Chapter 09: Nirvana


I looked over at Pam and then Alcide and dropped my phone on the desk and ran out of the control room.

She was here; she was at the front door… Hallefuckinglujah…

Pam and Alcide bolted after me too but I made it to the door first and there she was standing out in the dark under the gaze of the station lights looking as beautiful as ever. She had much shorter hair like me but I didn’t care my angel was here.


I fumbled at the lock on the door and she was laughing at me since I couldn’t get it open. Of course it was Alcide who came to my rescue as we needed a key, DUH. But it was Pam who made it through the door first and picked her up and spun her around and told her she missed her. I never thought Pam felt like that for her but I guess we all missed her in our own way.

Alcide pushed me out of the way and called her chere’ then kissed her cheek and told her it was about time she finally came to her senses and paid them a visit since he knew it was her ever since the song dedication but didn’t want to get my hopes up so he kept quiet.

I was standing there catching files with an open mouth when my sweet girl walked over to me and lifted my chin up and smiled at me.

“I missed you my Viking.”

“I missed you too my sweet girl.”

“What are doing here? I thought you were at home?”

“I was in the car while I dialed the phone; I figured that it would probably be best to get over here before I lost my nerve to see you.”

“Oh Sookie, you have nothing to be nervous of, this should have happened months ago. I wish you had told me then. How did you know it was me/us?”

“It’s a long story, but the short version is I became an insomniac after we parted ways and one night I couldn’t sleep and tuned into the radio, I heard yours and Alcide’s voice. I will never forget your voices. It soothed me then as it does now. So I began to listen to y’all and then got up enough nerve to start calling in when the others listeners were clueless to Name That Tune. Funny thing is I play that with my students too, that’s why they were so good at it this week. I figured they were competing to be the first caller in since each night it was a different student, the rest are probably pissed off they didn’t get to answer…”

“So you teach?”

“Yes over at the local High school, I am the music teacher and I love it.”

“Umm, can I ask you something as we head into the control room?”


“What happened to your Southern Drawl, I loved it, and it was all you.”

She actually giggled at me and then started laughing. I just shook my head at her silliness.

“Umm, well you see I still have it, but being a teacher where the students don’t have a drawl like mine to understand it properly when I spoke I had to go back to school to learn how to tone it done so that they could understand me better. Nothing is worse than having to teach and they all look at you like you have two heads. So I can control it, but it slips out from time to time. It was like teaching a stutterer not to stutter.”

I just looked at her and smiled, I must have looked like a Cheshire cat. I loved how close she was to me and if I played my cards right she would never leave me again. It was also when I noticed our hands and fingers were tightly clasped around each other’s.

I guess she didn’t want to lose me either.

We reached the control room and Alcide had already brought her a chair in to sit in but I wasn’t having it. I pulled her into my lap and put my head set back on.

Sookie was giggling the whole time, damn I missed her.

It was then that I noticed Pam gesturing to the phone as it was blinking.

I picked it up and to my surprise it was Tara. She wanted to make sure Miss Sookie was okay because she went by her house and she wasn’t there. I let her know that Sookie was here at the station with me and I would make sure she got home safely. But before I hung up I let her know that I owed her a huge favor for getting us back together, if it wasn’t for her and the other students calling in this week, the cat and mouse game could have went on forever.

She told me no favors needed, all she wanted was for Miss Sookie to be happy and I made her happy. She let me know that Sookie was more of a big sister to her than a teacher and she was glad she could return happiness to Sookie life since she had been so sad before she started listening to the radio show.

Well that was news, I figured my angel had a good life and was happy. I assumed she had multitudes of friends and boyfriends too. But that was a question that needed to be asked in private. Plus I wanted to know what happened to Preston. But again that was a question for another time.

Before I hung up I asked Tara if she was okay and she said she was, she had a key to Miss Sookie’s house and figured she would just spend the night since she didn’t think she would be coming back tonight anyway.

I chuckled at this smart (ass) girl and bid her good night and let her know I was looking forward to meeting her soon.

Her last comment to me before she up was, so do I call you Vampire or Eric?

And with that she hung up.

She was too smart for her own good.

We still had a few hours to go for the show but I wanted to leave as soon as we could and that was when we got a call from Victor.

Victor played by Ray Stevenson

Victor played by Ray Stevenson

He shocked us all. Apparently he had been listening to us all week and was figuring out for himself who this SB and/or Sookie were. And since we let music play for a little while on two occasions tonight he figured we were either talking to her or she was there, which he had no issues with. He told us if SB was with us, to pack it up early and go home, no one would miss a few hours of a night show on a Friday night. He said he has some long playing CD’s in the drawer, to use them and get the hell out of there.

So we did just that, we put 5 CD’s into the machine, pressed play, locked up and headed for my car.

It was then I realized that we had two cars.

Pam asked Sookie for her keys so she could drive her car and follow us home. Alcide said he would ride with Pam so we had some alone time. It would have probably been easier for us to have taken Sookie’s car but no one hesitated to the plan, we just acted upon it.

Strategist we weren’t that night.

As we drove in near silence, I looked over at my angel and she was smiling right back at me. The only thing I could think of was nirvana, (a state of perfect happiness; an ideal or idyllic place.). That is exactly where I was at that very moment. My life had made a turn for the better.


I hadn’t noticed that I picked up my purse and keys, and got into my car as I called the radio station. It was like I was on auto pilot.

I knew where the station was and my little car headed in that direction despite me not realizing I was driving to my Viking. You see when the phone finally answered and I delivered my speech I had every inclination to hang up and wait for a phone call back.

What I hadn’t planned on was my subconscious doing its own thing and driving me towards my nirvana. Eric was my idyllic place, he was my ground and if I had only realized it ten years ago I think I would have been in a much better place for most of those ten years.

But what hit me hard was when I finally realized I heard him say my name; he was the one that picked up my call. It was FATE that he was on the receiving end and he must have thought me nuts when I told him I loved him.

But when he started to speak, I found I couldn’t. I wasn’t scared to talk to him, I was just so freaking nervous.

He talked to me while I drove and I don’t think he realized I was in a car because I wasn’t playing the radio I was just listening to his sweet voice and in my Kia you couldn’t hear the outside noises so it was a plus for me just to hear him. When he told me he loved me I almost swerved off the road, it was then I realized where and what I was doing. My body was leading me to my nirvana.

As he spoke some more he mentioned his contractor, I told Russell and Talbot about Eric numerous times, I even called him my Viking. But it made me laugh that Russell had thought Eric was gay, he was far from gay but when Eric mentioned his nickname I had to chuckle that was too funny. I wonder if Russell knew all along. I will have to ask him.

But then he continued to talk and tell me what he missed, what he wanted and he wanted me to talk. I didn’t think I could talk to him yet but he made me smile and chuckle a few more times before he told me he knew it was me from the start. Well dammit, if I had known that I would have come visited him earlier. But I was being cautious, I didn’t know if he wanted to see me ever again and I loved the little fantasy I had going in my head I didn’t want him to burst my bubble.

By then I had pulled up into the stations parking lot and there was only one car there. It must have been Eric’s, it reminded me of him. It was a bright red Dodge Charger with a Hemi, so masculine, so very him.

Dodge Charger 2014 w/Hemi

Dodge Charger 2014 w/Hemi

I started to cry when he mentioned children, I didn’t know if I would be able to have any after my accident and I didn’t think he would want me after he found out, so I cried a little harder. It was one of the many reasons why I never dated anyone; I didn’t want them to want children and me not able to give them to them. I guess this is something I would have to bridge with Eric sooner than later.

So I parked my car and turned off the ignition and waited. I didn’t have to wait long for him to ask me to come to him, he wanted to see me, he really did.

Kia Optima

Kia Optima

So I did what any girl would do, I told him to come get me out at the stations door.

It was too funny seeing him trying to get through the door and it wouldn’t open. But what I marveled at the most was he looked the same, except for his shorter hair. It was at that moment I fell further in love with him. He was my nirvana in every way.


Author’s Note: Just wanted to let you know in the books I always pictured Victor as a smarmy vicious man but in this story he is a fun guy and well-liked by our group so I tried to portray him a little different light as a good looking positive man. Hell look at the radio studio he owns, it a cross between modern day and the 50-60’s era.


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