Chapter 01: Past Musings

My name is Alcide Herveaux and I have been friends with Eric Northman and Pam Ravenscroft since broadcasting school.  We met at school and have been a team ever since.

 As we move from radio station to radio station we move as a team.  Eric and I are night time talk show hosts and Pam is our producer.  We even live in the same house, which has led to the rumors about Eric and I being gay and or Pam being shared by both of us.

 In actuality Eric and I are best friends who usually compete for the same women when we go out to bars. But since we work at night that doesn’t happen too often and we are fine with that. Funny thing is Pam is usually our wingman and she picks out what we might like that she herself doesn’t, yes Pam bats for the other team.

We started out in this business using our real names and since both of us are what they call lookers we have had serious fan girl issues.  It became a big problem so we changed from daytime to nighttime DJ’s

 It got to the point where we had to move a few times because of stalkers.  We joke about it but all of us are very private people and want to keep it that way.

 It was during one of these moves when we found a small radio station in Louisiana that Eric thought he found THE ONE person he would stay with forever.  But it turns out she was married even though he was beyond smitten I don’t think he will ever forget her, she was a sweet southern girl, she had the potential to be the one but since she was still married she wasn’t an option.

 Eric never goes after married woman.

He met her at a function for the radio station; she had come with one of her friends as her date.  Apparently Amelia was trying to get her away from her husband since he was such an ass and didn’t approve of Sookie’s choice of career.

She was a school teacher for god sake what the hell is wrong with that.

Eric was still enthralled with her that he chatted her up most of the night but things turned bad when one of the stalkers crashed the party and went after Sookie.

Sookie ended up being taken to the hospital and Eric followed, he spent two days watching over her.

Even though he had just met her he wouldn’t leave her side because he felt responsible that the stalker knocked her out with a baseball bat to the back of the head and it gave Sookie a bad concussion.    The radio station agreed to Eric’s demands of paying for Sookie’s treatment because if it wasn’t for him she would have never gotten hurt.

 It also seemed odd that during the hospital stay the husband never showed up, so I wasn’t sure what was up with that.  It was like he didn’t even care, Amelia told Pam and me it was why she was trying to get Sookie to leave him but she wouldn’t, she took a vow and she meant to keep it.

I thought it was a real dirt bag move on his part to leave your wife high and dry like that.  But Amelia said it was typical and she was trying to find some kind of dirt on him so that she could prove to Sookie that he was a lying cheating scum bag that she needed to get rid of.

Once Sookie was released Eric was all kinds of concerned for her.  He didn’t want her alone and he didn’t want her to go back to her husband Preston Pardloe since he sure as fuck didn’t care about her well being.

Eric felt responsible for her and he cared a little too much for the woman he just met.  He said she was the light to his dark and they were meant to be.

 But that was not how Sookie saw it.

She told him they could only be friends, nothing more, she was in a committed relationship and she planned to remain in it.

We only stayed around at that radio station for another 6 months and during that time Eric would try to get Sookie to talk to him after the incident but she told him it was wrong and she needed to cut ties with him.

He was devastated that she rejected him.

He couldn’t understand why she went back to Preston even after Amelia was able to find some dirt on him.  Sookie told Pam and Amelia she would just have to try harder to make her marriage work; her vows meant something to her.

Sookie had strong Christian values and I respected that but if you find out your husband is not holding up his end of the marriage then why the hell stick around.

She was a strong southern woman that was for sure.

I think her rejection of Eric is what made us move on plus the stalkers were getting worse, we needed to figure out a way to stay anonymous while doing the job we love.

So started our nighttime personas; Eric was the vampire, I was the wolf and Pam was the mistress of darkness. It suited us well and we went into each new radio station as a package deal with our own terms that they needed to meet before we would work for them.

The terms we issued were easily followed by each station but we never stayed longer than 2 years at any one place.

We were a night time talk show, we would play the genre of songs that we were asked to play but we always deviated to what we wanted to do; we had our personas and we never attended station functions.

We put in that stipulation because of all the stalkers.

When we did stay around for the morning sales meetings everyone thought we were out of area sales men and left us alone.

If our pictures needed to be put up in the lobby they used pictures we approved of, I chose the wolf from American Werewolf in London, Eric chose Nosferatu, and Pam chose a book cover photo, it was a young woman clad in leather holding the chain of a dog.  The book’s title was ‘Hellhounds’ by Nancy Holzner.

american werewolf



We enjoyed our life.  None of us ever thought we would get married and made a pact that if we did find someone we would bring them into the fold and they would need to love all of us.  We figured we would live together until we were all old and gray and die together.

Four years had passed and it never occurred to us that Eric was hurting more than he let on; he said he was seriously thinking about calling Amelia to check in on Sookie.  He missed her that much, you would have thought that they were blood bonded somehow; he said his whole body ached at their distance and he couldn’t get past the feeling that she needed him as much as he needed her.   It wasn’t like he had became a monk or anything, he had a sex life and sometimes dated but our nighttime schedule always got in the way for all of us.

It was about 10 years later and we were all hitting our late thirties that we ended up at our last radio station, 96.9 GRRR which played Soft Rock and Pop and it was here we would be staying and living out all of our dreams.

The place reminded of us the radio station in the movie ‘American Graffiti’ and you could imagine looking at the studio that the song “Clap for the Wolfman” by the Guess Who would be playing all the time.

 If not for a better word it was quaint.

The station agreed to let us play other music as well as the suggested playlist but what shocked us the most was they also approved that we could use whatever language we thought was necessary during our show.

You know a little more vulgar than most stations would approve.

The owner Victor Madden said he didn’t care what the FCC said, most people up at night wanted to stay awake and if our language was a bit vulgar then so be it, he would deal with the negatives when they came up.   He said he didn’t want to lose us as his night time hosts, he liked our programs from the other stations we had worked at and he was willing to give us free rein in what we did.

Why we ended up in the panhandle of north Florida I will never know but Eric said he was drawn to it.

It was because of this change of location that Eric’s life changed for the better as did ours.


6 thoughts on “Chapter 01: Past Musings

  1. Wow so Alcide,Eric and Pam are all friends working at a radio station..Like the storyline can’t wait to see if Sookie leaves her husband Preston…such a jerk!

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