Chapter 06: New Chapter

I knew I had to be dreaming and I was extremely comfortable but what I didn’t expect was all three kids glaring down at me saying, “Mom, Dad wake up.”

I knew I was delirious but I had fallen asleep with Eric not Preston so I flew off the couch.

All I heard was chuckling from the peanut gallery and Eric mumbling “Baby come back to sleep.”

The kids were staring at me and then him and then the tent in Eric’s pants so I threw my Gran’s afghan over him to cover him up.

I woke myself up quickly and squatted down next to the couch.

 “Eric, sweetie, wake up the kids are here.”

Well I knew the cat was out of the bag now about Eric and I would have to explain to the kids what was going on before they left for school.  I didn’t want to talk about this at the farmhouse this weekend since Preston would probably be spying on us.

He mumbled, “stall for a minute I will get up in a second, I’ll sneak in the bathroom and they won’t know I was here and sleeping with you.”

“Sweetie, we fell asleep on the couch the kids are standing over us.”

“OH FUCK” and there it was the moment the light bulb went off in his head and the fog was rolling away from his sleep induced brain.

He was NOW coherent.

The kids all laughed and waved and said, “Good morning Dad!”

I just shook my head and chuckled.  “Eric they know, get up we need to talk to them, before they leave for school.”

 “I’m UP, I’m UP.”   ………………………. In more ways than one…………………………….

“Wait a second why are they calling me DAD?”

“Sweetie they are messing with you and figured things out on their own, let’s go in the kitchen and have a family talk.”

You know the funny thing was we never had a family talk with Preston involved, the kids never wanted him included in anything and I was okay with that.  I was even more okay with Eric being involved in my life this way. Eric had only been in my life a few short days and the kids and I felt more comfortable with him in our lives than Preston over the last twelve years.

 How in the hell was I going to go a whole year without him.

I guess we would have to cross that bridge when we get there.

Jason started first, “Mom, Eric, we know you two like each other, we saw that on moving day.  We also know you are still married to our father and should have divorced him a long time ago. All we are saying is we are okay with you two as a couple and we will keep our mouths shut so Preston doesn’t find out anything about it.  We want Eric in your life, our life, we like him and he treats you like you should be. You have never snuggled with our father but in one night you were comfortable enough to cuddle with Eric and slept through the night.  To us that makes him okay in our books. We have a feeling on what you are going to say to us and we are going to let you talk but we just wanted to let you know we are more than OKAY with you two and with Rasul moving in with us.”

I was flabbergasted they must have been talking about this all week and again last night while they were supposed to be sleeping.  The biggest deal of all was they were allowing Eric into their hearts so quickly it just bowled me over.

Pam was next, “Mom, Step-DAD Eric, I know I know you aren’t there yet but I like the sound of it.  We never had a true DAD we could rely on but we think once you and mom are together we will be having one with you. We also feel that we could ALL be happy for once as a family.  Welcome to the family Eric. Mom, we know you have to be careful over the next year and we will help in any way we can.”

Corbett was the last to speak, “Mom, Eric, we know that Eric just stepped into our lives last weekend and we know he may not be able to be in our lives truly for a while but we are willing to take whatever we can get.  If that means us going on a family date so you and Eric can spend time together than we are more than willing to help.  We see you two lasting, even if you two just met, something is there and we can see it and you know we don’t let many people into our circle of trust.  But after last weekend we have opened our hearts to not only Eric but to Alcide, Jack, Rasul and Maxwell Lee.  WE saw that they truly cared about your well being and ours as well and when Eric punched Preston in the face we knew he was a keeper.  None of the guys backed down from Preston so we know we will be safe with any one of them.”

Eric was just smiling at me and holding my hand. He lifted my hand and kissed my palm and then smiled at the kids again.  I wasn’t too sure what to say so I waited to see what he was going to say.

“Thank You all for letting me in.  I know we haven’t known each other long enough for you to trust me but I am grateful that you are willing to do so and quickly with little thought.  I would never hurt your mother and I want to be a part of your lives.  The only other concerns your mother has is our age difference, I need to know if it will bothers you?  If it does we will stop anything from going forward.   I know your mom has some concerns but to me it is just an age and to hell with what other people think.  As for the dates, we figured it wouldn’t be possible so we were going to try and stay away from each other but I have a feeling that is going to be a difficult task for both of us. All she had to do was call me panicked last night and I was here in less than 10 minutes.  Your mother and I do not fully understand what it is between us so it will be a growing and learning process for both of us but we figure we can make this work.  As for how you guys can help.  I will try to come over to the house a couple times a week after Preston moves out and spend time with you guys and your mom if that is okay with you.  We don’t want Preston to start digging up anything bad on your mom; we know he won’t find anything but we want to make sure.  So any time that the two of us spend together has to be as a group, would I want to sneak over here to be with her, YES.  But will I?  That is still undetermined we don’t know exactly what Preston will do once he is served the divorce papers and has to move out of the farmhouse.  So that is a wait and sees process; just bear with us and we will see what happens. Thank You again for letting me into your lives.”

Pam was the one to let us know that the kids had no problem with our age difference and that I shouldn’t either.

I wanted the kids to realize I was comfortable with them knowing so I didn’t hesitate; I leaned over and gave Eric a kiss on the lips.  The boys high fived each other and Pam snickered.  This was going to be an interesting adventure.

I looked at my kids and then Eric, all I could say was “thank you.”

The kids all walked over and gave me a hug and included Eric in the hug.  This felt right and natural.

All was well in the world for now.

I ask the kids and Eric if there was anything else since some of us needed to get to work and to school.    The kids said they would pick something up to eat on the way in but it might be a good idea for me to call the school and let them know that we would be late.  I told them when it got closer to 8am; I would give the attendance office a call.

Eric said he would leave when the rest of us did and then head over to his apartment but if it was okay with me he wanted to stay and talk to me while I got ready. 

The kids said their goodbyes and they said they would see me tonight. I told them we would go out to eat tonight when I got home; I would forgo the gym if I had to so that we could go out at a decent time.

They told me not to miss the gym and my last opportunity to see Eric for the weekend.  That we could go out on Saturday instead.

 I think they were trying to avoid Preston as much as possible when I was home.

Eric followed me back to the bathroom and pulled me into his chest.  He felt good.  It felt so natural for him to do that and for us to be together.

He kissed my head and told me everything will work out and it will just take some adjustment on our parts but we can do this.  OUR relationship was at stake and he wasn’t going to let it fail. 

I turned around in his arms and kissed him.  I kissed him like it would be our last.  I didn’t know when we would be able to be together again and I didn’t know when I would be able to sneak a kiss or two.

I highly doubted that we would be able to make love any time in the near future.

We knew we were going to be watched and monitored and we had to be very careful in the meantime.  I felt like we were going to be micromanaged by a new regime and we would have to steal our happy moments when we could.  We always had phone calls and texting.  I was thinking about opening a new email address that Preston didn’t know about but I just figured that was pressing it too far.

But I could wait if it meant I would be in a relationship with someone that cared for me as much as I cared for him.

As I got ready Eric filled me in on who he was as a person; we knew we needed to use our stolen moments as a get to know you so we decided that when he would stay a night on the weekend we would sit and talk and learn more about each other. This would be our time to find out our little quirks and fall in love with one another.

This would be like a date night but surrounded by my kids.

 I knew they would keep their word and let us get to know one another and give us alone time but we had to make sure that no one could see anything out of sorts if they were to look into the house windows.  We had to be on the up and up as much as possible.

I hated having to resort to sneaking around but once Preston got served the papers I didn’t feel like it would be safe to even steal a kiss.

So started the new chapter in my life; it was like doing covert operations to make sure we were all happy and no one got hurt. 

I went to work and let Russell know about the note; he wasn’t happy and wanted this divorce over quicker than I did.  I told him about the guys and how very protective they were over me and how we decided to have Rasul move in as a tenant and guardian for the kids after the papers were served.  He asked me how old everyone was, he was worried about maturity levels plus Pam would be alone with this Rasul person during the week would she behave herself. 

I chuckled at him and rattled off the list of my bodyguards, I started with oldest to youngest, Jackson- 72, Alcide-50, Eric-37, Maxwell Lee-28 and Rasul -24. Rasul was a handsome guy but I didn’t think he was Pam’s type, she was more of the nerdy type than body builder type but I assured Russell I would keep an eye open to make sure nothing happened.

Russell asked me if he could meet everyone.  I told him once things settled down I would invite him and Talbot over for Sunday supper and invite the crew so that he could give his approval.

He really was like the father I never had, I just shook my head and told him I needed to get to work before the tyrant I had as a boss got up in my face and all over my ass.

As I walked away I heard him say, “you are a beautiful creature but you just don’t have the right plumbing for me darlin’.”

I needed that smile this morning that was for sure, the whole thing with Preston made me nervous but I knew like any soon to be divorced woman, I would have to take it one day at a time.

The day flew by with no problems from Preston and I decided to go to the gym if even for an abbreviated work out.  I did want to see Eric but I had to be careful.

Well careful went out the door once I entered the gym. 

Some floozy was trying to flirt with Eric, he looked like he was in pain and just wanted to kick her away from him; like a King would do to a simple peasant he wanted out of his court. I know bad analogy but that is what it looked like.  I could picture Eric sitting on a golden throne with a velvet backing and seat and him being annoyed by a fool hardy peasant who thought they were worthy of his attention. 

I chuckled at a thought I had but I couldn’t stomp it down, it kept floating through my head.  

                                    He Is MINE BITCH Back the Fuck Off

Where the hell did that thought come from.

Just as I was trying to shake off the thought Alcide and Jack came over to me and kissed my cheek and asked me how I was coping.  I told them so far so good.  I wanted to keep positive on this whole situation and I would be heading home to Bon temps after I worked out for a little while.

They said their goodbyes and told me if I needed them this weekend call.  I told them I would.

As I was headed for the leg press Maxwell Lee and Rasul stopped me and told me if we needed them to call, Rasul was going to be at Maxwell Lee’s house this weekend.

 I told them thanks but if they wanted to stop by so Rasul could look at his new digs that would be fine, just give me a call first to make sure we were home.   Then I told them that if they came in the later part of the afternoon they could go out with me and the kids to dinner.

They both said it sounded like a plan. 

Maxwell Lee patted me on the butt and told me he would see me later, Rasul leaned over and gave my forehead a chaste kiss and said he would see me later MOM...  I just shook my head and laughed what else was I suppose to do.

As I continued my walk I saw Eric out of the corner of my eye and he didn’t look at all happy, I guess he didn’t appreciate the pat to my ass that Maxwell Lee had given to me.  But he would have to get over it since we couldn’t let Preston know that I was with any of them.

I would have to text him or call him later and let him know it was all innocent.

Well let me tell you the young woman were not happy that I was getting so much attention from all the trainers. I could hear their snide comments and the one that made me laugh the most was about me being a cougar.  Humph, I have heard the term before but I really didn’t know what it meant, so I guess I would be looking it up later.

It was just about then Eric breezed by me and I heard him say, “Not happy.”

Poor boy was jealous, well now he knew how I felt about all the girls throwing themselves at him.  But I didn’t want to get into a pissing match over it; I would just call him later on while I was on my way home and let him know it was harmless fun.

He had to know it was harmless, right?

He was just jealous right?

Damn this was going to be tough on both of us.

I finished up my sets and decided it was time to set out for home.

That was until Quinn pulled me aside and let me know that some dude who said he was my husband was in there about 3pm today trying to get information on me about hooking up with one of the guys.  He told him that he knew I was married as did all the guys so he wasn’t too sure what he was worried about.  I was friendly and nice to everyone in the gym even the woman. 

Well hell, now what the hell I am supposed to do. 

I set out in the parking lot for a few minutes and called Alcide.  I told him what Quinn said and he told me to let Eric know too.  They will have to keep an eye out for Preston now that he had the balls to come inside the gym.

I called Eric but it went straight to voice mail.

 I left him a message that I needed to talk to him and I was going to sit in the parking lot for fifteen minutes and wait for him to call back.  If I didn’t hear from him I was going to head home and then he would have an hour or so to give me a call.  I figured once I spoke with him I could pull into a drive-thru and get me a bite to eat on the way home.

So since I had time on my hands I pulled up COUGAR on my phone.  I had to laugh at all the names they had given woman and the few they had given men that do the same thing.   I can’t say I was appalled but I did get a laugh out of it.

Urban Dictionary


Cougar–   Woman 35+ to 60 years old, attractive ….   An “older,” experienced woman who happens to find herself in a sexual relationship (committed or not) with a younger man. She is not necessarily a slut, nor is she desperate.  . She simply wants to have fun. Though older, she may actually look younger than her “hook-up.” She is attractive, confident, and just wants to have fun. She will not attempt to trap her mate into marriage, children or even an exclusive relationship. She is not interested in drama or games, as that would interfere with the pleasure she enjoys.

 Puma – A woman in her sexual prime between the ages of 30-39 who prefers to date younger men.

Jaguar-  a jaguar is 50 and over, where the cougar is in their 40s, and the puma under 40. Jaguars tend to be financially stable and are only looking for sex from their 20 something prey.

Bobcat– Bobcat- a cougar that doesn’t really want to do anything but makeout and second base; cocktease cougar; Resembles a wild cat but has little to no wild blood; Often times a married woman that acts unmarried for isolated incidents but in the end stays faithful for the most part

Mountain LionA mountain lion is similar to a cougar, only it refers to an UN-attractive older woman seeking younger men. The only difference between the terms mountain lion and cougar are that cougars are usually somewhat attractive, and mountain lions are usually quite ugly. The mountain lion’s natural habitat is at bars.

Panther–  A female who likes older men.

Wildcat–  aka C.I.T. (Cougar in Training.) A young woman generally between the ages of 25 – 35, who is on the path to cougar-hood.

MILF–    Mother I would like to Fuck. mothers, whether married, separated or divorced, that a male individual sees as physical attractive enough to want to have sexual intercourse with them


Cougar hawk–  A gentleman of any age who preys on cougars. This gentleman is very knowledgeable in the ways of the cougar and is an expert at looking like prey while actually being the predator. He often uses this insight to work the cougar while working other ladies or multiple packs of cougars at the same time.

Cheetah–  An older man who only dates much younger women.

Manther-   The male version of a cougar; an older man who preys on younger women.

I didn’t realize the time flew by, that I had actually sat in the parking lot for a half hour and I still hadn’t heard from Eric.  I got his voice mail again when I called a second time, so I guess he was really pissed at me even though I didn’t do anything wrong. 

So I decided to let him know what Quinn said and then I was going to head home.    I told him the butt slap meant nothing if not to pull the attention away from him since Preston was watching closely.

I told him he meant the world to me and I was heading to Wendy’s to grab a bite to eat and then home.  That I made plans with Rasul and Maxwell Lee to come by tomorrow afternoon and check out the room Rasul would be calling his and then they could go to dinner with me and the kids.  They agreed to it and Rasul called me MOM.    If he wanted to go with us he was to show up since Preston was being a dick and I was not going to give into his pettiness, if he wanted to be at odds until I threw him out, GAME ON… But lastly I told him to please not be mad at me.  We were new at this and if we got mad over little things we would never make it through the next year.

I never heard from Eric the rest of the night so I was upset when I got home. Preston called me on my bitchiness and I told him I was pissed because he was following me.  First the NOTE, then the trip inside the gym to talk to Mr. Quinn.  Seriously did he not think he would tell me?

I told him that as far as I was concerned we were roommates since that is what he treated me like and since he was being such an ass he could sleep on the couch, he was not invited to sleep in MY room.

With that I stalked away and slammed my door.

I texted the kids to let them know what happened and to stay clear of their father he was going to be in a mood.  Pam texted back and said they heard and called Andy.  They could hear Andy out front talking to Preston and Andy told him to back the hell down or I would be throwing him out of the house permanently since it belong to me.  Andy also told him it might be best if he left for the night but if he started up his shit again him and Halleigh would be back for the evening.

I was glad Andy was on my side.   I decided it would be best to text all the guys and let them know what happened when I got home.  I heard from everyone but Eric.  I was scared I ruined things with him somehow.

I was trying to think of what I did wrong and couldn’t figure it out.  I texted Alcide and let him know that Eric hasn’t responded to any of my calls or texts all night.  He told me he would take a ride out to his place and check up on him.

He texted me a short while later and said he was at home but he left his phone at the gym and he would talk to me later.

I didn’t know if I should believe that or not but I didn’t want to call him a liar so I had to wait and see if he came by on Saturday.

Well when the boys showed up they did not have Eric with them, I was a bit disappointed but they told me they saw him this morning as Quinn was handing him his phone when he walked into the gym, apparently Quinn needed him there today so that he could go out on a date.  Quinn asked him how he could forget his phone and it was blowing up all night by someone called Beautiful, I was hoping that was me since he called me beautiful but I would have to ask later. 

Preston wasn’t too happy that Maxwell Lee and Rasul were here but the boys led them in the direction of their rooms so that they could get away from Preston. 

Rasul came back down a few minutes later and said, “Mom are we leaving soon? We are a bit hungry and we wanted to know how long we had until we left?”

I let him know we would leave around 5:30pm so if they were going they better be down here in time; he chuckled and ran upstairs,

Pam walked in a few minutes later and asks how long she had.  I told her 15minutes and Rasul and Maxwell Lee were upstairs with her brothers, she said cool and ran up the stairs.

I was glared at but I didn’t care.

The rest of the weekend went by just as smoothly.  Preston was a complete ass, I didn’t know how I was going to take another week of this shit, but I knew for my sanity I needed to.

I said my goodbyes about 7pm on Sunday and told the kids if they needed me to call.   I would be there as quick as I can but they said Andy was closer so no worries.  It pissed Preston off to no end that Andy had become the kids friend and guardian in the ways he wasn’t but you know after ignoring them for years you would have thought he would have changed his ways, oh well such is life and then you lose your children’s respect and love.

I guess I was daydreaming when I arrived at the apartment because in my lawn chair sat one very good looking blonde Adonis.  I had to blink a few times and make sure he was real.  But there he was my lover boy… I guess I need to give him the benefit of the doubt until I heard his reasons on why he ignored me.   

He approached me slowly, unsure of what to do.  I could see he wanted to wrap his arms around me but I guess he knew that wasn’t a good idea not since Preston was following me.  I knew he hadn’t left the house when I did to follow me to the apartment but I couldn’t be sure that someone else hadn’t.  I was too far into my thoughts to have watched my rear view mirror.

“Sookie, can we go inside please.  We need to talk.”

Shit that is never a good sentence to start with.

I approached him and nodded and we went inside and I headed for the kitchen, I sat on one side of the table and he sat on the other.

“What do you want to talk about?”

“Sookie, I need you to believe me about everything I have to say.  I know we are not a couple yet and I may have done something out of spite.

Well that wasn’t good. What happened next was like verbal vomit but I guess it was the only way he could get everything out.

“Friday night I was so pissed.  I was mad at the world.  We couldn’t be together.  I had girls throwing themselves at me and I resisted I really did.   I left my phone on accident at the gym and then I had to cover for Quinn and listen to him about my phone being blown up and he wanted to know who Beautiful was.  That’s you by the way….  But when I saw Maxwell Lee pat your butt it sent me over the edge; so Saturday I went out clubbing after I got off and drank myself silly.  It didn’t matter what your voice mail said, I thought you were flirting with him.  I should have trusted you but I was jealous that I couldn’t touch you like he did. So after drinking way too much, I may have or may not have kissed a girl at the club.  I really can’t remember.  When I woke up this morning, I smelt the perfume and I had a huge headache but couldn’t remember much of what happened.  I know for a fact there was no sex but I can’t remember about the kissing part.  I am so sorry.  Maxwell Lee came by a little while after I woke up to check up on me.  I told him what happened and he explained that he only patted your ass to throw Preston off if he was watching.  It seems maybe he was because apparently when you weren’t with the boys Preston said some pretty rude things about you and another man.  The only thing he can think of was either he was watching or he had someone else watching for him.   I know we have to be careful but I miss you, I miss your touch and I miss being with you.  I should have come by Saturday night but instead I figured the alcohol would be better, It was a very BAD choice.”

I was a bit shocked by what he said but I truly understood.  I had my own jealous moment and I got by it.  I missed him too but I had to remember we are not in a committed relationship so what I say next to him might break us or make us. I could not judge him, I wanted the same things he does but since we never said the words of commitment, I couldn’t hold him to those standards and I figure my only recourse was to forgive him and move on but we seriously needed to talk this out.

“Eric, I am sorry you are afraid of what you may or may not have done.  You are a special person and one day you will be with the most important person in your life and your actions on Saturday night could and would hurt your relationship.  But as we cannot call our relationship committed I don’t see how I can hold you to those standards.  Yes, if I was single now and we just started a relationship I would be hurt by your actions but right now we are just friends with a few benefits. We have fun together and I want more but that cannot happen until I know it will be safe.  I don’t want you to stop living your life.  If you find someone other than me, I will be saddened by the fact but I will understand.  Should you have trusted me, Yes?  Should you have believed that Maxwell Lee did what he did for a reason, YES.  Am I mad at you, No.?  Do I forgive you, YES?  But that doesn’t mean what you did was not good on so many levels.  I waited for you to call me.  I asked Alcide to find you which he did. You could have left a message with him for me but you didn’t.  I know now you were hurt but don’t you think I was hurt by your actions too.  By your very words Preston is one up on us somehow, he is watching me or having me watched.  It scares me a bit but I know I will be safe because I have my four bodyguards at a flick of a phone call.  I am going to call Mr. C. and see if we can push the filing up because Preston cannot be trusted with me or my kids anymore.  I see things getting worse not better and the sooner Rasul is in the house with my kids the better.  AS for us, do I want an US, Yes, do I need you, YES, but I have to remember until I file I am still married and I can’t have more than that.  Will we have sex again, who knows, but it won’t happen until you go get tested and come back negative.  You might not remember having sex but I cannot take those chances.  Do you understand?”

He just looked at me with his own deer in the headlight expression.  From my own verbal vomit I deduced he understood because of his facial expressions, but I needed to hear his words.

He moved around the table and pushed my chair back.  I wasn’t too sure how to take this; I wanted him but now was not a good time.

What he did next shocked me.

He laid his head in my lap and asked me to forgive him.  All he wanted was my forgiveness nothing more.

I stroked his hair and told him I forgave him but we had to be very careful how we proceeded.  He agreed. I asked him if there was anything else.

He said there wasn’t and he should go.  I told him he could stay but there would be no sex or kissing, just two friends having a friendly cuddle.  I needed his protection and comfort tonight.

He agreed to this and so we cleaned up the kitchen a bit and then moved into my bedroom.  I told him I would be right back I was going to get ready for bed, that he should do the same thing. 

When I got back he was in his boxers and laying on his side of the bed but on top of the covers.  He said if he was under the covers he would not be able to control his actions so on top was best.

I just smiled at him and said, okay fine.

I climbed into bed and I was fast asleep while he stroked my hair and cuddled me tight.  It turned out to be a better weekend then when it started.

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 06: New Chapter

  1. Just started reading this tonight love this story 😀and how the kids are all ok with Eric and all of the body guards Sookie has. Preston needs to be punched in the throat 😉

    • yes he is an ass. i never liked him in the books so that is why he was given his role in my story. It’s funny when your own kids hate you and like a stranger more than you…. Kristie

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