Chapter 4: Apalachicola


So we scoped out our new town when we arrived, who knew places like this existed out of Louisiana? It was a small enough town, Apalachicola, and we were close enough to the Georgia, Alabama border that we could go on small trips, hell we were even close enough to Gainesville Florida, which was a party town for college students. Plus the state capital was about an hour away as well.

We met up with our new boss Victor Madden and discussed what our job was.

His exact words, “entertain your audience during the twilight hours. Have fun, do giveaway’s, play the normal lists of songs but deviation were okay to. We would be our own bosses at night.”

Eric and I were thrilled; finally a boss who understood creativity was a plus when it came to night time radio.

So we set out to have fun.

But first we had to find a house to rent with an option to buy. Eric said we should make sure we all had large rooms and there needed to be extra rooms and space just in case one of us met someone. He was very cryptic about what he meant but I knew none of us had a significant other at the time.

We found our house on the first day of looking; it was a 5 bedroom 4 bath home on 4 acres of land in the northern part of the city, it would take us about 1/2 hour to 40 minutes to get to work but we were okay with that because of the location and seclusion. The house gave us space plus extra, we had loved a 4bedroom 3bath home with more acreage but we figured the smaller yard was better. Plus we could always build onto the back of the house if we bought it, and it had a great deck to BBQ on and relax.

Our new life at 96.9 GRRR started at 11pm and finished up at 5am when the morning crew arrived.

We were okay with that and no one ever bothered us.

Pam came up with an idea of having nightly contests of ‘Name that Tune’ by either giving the title name or a word in the title or two or more songs with the same title but different songs and different artist names.

I knew some of this was going to be difficult and a true music person would know most of the answers. But we were living in a small town so we had no clue how this would go over with the listeners.

The first few times we tried it, NO ONE answered us.

We asked if anyone was listening.

They were listening but were clueless. Pam said she got numerous calls just to talk or say there were no correct answers.

I knew we were in Podunk Florida but seriously someone out there needed to know some of the answers.

After the first week we almost gave up with this game.

WE decided it wasn’t worth offering giveaways since no one ever won.

Victor was okay with that, he told us to keep trying; he thought that game was a great idea.

So the second week we had a break.

Our first question on Monday night was who sang, “Crazy little Thing Called Love”?

We had about 6 callers but none were right, then number 7 was our winner.

She had a quiet little voice with a southern drawl that was so familiar, she gave her name as Southern Belle.

We all chuckled at her shyness but we thought the name she gave herself fit her from what we could hear from her voice.

Oh yeah the answer to the question was ‘Queen’.

So on Tuesday we thought to use a different genre since we were in ‘redneckville’.

What Artist sang, “Cool Drink of Water” and “Country Girl”.

We figured this was a cinch too, but nooooooo, it took till caller number 7 again for the correct answer.

We all had a laugh again at who answered the question correctly, this time we didn’t speak to her, she spoke with Pam directly.

But she did get it right as ‘Brooks and Dunn’, who would have thunk that podunkers wouldn’t have known the answer to that one…

This went on for the next three days, she was always caller number 7, and she always answered correctly.

Wednesday our question was who sang “Crocodile Rock”?

Thursday our question was who sang “Sound of Madness”?

Friday our question was who sang, “Fly”?

Again the timid voice would answer.

Elton John, Shinedown and Sugar Ray.

Well we were perplexed, who was this girl that got all of our answers correct but was so timid and shy and never said anything more than the answer.

So Pam decided that she was going to go back into her vault and draw out some old songs to try and trip our Southern Belle up.

We were no longer asking the listeners in general, we all knew we were asking her even though it appeared to be a question for everyone listening…

The next week we had our questions all mapped out.

Monday, who sang “Fat Bottomed Girls” and “Future is So Bright”?

Tuesday, who sang “FAME”?

Wednesday, who sang “Peg”?

Thursday, who sang “She’s Waiting”?

Friday, who sang “Cruel Nights”?

Again Southern Belle or SB now answered them all correctly.

Queen, David Bowie, Steely Dan, Eric Clapton and Heart.

She was good; I had to respect her for that. Her shyness was starting to leave since she now would talk to us a bit more but she was always very short in what she said.

Like she didn’t want us to know who she really was OR was she hiding from someone?

I loved her voice as did Pam; there was a caring and calming tone to it, like a teachers tone when she is trying to get a point across. Pam commented numerous times that she knew that voice but couldn’t place it. Of course Eric never talked to the participants because he didn’t want to get caught up in getting too close again. I knew he was hurting but it was 10 years ago and I thought he had mended his broken heart but I guess he just put up a wall… a well-constructed wall.

So the next couple of weeks went by the same. We would ask questions and the only one to answer us was SB.

Pam had decided to make it harder for her because Pam thought she was cheating some how but then how could SB cheat when we only gave her a couple of minutes to call in. It was more a game for us to see how quickly she would call in versus whether or not she was right.

But damn it she was always right…

After about 4 weeks of this Eric finally jumped in on the bandwagon and got into the game. He was notorious for knowing all of the old stuff and he decided it would be a good weapon against our little nemesis.

So these were Eric’s questions to our listeners even though we knew who would call in.

Night 1-Daughtry, Aerosmith and Knarles Barkley all sang a song by this name, what is the name of the song?

Night 2-A song with the title ‘Crystal Ball’ was performed by what two artists?

Night 3-These three artists all sang a song with the same title; they are from different genres, name the Song title and who the artists are?

Night 4-An 80’s group and a newer pop crooner sang the song, ‘Heartache Tonight’, who were the artists?

Night 5-Who sang “Pinball Wizard’, there are two artists?

Night 6-These three artists, all different genres, sang a song with the same title of ‘Runaway’, who are they?

Night7-‘Someday’ was a song sung by what two artists from different genres?

Night 8-‘Someone for Me’ was a song sung by this two artists who were they?

I am not saying that others didn’t try but they never got it right.

So we waited each night for SB’s response and she never disappointed.

Night 1- “Crazy

Night 2- Pink and Styx

Night 3- ‘Gone”, Kelly Clarkson, NSync, Daughtry

Night 4- Michael Buble and The Eagles

Night 5- Elton John and The Who

Night 6- Maroon 5, Bon Jovi and Pink

Night 7- Nickelback and Alan Jackson

Night 8- Travis Tritt and Whitney Houston

After the eighth night we received a phone call from Victor he said he loved the trivia tests even if there was only one person answering correctly. He liked it enough to where he thought we should have SB call in and match her knowledge against one of us. We told him it was a good idea but we thought that SB might be too shy to do it. He told us to approach her and see what she said.

Eric didn’t think it would be a good idea, he liked that this person was just as smart as him on the knowledge of music and told Victor that maybe down the line we could work on a match the wits game but for now we should leave it as is.

Victor agreed but told us to think about getting it done when we could.

So Pam and Eric put their heads together to come up with a new game. They thought for sure they would win this one.

Boy, were they ever wrong.

So the next game they came up with was a bit tricky. You see we were going to give a word and they had to name a song that started with that word and the artist who sang it. Plus we would tell them how many songs needed to be named. I thought for sure we would stump her but damn we were not even close.

Within 3 minutes she called in the first night.

…Name 5 songs that begin with the word Ain’t.

Ain’t That Just Like, A Dream Tim McGraw

Ain’t Talkin bout, Love Van Halen

Ain’t Nobody but Me, Supertramp

Ain’t No other Man, Christina Aguilera

Ain’t It Fun, Guns N Roses

The second night she called in 5 minutes

…..Name 6 songs starting with NOT,

Not a Moment, Tim McGraw

Not Even the Trees, Hootie & the Blowfish

Not Falling Apart, Maroon 5

Not for You, Pearl Jam

Not Meant to Be, Theory of a Deadman

Not Ready to make Nice, Dixie Chicks

The third night took 3 minutes.

.Name 3 Songs starting with Free

Freebird, Lynard Skynard

Free Fallin, Tom Petty

Free For All, Ted Nugent

The fourth night took 5 minutes

Name 7 Songs starting with the word SWEET

Sweet Mother Texas- Waylon Jennings

Sweet is the Night- ELO

Sweet Home Alabama- Lynard Skynrd

Sweet Hitch-Hiker – Credence Clearwater Revival

Sweet Child of Mine- Guns N Roses

Sweet Country Music- Atlanta

Sweet Talking Woman- ELO

I was stumped at what kind of knowledge she had which led to my question on night 4.

Are you a DJ or do work for a Radio Station?

Her answer to both questions was NO!

Eric said he didn’t even want to try on night 5 because he didn’t think they could stump her no matter how hard they tried.

So come Friday night we were trying to figure out a way to ask a question about songs so that we could still have fun with her.

It was about 2am when we got a phone call from SB.

She had a question for us?

What song by Slash has a spirit in it?”

Of course Pam and I looked dumbfounded but Eric answered.


She said she had one more question for us and then she said she would have to go for the night. But she sounded like she was struggling to talk without an accent but you could hear her drawl every so often and by the time she finish the words you could hear the pain and tears in her voice. I wondered why she was trying to mask her voice or whom she was hiding from, but it was evident she was crying.

What song are the following lyrics from?

At times life’s unfair and you know it’s plain to see; hey God I know I’m just a dot in the world; Have you forgot about me?; Whatever life brings; I’ve been through everything; And know I’m on my knees again; But I know I must go on; Although I hurt I must be strong; Because inside I know that many feel this way; Am I hiding in the shadows?; Forget the pain and forget the sorrows: ….?

We were all floored by her question. It sounded like a hint to who she was but the sorrowfulness to her voice was our undoing but before we could ask her, her real name she asked us again what song the lyrics were to.

Eric answered of course: “Creed, ‘Don’t Stop Dancing’ and followed it with: ‘At times life is wicked and I just can’t see the light; A silver lining sometimes isn’t enough; To make some wrongs seem right; Whatever life brings; I’ve been through everything: And now I’m on my knees again: But I know I must go on; Although I hurt I must be strong; Because inside I know that many feel this way’….”

I wasn’t surprised he answered her with lyrics but apparently it was lyrics to the same song.

But before she hung up, she said thank you but I could have sworn she said thank you Eric. That threw me off since No One knows his name or ours and the others said that didn’t notice anything but thank you come through the receiver; but I was sure of it, I swore I heard her say Eric’s name even if it was a whisper.

Could it be, Eric’s little southern bell, the one he has been waiting for all this time?

If only it was so.

Author Note: Some pictures of our threesome and just and FYI, all the music listed above is on my flash drive I have in my car, so it wasn’t too hard to collect my list of songs and yes I have a wide range of likes of what I listen to as does this Sookie.


Alcide and Pam Eric




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  2. Loved the music/song/artist challenge between the four of them… but at the end only Alcide recognized Sookie as Southern Belle…can’t wait for more.

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