty plus years is a long time to hold a grudge against a human.   I know I butted in about your relationship with her and I am sorry for that but I was jealous, I thought I would always have you, just me and you, but then she came into our lives and turned it upside down.   I thought she was a just a fleeting fancy, no more.  I didn’t realize at the time that she was more than a tryst; she was the love of your life and that made me beyond jealous. You were and are my everything. I am willing to live and die for you. Yet…..y… YOU were willing to do things for her that I knew you would do for no-one else and I thought you were losing yourself in the process.  You didn’t slip away until you left us all and almost died on that damn mountain top.  You came back to us a bit broken but you came back, once you were healed it took very little time before she broke your heart again and I could not bear to watch it all over again.  But to be honest with you and myself…. you finally lost yourself when we were hawking New Blood.  I saw you slip away little by little; some years were harder than others.  I knew that if I had bigger balls I could have hunted her down and brought her to you but I knew if I did I would lose you for good.  So I focused and festered on my hate of her and what she meant to you and I hated what she had made me become in my own eyes.   I never said I wasn’t a brat but I think my hate made me a bigger one.  When Willa came back into our lives, it felt right, and you were happy again.  Everything was falling back into place, my hate lessened and you started to be ‘YOU’ again. I thought maybe, just maybe, you had forgotten about the fairy for a short time.  But I know I was wrong about that, you would sit and stare out into the distance.  I would watch you and I knew that look, the look of you thinking of her.  I never really thought that you loved her, but I now know I was wrong, and I am sorry for doubting you.   However, there is one thing I have learned over the years, even when you were down, even when I had thought you lost it, you were always the mighty Eric The North Man vampire/businessman/Maker and you never let anyone down whom you took care of, whether it was your family or business related employees.  So what I am trying to tell you is that I will not look down on Sookie again, even if she was to magically appear from the dead.  I will accept her and any of her kin.  I will accept the help they offer us and I will TRY to keep my trap shut when I know it is needed.  Thank you Master for setting me somewhat straight.”

“Pamela, that is all that I ask, be kind, and do not intimidate anyone.  We have new roles ahead of us and intimidation is not part of the job description.  As for Sookie’s kin, there are more of them than you could possibly know about.  For instance Isabel has taken on four of them as guards; she is considered part of their clan now as well as are we.  I hear that Sookie’s brother and children are downstairs making sure we are secure.   If it wasn’t for them I am sure the AVL would still be trying to sway me in their favor.  For now min dottir I must get dressed and wait for Desmond to arrive.”

“Thank you Master, I will see you later.  I am thinking about going downstairs and messing with Stackhouse.  He was always so much fun before.  HMM, I wonder if he is all old, gray and wrinkled now, oh-oh and more simple minded, I gotta go.   Ta Ta for now.”

And with that she was out the door and Rasul was chasing after her.

I had to laugh, she was in for a rude awakening when she crosses paths with Stackhouse, he is no old man and the squirrels no longer invade his keen mind.

Instead of waiting on Mr. Cataliades to come up to me I decided I would go downstairs to him.  I had an ulterior motive of course.  Sookie’s children were downstairs and I was hoping to get introduced.

And just possibly catch her in real form.

My shadows were Bubba and The Flowers for the night. MY Weres were stationed outside my door, at the elevator, and on the ground level elevator doors.  It appears someone has already been told about the break-in to my suite last night and all has been taken care of.

I will ask more questions once I can find out who exactly is in charge.  Whether it still be My Weres or possibly Niall since we are in his hotel, all will be good.

As I emerge from the elevator I can hear Stackhouse laughing.  It appears Pam tried to sneak up on him and it didn’t go well for her.  She was now upside down, with Stackhouse’s hand clasped around her ankle, her head lightly tapping the floor on the down stroke when she would not answer Jason’s question correctly and he was messing up her perfectly styled hair.

Apparently the question at the moment was “Who owns your pastel fanger ass now?”

I think Pam has met her match, if Jason wasn’t a father to a few young ones still I may have asked him to go to DC with us and be one of Pam’s personal guards, he would be a good fit for her, and he never did stand down from her bitchiness or the show of her fangs. However, I also know his wife would be going along too and I am unsure how her scent would affect Pam?

I know Adilyn’s scent did nothing to me.

That was something we would need to find out.  My Willa was not affected in any way, but I wonder if Adilyn can mask her scent like Niall.  I guess that is a question to ask of one of them sooner rather than later.

I heard Bubba snickering beside me.  I looked in his direction and he just smirked.

“Mr. Eric, I don’t think Mr. Jason will hurt her none but I’s sure Miss Pam will be mighty unhappy once she is released from his hold.   Mr. Jason has been training for over forty years now and he is a slouch compared to his kin.  Hopefully Mr. Rasul can nip it in the bud before either of them get hurt.”

“When did you become part of the clan Bubba and who has been trained? Who did the training?”

“Oh that’s easy.  After all thems’ mean sick vamps were killed off I heard that there was a town willing to let us vampires back in as long as we could live amongst others of all races.  So I made my way there and I found Miss Sookie sitting out on her porch one evening.  She was with her first babe, Erik; she was so big ‘round and due anytime.  I sat with her and we talked for hours.  She told me what she was and I told her about my little quirk. She was easy to talk to.  She smelt like sunshine and I liked it but not enough to bites’ her.  She was not afraid of me like most people were.  We made a deal and I promised to help protect her at night if I could live on her property. So when the time came each morning I went to ground in her woods.  She didn’t like that much, so she had me help som’ Weres to build me a home back in her woods, away from everyone else.  There is a buncha normal rooms with floors but there was one special room left open in case I wanted to sleep in the dirt.  I liked that she respected my wishes.    We became good friends and she became my tru’ boss after she gots’ hurt.  She takes care of all of us like we are family, not employees.  She has a good heart. Anyways, vampires started to show up now and again and cause trouble but Miss Sookie and the people that lived in the parish were nots’ going to put up with that, no sir’re.  She knew there were vampires laying low so she got the word out that she needed protection for the children of the parish.  There were a few Weres that came forward, a few Elves and about six Vampires.  The Weres were all folded into the Pack, which rotated guard duty throughout the parishes to watch over all the young’un, and the Elves well, Mr. Niall tooks’ cares of thems’, don’t rightly know what they do and what their duties is and then there was the Vampires. You know how Vampires can be.  Well two of those vampires were Miss Thalia and Mr. Rasul and they found Miss Sookie fighting off some Vampires with her light hands. I was protecting young Erik so I couldn’t helps’ her none.  Mr. Rasul and Miss Thalia knew what she was and they wanted peace toos’, they joined forces with her and helped to dispatch thems’ three bad Vampires. The fourth ones’ I rightly donts’ know for sure if they caught him or not, I only saw three puddles that Miss Sookie incinerated with her light hands.  After that she made the same deal with Ms. Thalia and Mr. Rasul.  Protection for Peace and a place to call home.   Theys’ both stayed in my home while theirs was built.  Ms. Thalia’s house is like mines’ with one dirt floor; Mr. Rasul’s is all enclosed like a normal home.   Anyways to goes’ back a bit, after that fight Miss Sookie had everyone learning how to fight properly;  her brother, the baby vampires and the young ones like me, her fairy kin, children after they weres’ born, Weres and of course herself.  As her young’uns grew, we train thems’ too as soon as they could stand and learn. You would have been proud of her, she said she needed us all to know how to protect ourselves and when to ‘RUN’, she said you taught her running from a foe was not a bad thing to save your life or the ones you love.  Miss Sookie knew she could rely on her light hands to protect herself and her babes’ but when she was with child it drained her to use her light.  Mr. Niall donts’ knows why unless she was sharing with a baby within.  She comes’ to say that using her hands drained her a lot even when she spent time in the sun, so she wanted to be physically stronger, so she made sure she was.  She seemed to be always looking for the other shoe to drop, but it took some time for that to happen.  She tolds’ me once you called her a trouble magnet.   Miss Thalia is the one who taught everyone sword play, she even teaches the new young’uns.  Mr. Rasul is the one who teaches hand to hand combat to everyone, hes’  not only taught us how to fight but how to build our bodies up in the rights’ way so that we could go against someone’s bigger than us.  I know Vampires don’t grow like that but my minds tolds’ me I was bigger and I think the others felt the same way.   Mr. Niall, he teaches us the fairy tricks so we can fights’ against any supernatural.  It is most certainly a different way to fight, very sneaky.  We all lives’ pretty quietly on the property together, I looks’ at Miss Sookie like she is my daughter; she filled that hole that I had from my Lisa-Marie when I was turned.  Miss Sookie lets me talk about my demons and she helps me understand why I went wrong when I was turned, why it hurts to talk about my human life and why I shuns’ it.  But I am more happy now than when I was first turned.  I have Miss Sookie and her children and her grandbabies who I consider my grandbabies too.    I will protect them all until my last breath, heck I would even protect those two fierce flowers over there, theys’ my kin now too.”

Bubba gave me a lot to think about.   He never talked so much before and he was speaking more pronounced than he ever did and I was actually proud of him and what he has accomplished since being around Sookie and her family…

Sookie never liked being involved in Vampire bullshit but it looks like she never got a chance to really get away from it.   I wonder if Rasul and Thalia would be so forthcoming with me on how they came to be a part of Sookie’s family.

As we walked into the lobby I heard her voice at the same time I saw her back.  She was talking to a group of 4 people.  I quickly realized it was her sons and daughters.

She was a bright light in the dark.  I didn’t know if the others saw her as I did but she had a glow, a golden hue about her.  She said she shined brighter and could control it.  But looking around it seemed as if no one else noticed how bright she was. Except for me!  Was it because I had her blood in me that I could sense her true self.

I wonder?

This is how the light spills off of her in my mind

Before I could catch myself.

I whispered… “Sookie”.

As she turned towards me, all I could form in words was “BEAUTIFUL” and I gave her my megawatt smile.

As she shimmered away, I heard, “Naughty Vampire”.

I stood there watching the empty spot, waiting for her to come back but she didn’t.  It was like on que that her eldest son walked up to me and nodded his head in my direction.

I don’t know what came over me but I lunged forward and hugged my name sake.  It felt like the right thing to do at the time.

It probably looked awkward watching the two of us, her Erik was my height, my hair color, my blue eyes and he raised ‘my eyebrow’ at me, like I would have to him.

How could he be so much like me, but not of me?   I was grateful however for the likeness.  It warmed my dead heart.

As the awkwardness ended with Erik, the other children approached me and they all got the same hug as their brother before them.  Bubba was beaming as were The Flowers, it was Mr. Cataliades who came to our rescue.

“Mr. Northman, it is time that we retire to your suite and talk business.  Children we will see you soon.  I am sure Mr. Northman has plenty of questions for you all.”

“Erik, Charles, Karolina and Tara it was nice meeting you all and I hope we can sit down soon and talk, just the five of us.”

I received nods and looking forward to it from all of them.    As I turned around there stood Pam looking at me like the cat who caught the canary.

“Pamela, what is wrong? You look ill?”

“You…. I saw you hug…..hugging them.  Who are they?  They all look familiar.”

“Pam these are Sookie’s children. Erik, Charles, Karolina and Tara.  Children this is my child Pamela.   Pamela, get to know them, get to know their scents and DO NOT HARM THEM.  You will not feed from them, do you understand me?”

“Yes Master.”

As I walked away I could hear her questioning them.  But it was Rasul that interceded and told her that when the time was right she would know all, but tonight was not that time.

I walked with my guards and Mr. Cataliades to the elevator door and we were ushered inside.

We rode up in silence; no-one said a word. It felt like you would be able to hear a pin drop for sure if it indeed did drop.

I was curious why Mr. Cataliades was so quiet, even his nieces would not look my way.   I finally broke the silence.

“Was it something I said?”

The Flowers snickered, Bubba snorted and Mr. Cataliades looked up at me with a smirk.

“No, nothing like that Mr. Northman.”

As we arrived on my floor and before the doors opened; I pushed the emergency lock button on the door panel so that I could have a moment to speak my mind and the elevator doors would remain closed.

“My apologies for pushing the elevator emergency stop button, to keep the doors from opening, but I have something to get off my chest before we split up and I am uncertain about the silence.   First off when we are alone please call me Eric, no formalities.  I believe we are a bit closer in familiar titles than most.   Second, Mr. Cataliades what do I call you now? I have always called the girls by their first names but I am unsure about you.  I know that we are still business associates but I think we are much closer in relative terms now.  As for Bubba, he will always be Bubba.”

“Mr. Northman, you can call me Desmond or Uncle Des if you wish.  The girls I am sure have no problem with just their first names.   As for Bubba he will have to speak for himself.”

“Awww Mr. Eric wes’ good just like we are, unless you wants’ me to call you Boss Man like I call Miss Sookie, Boss Lady.   But around home I just call her Miss Sookie.”

“No Bubba we are good and as for the girls, your names it is.  As for you Desmond, I think I prefer Desmond much more than Uncle Des.  As for any other business I think the confines of my suite will be best.”

As we got off the elevator one of the Were guards asked me if everything was okay.  I let him know it was, we just had to finish a conversation first before exiting and we would be retiring into my suite to discuss business.

As we went into the suite I heard the Were guard ask Bubba if he had his meal yet and he let the Were know that the Flowers hooked him up good downstairs in the back of the hotel before his time on duty.

I gestured for Desmond to sit and he asked if he could lay the documents out on the coffee table so that we could go over them piece by piece.

Of course I nodded; I knew we had a long night ahead of us.

“Eric before we get down to business I wanted to let you know that I am very proud of you and your win.  I know my god-daughter is over the moon with your win.  Second, I am at your service if you need me during your term of presidency.  Third we have items to discuss business wise and then we will move onto to your personal matters. During the personal matters I have a note I was instructed to give to you from Sookie and to answer any questions you may have pertaining to it.  As for the silence in the elevator well we were all unsure if small talk was allowed or if we needed to maintain silence for protocol.”

“I would prefer the note first but I have a feeling you will tell me that is not allowed and it will speed up the other processes.”

“You are correct; my god-daughter was very firm in when the note was to be delivered.”

“As for chit chat, I have no issues with that as long as we are alone and there are no extra ears. The AVL is still an issue.”

“That is a problem that will be fixed shortly, I am sure of that.”

“Let’s begin then.”

As we went through each one of my companies and I re-signed power of attorney’s over to Desmond so that he could maintain authority over my day to day businesses, it came to mind that I needed to know about changing the CEO title over to someone other than myself for the time being.

“Desmond we need to change over all the CEO positions of my companies to someone so that I am removed while I serve as POTUS. Do you have any suggestions?”

“Yes Eric we were going to get to that after all the power of attorneys are completed. As for whom I think you should choose, well I have a couple of suggestions for you.”

“Very good.”

As we finished up, I looked at Desmond and he had a smirk on his face.

“Desmond, is there an issue, I am not used to you smirking at me.”

“No, no, just a shimmer behind you and a face materialized and stuck its tongue out at me. My god-daughter has never lost the art of the raspberry.    It seems she has read my mind on the suggestions for CEO.  I don’t know if the raspberry is for one or all of them.  Being neither here nor there I have something I need to discuss with you before we move on.”


“As my god-daughter has told you she has my blood running through her veins and she had gotten her telepathy directly from me.    I gave my blood to Earl as a gift, it was to strengthen Adele during pregnancy, but the telepathy gene was also in my blood, not realizing the damage it would later cause to his lineage.  It seems that Sookie always called it a disability, which I did not think it was, I had thought I was bestowing a gift to the family not only helping to strengthen Adele herself but the possibilities of other Dae gifts.  You see she got her telepathy directly from me, as I am telepathic too, but for me I can hear vampires, however I choose not to.  The only time I open myself fully up is when I am in a business meeting with unknowns or in the courtroom; telepathy is a very good tool to use in there.   I never use it for personal gain nor is it a well-known fact that I have it.  I would like for it to remain that way.”

“Of course Desmond.   But isn’t telepathy a fairy trait too?”

“Yes it is, however the type of telepathy she has rules on the stronger side of her Dae heritage.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You see the Fae can talk mainly to one another but have a hard time hearing outside their race.  However, the DAE we can hear all races.  But it is easy for us to handle since we are taught early on how to block.  I didn’t realize young Sookie had telepathy until much later in her life and for not checking on her sooner I take on full blame of what transpired over the four years you knew her intimately.”

“Desmond, as a wise fairy-hybrid once told me long ago. I cannot take responsibility for what happened to her as I was not the cause of all her dilemmas or pain. There was a certain big mouth cousin and a sniveling doucebag to blame for her ride through the supernatural world which ended up causing her most of her heartache and problems.   She also told me once a long time ago; she was a trouble magnet all of her life and that didn’t change due to her telepathy or her meeting other supernaturals.   But on the other hand, I had once told her I wanted to be able to shield her from all the problems and the pain that may arise.  And this very smart fairy-hybrid told me back; if I did that then she wouldn’t be living life.   I tried to help her as much as I could OR as much as she would allow me to; but I never thought I gave her enough and then we both just walked away and left each other’s life until now.   So as you regret the ‘WHAT IF’s’, so do I.   We must move on because if she was here, ‘OPENLY’, she would be giving us a piece of her mind on the subject and that is a battle best left alone.”


Before we moved on I asked my lawyer and new family member if he wanted anything to drink.  He requested a bottle of water.

Next on the agenda was CEO.

“Desmond I would like to put Sookie on as CEO.”

Shaking his head, “Eric that would be an issue.  If you were to wed Sookie then she would have to remove herself as she would be FLOTUS. Plus I think it would be best to take Sookie’s name off the table.  It would be better to start with someone else so that the changes did not have to be done again after you are sworn in.”

Plus Desmond added he would be monitoring everything closely so the position would be in name only.

I agreed with him, I could not come up with any others that I trusted so I had no other suggestions for who could fill the spot.

“I have several names but they will be made up of pairs so that it does not look like you are trying to hide behind any one name.”

I nodded my head in understanding.

“Since you should not have family members per say as your backups, the suggestions I make are close to family members but not close enough.   The suggestions I have are as follows and I think a combination of all of them would work to your benefit.  The reason I give their names is because glamour cannot be done on them and your businesses would move on as usual….. I think The Flowers would be a good choice, I think that Tara and Karolina would be another good choice and my last pair would be Bubba and Thalia.   The reason I chose these different pairings was because of the nature of your different businesses, each business would be looked at individually and the best pair would preside over that business.  You would not be putting your businesses in just one person hands but in a few and this would make you look like you trusted many people to run your businesses and not just one.   I know I will still be the person that runs them but the world doesn’t need to know this.”

“Desmond, you make a fair argument.  I agree the six names are acceptable, have all six meet with us tomorrow night so that we can go over the plans with them and get the names changed over quickly.”

As we moved on I could see Desmond was nervous.  We finalized my personal matters; my houses, cars, warehouses, bank accounts.   I had him add Sookie to all of them.  I told him I didn’t care what she said, she would get over it.  I was going to be high-handed on this one point, as I wanted no issues with this moving forward.

I could feel her upset through the blood.

I knew I would have to explain to Sookie why I did it; but I also knew no matter what she did that was high-handed nor what happened twenty years ago would change that I wanted her in my life and as my mate.    We would work through it together.

As Desmond started to put everything back in his briefcase there was ONE paper still left on the table, it was turned upside down and I was unable to read through it. It seemed like thick parchment, a certificate of some kind.

He squared his shoulders and picked up the paper.  He looked down at it and said.

“Niall and I convinced her to do this.  We thought she would be safer and after you see it and read it, I will answer any questions you have pertaining to it and only it.  The rest is her story to tell.”

“Hand it over and I will make that determination.”

Desmond slowly handed me the paper, as I turned it over and I read it at least a dozen times…I was dumbfounded… I knew now why I could not find her.   This is something I never thought to look into, but it does solve a big problem.  A.VERY.BIG.PROBLEM.

I do wonder how no-one else was able to find this if it was a public record?

“Min Kara…. I know you are here and I am overjoyed…. Not upset like you thought I would be.”

I couldn’t remove the smile from my face.

“Desmond, I am not upset but explain please.”

“Eric, when she came back from the realms after she healed she wanted people to think she was dead.  Thus, the tombstone.  But she also needed a name change.  She had told Niall and I while she was healing that the only man she would marry was you. She never took the Were’s name, nor did she marry him in the eyes of the law, and we thought it would be more difficult to marry a dead man than a vampire.  So we held a fake wedding.  I notarized the marriage certificate, Jason and Lafayette were witnesses. As for your signature that was forged, but an accurate copy, my half-brother Nergal is a mimic so it was easy.  The only liberty we took was separating your last name as you once had it years ago; and we just didn’t put ‘THE’ in front of it.  It would be harder for others to find her that way, but again that is her story to tell.  We knew if they just searched Sookie they may find the marriage certificate and name change, but we figured they would not put two and two together and we knew if we spelled her first name like Compton had pronounced it, you would have been upset with us.  So in the eyes of the law you two have been husband and wife since the year 2072.   Congratulations.”

I just shook my head and laughed.

I would have NEVER suspected her to change her name to mine, nor take my name at all, I was in awe.  I always wanted her to have it, but this, this was good.    This would have definitely been something I would have done or suggested.

Now I can tell the AVL to fuck off, I am a married man/vampire and I have the proof.

Dumb motherfuckers.

Desmond was looking at me because I was still laughing.  He was smiling and shaking his head.  I felt a hand on my shoulder; I grabbed it and told her.

“I am not mad, I am ecstatic.”

I could feel lips near my ear and a gentle breath when she said, “I Love You always Viking.”

After that Desmond excused himself so I was left alone with my ghost.

“Sookie, Sookie, Sookie…. That was definitely one from my books. I am shocked, not mad…. Why didn’t you just tell me?”

“Eric I love you, but I thought you would be mad that I overstepped my rights, I had to do it. I needed to feel safe.  Jason thought about changing his name too but he figured he needed to ask you to do it.   I have so much I still need to tell you and if I keep going on I will blurt things out in the wrong order than I wanted… no, how I needed you to know.    I know I should just tell you what happened to me twenty years ago face to face but I am scared.  I am afraid of the judgement in your eyes.”

“Min Kara, how about we make a plan.   Tonight you tell me whatever else you wanted to tell me in a Note or we can talk, face to shimmer.  We are married now …. So we could possibly have mad passionate primal sex… that isn’t out of the question either.  But I know, I know… stop the dirty talk, you are a lady but you are mine, forever mine….  And don’t you forget that.  Tomorrow I will meet with Desmond and my new CEO’s to sign over the businesses in name only … we can talk some more afterwards and then the following night I am free and we can talk the night away … face to shimmer if you like and you can tell me what happened twenty years ago… please not in a note, I need to see your face and help you through your emotions, I will make sure we have plenty of Kleenex on hand and we will go from there.  There is NOTHING you could tell me that would change my mind about US… ABOUT YOU.”

“It sounds like a good plan.  I accept, that will give me two nights to put my story into words. Thank you.”

For the rest of the night we snuggled on the couch and then our bed.  I might have been corporeal and she was partly shimmered but it felt like the new normal for us.

I was even lulled to sleep by her sweet scent.

The following night I awoke earlier than the norm.  I do not know if it is because of Sookie’s blood or my age.  I know that with age you awaken earlier but Godric had told me once it was usually in 500 year increments.   I was not due for an extra half hour to an hour for another 200 years.

However, the odd thing about this time was, I had awoken to two heartbeats.  MY Love was spooned beside me, her back to my front, shimmering and glowing, but noticeable to my sight and curled in beside her was the form of a male lion.

Courtesy of Teela’s dream

Her familiar, a large male lion; it seems he comes to her in her sleep.

I guess it is one of the many items I will have to get used to in the future.  I hope he does not come to her when we are in carnal pleasure because that would be too weird, even for me.

I will have to ask her why he appears separate from her.  I thought when a Were shifts they are of one body.

It appears my Sookie is more than a Shifter or a Were but what label to use I am unsure to give her at the moment. Or if there is even a label for it, ‘Force of Nature’ fits well I would guess.

I guess my musing had roused my mate and her familiar as they both shimmered out.

However, I chuckled that she had shimmered herself off my bed, but the lion remained.

“Ummm Sookie, I think you forgot something.”

The lion was shimmering but I could tell he was still lying down and when he turned his head and looked at me, I swear he was smiling like his mistress would do… same smile, same twinkle in her eyes… however there was something much more in his eyes, something familiar.

He ignored me and lye his head back down and then shimmered out.

“Sookie, about your familiar, does he often come with you and not as one with you?   Do we expect to see him in our bed more often than not?  Oh Sookie????????”

I could hear a chuckle from the bathroom and I heard a flush of the toilet.

I got up to investigate and My Sookie was standing there in a more corporeal form, however the shimmer around her was still there.

As I approached her, I saw there was a new note on OUR bathroom mirror and as I turned to look I saw there was a new note on my torso as well.

Courtesy of Getty Images
Courtesy of Getty Images

She looked at me and smiled, the same smile as her lion.

Her response to my question, “He is my familiar but it seems I can call on him and be separate too.  I was so content with being with you and was sleeping so well I must have called him in my sleep.  He knows your scent now, so he will not hurt you.   He/I will respond to your command, in case you want no-one to know we are the same.  Others that know me know this; we can limit the knowledge to others if you like. As for will he appear more often, of that I am not sure.  I guess we will both learn as we go along.   I know when I am content he appears to guard me, so it is possible.  I am still learning about what it is for him and I as a Were/Shifter.  No-one seems to know since this is new to everyone, even the A.P.”

I looked on at her in AWE; she was even a more fascinating creature than fifty plus years ago.

“Cat got your tongue?”

I just chuckled and shook my head no.

“Well then, I have already given you two notes before the night starts so I figured after your meeting with Uncle Des and the New CEO’s we will have time to talk and I promise I will come partially corporeal.  I do not think you are ready yet for the full me.”

“My Love you come as you are.  No need for partial anything. If what I saw the other day is but a glimpse, you are beautiful.  My own sunshine.”

We talked for a little while; as the sun started to set, I told her I needed to shower before I met with her family.

She told me there were no worries there, if they smelled her familiar on me it would be for the best.  They would know that he has acknowledged me and if I was to give him a command he would follow and they would follow suite since they would also be in their familiar form.

Again I was in awe, this New Sookie was more tactical then I could have ever imagined.  She was thinking ahead just like I would when in planning mode.

I think we will get along just fine.

“Eric, your company is in the elevator.  Bubba and Thalia are outside the door.  I am going to go for a bit and check on my sons and get updated.  You do not need me here for this meeting.  But if you do just call me through the blood and I will come.”

“Sookie, what do you mean call through the blood?”

“Like a Maker’s call. Give it a try.”

With that I issued a light Maker’s call and she smiled at me.  And in return she issued one back.

‘Force of Nature’ didn’t cover it.  She should not be able to call back, nor should I be able to call her before the bond was complete.

So many questions but I am sure no-one had answers for some of them.

With that there was a knock on my door.   I could feel Sookie getting farther away from me but she was still in the building. I wondered how she was able to move so quickly if she could not teleport but just shimmered.

I opened the door and I was greeted by Desmond and six others.  Apparently the six of them all seemed to be unaware of what will transpire.

“Hello everyone please come in.   Please have a seat; I hope this does not take long because I will be starting to have my much needed talk tonight with your boss/mother/cousin/god-daughter.

Let me start by thanking you all for attending.  I am sure you are wondering what is happening.   As Potus I will have to step down as CEO of all of Northman Enterprise’s businesses while I am in office. Due to the varying companies and who they are structured around we felt that it would be best to split the companies up accordingly between the six of you.  We trust you all, this would be in name only, and there is nothing that you would need to do.  If you would like to attend a board meeting or two it is up to you, however, Desmond will still remain behind the scenes and handle everything as he has always done.    He has kindly laid out what companies he would like for you all to be Co-CEO’s too.  Yes you will be a Co-CEO’s; the pairs are as follows, Diantha and Gladiola, Tara and Karolina, Bubba and Thalia.”

“Mr. Eric yous’ sure about me, I dons’ think it smart.  You know me better than most and I ain’t all there in my head.”

“Bubba, I trust you. Sookie trusts you and Desmond recommended you.  There is no need to worry, if you have to attend a meeting Thalia will be there for support.  Nothing will get by her, of that I am sure.”

“Alrighty then, whats’ dos’ I need to sign?”

“Anyone else?”

Everyone shook their head no and Desmond was able to finish the signing of names in record time.  Desmond notarized our signatures and the others witnessed for each other.


Just as we were finishing up, I felt Tara and Karolina tense up.  I also felt it in my blood, Sookie was calling.  Something was going on and she needed me.

I looked around and the others had noticed mine and the girls’ reactions.

“Something is happening, Sookie is calling my blood.  Her girls looked stricken.  We need to get downstairs immediately.  The stairs will be quickest, girls you may want to shift. Thalia, I will carry Desmond and The Flowers you carry Bubba as we fly down the stairwells.  The girls will follow in their shifted form. ”

I knew the daemons could get there just as quickly on their own but I reacted instead of waiting for their input.

Within seconds, we were all in the stairwell and heading down.   It was a matter of mere seconds maybe at the most a minute and we all emerged; I set my passengers down and ran to the lobby.

We came upon what could only be called a ruckus in the lobby.

There were three male lions, which had three trapped unknown vampires under their paws and claws.

Apparently from what could be heard around the lobby the three vampires tried to find out my room number and when the desk clerk denied them they attacked her.  It was only a matter of seconds before the trio of lions had them pinned up against a wall but vampires being vampires thought they could win against the three Weres/Shifters.

Little did they know that these were not normal Were/Shifters, and the sad fact is they would never know.

As I stood there, Sookie’s girls looked up at me and I told them to go, help contain them until My Were guards could get the vampires wrapped in silver for questioning.   They nodded and bounded to their mother.

As all this was happening, numerous things happened around me as well.

More people arrived in the lobby, not only the guards but also other hotel guests.  They watched in awe as the lions controlled the unruly vampires.

Sookie’s family, of the WERE variety, started showing up.

Pam and Willa were both with Rasul and then came Jason with the extra fairy guards.

Jason helped hold back Pam from interfering as the guards took care of the three intruders.

Jason looked up at Pam and told her to let the kids handle it. When the vampires heard ‘kids’ they attempted to escape the lion’s claws once again.  That was a grave move as the largest of the beasts took a swipe at the vampires’ torso and opened him clean up.

At that move Pam asked who the NEW Weres were?  Were they our new guards?

No one answered her.

As MY Were guards attempted to get the vampires under control with silver, Jason let me know… AVL.   How he knew I was not sure. I knew he was not telepathic.

Then Sookie, as a lion, slinks over to me, -up to no good of course-, with her eyes twinkling and that familiar something else in her eyes…. she rubs her/his big head against my leg and then proceeds to lick my palm several times ….. Chills …. Can a vampire get sexual/erotic chills from something like that, apparently so.

And the minx knew it too.

I swear I heard the lion laugh at me as he/she walked away, I was sure there was a duel laugh coming from the animal.  I chalked it up to the melding of Sookie and her familiar as being two separate entities.

Pam’s mouth was hanging open, catching flies so to speak. Willa chuckled along with The Flowers because they knew who the lion was.

Of course Pam was the first one to speak out loud, since I did not have to issue any orders and Claude had everything well under control.  I nodded to him and Pam again looked at me with her mouth open.

“What, cat got your tongue?”

“Eric the big one that licked your palm, I want him as my guard.  He bested a vampire and that is who I want to protect me, no offense Rasul.”

Everyone laughs but Pam.

“None taken, I would want that one guarding me too.” Rasul answers.

When Sookie disappeared, the other lions shifted back to human form in front of everyone in the lobby, but instead of being fully naked as all Shifters and Weres would be, they have their clothes on.  I am assuming a fairy trait, a practical one at that.

Pam opens her mouth once again, now realizing that the lions are Sookie’s children.  This leads her to wonder who the bigger male lion was.

“Eric, pleaseeeeeee.”   Whining seriously Pam.

“Pam, don’t you think I would want the larger male for myself.   I think if you play nice the others might help protect you.”

As I stand watching everything, My Weres start to walk by me with the three idiots.  I stop them before they continue on.

“All I want to know is who sent you and why?”

Two of them are tightlipped but the third, not so much; he might live to see another night if he is truthful and forthcoming, then we may possibly be able to turn him into our own spy against the AVL.

“Felicia sent us, she wanted us to find out what happened to the others sent three nights ago and we needed get to you and convince you that it was best for you and your daughters to side with the AVL on matters of the vampire state.  We are nothing but hired help.”

“What do you mean CONVINCE.” My voice boomed.

“To get you to conform to their way of thinking by any way we needed to, including kidnapping one of your children if possible.”

I backhanded the vampire and nodded to Pam.   “Pam follow the Weres to the containment jail below and get answers, report back and I will tell you how to proceed from there. No hurry.”

She nodded and followed them.

I had to pause a moment, how the hell did I know there were cells below?  Did I just assume it was true? Was it because most supernatural hotel/motels had them if they had a basement?   I guess I was being presumptuous but since no-one balked at the order I would had to have guessed that I was right.

I had to be careful in what I said next, the Vampires and Weres around me could hear me but not the humans or at least I hoped not. I didn’t need to be on TMZ (yes they were still around and more stealthy than ever) for a scandal before my term even started.

“Willa go tell your sister to start the interrogation on the two who did not speak and then the one that did. Let him see what will happen to him if he does not cooperate and speak truthfully.   If we can turn him into a spy for us against the AVL that would be a plus on our end, but let him know we will be watching and his life will be in jeopardy if he double crosses us.   Rasul, Thalia… go have fun with Pam.  You know what I need, by any means necessary.  Claude, can the cells be spelled so humans cannot hear what is going on?”

“No worries, they already are.  When Niall built this place he made sure to have it warded with soundproofing and different types of cells available depending on the Supe: regular, silver, and iron, just in case.”

“Children can I talk to you please?”

Sookie’s kin approached me, but they were unsure of what I wanted.

“My apologies for calling you children, I am unsure how to address you now.  Thank you for your efforts tonight.  I can see what your mother has said to me is true.  You are all much stronger than I expected. You were all magnificent and I am proud to be attached to you as family.  I still want to speak to you all sometime this week so please let me know when we can sit down and do so.  I am aware of the marriage now so no worries about that.   We can discuss any questions you have of me then.  Oh and can the parent of Adele tell her I said hello.”

I was given nods by all.

Charles spoke up, “Adele is my baby and she has been asking about you too.  Perhaps she can come for a visit before you leave for DC.  In the meantime I will tell her you said hello.”

I again hugged all of them one by one and it was getting easier and more familiar for me to do so.   As they turned to walk away I could hear them discussing the girl’s new titles.  When I turned around at the elevator, I smiled at them all and told them to have a goodnight, to get some rest.

As Bubba, The Flowers and I got onto the elevator, Bubba spoke up.

“No worries about their rest, thems’ don’t sleep much no more.   The more times they go to Faery proper, the less sleep thems’ need.  It is happenin’ to all of thems’ including Mr. Jason and Ms. Adilyn.”

That was good to know.  I wonder if their Dae heritage had anything to do with that.  The Dae could go days without sleep, but then again Adilyn wasn’t Dae.

As the entourage approached the door, I turned around and let them all know that the Were guards have it handled for the rest of the night if they needed a break from duty, that there were no plans for me to leave the suite. With that, The Flowers and Bubba nodded and walked back to the elevator.

Once Bubba and The Flowers reached the elevator Eric tells the Weres to be alert since the AVL tried their crap once again.   With that he walked into the suite.

As Eric enters he notices that his love was sitting on the couch in a cute pajama set, he only knew about such things because of Pam and her incessant shopping habits.

I smile at my love and acknowledge the glow around her; it is brighter than normal yet not hurting my eyes as she had thought it would, however since I did not say a word about it one way or another it has Sookie shimmering out.

“Lover, why did you leave me?  You were magnificent. You did not hurt my eyes. You did not burn my skin.  You are my own personal sun.  You shine so brightly but yet I could look at you all day.”

“Liar, I can feel it in your blood remember.”

“Sookie, I would not lie about something like this, you caught me off guard when I walked in the room, I was not expecting you to be fully corporeal, let alone my own sunshine sitting there waiting for me, you are no longer my sunshine in a pretty little blonde bottle but my own full on sun.  Feel my words my love, I am not lying.   Please come back to me I want you here as corporeal as you will allow me to have.  Besides how can I consummate our marriage with you if you are but a ghost?”

“Naughty vampire….. I am a lady remember.”

“Oh yes I remember.”

I will give her time.

I will wait for her to come to me.

But while I am waiting I will get into some sleep pants so we are both in pajamas and comfortable.

“Viking, I have decided I will come to you in corporeal form on one condition.”

“And that is?”

“We talk on the couch first, then just maybe then in the bedroom.  We will see how it goes.”


“Oh and tomorrow expect a pair of sunglasses from me.  I think a nice pair of Ray-Ban’s will work to help protect your beautiful blue eyes.”

“Lover, sunglasses?????  For what exactly.”

“My glow silly, can’t have you burning out your retinas from my glow.”

“If you think I need them, then I will wear them, however I think a vampire wearing sunglasses at night will NOT be the next fashion rage.”

Laughter comes from my love, she has yet to materialize but it is enough for me to locate her and pounce on her.   I pick her up and carry her to the couch while she is laughing uncontrollably and I join in.

“Eric I know we need to talk and you want us face to face but first will you take my blood again, I want/need to feed you.  I want you well fed because if the AVL keeps up its shit I want to be able to track you by your blood.  I know I do not leave your side during the day and most of the night but once they figure out their spies are getting caught too easily they will change their tactics.”

As my lover is saying this I see a knife appear in thin air, with the previously used beaker slowly making its way up from the table.  I see the slash of the knife through the air against nothing and then blood beginning to pour into the beaker.

This is not how I wanted this to go.

I was unsure how all of this was happening the way it was, she never mentioned she was telekinetic but with everything else she had going on I wouldn’t doubt it for one minute.

“Sookie, stop.   I want to take your blood but only if you take mine.  BUT it needs to be from the source not from a beaker.  I will drink what is already there but the rest has to be from you. Let me heal you.  I don’t want you to ever have to use a knife again to feed me unless we are being pledged.”

I see the flow of blood stop and a corporeal arm come near my face.  I take the arm and clean what is left of the cut; it seems my little fairy is self-healing too.    Her blood is like an aphrodisiac to me but not one that I will lose myself in.

I pull her body to me and sit her on my lap.

“Lover I need to see you.  I want to see all of you, please.”

With that she appears in my lap with a huge smile on her face.

For the first time in my long life I am unsure how to proceed.

I want to lay her back on the couch and feel her underneath me.

I want to lick her pulse point and drive her insane.

I want to find that spot behind her ear that drives her crazy.

For once I am truly lost in what to do next.

“Don’t overthink it Eric, just do what comes natural.”

I nuzzle her neck; I take in a few strong solid deep breaths.

I drink in her scent, sweet as honey and as strong as the sun.

I nuzzle my way down to the twins, more honey and sunshine in the valley between; I proceed to suck on them through her top one at a time.   My hands are roaming on their own accord re-learning her curves.

Gods how I have missed them/her.

As I am doing all of this, I feel Sookie wrap her legs around my waist as she pulls me down to her so I am no longer hovering above her.  She grinds me into her center and my/her gracious plenty springs to life.  Her hands are resting on my shoulders; her nails are digging into my skin drawing pools of blood.  Everything comes flooding back into my subconscious about our previous encounters as I enjoy the foreplay or in our case now, the dry humping we are doing.   I know she will not let it go further than this until I know about that night twenty years ago.

God how I have missed this woman.

Sookie’s breathing is labored; she is becoming wild in her own right, as her arousal tells me so.  I myself am spinning up to bloodlust and need to put an end to this before we go further than I know she will be comfortable with for the night.

“Sookie….. MY Love we need to stop….I myself do not want to stop … but if we go further than what we have done so far, I know you will be unhappy, but first I need you to bite.   Please just bite.”

She didn’t say anything before she bit me, the feel of little fangs running into my chest made me cum like a teenage boy.  I did however roar like the Viking/Man/Vampire I was, while cumming so hard in my pants and when she began to pull on my blood, I could feel myself cumming again and again.

I felt alive for the first time in fifty plus years.   SHE made me feel this way.

As I was coming down just a bit I looked into her eyes.  I saw my love coming right back at me, I saw her depth and I saw her trust.

That was my undoing; I nuzzled her neck and prepared it for my bite.   I heard a breathless Erriccccccc as I bit.  I pulled on her blood, the ambrosia, the flavor, the taste…the lifesaving elixir that would forever be mine and only mine.   I drank three swallows and then pulled away and watched her come undone.

Her orgasm seemed to be never ending.

Her mouth was still covered in my blood as I am sure mine was with hers.  I crashed my lips onto hers and kissed her like there was no tomorrow.  The mixing of our blood once again; MY lover… My mate… My wife… MY BONDED was back where she belonged by my side.

I felt her need to breathe like it was my own, the bond was definitely back.  Fully back, two exchanges in one night and it was back and I never ever wanted it to leave again.

I looked at her neck so that I could heal my marks but I watched in awe as the punctures nit back together without my help.

I smiled down at her as she smiled up at me and at the same time we both said… “I Love You.”

I just hovered over her for a bit but she wasn’t having that and pulled me down to rest on her.   It was then that we realized the mess that was made by our mutual coming undone.

We both started laughing.   Yes it was funny.  We made a mess and we didn’t even get to the good part yet.  That coupling would be astronomical when it happens.

“Eric can I borrow a shirt and boxers please?”  Of course I just nodded my reply.

With that we both got up and went into the bedroom to clean up.

We cleaned up in separate corners, but oh how I wanted to get her and I dirty again.   But I knew if we didn’t talk we couldn’t move on to the good stuff.

As I eye-fucked, yes eye-fucked, my lover from across the bedroom she giggled and warned me that I needed to stop so our talk could begin or she would shimmer out and I would get notes again tonight.

I complied.

She led me to the couch and we sat at opposites ends facing one another.  She smiled at me and winked.

“I know what you are thinking vampire and don’t you dare.”

“Whatever do you mean?”

“Yeah right, do not play all innocent with me.  But seriously we need to talk.  I need to get a few more things out tonight and then tomorrow will be all about the big reveal.”

All I could do was nod.

“So let me get back to where I had left off. Well life was easy and hard, it depended on the year and who surrounded us.  It got easier once we had vampire guards at night. At first Jake was not happy about them being on the property but he soon realized that they were an asset to us and to our children. The three of them would die to protect my babies. They treat my children and grandbabies like their own kin.  In return, I had houses built for them; I own the homes so that no other vampires can get to them while they sleep, they all live on their own and it is their home not mine. But to ensure their safety there are also wards around each individual house.  Thalia, of course, was the toughest to crack but she has become a good friend and mentor, Rasul treats me like his little sister and well Bubba, I am his daughter to put a label on it.  I am thankful these three happened into my life the way they did. They have taught me much and have saved my life more than a few times.”

I raised my hand so I could ask a question.

Sookie lifted her eyebrow at me, my classic move, and of course I chuckled.

“First Bubba told me a little bit about how they came into your life.  So no need to go into detail.  I will ask you if it is okay for me to talk to them one on one if the need arises.   The other, is how did you become their boss?  And last what trouble occurred that you needed saving?”

“Sure you can talk to them anytime you want to, I have no control over that and I will have no secrets from you, I am more their friend than a boss.  But they work for us from time to time, other than being on the property and securing it for me.   Niall has a security firm among other things and they work through it.  They train others to be guards and we have a few pack members who have become full blown bodyguards for the elite because of their training.  We have them all on retainer and pay Thalia, Rasul and Bubba a teacher’s fee from the fees we charge our customers.  They seem to like the work since it does not demand all their time and they like the free hours they have too.  Now for this jig right now, it was Rasul’s idea for them to protect y’all. They even decided amongst themselves who would protect who.   As for my life, well before twenty years ago the protection and lifesaving was against rouge vampires and Weres who would come into town thinking they could just take over.  They either heard about us living well together or they caught a whiff of fairy.  The rogues didn’t last long because of those three and when they used the pack for assistance the fat lady sang pretty quickly.   That leads me to my scent, before twenty years ago, I was sweet smelling as you know but after the babies it seemed to get stronger each time.  It was Thalia who asked Niall on one of his many visits home to teach me how to cover it up.  She, nor Bubba or Rasul, were affected by my scent, but if someone came prowling they didn’t need to smell us until they were upon us.   But by being taught how to cover it up, I was also taught how to eradicate if from a room.  That is why you can smell me when you need to, but Pam cannot on the following day.   I know it’s a good parlor trick to have up my sleeve.

Now for Barry, you must be wondering how is he here.  Well since he is more DAE than I am, the light fruit was washed from his system when uncle took him to the Dae realm.  Grandfather had talked to uncle about the half breeds that were roaming the Fae realm after Mab was killed and they wanted to try and help them.  When uncle went to help he found Barry and cured him.  He has since started working for uncle and grandfather in whatever capacity is needed.   And of course as you have noticed he hasn’t aged a day.   Going back to Niall, he spent time with me at the farmhouse when he could especially when I was pregnant; he has always been a nomad.  It wasn’t until after the attack and the great –grandbabies started arriving that he now spends his time fully with us. You see he blames himself for not being there that day and that is why he thinks I got hurt so badly, I do not blame him but he will not believe me and he doesn’t want a re-occurrence to happen again with all the little ones roaming around.”

I raised my hand again.

“Sookie I like the idea of the TRIO of warriors being there to protect you and your kin.  I will speak to Rasul and Thalia about better defenses needed especially after I am put in the White House and you join me there.     As for Barry, I figured as much but I knew I would find out sooner or later.  I think he enjoys his life and as you said he doesn’t look much older than he did when we were in Dallas, which I am sure is due to the Fae and Dae realms.    Now as for Niall, I can understand why he blames himself.  It is for the same reasons I blame myself for your attacks and getting hurt while under my protection.  Just call it a ‘GUY Thing’.   As for the children, I think he enjoys their company, I know I had enjoyed Adele’s very much, she was refreshing.”

“I have two more things… well maybe a few more… to go over tonight so we can speak about the other stuff tomorrow night. Then I just want to relax with you before bedtime if that is okay with you?”

I nodded at her and started to move closer to her, I wanted her in my arms.  But she stayed me with her hand up in a stop formation.  I had a feeling I was not going to like what was said if she was stopping me from touching her.

“Okay like a Band-Aid….. First I am sure you are wondering about the notes.  The kisses are held on by a stasis spell, I can remove them if you want?”  I just shook my head no, “as for how quickly the notes appear that is one of my things, I can just think it and it appears on the paper either before or as you read it.  It is a weird trick and I play with it all the time just to practice.   Pythia said it is like a mimic trick but I am mimicking my mind to paper nothing more.   Which leads me to how I know the ancient lady?  Well to be honest she just appeared before me one day while I was sitting on my porch. She shocked me with her gray cloudy eyes and her older wrinkled body but I knew in my bones she wouldn’t hurt me and probably would protect me if need be, her being a vampire never came to mind.  She had come to me a few times since and told me she has been watching me since before Dallas.  She told me things went horribly wrong there and she blames herself.  She never really delved into it so I am unsure all of what she meant but I left her to her privacy about it because she was beatin’ herself up over it. She came to me after my accident, she said she saw it happening but she could not interfere because then it would drastically change my course again if she did. One misalignment of my course per lifetime was enough, she said.   She is very cryptic when she wants to be and/or very forthcoming other times.  Anyway our visits are usually once a month where we just talk, I think she likes the just talkin’ part of it, she doesn’t have to put on airs with me or my family and that includes my vampires, no-one judges her for just being an older woman/vampire visitin’ with friends.  That leads me to the last topic…………………….Jake …………….. He was killed protecting me and I will carry that guilt for the rest of my life.  I am sure you know the feeling. I know everyone tells me it wasn’t my fault he ended up dying but that still doesn’t take away the cripplin’ ache in my gut that I get when I think about it.  My Erik told me that his father loved me in his own way and as a Were, a Man, and my protector it was best for him to go out that way, fighting.  I know I can second guess everything that happened and Pythia has told me to stop dwelling on it, it will do me no good but I can’t help but wonder if Jake had never met me OR if my past hadn’t come back to haunt me that he would still be alive.”

She started to cry and I had had enough of the distance between us.

I lifted her up and put her on my lap sideways.

I smoothed away her hair from her face and put my finger under her chin to raise it up.

I used my other hand to gently pet her hair as to soothe her.

I kissed her nose and smiled down at her which only made the tears come out more.

“Shush my love, no more tears; I am sure Jake is saying the same thing to you now. You see when war happens, that is what I am calling your accident, the casualties are who and what you regret the most.  You can second guess everything you did to protect yourself or what caused the incident but you should never forget that those that battled with you were there with you, for you, by choice, not forced.  If he didn’t want to be your protector he would have held back.  He might not have been the man of your dreams but he was your mate for the short time you were together. You loved him and he loved you. You shared a home and he fathered your children.  He gave you what many never have; dwell on that, not on what happened that day because you cannot change the past without repercussions… even if you had a time machine to go back with to do so.   I believe that is why the A.P. never told you, she was making sure your future was a bright one, not one marred with coulda/shoulda/woulda been.”

“Thank you”

“You are always welcome my love.  Now let’s get comfortable and just relax because tomorrow evening I am sure will be another stressful conversation for you.”

As we lay there snuggled for a while I could feel Sookie drifting off to sleep and as she did I looked down at the floor and I could see a very large lion looking up in my direction.

Definitely something I am going to have to get used to. I do not believe she realizes he comes to her when she sleeps. It may not all be about comfort but more about protection.

“I am going to have to give you a name if you are going to appear when she is content and sleeping in my arms.   I will think on it and let you know.   As for now I am going to move us to the bed, follow if you must but it is close to dawn and I need to make sure she knows I took care of myself properly and tucked myself and her in.”

With that I floated myself and her up and over the couch and then walked us to the bed.  The lion following closely behind us, he then laid himself down on the floor beside her after I tucked her in.

As I snuggled up to her, I kissed her on the forehand, wished her sweet dreams and waited for dawn to take me.

It was while I was still in downtime waiting for the pull that I heard her speaking, so I reanimated myself.  She was talking in her sleep and she was wishing the lion a peaceful sleep too.   But when she called him his true name she caught me off guard.   Could this be the other high-handed thing she was talking about?

She called her lion …. Godric.

As I lay there I thought about it and smiled.  Godric was no longer protecting me as my Maker but was now protecting Sookie as her familiar.

Was that what I saw in the lion’s eyes, my Maker staring back at me?

How I wonder?  I guess it doesn’t really matter.

I do believe it to be so and I highly approve.

“Goodnight Godric.”  I then heard a rumble from the other side of the bed. I guess that was my answer.

As I rose the following night Sookie was not with me in our bed.  I felt her blood but it seemed in turmoil.  I knew I would find out the cause once I fully came to myself.

I could feel her blood and it was near but she was not corporeal anywhere in the suite and I could not get a positive bead on her location, the bond was muddled.  I looked one last time in the bathroom and I found another note.

Okay I wonder what changed.

Then I looked again on my night stand and found another note.

I was more worried now.  Had I done something wrong the night before?  Did I push her too far with the blood exchange? Had she heard me say Godric’s name?   I needed her here to tell me what was happening, that everything was okay and I was overreacting.

I decided to bite the bullet and opened the note.

It read:

I am so sorry for not being there. I woke up in a fabulous mood.  I woke up next to you.  I woke up feeling your hum inside me while you were at rest. I wrote the note on the bathroom mirror and then I sat down on the couch to think about how I would tell you everything that happened twenty years ago.  And that is when it happened, I had a panic attack.  I have not had one in ages but it was there, full blown and I was spiraling fast.  I locked my emotions down through the bond so as to not wake you and went in search of someone to talk to.  Of all the people in the hotel I could only find Jason.   I know I should be thankful it was family I found to talk to and Jason knows what happened before, during and after but sometimes his mind reverts back to those damn squirrels and I did not need that to happen today.   So we found a quiet spot and we talked.  I told him what was happening tonight and he gave me some sound advice.  If just thinking about it made me panic and also thinking that the panic would happen again in front of you, then the best thing to do is to leave a note.  No matter the length he felt you would understand because if I did have another attack and you couldn’t calm me down he was afraid you might freak out because of not knowing what to do to calm me down and you would think what had happened was far worse than you have previously thought it to be to put me in the state I was in.
So before I start I have a couple things to say.       For me this was tough to write and to relive again.  I have blamed myself for the attack for a very long time.  I have blamed myself for the deaths that happened. I have blamed myself because I could have possibly prevented it all. That being said I am sure you will growl while reading, you will growl some more and then you will think woman you are not to blame, you should not burden yourself with such guilt… But here’s the thing I could have changed things long ago when this all started but I never thought I would have repercussions from it like this.   Usually your past is your past and it never comes back to haunt you in this way, at least I would hope it would not.  I should have known better.  I was a trouble magnet extraordinaire …..Anyway, read the note, re-read the note and I will give you time to digest what is in it.  When you are ready call my blood and I will come to you ….but do not call me before you have read the note as I will not appear.  I know your tricks you sneaky vampire.  I am figuring at least a couple of hours at the least for you to properly wrap your head around it all…….

All I could do was shake my head and wonder what she could have possibly done to have her so haunted about this, what she had done to start the ripple of the attack to her and her family.  She was a danger/trouble magnet for sure but she never sought it out, it always came to her.   As I sat there thinking about what I had read my phone buzzed, I had a text.  I picked it up and it was Pam, she needed to talk to me about the prisoners.  I was in no mood and I told her I was busy, that I would get back to her later. Just to keep them alive if they hadn’t already met their True Death.  There was no response from her and for that I was grateful.

I picked the note up once more and re-read the beginning.

I was trying to remember if she ever had panic attacks before and I could not remember them ever being mentioned. I understood what Jason was trying to convey and I hoped he is correct in saying that the attack was less climatic than I think it was. Plus I needed to let her know that with the bond I could have helped calm her down, sent her calming reassurance through the bond but we will talk about that later… As I re-read the beginning I am trying to think back to our time together to see if anything we had done had possibly started this.  But everything I thought of was closed up and tied in a tight knot.  There had been nothing left for chance.  So what had started the dominoes falling had happened to Sookie when I wasn’t with her and that covered a large timeframe.

So that meant it was from one of the following:

Life in BonTemps,

Family of the Fae kind,

Family in Bon Temps,





Russel Edgington,

But which one was it.  I could keep guessing or finish reading the fucking NOTE/LETTER to find out what had happened.

I mentally put my list in order of how I ranked them and I didn’t like what I had come up with.

So I prepared myself, how bad could it be.  Well bad enough for her to have almost died and bad enough for her to have to spend time in the FAE and DAE realms.

I blew out the air that I knew I did not need and started to read again.

Like a band-aid, but I will start with some background first. 
First you know how in a mystery or murder it is always the butler who done it, well that didn’t happen here because Dangit I never had a butler or a maid.
Okay so that was supposed to be humor, hopefully I pulled it off.  If not, sorry.
I think my time in Faery is where it all started.   I think if I hadn’t needed to use my light to get away from Mab it would have never manifested to what it was then and now.   When I got back after that year away much had changed, New friendships were built, old ones realigned and a power struggle between my friends.  I know I never really told you but I was happy you were there for me and I had a home to return to but I was too damn proud and angry to tell you. Then more shit started to happen quickly with the witches and then the authority and my life started to spiral out of my control. 
Pythia told me it was Dallas where everything changed but I don’t see how… I was safe when I left, a little gun shy from the bomb but I was still whole.  The only thing I do regret is not being able to talk Godric into staying and maybe that is what she means.
Anyway ………then Faery happened.  Sorry I jumped back a little here.
So Not only was I playing in the vampire bullshit I was playing in the Were bullshit as well.  It was during this time that Alcide joined a new pack and it was good for a while for him until he found out Debbie was fucking the packmaster.  He found them together.  Sam was helped by Alcide and they killed the PM and then Alcide abjured Debbie which led to me killing her and Tara being turned.
Sorry if this sounds jumbled but you can ask questions later if you need to.
Hopefully you are with me so far and not shaking your head wondering why you need to know all this shit.  You saying, these events couldn’t be part of the dominoes for what happened to me.   Because you would be sooooo wrong.
Alcide later left the pack and went in search of his dad, he was with him for a while and it turned out that a were bitch he knew came to him all strung out on V, Turns out the new PM  was having his pack drink V to make them stronger.  JD, he was a dick to say the least and Alcide fought him but he had to take V to win. He won and with it came all the bitches sniffing him out.  He liked that perk what male wouldn’t but then came other things like kidnapping supernatural rights activists so the pack could stay hidden.  Well shit went downhill and Alcide helped them escape, he came to his senses but not soon enough.  He went off of V, he swore he only took it that once.  But that didn’t mean the pack wasn’t still gunning for him. More shit happened then that, but this is the condensed version.
Anyway you were having your own issues at the time so I couldn’t ask you for your help, I figured after you signed my home over to me we were done.  I wanted you to come back in and I had wished you would have tried the door because it would have opened for you as I reissued the invitation to you.  As all this was going down so was the Warlow shit, what a nightmare and big freakin’ mistake, I could have used your advice but I thought I had it under control and I figured since I fucked that asshole and smelled of him your answer would have been Hell to the Fuck NO and I would have deserved that.  
So one night after the vamp camp had been closed down, you were gone, Warlow was dead and gone, and Alcide paid me a visit.  He wanted to become friends again.  He said he missed me and needed a friend to talk to.   We started as friends and ended as friends with benefits.  We figured we were better off together than apart.  We kept Bill at bay and the pack was leaving him alone.
But once the HepV vamps showed up and you came back all hell broke loose once again.  It was during this time that I was paid a visit from one of the Were bitches Alcide had fucked while being Packmaster.  She claimed she was pregnant and left town so she could get off of V and whelp her pup properly.  I could read Rikki’s mind, she had no clue if Alcide was the daddy or not and she needed money.  So I reacted and didn’t tell anyone what I did, I used my fairy light on her and shot her ass off my porch.  It felt right and good.  She hit the ground hard and I told her to stay off my property and to stay away from my man. Even though Alcide and I were FWB, I wasn’t going to let her take advantage of him. 
It wasn’t even a week later and Alcide had died and I kicked myself in the ass for not letting him know that bitch paid us a visit and he could quite possibly be a daddy.  Plus if I wanted to be truly vindicated I would have let him go instead of stringing him along like I did…  I loved him but not like I should have, but I think it was the same way for him about me.
I really didn’t give any of it much thought after that.  You left me for good, I staked Bill.  Life got back to somewhat of a routine.  When Jackson and I had our talk I told him about Rikki and supposedly another bitch that got pregnant at the same time from Alcide during a threesome.  Jackson told me they probably lost their pups if they had been addicted to V when they got pregnant but I learned later that he and Martha were actively looking for them just in case.
I never knew if he found them but it really didn’t matter I had my life to worry about and my family.
Years past and everything was quiet until that day. I found out then that Rikki had been stewing all that time, her hate for me was so strong, she transferred her hate of me to her pup and he stewed along with her. They felt that I had ruined their lives by taking away their only chance for a good life.
But anyway it was a very tactical strike, they knew our habits, they knew when we would be at our weakest.  They knew about our security, they knew about our wards, the only thing they hadn’t figured on was a change in our plans.  The pack leadership meetings are usually held elsewhere but for some reason Jackson wanted it changed to our property.   He said he had a bad feeling and knowing about intuition like I did I didn’t judge him.    So the guys were all in the house and us woman were outside shooting the shit and watching our kids.  
I know I should have been paying better attention but I wasn’t, it was right around 5pm when they struck, the vampires wouldn’t be mobile for another hour and a half and the men were supposed to be on their way to Shreveport for the leadership meeting.   There was about thirty of them that came to the farmhouse, they were all told they were taking control of a failing pack and their prize would be the land supporting the pack.  They were told that whoever on our side didn’t fall that day, either they changed allegiances or they would perish with the rest of us.
The Weres were all young and lone wolfs, except for Rikki and her son, so they were easy to manipulate.  We also found out who their spy had been and how he was able to work around us finding out that he was a traitor to us. Apparently they found a witch who gave him a charm of some sort so we couldn’t read his mind accurately nor notice the spell attached to it.  Erik and Rasul had fun ending that one.
Back to the attack.
So to get me to fall in line with them they were able to get control of a couple of my grandbabies and I couldn’t have that, no-one was going to hurt my babies, so I offered myself.  It is what Rikki wanted anyway.  She told me she was gonna kill everyone I loved because I took her alpha away from her.   I hadn’t realized during this whole thing that one of the older grandbabies was able to slip into the house and warn the men.  By the time they arrived, there was blood everywhere.    Martha had shifted, god love her she was too old for fighting she was in her seventies and time was not good to her but she wasn’t going to let us go down without a fight.  She took out a couple of the Weres before they realized what was going on.  My daughters had shifted into wolves as well because that is what they chose before the Malay, why they never chose their fathers shift I still never knew.  They were fighting just as hard, I tried to use my hands on Rikki but she held them to my side, I could only shoot sideways, so I was able to help there but not enough.
Rikki halted her shift midway so that she could use her claws and canines on me.  My neck, stomach and legs were the worst, she tore me up bad and threw me to the ground and left me to die.  She told me she didn’t finish me off because she needed me to watch my kin die first.
The men arrived right after that.
Rikki’s son went after Jackson first because he was protecting Martha since she was mortally hurt.  The bastard went after Jackson, his own grandfather, yes he was his grandson, he looked too much like Alcide to deny it.  He killed both of them in front of me, tore them apart.  They were the only grandparents my kids and grandbabies ever really knew.  It was Jake who went after Rikki, while Erik and Charles went after the bastard son.   The younger ones were killed off easily by everyone else but Rikki fought Jake tooth and nail.  She had apparently shoved silver shards and flakes under her nails so that when she shifted the silver would hurt another Were when she clawed them.   Jake shifted to a grizzly but when you rip open a throat with silver it is hard for the Were to recover and usually ends their life.  She knew her opponent well and knew how to take him down.    He got her too so they both died in front of me.
I was able to drag myself over to Jake so I could die with him.  I wanted us holding hands as we faded out.  But Jake being Jake told me that I needed to make it so our family would be taken care of.  He needed me to live.
My head was swimming, I knew I was dying and I just laid there and watched everything around me.  I could see the sun was settin’ and the trees were covering the glow of the sun. 
It was Thalia who got to me first.
She had heard the fight but could do nothing till the sun had set it was still too high for her to leave her house and the trees gave her no cover.  However, before she left her house she had already jumped into action.  She was the one who called Niall; she was the one who called Jason.  She sent out a call to the pack members she had in her phone that there was trouble at the property to get there ASAP. She called the other vampires on the property to make sure they got to the farmhouse quickly.
She started barking orders out to all that remained as she cradled me in her arms, telling me I was not allowed to die.  She would not allow it. 
As the Vampires and Weres started showing up she issued orders, all the while topically putting her blood on my wounds, trying to stop the flow of my blood and trying to get the wounds to close.  She said she would not give me her blood unless I told her too.  She said she could still smell you in my blood and she was not messing with a bond.  I didn’t understand what she meant by messing with a bond. I knew of the bond because of Niall but I didn’t understand how her blood could mess with it.
Next she had the pack collect the dead and place them in one pile.  She had my girls pick up and take Jackson and Martha to her home so that they could get a proper burial.   She had Bubba and Lafayette take the children into the house away from the scene.  She had Rasul helping Erik torture the leak.   She had Jessica, Keith and James running the perimeter and keeping a watchful eye for another attack.   She had everything well-orchestrated; she knew what she was doing.
I laid there in her lap thinking about what you would do if you were me. 
But before I could make my decision Jason had showed up.  He knelt beside me and took my hand, He told me that I could not die on him, I was the one who was supposed to live the longest. I was the one who was to make sure everyone lived a long healthy life; he was the one who was supposed to go first.  He told me Niall was on the way as was uncle.  He told Thalia to give me blood to help me heal.
She told him that decision was mine and The North Man’s.
I looked at her and asked what her blood would do to me.  She said she was afraid it would turn me if she gave me too much as I had lost too much already.
Before I could tell her to give me some, Niall and uncle popped in.
Thalia told Niall what she had done and he thanked her. 
Niall told Charles he was in charge along with Thalia while I was gone.  He told Jason to move his family to the farmhouse until they could make sure there were no more threats.   He told all that were standing there that he and uncle would take me the fae realm to save my life and heal me.  They did not know how much time I would need to get better but I would come back. With that we were gone.

I had to pause reading.  I re-read all that section again.  She was attacked.  To me it was not warranted.  The Were bitch had no rights to Alcide or his money… if he wanted to know about any pups while he was living I am sure he would have went looking to find out, but what were the odds a V addicted Were would make it full term?  Even if she did come to Sookie’s looking for Alcide, it did not mean he would have accepted her into his life.  That bitch’s whole train of thought was twisted and demented and she brought her pup in on her delusion.   I could only imagine what his life was like, so full of hate.

I could understand why Sookie had thought she was to blame and I understood all too well why she gave herself up. She was protecting the young ones with the only way she could think of that made sense to her and her values.  She was a mother and grandmother first and her fight or flight was working right with what she thought was the best laid plan for that day.

I needed her to come to me before I finished reading her note. I was not going to wait two fucking hours.  I still had more to read but I needed her here with me now, so that she could feel my emotions while I read.

So she could see there was no judgment coming from me on how she reacted.

So she could see and feel that I loved her through everything she thought were her faults.

I re-read this section again and made a choice. There was still more to read but I needed her here NOW.

I moved to the door of the suite and opened the door.  Bubba was standing there is downtime.  The Weres were both at the elevator.

“Bubba call down to Erik please.  Tell him I need for him to bring his mother here to me.   I do not want her here by force unless he has to. But I need her here while I finish what she left for me.   I need no questions asked as I will explain all later.  Thank you.”

I shut the door again and went over and drank a bagged blood hoping to calm me down some.  I wasn’t nervous or mad…. I was just edgy. The blood helped some but I knew the only cure to my edginess was Sookie’s closeness.

About ten minutes had passed and there was a knock on my door and a commotion outside of it.  From what I could hear, Sookie was not happy.

As I opened it, I had to chuckle.

There at my door was Thalia with Sookie bound to her like a deer on a hood and the children were flanking them.   It was a sight for sure.

Stubborn as ever.

“I think this belongs to you North Man.”

“Come in, I hope it wasn’t any trouble capturing it.”

“None at all, she is just stubborn is all and I could not have her getting away again.  The children are added protection so she does not run.”

“Thank you, I will take the dangerous creature off your hands.”

With that I received a huff.

“Momma, please just talk to him.  He is calm, not agitated at all.  You know it will be best face to face.    We will stay here in the outside hall if you want, but this is best.  Just get it over with.  Please for all of us.”

“Tara you are just like your namesake, a pain in my ass.”

“Children, Lover…. if you become agitated I can calm you through the bond but you have to open it first.   I can send calm…. Please open up for me.”

Thalia turned to Sookie at that point and scowled at her…. “All this time you had the damn bond closed.  You were judging him by WHAT, preconceived notions? You need to feel him out, stop being such a ‘durere în fund’ (pain in the ass).  He loves you, you love him and he needs to see you face to face while he learns of what happened.  If he has read any of what you have left him and has asked for you to be brought to him, he did it for a reason.  He needs you close and I can see at the moment the only judgement on his face is why I had to bind you to me with rope. Get over yourself young lady or the next time the ancient one comes to visit I will not allow her to talk to you.  I will tell her what a pain you are and that you do not deserve her friendship for being so childish.”

With that Thalia stormed out of the suite.

“Momma, please just stay with him.  Talk to him… Love him….. He wants you near.”

I looked at Sookie half expecting her to shimmer out and leave but she nodded her head and agreed with Charles and Tara.

She told the children that she would stay.

I thanked them for their help and as they walked to the door and opened it,  I spoke up.

“Lover if you need to call forth Godric to give you comfort then do so, I do not mind.”

The four of them whipped around, laughed and snorted out BUSTED.

Sookie was catching flies for how low her bottom jaw was hanging open.

OH Yes busted indeed.


27 thoughts on “Chapter 08: Sightings and Notes, Part 2

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  2. What a delight to see this story again. I am glad your knees are getting better. It’s tough to have body parts that don’t want to cooperate. I love the extended family and how they all integrate. The children are wonderful. Good to finally know what happened to Sookie. It’s also great that she is so powerful. And Jason is still around. Excellent. I hope to see more soon. Congratulations on your success at work.

  3. Primero, darte la enhorabuena que todo esté yendo cada vez mejor en la vida real para ti.

    Segundo, en lo que respecta a nuestros protagonistas, cabezotas como siempre. Todos sabemos lo que puede ocurrir cuando te culpas por algo durante mucho tiempo. Ataques de ansiedad y de pánico son comunes y asociados a haber permitido que nuestra mente fuera en círculos sin una salida.
    Cualquier cosa en nuestras interacciones pasadas con otros puede causarnos problemas en el futuro. Lo que Sookie no tiene en consideración es que hacen falta dos para bailar un tango. Uno mismo no es culpable de lo que otro hace. Rikky podía haber seguido con su vida y jamás haber vuelto a pensar en Alcide si hubiera tenido el más mínimo sentido de amor propio, pero no lo tuvo. Es siempre más fácil culpar a los demás de nuestros problemas que hacerles frente. Ese es el mecanismo de defensa más común.

    Quizás Sookie necesita unas cuantas sesiones con un psiquiatra especializado en Síndrome de Estrés Postraumático. La culpa del superviviente es difícil de sobreponerse sin ayuda y, a menudo, puede llevarte a la depresión y al suicidio.

    • thank you, yes you are correct she needs to talk about this with someone other than friends and family since she does not seem to believe them but she may see the light after she talks to Eric. survivor guilt is a kick in the pants, been there done that. happy you are enjoying the story. KY

  4. Glad to read you are feeling better. Hope your son has found himself employment. It can be hard especially if you’re down on yourself when doing interviews. Thankyou for the epic chapter. Lots to consider. Impressed that you have gotten Eric and Sookie to this stage before he is formally sworn in as President. Just think of the amazing things that Sookie can do to the White House, another garden maybe 🙂 . Sookie has always been one to take on all responsibility, that she had such loyal friends surrounding her would have made it somewhat easier as she does had the history of turning friends into family and she’s always wanted a large family. Now she is getting her hearts desire, the man she has always been connected to. He is ready for her and they appear to be on a more equal footing so to speak. Liked that you had Pam apologise to Eric over her treatment and jealousy of Sookie, lets just hope its more than words. The chapter was a delight to read, so I think I’ll reread it to discover what I missed first time round. 🙂 Thank you.

    • so happy you are re-reading for enjoyment…. hope you find something missed … yes Sookie is a mother hen of sorts but i think Eric will level her out. Her children respect him, so they probably grew up hearing stories about the man that stole their mothers heart. KY

  5. Naughty Vampire indeed! Lol.
    So glad to see a new post!
    And SUPER excited about Pam pulling her head out of her ass!
    I’m happy that Eric seems really excited about his family expanding!
    I love that Eric is like, ‘she’ll get over it!’ instead of stressing about what happens when she does find out or trying to hide it from her.
    Finally we found out what happened! I love how Sookie was basically hog tied to get to Eric’s room.
    Can’t wait for the next chapter!

    • thank you , sorry for the delayed response i had a death in the family and this is the first day i have been back on the internet. yeah, Eric doesn’t care anymore about Pam’s reaction which is a plus in my books. there is still a little bit more of twenty years ago to go and then we get back to regularly scheduled work days leading up to the inauguration. thanks for reading and enjoying my little story KY

    • and you have nailed it. you would think after all this time she would have figured that out but she ran but there will be a good outcome for sure. her children are on Eric’s side. thanks for reading and enjoying… trying to get my muse back for this one to finish, 2 chapters to rewrite. KY

  6. Re-reading. Out of your unfinished stories, this one kills me the most. We did finally find out how she was injured, but I’m much more interested in knowing what happened to make her what she is now and after eight chapters building up to it, you left us on the precipice of finding that out! 🤯

    I hope real life is treating you well and that someday you’ll come back and finish all your stories. (Start with this one please! 😘)

    • hello. i will have you know that i have finished chapter 9a, and trying to meld 9b together, chapter 10 is partially written as is the epilogue so i am hoping to publish them soon, please bear with me. Happy New Year and thank you for reading KY

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