After the inauguration was over and the AVL was already dispatched to puddles or ash, we continued with the Inauguration Ball. It was a great party and since the AVL was no longer a threat we were able to enjoy ourselves, even little Adele.

Hence why she was in DC at the Ball.

I loved all my grandchildren, but Adele held a special place in my heart, and she knew it and used it to her advantage.

My love told me that Adele was able to glamour/push me into doing her wishes, but I knew that was not it. It was because she treated me like her true grandfather, and I wanted to spoil her for her open heart and her love for me was ever flowing.

The option had been there since Bon Temps to nix the idea of her being here, but no one said a word, hence her attendance.

The whole family was invited to the Inauguration and the Ball.

Some of the family chose to attend and others chose to stay behind and guard the farmhouse. Those who came to DC besides Min Barn were their spouses and my vampire family from BonTemps- Keith, James and Lafayette. Jessica chose to stay behind for the children with Niall and the other pack members. Of course, Isabelle came from Texas with her Fae and Were guards, she was treated like family because that it what she was.

The rest of the family who were not in attendance watched the happenings from the live TV broadcast and texted Adele when they saw something they needed a report on. It was very undercover for as young as she was, but from what I heard she did great.

Clovache watched her like a hawk.

It is also at the Ball while we danced that I was informed by Adele that Clovache was her godmother, she was there the day Adele was born, “Clovhe’ helped catchs” hers” when shes’ comes’ out” and they bonded on sight. I am not too sure what catch her meant, but I would happen to guess she helped deliver her.

What I remember most about the Ball is the songs that Sookie and I picked out to play so that we could dance to them since we were treating the Ball like a wedding reception for us.

“How you Remind Me” by Nickelback,

“Heaven” by Los Lonely Boys,

“Nothing Compares to You” by Sinead O’Connor,

“My Immortal” by Evanescence,

“Speechless” by Dan & Shay

and finally, “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran.

The last song truly spoke to us and it was our favorite song.

I know all of what we picked were very old songs, but so were we and so was our love. No one needed to know why we picked them, just that we had.

The night was capped off with a visit from the A.P with her blessings and this was caught on live TV and all Vampires knew what her blessings meant. I believe that is why we had no more mishaps from vampires after that day. Who wants to go against the A.P anyway, plus she hugged Sookie and Vampires just do not hug, so others knew Sookie was protected by the A.P as well.

My term started off with a bang literally.

The Fellowship of the Sun had been gone for years but apparently a cell had sprung up again once I started running for President.

My family was not hurt, just my pride, but once the US citizens realized the FOS cell went after my staff during the day the citizens got pissed off. They formed their own lynch mobs and went after them; I never got a chance to react since the bombing happened during the day while I was safely tucked away.

There were no casualties, but some of my human staff were badly hurt.

I made sure they received the best medical care and paid for them to stay home and recoup, the monies came out of my own pockets not the governments.

The FOS came after me, -to hurt me, my reputation, my livelihood-, not them.

Sookie and I felt that they would not have been hurt if I were not President and we let everyone know that at a Press Conference held later that evening.

The American people now realized I was backing up what I said while I campaigned, and nothing was going to deter me from that.

They also realized that my honesty was heartfelt, and I again was not blowing smoke up their asses like past Presidents had done.

We were a team, Me at the helm and them, the American people, as my shipmates. The greatness of this country was only going to happen if we all worked together. NO more in house fighting, no sides drawn, a cohesive team.

So, after the hiccup was overcome, we moved forward, my cabinet was approved and we started to make things happen, things were looking up.

However, after the FOS attack is when Charles came to me about sharing my blood. He wanted to take it, he did not want to wait years as he had first thought. He flew Air Niall to meet with me the following day after the chaos settled down. He felt that if there were more attacks, he needed more strength since he was not firstborn. You see, he was left in charge at the farmhouse and he wanted to make sure he had the strength to carry out that protection. He said he wanted to be as strong as Rasul so that he would be of much more help if there was any problems.

I agreed with him and I shared my blood and like his brother he took it from the source. I felt our bloods melding together and it was a sublime feeling again. I could now feel him like I felt his brother, I was happy and content in feeling Min Söner.

However, a funny thing happened with Charles after talking my blood; his strength seemed to be like that of a young newborn vampire. He seemed to have more strength than his brother ever had, and we knew from the start he would have to be schooled on this quickly and Rasul stepped up to the plate to help him out since they were both at the farmhouse.

As for the Whitehouse Cook, she decided to stay on and learn how to cook for Supernaturals and what was needed to be kept on hand in the kitchens. Sasha was a big help to her, she showed her how to make blood delicacies for the vampires and she let her know that the Were contingent was more a meat and potatoes type of group. Sasha was a great addition to my staff and of course she was paid out of my own coffers not the governments.

The next four years moved fast, as did the next four. Yes, I carried two terms of office along with my selected cabinet. The American people understood that I did not want anything from them. I wanted to help them and that is what I did. Yes, we had issues with some of the people who held Senate seats and some from the House of Representatives but for the most part things were changing, and we moved along at an even pace.

The old cronies were being forced out and new blood was coming in.

Things were looking up for everyone.

Pam even found her stride and was a force to be reckoned with when it was needed. She made me proud, I was proud to have her as my Vice President, she was made for that position.

It was during the first four years that I felt the dynamic change between my child and my wife. Pam continued to ask questions and once Sookie deemed it was time she sat Pam down and told her the whole story of her death and rebirth. It was that day that Pam grew to respect Sookie, oh I am sure they will never be best friends, but Pam started to show Sookie the respect she was due, and it was music to my heart.

It was a long time coming.

I knew Pam still hated Sookie in a way I would never understand but after the first few lessons by Godric and him schooling Pam by his lion ways. The snide remarks started to be less and less. If Pam even said them anymore it was in private since it seemed Godric patrolled the hallways of the White House and the Capital and you would never know where he would turn up.

Another thing changed as well in my last four years, the Senate and House would no longer receive a pension after their terms expired. It was a long time coming since this was a major drain on the Nation’s Debt.

I agreed not to be paid for my eight years in office, but I was given a small pension for the next forty years since I would live far longer than that, Gods willing.

I guess I made an impression on Oliver too because he denied being paid for the eight years in office along with me. He was already getting a too high of a pension for being an Ex-President, so he asked for the smaller pension for the rest of his years, it made him look good in the eyes of the people.

Now what happened after our eight years, well things got interesting to say the least.

Sookie and I moved back to Bon Temps.

We relaxed, we enjoyed, and we lived life to its fullest. We enjoyed our grandchildren and lived a simple enough life for an Ex-President. We still had Ex-Presidential obligations to attend to but for the most part we were own people.

As a side note my swimmers were never reanimated. Which in a way was a good thing because I had everything I ever needed as far as children were concerned and you cannot forget all the grandchildren and great grandchildren….and more to come.

You see even though I had thought how nice it would be to have a direct child with Sookie, I soon realized I already them. I loved Min Barn with all my heart, and I was immensely proud of all five of them, yes even Hunter, he might not have my blood as the others had but as he aged, which was slowly, he started to take on more of my characteristics as we hung out and talked and it had not gone unnoticed by his true love.

Who by the way I had figured out by the time we left the farmhouse the first time; he could not hide it from me. I did not interfere, but I made sure there were many opportunities for interaction between the two.

Sookie and I enjoyed rainy days with reading and loving.

Clovache stayed on as a presidential guard at the Whitehouse, and Batanya became one as well. The A.P. had decided that both the President and Vice President needed their own Britlingen guard so that the thread she liked did not diverge.

Pam stayed at the White House as VP, why not President you say, well she let Oliver have that position, even though he had four years in the White House before me, he was still able to run again for one term. She liked the VP position which gave her a little bit more leeway; however, she knew I would be watching. She was still handling it quite well and she did an awesome job for Oliver during their run.

You might be asking how Oliver was able to be President again for four years and even eight years. Well, he asked the people of the United States if they were willing to amend the 22nd Amendment so that he could continue on with two consecutive terms if they deemed him worthy.

They approved that he was worthy of them.

My Willa became first lady.

How did she do that you say?

Well during our first four years of office Oliver’s wife passed and we all helped him through his time of mourning. It was Willa who became closest to Oliver and through this closeness they became lovers in our second term of office. It was during the last year of the second term when things were winding down that she became Oliver’s wife.

I gave my blessings as they were a good fit, in actuality their ages were close even if Willa did not age and I approved of them becoming bonded mates, since Oliver was taking Willa’s blood, it kept him fit and youthful.

So, for the next eight years Oliver with Willa at his side and Pam as his second continued to carry on with what we had started eight years

prior to that. They kept some of the cabinet members, especially the supernatural ones and added in more supernaturals to balance the humans out.

However, we made sure that we were not following in the footsteps of the old cronies and not allowing new blood in, there was always room for new blood.

They, Oliver and Pam, had their own Were guards as well, My Weres came back with me to Bon Temps, but new ones had come forth from the Pack and were approved by Erik and Charles. Thalia even stayed on for being Willa’s guard and so did a certain Fae guard of mine, Min Sön Hunter. He asked to stay on just to ‘help out’, but I knew better.

Yes, you guessed it, Hunter was in love with Thalia, and it seems as he aged and matured more in his looks, he caught the eye of this cranky ancient guard of ours. I approved of this relationship but never said a word to them, since they were trying to keep it quiet.

After Oliver’s and Pam’s eight years Pam said she was ready to lead.

Her running mate you say.

Well, that one was a shocker as well.

It was Nergal and they ended up serving two terms as well.

The Dae and Fae came out at my inauguration, so he no longer needed to hide, and no one needed to know he was not of this realm for more than the sixteen years that they knew of him.

They were a great team and they both took small salaries for their terms, neither one needed the money but due to the previous eight years Oliver was able to instate a new salary cap for all elected officials during their time of office. They would only be getting a small salary not the inflated ones their predecessors had grown accustomed to and this was again helping with our nation’s debt.

Plus having Nergal as VP helped the Dae and Fae come out in other countries as well. People began to understand that not all Supernaturals are out to hurt them, even if their faces look the part. That they were the same as any human and wanted the same things, to live in a world of understanding and to have faith and hope.

I think that our first eight years had opened a lot of eyes and the next sixteen opened the rest. Do not get me wrong there will always be racists and bigots but now we have less and for now a better country.

Do I miss it, yes and no. But I have gained much more.

I have my children, my grandchildren and now their children.

I have a family; I have a wife and I have a home.

We are all protected by the Vampires, Weres, Fae and Dae and the Britlingens in our lives.

We are truly blessed.

We enjoy a life of solitude and quiet.

We also enjoy the fact that my wife has finally learned her self-worth and that she is nothing to be trifled with. Her self-confidence is where it should be, and she is not so judgmental of her past.

It took some time, but it was found.

We enjoy our days outdoors and our nights under the stars.

Days you say, yes days, I am able to go outside with the help of some Fae magic and a little healing.

What healed me, well Sookie did of course. We now know she can heal, fix, or whatever you want to call it.

I mentioned before that she shot healing light into me once, we did not realize what it would do if she did it a few more times, which she did, and the extra hours of awake time added up.

I am no longer afflicted with any weaknesses. I can go in the sun, but we keep this quiet. As for silver, I act as if it burns but there is no sizzle or smoke, so I try to just stay away from it if mixed company is around.

We had thought to give this healing to Willa and Pam but they both opted for NO.

That is until Oliver got hurt in a car accident, it was then that Willa asked us for a healing so she could tend to her husband. Sookie gave her the healing but she also healed Oliver of his broken bones. Willa would have healed him with her blood, but she was afraid of changing him without his permission since they were already bonded.

It was then that Oliver chose to have Willa turn him once he was better. He wanted to tell his own child what he was going to do and hopefully have their blessing, which he did receive.

The turning was scheduled in a months’ time and would be done in Bon Temps. Godric was scheduled to guard the grave during the day as Willa opted for three nights in the ground instead of one like she was given.

A side note on his turning, Sookie offered to heal Oliver of the sunlight affliction as well once he was turned but he suggested he wait at least a year so that he could experience true vampirism and get himself under control of the newness.

So, you see we still have our ups and downs, but we are a family and we do it together.

And I am enjoying every stage of it.

Hence, I seek out my wife now so that we can lounge in the hammock and relax as the rain hits the roof and maybe our bodies.

As I look for her, I find her already out in the rain, enjoying her time as the rain falls on her lightly dressed body and I myself am enjoying the rain dropping on her delicate skin and soaking through her clothes.

Yes, enjoying it very much. She has a beautiful body with luscious curves. Curves I love and adore on her, I never want her to change.

courtesy of Teela’s dream

As I know she will find me, I will wait for her in our favorite spot on the porch until she is ready to come out of the rain.

their favorite spot

And we will then enjoy each other’s company for the rest of our lives.


Author’s Notes: I hope you enjoyed this story it was fun to write. It is one of my favorite stories that I have written, I do not talk politics much with anyone because I feel your beliefs are yours and you should follow your heart and mind.

That being said, I am sorry this took so long to finish. Chapter 9 was giving me issues. I wanted to make sure I covered all plot bunnies and if I missed some, I am sorry I tried to catch them all. I went off on tangents a few times and had to cut back so I have rewritten chapters 9 and 10 several times, oh the perfectionist in me, plus the chapters were 20,000 words and I had to cut back some but not by much, so chapter nine had to be split into two and chapter ten ended up at 13,000 plus words. Yes, I am long winded, but I wanted to stay at ten chapters plus an epilogue.

Happy New year to everyone and I am still writing so I will be posting another story soon, the ones I have been working on the most are Smooth, Bump in The Night and Turnpike. Plus, there are three other stories I have been writing as well that are new, when I have muse issues, I turn to them, sorry.

Last but not least I want to thank California Kat for her help in keeping my site readable, she posts the chapters for me and makes sure everything is perfect.

And a huge thanks to Sephrenia, she has been making my banners and due to an eye injury, she will no longer be able to do this for me or Kat. My gratitude has no bounds for these two lovely ladies, you are both dear to my heart. Hugs and Love to you both.

And as for what I saw in my head when writing this chapter, below are the pictures of the gowns for the Inaugural Ball that I had in mind for the ladies.

Here is Sookie’s Inauguration Swearing In Ceremony Gown: I thought it was fitting for her heritage and her husband being a vampire, a new beginning.

Sookie’s Swearing-In Gown
Pam’s Swearing in Dress, Vintage of course

Here are Eric’s clothes for Inauguration (left image) and Ball (right image).

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and finally

Click here to see Godric’s Character banner.

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  1. It would be nice to see some of the changes you mentioned but I don’t see then happening in my lifetime, sigh.
    Thanks for writing and sharing this wonderful story!
    I look forward to reading what ever you share in the future.

    • thanks, I am trying to find new avenues for these two, trying not to copy any other stories but some times you come close but yet different. I will update when I can but the story has to be complete before I will try, I do not want to make you all think I gave up. I love these two as much as you do. KY

  2. Siempre existe este sentimiento agridulce cuando una historia llega a su fin.
    Feliz Navidad y próspero año nuevo. Mañana son los Santos Inocentes en mi país y espero que no me gasten muchas bromas. Alegría para todos.

  3. I’m sad this is over, but I guess there’s other stories coming that I will love just as much. Thank you so much for sharing your hard work and imagination with us all. It’s been a lovely distraction from the shitfest this year has been.
    I hope you had a magical Xmas and a happy and healthy new year.
    Blessings to ❤

  4. A lovely ending. I echo everyone else, I wish we could get some of these changes. Especially the term limits for Congress.

    I truly hope you keep writing and giving us wonderful Eric/Sookie goodness to read!

    Have a wonderful New Year!

    • thank you for reading and reviewing. hopefully change will come about but sadly I do not think in our lifetime. there needs to be strong people in the upper positions that are not glory hounds and truly want to help us. your welcome on the story and I am still writing. Happy New Year. KY

  5. Really liked this story. Pretty excited for any of your stories to be updated. Can’t wait. Until then please be careful and safe.

  6. Sorry it took so long to review but I went back to the beginning so I could enjoy a continuous read. I just loved this story, not the least your vision of what government could be. My more romantic side was truly pleased that not only did Eric get to have a relationship with Sookie but he found a “family” too. I look forward to the next story you update and/or new stories that you write.

  7. Too bad we couldn’t have some change like that up in DC! This was a great story! I hate that they had to wait so long to be able to be together, but at least they ended up with a good sized family and some genuine peace.Hope to read another story soon!

  8. Great story as always. I sure wish your presidency and policies would come into fruition. It is so needed. I’ve always believed you vote for the best person to carry out your interest not the party. I’m weird I know.
    I loved how you incorporated Godric into your story.

    • thank you for reading my story, yeah I wish our government could get over themselves but there are so many obstacles. And I agree with you on the best person theory. Happy you liked my Godric. Stay safe. KY

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