Chapter 09(A): Final Days


I thanked them for their help and as they walked to the door and opened it I spoke up.

Lover if you need to call forth Godric to give you comfort then do so I do not mind.”

The four of them whipped around, laughed and snorted out BUSTED.

Sookie was catching flies for how low her bottom jaw was hanging open.

OH Yes busted indeed.

“Yes, I know what you call your familiar my love. You said it in your sleep. I knew his eyes seemed familiar to me. I am happy my Maker has come back to you as your protector. And also, as one who can give you comfort when I couldn’t or cannot, I am sure it is the same comfort that he had once given to me all those years ago. I am happy to have him in OUR lives once again.”

She stutters out… “E…ri…c?”

“No questions my love, I know, and I am happy you have him and he was able to give you comfort when I could not. I am just a little unsure on how he was reincarnated to your familiar and still maintained his eyes and I think possibly his memories, or at least a few. He knows I know who he is.”

The children just chuckle at me and opened the door to leave. I did not want them to do so; so, I addressed them before they were gone.

“Children you need not leave us. I have a feeling your being in the room will have a calming effect on your mother. I would actually like for that to happen so that we can have our first family meeting of sorts. I know that Bubba and Thalia will be outside the room along with The Flowers and we are all safe for now. I may need their input along the way for questions that may come up about the incident.”

The children looked over at me in amazement and nodded their responses of yes.

However, Erik spoke up.

I had a strong feeling he is their Alpha.

“Sir, we would be honored to stay and help. Momma can be a bit stubborn. But first we have a question that only you can answer.”

But before I could answer him, I heard a muffled chuckle and a whispered… ‘Stubborn, as if, defiant more like it’. Of course, it came from Thalia.

I think My Love and Thalia are closer than I previously suspected.

“Of course children, I will answer any questions you have of me.”

“Sir, we would like to know what you would like us to call you. We do not want to be disrespectful to you or on screwing up on protocol.”

“Well children I have the same question for you. Not protocol more like niceties. I think you are too old for the moniker ‘children’ but when together it is easier to say something combined than each name. I was unsure of how you look at me from your viewpoints and how you would determine what you would like to call me. Eric would be fine; however, I have an idea for what I would like to use for all of you but first I would like to hear your thoughts.”

“Well Sir, we have always been raised with you as part of our family. Momma would tell us stories about her life with you in it. We have always known about you and at times Thalia, Bubba and/or Rasul would add in stories about you as a warrior and as a legendary enforcer. You were always the love of momma’s life and our dad knew it. He never judged momma on it, and he was never intimidated with you being in our life through her stories and love. To be honest, you always felt like our stepdad who was always away on business or on a tour of duty so to speak. I think if you had returned while dad was still alive, he would have welcomed you into their house and life. He understood where he stood with momma and that he was a place keeper of sorts. He knew you were special to our momma and that she had US because of their life together but he also knew that you were supposed to be momma’s rightful Mate. With that being said we all think of you as Dad or Father, but Sir is fine too if you are uncomfortable with either of the first two.”

“I am in awe that you all feel that way about me. I would be honored for you to call me Father or Dad but how about ‘Far’, it is Swedish for father? Plus, others would not know what it means unless they knew the language. They would not know ‘YET’ what you mean to me, which I am sure will come out in due time. I figure once they learn of your mother, -my wife-, then it will be a good time to learn of my human children as well. As for what I thought of calling you instead of children is along the same lines. I could use Swedish as well, by either calling you ‘Min Söner and Min Döttrar’ OR a general term of ‘Min Barn’. The first is my sons and daughters and the second is my children. Which do you prefer?”

“Far we would be honored to call you by this term plus it will keep others guessing for a while which is good until we get you into the Oval Office. As for us, we like Min Barn, it feels more grownup and it will also keep them guessing as to what it means. Thank you for being so open and honest with us.”

I keep forgetting they are all telepathic and had concluded so quickly in their joined link of minds. A very tactical benefit for them. I do wonder if they are always connected or only in a group setting like this. I will have to ask later, but first we must return to the letter/note.

“Anytime Min Barn, I am sure if and when Pamela hears me calling you this, it will get her curiosity going until the reveal. As for the grandchildren, so they do not feel slighted, they can call me Farfar and I will call them Min Barnbarn.”

They all nod their heads in acceptance.

As I look to my side, Sookie is crying, but I do believe you would call them happy tears.

While I do feel bad in bursting her happy bubble right now, we needed to get back on track and read her letter/note that she left me earlier and discover why she is at fault for what happened so many years ago and why she feels this would be a deal breaker for us? If she only knew what I have done in my lifetime and the grief I have caused others she would never feel this way again. But I too, do not want to scare her off.

Taking a much unneeded breath I continue.

“Min Barn please have a seat on the couch with your momma and I will sit in the high back. I still, have half a letter/note to read and I already have questions about the first half. Would you all like to go over that part first or wait for me to read the rest? I believe it would be best if I read it out loud so you can all hear what she wrote, I want no secrets between any of us starting today.”

Tara spoke up, “Far please re-read from the beginning. We all know the story, but she may have put something in there we do not know yet or she told it to us a different way. She will receive no judgement from us. We want to help her through this as much as you do. For her to finally see she was not at fault nor is she to be held accountable for what happened.”

“Very well, let us get started but first My Love you need to open the bond. You need to feel my reaction(s), we need to talk this through and I too feel that once we complete the letter/note this discussion will be over with and as min dottir said, ‘And to finally let her see she was not at fault nor is she to be held accountable for it.’ Please do this for me, for us!”

With much reluctance Sookie opened her side of the bond and I was flooded with GUILT with an undercurrent of Love.

I knew she could feel me as well because her head shot up from its hanging position against her chest. The smile that crossed her face told me that she could feel my love, acceptance and determination.

I started to re-read the letter/note to Sookie and Min Barn. When questions would arise or when I would feel an odd sensation through the bond I would stop reading and we would talk it out.

One odd question came at the beginning before we even really started.

“Momma the Butler, seriously!” came from Karolina

“Yes, my daughter, the butler, I was trying to throw in a joke before all the shit broke loose in the letter/note, apparently it was not well received.”

I had to snicker at that.

“No momma, you weren’t funny enough” … which was now coming from Charles … “It was Miss Scarlett, in the Conservatory with the candlestick.”

“Nuh huh, it was Mrs. White, in the Kitchen with the lead pipe.” This came from Erik.

As I looked around, I saw smirks on all their faces and the banter continued. Min döttrar wanted in the folly of course.

“Oh no momma” …. Said Karolina …. “It was Mrs. Peacock in the Lounge with the rope…. after all she was a shifter, her name says it all and she could fake her death.”

“No, you are all wrong,” came from Tara …. If was Professor Plum in the Library with the knife.”

And of course, a guard of many colors would have to put her two cents in as the door opened.

“No, my charges, it was Colonel Mustard in the Billiard Room with the revolver.” And then Thalia shut the door once again.

But of course, I was going to be the one with the last say/laugh.

“Silly humans, it was the AVL in the lobby with three ‘Clue’…less vampires.”

We were all laughing at this when the door opened once more.

“Pfftt, humans, AS IF, one day you will think like a vampire.” And the door closed once again.

Gotta love that Thalia.

As we settled down, I once again started the letter/note reading and waiting and watching for the next sensation. It did not take long for the bond to sing to me.

“My Love why do you feel like a bolt of shame just charged through your side of the bond when I just read the using of your light against the bitch when she first approached you?

Sookie was hesitant but she finally started to speak, “Well the only time I ever used my light was to defend myself and I did it maliciously that day and I hurt her, and I was damn happy about it. I think if I just slammed the door in her face then maybe the attack would have never happened.”

“TSK TSK Sookie…. You are wrong there about using your light and just shutting the door on her would not have worked. Think back to the Festival of Tolerance” … I felt it clicking in her mind, but I continued for the benefit of others… “You shot your light at me to stop me from hurting the side-burned douchesickle… (there were chuckles inside the room and out) … But at the time you/we did not know that your light was not only for defense, but it was also a light of love and you brought me back to myself. Plus, you have to remember, Weres can get into your house otherwise, a door means nothing, they cannot be uninvited like a Vampire, and the gang of Mississippi Weres and Debbie Pelt are perfect examples on how they can enter a human’s home. Shooting that bitch was the only way for her to know you meant business, could protect yourself and then she ultimately left. She was already delusional from the V and her plotting against you was a show of this delusion. She could have walked away but the V twisted her mind, and she was never right after it. That is why most V users end up killing themselves after prolong usage, it is due to the fact they can no longer determine right from wrong. Can we please shelve that guilt when it comes to this, you were right in defending yourself and your intent was pure of thought and action to help Alcide.”

Karolina spoke up, “Momma you know he is right. We can read your mind remember, stop being so stubborn and relent on this one.”

With a heavy sigh she agreed to let this one go.

I read on a bit more and the children added on about the fight and what transpired in more detail. They let me know that it would be best for Thalia to tell me about what occurred after Sookie was taken to the Fae Realm because she took control of their safety while their momma was away.

“Sookie… None of this was your fault. The bitch was delusional and a little psycho to boot. She worked this all up in her mind. I think even if Alcide had survived and lived on he would have abjured her. He would have possibly helped her financially but like Jackson had said, how was he/they supposed to know that the pup was truly his until he started aging and looking like his father. I think the son was all the more able to be manipulated by his mother all through his life; maybe even having a little bit of Stockholm Syndrome. I also think the V may have cause major developmental delays in his judgmental thinking areas of his brain. As for the Weres that followed them, they were offered their own Shangri-La and by accepting what the bitch and her son had told them they nailed their own coffins shut. There was no turning back for them and as for the SPY he deserved whatever he got, and I do hope Rasul and Erik had fun meting it out.”

There was a huge smile on Erik’s face. If I did not know better this boy was of my blood.

I just smiled back.

“Now before we move on to the last half of this letter/note. Let us take a human needs break and if anyone wants a drink let me know and I will get it for you. Also, I do believe Thalia needs to come in for the next half since I would like to know what happened after Sookie left.”

“Far, we will get the drinks and use the restroom. You get Thalia.”

“Thank you, Charles.”

We all reassembled quickly which included Thalia, who stood off to the right side of the couch.

I decided to start again where I had left off, I asked Sookie to come over to me before I started. However, she would not sit with me, but chose the identical highback to my right. I knew this was going to be difficult to read but I also knew none of it would matter to our future together. We were ONE again and that is all that mattered to me and my heart.

(Repeat of where he left off)

I looked at her and asked what her blood would do to me. She said she was afraid it would turn me if she gave me too much as I had lost too much already.

Before I could tell her to give me some, Niall and uncle popped in.

I interrupted quickly: “Thalia I would have not cared if you had given Sookie your blood if it had saved her life I would have been in your debt. I think the bond would have allowed it too and not messed with its purpose.”

Thalia told Niall what she had done, and he thanked her.

Niall told Charles he was in charge along with Thalia while I was gone. He told Jason to move his family to the farmhouse until they could make sure there were no more threats. He told all that were standing there that he and uncle would take me the Fae Realm to save my life and heal me. They did not know how much time I would need there to get better, but I would come back. With that we were gone.

Thalia spoke up reluctantly: “Eric before you start. I was in charge of their protection nothing more. I set up a schedule for them to follow and we revised it accordingly. I wanted everyone to stay as safe as possible and since we had the locals and the sheriff on our side it was made even easier in her absence. I would never want to replace our matriarch, whether she knew it or not she was our rock, and we were waiting for her return.”

With a nod to her update, I continued.

(Starting new part)

I was in a dizzy state like I was falling down a well, just spinning and spinning and I didn’t know what was happening to me or my home, I felt so detached. It felt like a bad dream at first, I really didn’t realize where I was or what was going on around me. I remember seeing a small pond, I remembered that pond from my time with Claudine in Faery and it scared me. I thought maybe I had dreamt all of what happened to me for the past 50 years or so and I was still stuck in the FAE realm and Mab was still after me. I shuddered with the memory, Grandfather and Uncle did everything they could to soothe me. They told me I was safe, and they would protect me from harm’s way.

They then told me, as I was calming down and relaxing, that I needed to be in the pools’ water constantly for a least a week. Okay a week away from my babies I could deal with, not realizing I would be away much longer because of other things to come my way. You see the properties of the water would heal the wounds internally as Thalia had already healed them on the outside. I knew she had licked my wounds to seal them even if she told Niall that she just rubbed the blood on the outside. I didn’t really care at the time; she made me feel better because if I ended up dying then at least my skin was not marred for a public viewing.

“Sookie”, I waited for her to look at me before I continued.

“My Love why would you think like that, I do not think Niall would have made such a promise if he were uncertain of the outcome. As for Thalia healing you with her blood internally like I said before I would have had no qualms about it. For her licking your wounds to seal them and taking in your blood I am okay with that too, it needed to be done. I know she did not want to anger me but at the time I did not know we were still linked and that somehow my blood had survived in you. She was saving you and that is what would have mattered to me most, not our bond. It could have always been restarted; I never knew it hadn’t disappeared.”

It was Thalia who spoke next, “Eric, I would have never gone against the sanctity of a blood bond no matter the outcome, but I am happy to know there would have been no retribution if I had.”

I nodded to her and continued to read.

I knew there was a possibility I would not be saved or return to my family and I knew that grandfather and uncle would be betting on survival. The other reason I didn’t care that she had my blood is because I knew I did not have hers at the same time and the only vampire blood in my body was My Viking’s. Besides she had already had my blood before so that she could track me in case I was taken, I was trying to be practical about it since you were not with me.

Anyway, a week turned into two of me being in the water. Not only was I immersed in it but I also drank from it. You would think it was dirty but somehow it was always clean and pure. I chalked it up to the realm I was in.

After the second week there I realized I felt different. My mind was clearer, and I saw things differently. Niall started to realize that coming to the Fae Realm was changing me, my body had matured in the Human Realm, but my spark had stayed constant from when I was last here.

I interrupted reading for a moment and asked a question.

“Sookie, is this what you meant in an earlier letter/note that when all of you visit the Fae Realm it recharges your spark and makes you appear younger? No aging? If I were to guess they ages of your children I would put them in the order of oldest being Karolina, then Charles, Tara and finally Erik. But I am only judging by their looks nothing more and no offense to any of you since I know that is not the true order of your births.”

“Yes Far, that is what she meant by our visits there. Truth be told, Erik is the oldest of the four of us and Karolina is the one who visits the Fae realm the least of us. She figures that aging is part of us, and she wants to age gracefully. The order of our ages is Erik, Karolina, me, and then Charles. Who by the way has the most children of our family. The three of us- Erik, Charles and myself recharge in the Fae realm at least every four to six months and when we go, we usually take a few of the children with us. It helps them with their Fae abilities and also recharges their own spark. It appears that all of us have the Fae spark and none were passed over which includes Jason and his children even from his first marriage. Our spouses know we will outlive them, but they also know we will be around for a very long time to take care of our children and grandchildren. Does that help you out any?”

“Yes, Tara that answers a few questions, thank you.”

“Far, just so you know what Uncle Nergal did for momma he also does for us when we visit the realms, but I am sure momma will explain that soon.”

Hmmm I wonder what she means, but I will wait until it is revealed while reading.

He and uncle figured that if I had been in the realm longer the first time some of my powers would have manifested sooner than now; for example when I came back from my first visit, I could shoot my light. They think that your blood started it all when I was in Dallas with you. I do believe that is why Pythia said things went wrong from there. I do believe my stubbornness changed many outcomes and not for the good, but that is in the past and cannot be changed or helped.

Anyway, we were now going on three weeks when I told Niall we needed to get back to my family. I told him the last time I was in Faery I was there an hour tops and I was gone from home for one year. I didn’t want to be away from my family any longer. I couldn’t even fathom how many years I had been gone so far, if one hour equals 1 year then 504 hours (or three weeks) would equal way too many years and my family would be dead. So what was the point in them taking me to Faery to begin with if I was going to lose them anyways?

Uncle told me that he was able to get his half-brother Nergal to sync the time so that the two worlds would match up perfectly. Apparently, it was a gift he had, so my three weeks was just that, only three weeks. It made me feel a little bit better knowing I would have not missed much.

I do wonder if this is what she meant by each time they visit the realms?

“Lover, this sync is that what Tara meant by what Nergal does for you all?”

“Yes, whenever one of us goes, he syncs the timelines.”

I continued.

I needed my family but Niall and Uncle Des both said I needed time in Faery, and they believed the Dae realm would help too to recharge my internal batteries since I had both bloods.

So, I went along with their plan, what else could I do, I couldn’t teleport home on my own, so I was stuck.

As I grew stronger, Niall started to train me with my telepathy and my light. We realized as another week went by, I was becoming more FAE. I now had more of a point to my ears and when I was pissed, fangs erupted. Needless to say, I was not happy about this. I had thought I had turned into something I was not ready for but Niall and Uncle both showed me they had fangs as well. It was just a family trait I would now have, and my children would all have them as well once they visited the Fae realm. A side note: If you did happen to ask them, they would probably show you their fangs as well. It seems that the Faery realm ignites our spark tenfold the longer we are there.

As I looked over at Min Barn, I saw four sets of fangs descend. And what a lovely four sets they were, much smaller than a vampire but just as deadly. And of course, Thalia was showing hers as well.

I had to chuckle at my new family.

“Lover can I see your fangs and ears as well?”

She lifted her hair and dropped her fangs for me, and I just smiled.


I did not stay sidetracked for long as I looked on at my family and their beautiful fangs, I continued to read.

Anyways Claude and Hunter came for a short visit to let us know what was going on at home. They were like my Pony Express to the human realm. They told us that all the rogue Weres were killed and disposed of. That Thalia was a true leader and handled everyone well, even the children. Everyone respected her and her word was LAW, even Charles abdicated to her judgement. It appears during my time away she took security matters into her own hands. She had a crew come out and change all the security codes, security measures were updated and she found the best that money could buy, she made all the Pack Weres drink of one of our vampires blood so that they could tell if we had any more traitors. She was on a mission and since Charles and Erik agreed with her no-one balked at the idea.

As I sat in Faery I wondered if I shouldn’t turn everything over to her and then it hit me. I was the matriarch of our supernatural family and have always been and I knew I would have to suck it up and upon my return act like the matriarch I was. Thalia was only in charge and helping us out so that things were prepared for my return and nothing could falter in my absence.

“So, you did realize this without me having to tell you little one. I am proud of you; I did not think you viewed yourself in that way.”

And then Thalia shut up again.

I never heard Thalia talk so much but then my wife had a special way with everyone. Like I said I think these two are much closer than I had suspected.

I asked when we would go back, and Uncle stated that Nergal would be there in a day to take us to the Fire realm. I was excited and scared. However, when Nergal approached me the following day and bowed I realized he would protect me and mine with his life as well as uncle. The Dae realm had a pond of sorts too, it seemed more like a creek to me but who was I to judge. I was told to sit on a flat rock within the water and let the water cascade over my body. It felt wonderful but it also felt odd, it wasn’t cool to the touch, more lukewarm- like a tepid bath, it seemed the water was working its magic into me as well.

Uncle told me as I lie there, to drink of it as well and it would continue my healing. So, I did as I was instructed and noticed instantly that those around me could no longer see me. I was cloaked but Nergal said he could still see me since I was only a partial Dae. He told me with training I could cloak at will and shimmer out instead of teleport since I didn’t have that FAE ability. It took a couple of days, but we realized I perfected it and I was more than ready to go home.

But Nergal had other ideas for me and of course Uncle and Niall agreed. He wanted to see how much of a warrior or tactical strategist I had become.

So what did he do, he brought out training katanas. He taught me how to hold the sword and he taught me how to swing the sword properly. But he could not teach me how to balance properly when deflecting a hit. I landed on my butt numerous times. It wasn’t until I took my time and focused on what I thought you would tell me to do that I realized I needed to center myself and place my feet properly. Once I achieved that I was able to fight better and had less of a bruised ego and bottom.

Nergal said he was happy that I had the warrior of the Fire Fae in me. He was very proud of me and all that I had overcome, and that being part Fire Fae would serve me well, he was proud to call me goddaughter. Yeah, I know he isn’t my godfather, uncle is, but he did not like any other term I could come up with.

Before we left the DAE realm is when I learned I could push. Nergal arranged for me to be attacked but it was well coordinated and with a Britlingen. He knew I could not hurt her, but he wanted to see what I could do. I am sure Clovache held back and the appearance of Pythia paying me a visit didn’t help matters. Clovache held back in her attempts to attack me, she didn’t want to upset Pythia in hurting me. I heard an inkling of her thought about how this was planned, and I looked Clovache square in the face and pushed my thoughts into her head to drop the façade and fight like the warrior she is. It only took a matter of a few seconds and I could see the switch go off in her eyes. She fought me good and hard. I had to be healed in the waters once more but at least I knew I could hold my own against this skilled warrior. You would have been very proud of me. As we discussed the fight it was Pythia who told us I could push, so I tried it again, this time on Uncle and then Niall. Apparently, my pushing had no boundaries on race.

I was growling at the tactic used but I knew what was needed to test her of her strengths. I may not be happy about it, but I understood the thought process being used.

Pythia told me she was there so that she could talk to me before I went home. She told me she was sorry that she didn’t interfere at the farmhouse. She was sorry I lost so many close to me. She wanted to help but to interfere would make my life a living hell and the outcome was unfavorable at best. She told me she needed to stay away so I could find my happiness again, so that you would return to me soon enough and that I had to wait patiently for that return, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t use my new gifts to check up on you. She told me where I could find you and if I needed any help with that, she was there for me as a friend.

I was devastated once again because by her giving me this tidbit of information I knew I could have saved my family from their true death if she had just intervened. I could have still had them in my life. But I was afraid if I had known then, I would have lost you forever because I would have used that knowledge to protect everyone else and drove a bigger wedge between us.

“Sookie, stop it now. I can feel your remorse, your shame. There is no shame in not knowing the outcome could have been more favorable. But think of it this way. If she had told you how to save your loved ones and you did, would you feel the same remorse and shame you do now about losing me forever? I love you and I know you love me, but you cannot be held accountable for WHAT IFS. We all know that life can change in an instant, but we also know we should not be held accountable for others’ actions. WE are all here because we love you in some capacity and want you to realize WE do not hold you responsible for the deaths that happened. And if your Weres were here they would tell you the same; to die in battle is an honor.”

I could see her realizing some things, but I knew that we were a long way from finalization. So, I continued to read.

I was distraught, I was angry. I was in turmoil. In so much turmoil I didn’t sense the creature next to me nuzzling my face. My distress had called forth my last gift, my familiar. It was Pythia and Clovache that pulled me back to myself, the men in my life were chicken shits. But you always did say ‘a woman crying, is to you, like silver is to a vampire’, so I guess it is like that too with all men no matter the race. As I came back to myself my lion was looking at me square in my eyes and when I saw his eyes I knew who it was… Godric….. I said his name out loud and he licked me. I laughed and Clovache explained that when Godric went up in the blue flame his spirit was transported to the Britlingen realm for them to keep safe and watch over until his new purpose was revealed. She said it happens every so often and they take it as a great honor to do the watch. She also let me know that they were unaware of why he was chosen to be sent to them for watching, but he is now my familiar as he chose it and he is as immortal as I am.

“My Love, I have a question about Godric. How is that you were given a familiar and with the ability to shift. Not all bitten are able to do this. Wasn’t your brother bitten by the Werepanthers? He does not change, or does he?”

“No, Jason does not change, he wishes he could. We are unsure of the whys. I was mauled not bitten, I have vampire blood coursing through my veins, and I was taken to both the Dae and Fae realms to heal. We believe the mixture of all these variables PLUS THE FATES are the causes for me having a familiar. I do not know for sure.”

“I guess that is as good of an answer as any on this. But it seems THE FATES seem to want to knit their own outcomes together.”

Again, I began to read.

Immortal when did I become that? I asked her and she said that since my spark was activated by the Vikings blood, I started my change to live a long life and when I entered the two realms, I had been made immortal. I no longer needed to worry about dying… ever…. Well my mind only said … WELL FUCK…

We left for home the following day and when I got there only a month had passed which I was happy for. Nergal came with us so he could be introduced to everyone; he now visits regularly as does Uncle. Even Clovache came for a short visit. When Thalia saw her, she bowed and asked me what other trouble I got myself into to have a Britlingen following me home. I told her she fought me in a mock battle, and I lost. Thalia of course just shook her head and chuckled.

Well now you see that you might not want me in your life. Force of Nature and all that, Too many things changed in my body and life, other races blood running through my veins beside my own and yours. I was a trouble magnet before and now it will never end, immortality will do that to you.

“Momma stop we can feel you too, remember, empaths. He loves you unconditionally and he does not care about what had happened. Nor should you.”

Empathic as well as telepathic, interesting, but a trait that must not be known by all.

I started to read again.

I love you very much and I know you love me back; we completed our bond the other night and I am grateful for that, but I do not want you to feel pressured. If you need me out of your life just say the word and I be gone after the inauguration. In the meantime, we need to secure your safety until we can turn it over to the Secret Service.


I will be waiting for your call and hopefully you will not be too mad at me and you will want to keep me in your life, but like I said, I am willing to back out gracefully if asked.

Always, Sookie

I thought over her last statement and I reacted.

I vamped over to her even though it was a short distance, and I knelt in front of her. I would beg her if I had to, but with Min Barn and Thalia as backup, I did not think the begging part would be needed.

“Woman you will be the death of me yet. You do not realize your own self-worth, you never did. You do not give yourself enough credit where credit is due. All of us in this room love you, for you, not for some preconceived notion you have in your head. We love you and admire you. You are the bravest, kindest, most endearing person I know; and if it takes me another thousand years, I will engrain this into your head even if it kills me. You my love are not to blame for any of what occurred that night, the bitch came after you with the intent of murder and taking out everyone you loved. I don’t think you ever mentioned if she ever asked you what happened to Alcide, if she had she would have known he died years before and shortly after her initial visit, this plan of hers was ill begotten. Her spy could have told her this, she could have backed off. You see when a mind such as hers is riddled with drugs it eats away at all positive thoughts. She became a twisted nut job and you and your family paid the price for her drug abuse. Your light did not cause her actions, your words did not cause her actions, nor did your love of family cause her actions. HER actions were from V, which she chose to take, her actions, Hate, came from a demented mind so far gone nothing could have saved her from it.”

“See momma this is what we have been trying to tell you for ages now. You are not to blame, and daddy would have understood that as well. Grandpa Jack loved you, he would not have blamed you either and Martha would have kicked your ass if she knew you felt this way. Our kin died with honor, horrible as it was, they would still love you the same.”

“Momma we all agree. We are here because of you. All of us would lay our lives down to protect you. You have given us a lot and not taken much for yourself. We want you to be finally happy, live the life you always wanted with the man of your dreams.”

I was flabbergasted at what Min Barn were saying to their mother. I knew they told me they loved me as a step-father but I did not think it was true until Tara tried to convince her mother that I was the man of her dreams; I finally understood the meaning of her love for me and that included theirs. I was in awe of them, I had only known of them for a short period of time and I now know to my very core that I love them as well. It feels like I have known them all since their birth. This had me asking the next question out loud.

“Can I ask a question which may go unanswered, but it has been in the back of my mind for the past week and now it is at the forefront. Why do I feel like Erik and Tara are more my children than the Were Jake? I see it in their eyes, mannerisms, speech, their coloring… the quirk of Erik’s eyebrow. The list goes on and on in my mind.”

Thalia laughed, a full belly laugh… it was not expected…

“Thalia care to share with the class?”

“I have been telling her that for ages. The children- Erik, Tara and Karolina are more yours than the Were. Karolina has her mother’s eyes though. The other three have yours. Charles is more yours too but not in his hair coloring and physical appearance, stockier, he is of his father. They all have your chin. Their high forehead is yours. Your light skin tone. Hair coloring too but you and Sookie are similar in color so that very well could be from her. The girls have Sookie’s height, but the boys have yours. They- Erik, Tara and Karolina have your more slender physique but muscled in all the right places. And above everything else they have your crassness, your humor, your warrior spirit and your survival instincts. Those traits they did not get from either parent but from you. I bet you their fangs are even shaped like yours. The rest of their traits they get from the Were and their mother. I believe your blood which lies within her is the reason for this, YOU may have not fathered them by semen or by normal means, but you are their father nonetheless.”

I was in awe and I believe everyone else was as well from her statement.

I was unsure of this, but I had a feeling she was correct in her thoughts on Min Barn. I could see it in their eyes, and I could feel it from Sookie the revelations this was causing in her.

I wonder if Ludwig would be able to tell us.

Like I said, AWE.

“Any other thoughts Thalia before we move on?”

“NO, that is all about the children.”

“Okay if not of the children, then what of the situation after the attack and before Sookie’s return?”

“Far before we move on can I say something?”

“Of course Erik, this is a family meeting.”

“I do believe Thalia is correct in what she says about our genetics. I have always felt a draw towards you as have my siblings when momma spoke of you and showed us the pictures that she had kept. But now with what Thalia has openly stated, it hits home and again I am honored to call you my father, whether it is confirmed genetically or not. It makes ME/US able to connect the feelings I/we have to what we now know as the truth. You are ours as much as we are yours.”

I moved quickly to envelop him in a hug. On its return from him I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes and hoping they would not overrun their borders. This was a proud parent moment for me. Even if I was not there during their upbringing, it made me happier than I have ever been to know I was indeed a true parent again. And it was my Lover who made it happen. But what I was not expecting was the other three sets of arms now around me as well. And from this action my bloody tears did flow freely over the brim. It was my lover who helped me out quick enough by cleaning my face and giving me her warm smile.

I had a family once more, other than the two daughters I created. I would never forget this moment for as long as I lived.

Of course, Thalia pulled us back into the moment by saying.

“Eric, Pamela is on her way up. We must stop for a minute and let Sookie shimmer out while we figure out what to tell Pam about this meeting being held without her.”

“Thalia, not all meetings I hold needs her input or attendance especially if they do not concern her, Min Dottir will get over it.”

I knew I couldn’t tell directly that Pam was on her way since I had released her years ago, but I should have known she would track me down sooner or later about the spies and what she had learned.

“I know what to say to her, just follow my lead. Sookie call forth Godric and be one with him, I would like for you/Godric to stay when she arrives. I want to see how she reacts when I call the children by their new name and have Godric lying by my side.”

As I watched Sookie transform I was in awe once again. It was so flawless, so precise and so beautiful.

I walked back over to the chair I was sitting in and called Godric over to my side. I asked him to lie down and to not directly look at Pam. I did not want her to connect who he once was, ‘just yet’.

I was given a grunt of acknowledgement as he laid down at my feet.

I am sure if Godric could speak he would have given me a piece of his mind, but I naturally lean over and pet his head, I stroked his mane and I heard him purr. I wondered if the purr was from Godric or Sookie. If they were two separate beings or together while in the lions’ body at the same time. Two sides equaling one whole. I had so many questions I wanted to ask her about her familiar when they were together and apart. But I guess that would have to wait until we were alone.

As we waited, I decided to speak to Min Barn.

“I have a question for all of you and I guess this will include any other family members as well-, vampire, Were, Fae, Dae, Britlingen. I want to know if any of you would like to stay on in any capacity while I serve my term. I know nepotism is a no no but legally none of you are mine. This could be in any facet of course. I know my security will be handled by the Secret Service but none of them have ever served a vampire before and I need to make sure they are all on the up and up and not compromised in any way. I will also be taking my Were guards along with me, as I know they have not been compromised in any way. But I would like to cushion myself as much as possible. No need to answer me now, think about it and let me know, we still have two months before all decisions have to be made.”

I received nods all around, even Thalia. I had a feeling wherever Sookie went she would follow, as would The Flowers.

I continued to pet Godric as we waited for Pam. Within seconds there was a knock on the door.


Of course, she burst in like she owned the place. She was a bit shocked that I was not alone and that Rasul followed her in from the hallway.

He nodded at me and the children.

“Master, you are having a meeting. Why are you petting that lion? Why was I not asked to attend? Is this why you did not bother to answer my texts about our prisoners? Why you did not attend the interrogations? Are you going to fill me in?”

“Enough. You are not the Maker here, I am! … You have no right to ask me of these questions. Sit before I make you sit. Min Barn, Thalia, Rasul… my apologies to the crassness of my child. She knows her place but apparently she has forgotten where she is in the line of needing to know and I might just have to remind her.”

“Far, we are fine with the questions and with your response. Momma told us all about Pam and how she is and how she treated her. We have no preconceived notions that she would be any different. Besides, Adele told us about her visit at the farmhouse.”

I chuckled and shook my head.

“Master why do you call them Min Barn, they are not your children and Far… you are not their father?”

I saw Rasul glance at Thalia and she nodded at him.

I guess the discussion of genetics has been had before about Min Barn between my vampire friends.

Very softly Rasul spoke, “Congratulations Eric to your new progeny.”

I nodded in response and smiled.

“Because Pamela, they are my children as much as you are. As for my meeting it is none of your damn concern. As for my phone it is in my bedroom. And as for the lion, he is mine to pet.”

With that another loud purr came out.

“Now, apparently you have something to discuss with me, so discuss. Otherwise I have other business to attend to.”

“Master, I wanted to let you know about the interrogation of the three vampires. The first two were not forthcoming at all, as we knew they would not be. Even though we spent a few hours on both they did not flinch and gave up no information to us. They were loyal to their master till the end. The third one as we knew he would, told us everything he knew, he let us know that the other two were Felicia’s progeny, so she must be in a lot of pain right now since the two were killed one right after the other. It was Claude who gave out the final blow to them with his fairy light to make it quick. The third one told us a little bit more than we already knew. He also let us know that he hates his Maker and that is why he wanted to rat her out. His maker is Freyda, so he is happy to turncoat on her. Apparently, she ambushed him after he rejected her and walked away, then she made him her child out of spite. He had to leave his two young ones at home and has hated her for turning him ever since. He stated that he has been waiting for many years to get back at her and now is his opportunity. However, he has been commanded not to kill her, but it never included helping it happen. Anyway, we talked, not interrogated him, he was very forthcoming on everything he knew. We have learned of all the AVL’s plans on where, when and how of their next attack(s) on ‘US’ if this attack failed. By now they know that at least two of their kamikazes are dead. Stackhouse took notes for us, even though I told him about my vault, and is going to send you a report, he said he knows how to do them from his police days and all interrogations should have a report as follow-up. Anyway, Sebastian, that is the third vampires name, said he will go back and spy for us, but he wants us to hurt him so that they think he just got away and we captured the other two. He is even willing to lose a limb to pull off the farce. In my opinion he will be an excellent spy for us and maybe down the line we can trust him to do more. On another note Claude said it might be a wise idea to send a cloaked FAE with him to help protect him and get him to safety if compromised. Sebastian said he would like to help you after Freyda is gotten rid of, he doesn’t believe in her philosophies, but until then he will spy for you if that is what you wish.”

“Pamela, I think it is a wise move to use him in this capacity and yes I agree with Claude about his protection if he is going to stick his neck out for us. But only if Niall approves of this use, they are his people, the FAE guards are his to command not ours.” I hear a puff from Godric in acknowledgement. “Thus, on a last note I would like to meet with Sebastian before he goes back to the AVL. I think it would be wise for a limb to be missing from him and his clothes messed up so he can pull off being in a ruckus with our guards. Ask him what he prefers to lose? “

“Master consider it done.”

As I looked at min dotter, I could tell from her face that she had more questions for me but at this time she was not going to ask them.

“Pamela is that all?”

“Master I have a few more question but I know when to leave.”

“Min dotter I know you do, and we will set a time up tomorrow after you rise. But for tonight I already have plans but I will work in the time to meet up with Sebastian.”

Pam left the room with Rasul hot on her tail.

I sat there contemplating our next move and missed Sookie coming back to me and Godric staying at my side, I do wish I had watched because it would answer a few more of my questions.

I guess that experience will have to happen another day.

After Pam left, we sat around and talked like a family, it was nice getting to know Min Barn, they were a great bunch of kids. I did not know how else to describe them.

I knew I missed out on a lot when they were growing up, but it could not have proceeded any other way.

If it were not for the Were Jake, his sperm, their father, they would not be here, even though they seemed to be of my genetic makeup by blood. It did make me wonder if Sookie was safe with me around knowing that she was a force of nature and she could possibly wake up my swimmers.

I would have to ask her.

Would I like to have a direct child with her, the answer would be yes!

But was it wise?

I mulled over this for a few minutes and figured that if it happened it was deemed so, but if it never happened, I would be happy with who was in my life now. I was happy with Min Barn and looking forward to meeting and knowing Min Barnbarn.

We talked about their telepathy and I found out that each of them had different degrees of who they could hear.

Karolina was the less talented mind reader, as she recharged the least in Faery.

It seems the more time they spent in Faery the stronger their skill levels were and the faster they could change.

I learned that Charles was able to read demons, his siblings could not.

I learned that Tara could pull past thoughts from a mind if she concentrated hard enough in the human or Supes mind.

I learned that Erik was the strongest of the siblings in every way and he was their Alpha as I had suspected. He believes it was because he was first born.

I did not know what to believe, I knew before the end of our conversation I loved my children, and I would protect them always.

Min Barn decided they had taken up too much of my time and that it was time to get back to work. I let them know that could never happen as we had years to catch up on.

I mused to myself quickly after they got up to leave, I needed to see Sebastian before he was released, and I needed to talk to my wife privately. I wanted to make sure we were on the same page and that she knew how I felt about her past.

I was pulled out of my musing by Erik, he was a great kid… my kid. Damn that sounds so weird…. Kid…. Mine.

He asked if he could talk to me privately, which included his mother; momma was told to leave as well with his brother and sisters.

He had my mind going in different directions as I knew not what he wanted to discuss, especially with no one else around.

and finally

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    • I am happy I have you on pins and needles waiting for the outcome. I had to separate the chapter it was over 20,000 words. As for Sookie she is a Force of Nature after all. thanks for reading KY

  1. Great to have an update on your story. Lot of ground covered with an explanation for Sookie’s behaviour. The children, Sookie and associates appear to be able to slip into Eric’s retinue seamlessly. Going to be interesting when Pam discovers Sookie has returned to Eric’s side.

    • thank you , yes the chapter covered a lot as will part 2, the chapter was over 20,000 and i needed to separate it, but yes everyone is being very cohesive in their melding together. as for Pam we shall see. KY

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    • thanks for reading and reviewing. Eric I think always wanted a family, he protected those he cared about and loved them fiercely even if he said he did not. We never found out in TB whether he had a family like in the books, I would have thought he did but it was never really broached. I think deep down all step dads would love to have their own blood children with their spouse but they still love their steps just as much and sometimes even more. As for a real child of his own, this is answered much later but he realizes that it doesn’t matter if his sperm were the cause of his Min Barn, he loves them all with fatherly pride. As for Erik you will have to wait till next week to see. KY

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