Chapter 05: The Note

Well the week went by quickly; I was enjoying my little apartment and my having the extra travel time to myself.  I spoke to the kids on a daily basis and I even spoke with Preston once.  That didn’t go so well so I called Andy; him and Halleigh went over to spend the night with the kids.

I spoke with Russell about needing a divorce lawyer, his first words to me were “about fucking time “ and then he told me to go to the legal department to speak to Johan Glassport and he could recommend me to someone good.   That’s how I got Mr. Cataliades as my divorce lawyer, he was one of the top lawyers in Shreveport and I was happy to have him in my corner.  I told him about my life and how long my marriage has been over.

 I even told him about the past two weeks with Preston and how he has lashed out at me and the kids. He asked me how the kids felt and asked to meet them, he wanted to talk to them before we filed and served Preston with the papers because at the time Preston would need to leave the house and he wanted the kid’s opinion on family life.

 He said that he might be able to get the one year of waiting time down to six months because I had told him about my spousal rape when he asked me point blank if it happened.  I was embarrassed but I told him I didn’t want to use that if we didn’t have to.  He said when we went to mediation he would bring it up and if Preston and his lawyer were smart they would back down and give the divorce uncontested to me.

Plus he said that I would not have to sell the farmhouse because it was in my name as a gift from a dead relative.  I was grateful I wouldn’t lose the house but I was also grateful that I wouldn’t have to give Preston money to leave it alone.

Mr. C’s last question was whether or not I had someone in the wings.  Honestly I did not but I told him I was attracted to someone I knew.  He told me as long as I didn’t act on that attraction it couldn’t be used against me.

I was good then, no-one knew about the night with Eric and I wanted to leave it that way.

As for the gym, it was like nothing ever happened with Eric and me.  He nodded hello when he saw me or ignored my stare; it felt a bit odd since we had been so intimate but I understood why, I was just hoping that it wasn’t a onetime thing where he got to nail an older woman and then spurned her attention.  I knew in my heart it wasn’t that but it was always there in the back of my mind.

My training day came up and Jack and I talked as I worked out. I told him about the end of my weekend and how Andy and Halleigh came over for the kids and how the night before I spoke with Preston on the phone and he got belligerent and Andy and Halleigh went over to the house again to stay with the kids.   I knew he would calm down sooner or later but I didn’t know if I had the patience for that. 

I told Jack that there wasn’t any way they could keep doing that once the divorce papers were served and I didn’t want to leave the kids without an adult being in the house in the evening in case Preston did something stupid. He told me he would help me come up with an idea I could live with. 

I then told him that I went and saw a divorce attorney today and got everything going and it would be a couple weeks before we filed so that I could get all my ducks in a row.  He told me anything he could do to help me out he would.   He would let Alcide know everything too and they could make a plan for me to follow,

I was grateful and shocked at the same time.  I actually had friends that I could call family and rely on. 

My workout went great and we talked a little about what I was going to be doing with myself with my extra time.  I told him I was going to eat early and get the extra rest I knew I needed and once I leveled out I would get more time to read and maybe run to the store in the evening if I needed to. 

He asked if it would be okay for him and me to go out to dinner a couple nights a week just so that we could both have company.  I told him that sounded like a good plan.

He said maybe Alcide, Eric, Maxwell Lee or Rasul would want to join us.  I told him I would like that very much I enjoyed all of their company.

It looked like my life was starting to come to a happy blissful state but I only had tomorrow before I went home to face the wrath of Preston.  I was hoping he would not be an ass nor go out drinking so that he could become a major ass to me and the kids.

I had 24hrs to find out.

When I left the gym there was a note on my windshield.  I figured it was from Eric but it wasn’t it was from Preston.


Shit, when was he here.   He knew where the gym was but not the apartment.  It’s not like I was hiding the address I just didn’t want him to know it or show up.  I didn’t need the grief from him. 

I walked back into the gym a bit shaken and Maxwell Lee was standing there.

He saw my tears and asked me what was up.

I handed him the note.  He wasn’t happy and he told me he would be right back.

He came back with Rasul and they both told Quinn they were leaving early. He wasn’t happy but he knew that Rasul rode with Maxwell Lee so he didn’t have a choice.

I asked where Jack was and they said he was with a client but they would go home with me so I would be okay.

The boys knew where the apartment was so they didn’t have to follow me closely, they trailed behind a bit to make sure I wasn’t followed. When we got there Alcide was waiting.  I showed him the note and I told him about the phone call and he wasn’t happy.

None of the boys wanted me to be there alone.  I told him as long as I wasn’t followed I should be okay for the night. 

They said they wanted to stay for a while to make sure I was okay so I offered to make everyone dinner since I had went out the night before and got some chicken and premade salads. 

It was fun talking to them and we all relaxed until there was banging on the door. 

Alcide said he would answer it.

It was Pam, Corbett and Jason.  Pam had driven them to Shreveport because Preston came home ranting that I was with some other guy in the gym and I was cheating on him. 

Everyone knew the only person I was with was Jack so we could only figure he thought one of the other guys that said hello to me was my new man.   I was friendly to everyone, I always gave a kind smile to everyone I saw on a daily basis and I always waved at the ones that would nod. 

I didn’t even approach Eric all week so I wasn’t sure who he saw me with, unless when I spoke with Quinn to get my address changed to Shreveport that he thought I was flirting with him but that was yesterday.

It dawned on me that he was watching my every move. Shit how many days had he been watching me. 

Did he know about the attorney? 


The kids had grabbed a change of clothes before they left the farmhouse so they were all staying at the apartment with me and the guys said they were staying for a while as well.  I didn’t argue but I told the kids they needed to hit the hay soon so they could wake up in the morning to get to school on time. 

While the kids took turns showering I called Andy.  I told him what happened and that the kids came to me in Shreveport because they didn’t trust Preston.  He said he would take a run out to the house and let Preston know where the kids were and they were safe.  I thanked him for his help and hung up.

I saw the look of concern in the guy’s eyes.  It made me more nervous but I told them everything would work out.

As we were sitting there Rasul asked me how things were going for me and if I was finally going to divorce Preston.  I sat there and explained to the three guys what had happened with my lawyer and what the plans were that I would have to make.   I hadn’t told the kids yet so I called them in while I was explaining it to the guys about what would be happening over the next couple of weeks. 

The kids were ecstatic to say the least. They all told me it was about damn time.

Kids gotta love them.

Rasul asked me if I had an extra room. 

I said yes why.

He said he knew of someone I could trust to be with the kids at night but he just needed a way to get to Shreveport for work.

I asked him who it was and he said ME.

I asked him to clarify what he meant.

“Well I have been on the outs with my roommate for months now and our lease comes up next month and I don’t want to renew a lease with him and started looking for my own place.  I was saving up for a car but I can’t afford moving into my own place and buying a new car at the same time.  So if I was willing he would move in with the kids and he would be there in the evening, problem solved.  He would pay me rent but he needed to find an economical and affordable car first.”

Jason spoke up and said, “You can borrow mine, I don’t drive it.  It was given to me by our uncle when he bought a sports car but Pam drives us everywhere we need to go.  I don’t like it much either so if you want you can borrow it or buy it cheap it’s up to you.”


It sounded like a solid plan but I wanted to talk to Alcide about it first and then Eric.   I asked Alcide to step outside with me a minute so I could talk to him.

We went outside and I told him to spill. What did he know about Rasul before I left him with my kids?  Alc said he was a good kid and he would take good care of my kids at night and he was still young enough that he could hang out with the boys and it wouldn’t bother him.  He might eat me out of house and home but I would be safe with him even on the weekends.

He also knew not to mess with me because of Eric.

They all knew something was up between us but they were not going to push it.  Alc said they noticed a change in Eric since Monday when he came into work.  He was different, he smiled at nothing and he only said hello to the woman cliental, no more flirting, but they didn’t push him.  Now knowing what the lawyer said it makes sense to him.

Alc asked me if Eric knew I went to the lawyer.  I told him no. I hadn’t spoken to him since the weekend but I thought it would be a good idea to call and let him know.

Alc handed me his phone and told me to call him before he went inside.

I was nervous but I wanted to talk to him.

I needed to talk to him.

 If he had been at the gym when I walked back in with the note he is whom I would have went to.

I dialed his number and he answered, “What’s up Alcide.”

“Ummm, Eric its Sookie.”

“Baby what’s wrong?”

“First please don’t call me that you might slip in front of everyone.  Second, I am a bit scared.  Third, I have some things to tell you.”

“Sookie where are you at?”

“The apartment.”

 “I will be there in ten minutes, don’t leave.”

“I won’t Alcide, Rasul, Maxwell Lee, Pam, Corbett and Jason are here.”

“Shit, ten minutes, I am leaving now can you meet me outside?”

“I am outside.  Can I stay on the phone with you while you drive over here?”

“Sure Baby, how was your day?”

“Good until about 2hrs ago.”

“Okay, so let’s talk about something else then.”

“Eric, why can’t I get a break?  Why is my life shit?  What did I do to deserve to be unhappy?”

“Baby listen, you are a very happy person, just some shitting things are happening right now and in a few shorts months your life will get better and in a year’s time when the divorce is final you will be the happiest damn woman alive.  I will make sure of that.”

All I could do was smile at his words because I knew he meant every one of them.

“Please get here soon, I need you and I miss you.”

“Five minutes and I will be there… Hang up the phone and go inside, let Alcide know we are going to talk out here and then I will go inside with you but we need to talk in private first okay, Can you do that baby?”

“Yes I can do that, please hurry.”

So I did as I was told and went inside.  I took Alcide to the side and let him know Eric was on his way.  He wanted to talk to me first outside and then we would come back in.  Could he please run interference with my kids?

He said he would but he was only giving me ten minutes before he came out and got us.

 I asked for fifteen.

He smiled at me and said, “okay no more.”  

He asked the kids to help him figure out the Wii and teach him how to use it.  That he wanted to get one but he needed the kid’s expertise on how to use it.

Pam told him to stop blowing smoke up her ass and tell her what was really going on.

He told her Eric was on his way and I needed to talk to him alone for a few minutes.

Pammy and her smart ass mouth said, “Well why the hell didn’t you just say that.”

 I looked out my window and saw Eric pull up so I went outside.  I was sitting in the lawn chair he left behind the other day.  I figure it would probably be a good idea to look into a couple of chairs and small outdoor table for my little court yard so we would have somewhere to sit and talk in the future.

He came over to me and kissed me on the cheek and then picked me up in his arms and sat me down on his lap in said lawn chair. Let me tell you I leeched onto him, I needed his touch; I needed his warmth, he was like my security blanket.  This whole situation had me shaken and I needed his comfort.

“Okay Sookie start from the beginning.”

I told him about my week, the call to the lawyer and then what happened during my appointment.    My call to the kids the other night and how I ended up talking to Preston and then him becoming belligerent to me on the phone.  How Andy ended up staying the night with the kids again. Then I told him about the NOTE that was left on my car tonight and how everything proceeded after that.  Why everyone was here, how I made us all dinner because no one wanted me left alone.  How the kids came and then me calling and talking to Andy again.

He said, “We have a lot of planning to do.  Did you all come up with a plan?”

I told him we had and proceeded to tell him about Rasul.  He said he liked Rasul and he thought he would be a great guardian at night for the kids, plus after Rasul moved in he would start spending some time with the kids and just give the pretense he was there to visit Rasul.

I knew it was his way of getting to know the kids better but I didn’t want to burst his bubble about knowing it wasn’t just about their safety.  Plus he said if he needed to crash during the week he would just use my room at the farmhouse, which I was okay with, I would have his smell with me on the weekend. 

He gave me another quick kiss and we went inside.  Everyone was sitting in front of the TV console playing with Wii.  It was funny to watch these big men playing video games with my kids,

Everyone looked up and said hello.  Eric asked the guys to step into the kitchen area to talk a minute.

I followed of course.

He proceeded to tell them he was going to stay the night with us so they could all head home.  That we would have to start watching the parking lot for Preston’s car at the gym and if we noticed it I didn’t go home alone on those nights.  It was going to get worse after I served the divorce papers.

 Alcide agreed and said it’s usually the wife that has the vindictive streak in a spilt but since he is already stalking me it would only get worse, he was going to call in a favor or two if he had to with the SPD to keep me safe.

He also told Rasul that once the papers were served that his new home was in BonTemps and he had a car at his disposal.  Rasul agreed and said he would get his stuff packed up so he could move at a moment’s notice.

I thanked everyone and told them I would get Rasul a key for the farmhouse because once Preston moved out the locks were getting changed.

I told Eric and Alcide I was getting them a key to the apartment for just in case and I would make sure to get one for Jack too. 

Alcide suggested that I get extra keys for them for the farmhouse in case something happened on the nights Rasul was late in getting home or out on a date,

I had a lot to do tomorrow but I knew it was for the best.

The guys said their goodbyes and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

 I told them I would see them at the gym tomorrow,

Eric and I walked back into the apartment and I told the kids to shut off the Wii and get to bed. 

Eric and I would be out in the living room if they needed us. 

They gave me a kiss and told Eric thank you and said their good nights. 

I heard the smart asses saying they would probably find us necking in an hour or so.

I just shook my head at them and told them to get to bed.

I asked Eric if it was okay if I took a shower and got changed into my pajamas, he told me to go ahead, he had extra clothes in the truck he would run out and get while I was in the shower.

I took a quick shower so that Eric wasn’t alone for long.

I found him on the couch and I went and curled up next to him with my head on his chest and shoulder and had my legs folded under me.  He leaned down and kissed my cheek and I felt so secure that I fell asleep in a matter of minutes. I don’t know how he did it but sometime during the night he laid both of us down on the couch where we curled into one another. 

That is exactly how my kids found us in the morning.

Me snuggled up next to my future lover and boyfriend.

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