Chapter 03: Abuse of Power


I was an only child and growing up I always felt loved.

When I chose my profession my parents eagerly rallied behind me and told me whatever I did they would be proud of me.

Never once did they tell me derogatory things about my life or my wants.

I was truly cherished and loved by both of my parents and I assumed all kids felt the same way.

I was wrong.

 My eyes were suddenly thrown open to the real world and one of my new friends proved me wrong within a week of knowing her.

I met Pam and Alcide in broadcasting school.

The three of us hit it off instantly. Who knew then that we would never be separated again.

You know the saying two peas in a pod well we were three peas in a pod.

 Me an only child, Alcide from a family of two kids and Pam an orphan.

 We fell in sync with one another immediately and never looked back;  during one of our long talks we heard about Pam’s life growing up and how she was told by the foster system she would never amount to much.

Well she was determined to prove them wrong.

Right then and there Pam became my sister, we were not related by blood but that didn’t matter, once my parents met her they felt the same way I did.  Alcide took a little bit longer to warm up to her in the same way but once he did Pam now had two brothers that were overly protective of her and would never leave her side.  She never had to worry about being hurt again.

We graduated together, we moved together, we lived together, we moved as a team together.

We were an awesome team and once we became known in the broadcasting world we were sought after.

See usually each DJ or producer moves around on their own from station to station but we were a team and one didn’t move without the other.  It’s how we made a name for ourselves.

But it is also how we came to be stalked by fans.

We each had our own set of fan girl/guys.

 I don’t see what all the hype was about our looks, to me we are just us, but it became clear we had many fan girls/boys lusting after us.  It became so bad that we had stalkers and had to move from station to station after a year or two to lose the stalkers who wouldn’t back off.

We had finally settled in Shreveport and we thought we would be okay but that bubble got burst just three months into the jig. We hated going to the stations events, there was always people there that we had no intentions of networking with but we were told by the station manager Peter Threadgill that we needed to be there, it was important to the station.

So we buckled under the pressure and went as a threesome, we figured we could play each other’s wingman as usual since we all went after the female persuasion.  Yes, Pam swung for the same team and she was good at finding Alcide and I dates when we needed them.

She was a good sister to have around but tonight I didn’t need her help.

In walked one of the stations marketing staff Amelia Broadway and on her arm was the BLISS I had been waiting for, Sookie Stackhouse-Pardloe.

 I felt like I was being pulled to her by a large magnet, we sat at the bar and talked and talked.

I knew she was married but I didn’t care, this woman was beautiful and captivating.

I was smitten within minutes.

She was the star to my moon…. The day to my night….. The sun to my earth…. I wanted her badly even if it was in friendship only.

I could deal with a friendship!

We got up and danced a few times and then sat down again to catch our breaths; neither of us was drinking heavily so when we got up to dance again we were just caught off guard by the attack.

No-one saw it coming; I still don’t know how Ginger got the bat in undetected by anyone.  Or how she swung it without anyone noticing, but once it connected with Sookie’s head all hell broke loose.

Alcide was the only one there able to hold me back until the police came and arrested Ginger; I wanted to kill her…. After they took Sookie in an ambulance I went and sat vigil at the hospital next to her; the dirt bag husband didn’t even show up. I wanted to protect her, I wanted to take care of her always, and I wanted so many things but the one thing I knew for sure I was not leaving her side.

It was a day later that she woke up after the station paid us a visit; I told them THEY were paying for her hospital visit because she would have never gotten attacked if it wasn’t for me or the station event.

They relented but they were not happy.

It was the start to the end…. First my job and then Sookie.

The job became monotonous after the attack, the three of us no longer wanted to be there, the demands we were being put under were ridiculous but I didn’t want to leave Shreveport, I was hoping for some type of future with Sookie.

It took two months before I finally backed off asking her to live with me so I could take care of her, I knew for sure her husband wasn’t, he could care less, he proved that by not even coming to the hospital to check up on her.  During these two months Amelia let us know about Preston and what a douche bag he really was but Sookie maintained that she was married to him and she was not going to give up on her so called marriage, she had taken a set of wedding vows and her Christian values prevented her from filing for a divorce.

I understood why she was doing it, she didn’t want a failed marriage but living with a man that obviously doesn’t love her was killing her slowly… I saw the light leave her eyes every time she came to visit.

It was about the third month in that I spoke to my mom about this debacle.

She listened and then she told me the following.

“If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it is yours. If it doesn’t, it never was.” Unknown author

I knew mom was right, I knew that I loved this fragile little girl, she lit up my smile and my life, but she was never mine to begin with.   I knew if I was to get on with my life I would have to distance myself from her but it seemed that Sookie took care of that herself, she all but disappeared from my life… Her excuse was she was busy with her husband but I knew, hell even Alcide knew, that was a lie.

 She was hiding from herself and life in general.

Our six months at the station was upon us and I had a huge fallout with the station manager.   I couldn’t work there any longer so we all bailed; we didn’t care if it tarnished our ability to be hired.

WE needed to gain control over our lives and by drawing up a standing contract with our wants and needs we were ready to move on.

We weren’t throwing in the towel we were simply using An Abuse of Power.

It was ours to have and ours to take and be damned if we weren’t going to use it.

And move on we did.

We left like we were running away, but in all honesty we were approached to be night time DJ’s and that was how we became “The Vampire and The Wolf”.

It was perfect for us and we moved on after about two years from each location, we had learned the hard way that was long enough.

The fan girls/guys ceased since we no longer used our own names, we no longer used our own pictures, we worked as a team and the only person anyone at the station would see was Pam our “Mistress of Darkness”.

If we had to show up at a morning meeting everyone was told we were outside salesman only in for the meeting.

We were all fine with that.

Life seemed blissful and I was content, I didn’t know if I would ever meet anyone else like Sookie or want anyone else in my life but her, but I was willing to wait it out.

A day never went by that she wasn’t in my thoughts, she was always there.

I woke up to her smiling face, I would see her in my dreams and she was the last thought I had before I went to bed, you see she was going to come back to me one way or another I knew it.

My heart knew it.

I just had to bide my time and wait her out.

For that I could wait a lifetime, forever perhaps, I was still young, I still had time on my hands.


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13 thoughts on “Chapter 03: Abuse of Power

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  2. I only have one complaint! I want more!!!! This is certainly my fave story of yours so far. And I’m a huge fan of zombies… I know you have a lot of stories on your plate and that you must follow your muse, but I hope that the vamp and the wolf “give you the eye.” 🙂

    • you are so right 2nd chances await, but be patient, Sook figures it out first and it may take our Blonde adonis some time since he really does not hear Sooks voice like she does his. patience is a virtue and a new chapter should be hitting soon …. KY

  3. In this chapter I felt so sorry for Eric! He really is fond of Sookie and wants only the best for her! If only Sookie opens her heart towards Eric…she’ll never regret it ! Now when are they going to meet again!?

    • yes she was a fool, but she was going by her Christian morals and you can see where that got her. Yes i felt bad for Eric while writing it, but he did what was best and left before he did something he would regret. they will meet and soon enough. KY

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