Chapter 02: Dolphins

Dolphin 1


You know it never seems to amaze me that I get along so well with the dolphins in this area. But while I am musing about my new friends it doesn’t dawn on me that the Adonis is walking towards me and just my luck he is talking to me too, of course I don’t hear a word he says.

But at the same time I get nudged on my right side and look down; it is the dolphin that previously helped me out. I don’t know what he wants exactly until he flings his snout a bit towards the man approaching us. Oh he wants the ball that would be my best guess.

By this time the blond man is in front of me now and my dolphin friend is talking to us, so Adonis throws the ball to him. This starts a rush of activity from the pod. They start throwing the ball around, like they are playing keep away from the humans.

Dolphin 2

By the time Blondie makes it over to me, he grabs my shoulder to help me stay upright, with all the commotion happening around me I was about to fall over again in the current. I become a little unstable once again with all the movement in the water and seem to be falling over for the third time.

I grab his wrist to help support me and if I didn’t know any better I would say I just got struck by lightning; the jolt that goes through me and in turn him is both shocking and exhilarating at the same time. I look up into his face and he is in as much of a state of awe as I am.

But what happens next is the most wonderful thing. He smiles down at me (that same smile I saw while he was sitting on the girders on the turnpike) and he introduces himself as Eric. It takes me a minute to respond but I tell him my name is Sookie.

His next question shocks me a bit. He asks me where my traveling companion is. It really is none of his business and I know it is weird for a woman to travel by themselves especially to a romantic island but it’s the peace I am after not the romance. I am kind of appalled by his question

So I just drop my chin a bit and look at him. You know catching flies with my mouth hung open. However, I do believe he gets the message from my look and he looks a bit embarrassed.

I respond with a little too much sass and tell him, wouldn’t you like to know.

He said he would. Again I am catching flies with my mouth wide open but all I get is a healthy dose of salt water.

He immediately regrets his question and responds with he didn’t want me to get hurt playing in the surf with the dolphins and since I am alone he didn’t want to leave me alone out here when he left in a little while.

OH, he is trying to be sweet, I can handle sweet.

I explain to him that I do this every year and that I am by myself. He asks me why my boyfriend didn’t want to come with me.

I tell him, with a little embarrassment in my voice, that I don’t have one.

Why on earth am I answering his questions so easily, shouldn’t I be on guard since he is a stranger to me? But I get the odd feeling that I am safe with him and that I can trust him with my life.

In all my 28 years I have never and I mean never felt this kind of peace with someone other than my family.

I just smile up at him and tell him I am on my vacation by myself and will be enjoying 2 blissfully quiet weeks here on the island. He tells me what a coincidence so is he, 2 weeks on the island and he is alone.

I ask him why and he says he hasn’t had a steady girlfriend in a long time but that is a story for another time.

I ask him if he wants to play with me. He just smiles and I realize what I said and I turn beat red.

He answers of course; I will play with you any time and the dolphins too.

I just smile at him and that is how I found a new playmate of sorts. It was fun, we stayed closer to the shore since the current was getting stronger and the dolphins could move easier in the deeper water.

Dolphin 3

It must have been about an hour later that I asked him to go back up to the beach chair with me to take a breather and reapply my sunscreen. One of my vices is sunbathing but I am not stupid about it and make sure I reapply after being in the water each time.

He said of course, but he didn’t follow me up to my chair, he went towards his own stuff. I was a little disappointed until I realized he was packing his stuff up and moving it all closer to me.

Okay, ecstasy just jolted through me, or something close to it.

This man that I have seen numerous times on the turnpike and whom I’ve only met today wants to spend time with me…. ME…. Why on earth would he want to do that when he could have anyone else, but you know what I am not going to question his motives now?

I will enjoy whatever time he gives to me.

We both sit in our beach chairs and look out at the open ocean; it sure is a beautiful sight. We sit silently for a while just enjoying ourselves and looking out over the ocean and the beach, not a person in sight. But that was only after we both applied more sunscreen to our fronts.

Don’t think dirty now we both did our own bodies.

It was about fifteen minutes of quiet before he started to ask me twenty questions. I told him I would only answer him if he reciprocated with his own answers.

He said he was game.

So his questions are: and mine back to him:

What was my name? Sookie Stackhouse / Eric Northman

Where was I from? Ft Lauderdale / Sweden

Why did I pick Sanibel every year? Peace and quiet / to get away from everyone

Did I grow up in Florida? Yes/ no I moved here when I was 15 years old

Is my family here with me in South Florida? Yes/ Yes, but only my dad

Do I live in South Florida? Yes, Ft. Lauderdale/ Yes, Ft. Lauderdale

What do I do for a living? Graphic designer / construction (supervisor)

What kind of car do I drive? Honda S2000 / F-250 pickup truck and a motorcycle

What is my favorite color? Blue / Red

Where did I go to school? Carnegie Mellon University / Florida State University

Why don’t I have someone in my life? Cheating bastard and I kicked him to the curb/ I grew up, she didn’t and left me at college.

Do you mind if we hang out together while we are here? Sounds like fun/ yeah it does

Where are you staying? Tween Waters Inn Island Resort / me too

Can I ask for your room number? Maybe later (mine was 104) / mine is 106

Sookie's Car, Honda S2000 (2008)

Sookie’s Car, Honda S2000 (2008)

Eric's Truck - Ford F-250 Diesel 4-dook pickup truck (2012)

Eric’s Truck – Ford F-250 Diesel 4-door pickup truck (2012)

So the questions went on for a while as we got to know one another and during that time he told me it was time to flip? Flip what and then I realized flip over and get an even tan.


So we did but not before we each helped the other apply sunscreen. His hands felt wonderful on my body and if he kept it up I would be a very happy woman just by his touch as he messages the lotion into my back. Honestly I think he enjoyed it a bit too much.

Eric beach

So when he was done I repaid the favor in kind and I think he even enjoyed that a bit too much as well.

We laid there for about an hour maybe longer, talking and even going quiet for a while, there was no uneasiness during the silence just pure bliss. I think I even fell asleep towards the end, I never do that but I felt safe with him there and it was when he was nudging me, telling me it was getting late, that I acknowledged we needed to get going and that I had actually fallen asleep.

We cleaned up our stuff and by some miracle my beach ball was on the beach, I have a feeling my dolphin friends threw it up there so we could play tomorrow but since I did not see it happen it was just speculation.

We walked back to the Inn with Eric carrying most of our gear. He told me it was least he could do for letting me join him for a perfect morning and afternoon.

I wanted to swoon and hold his hand or arm or anything I could, this man was quickly getting under my skin.

I wondered what he was going to be doing for dinner, I knew I had no plans but when we arrived back to our rooms and he found out I was right next door to him, he chuckled and asked me to go to dinner with him.

I was over the moon.

I told him to give me some time to clean up and take a shower, he told me he would come knocking in an hour. An hour I could do.

I was elated to say the least but I knew I had to tell him I kind a sort of knew him from the road crew.

I wondered what he would say. I did not want to hide anything from him. I was hoping that maybe if we hit it off the whole time we were here that we could continue when we got back to reality.

Here is to wishes.

Author’s Note: Just an FYI, the thing with the dolphins I did every year that I went over to Sanibel with my parents, including the undertow episode so I am using my experiences with my trips over there. . It is a beautiful island and I highly recommend it.


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  3. I would love to do that with the dolphins…ok, well, that might freak me out. But if Eric Northman was by my side…mmm. LOL about him being a little too excited about rubbing in sunscreen. They are right next door…I foresee some sleepovers in the future!

    • the dolphins are a cool thing to do but as the island becomes more popular you are less likely to be able to do it …lol yes next door, go figure but he is going to be a gentleman about it and not push … ummm, until he find something in her room… KY

    • Fate, destiny all the same to me… but the question is how slowly will they proceed or will they jump in with both feet and move at warp speed? hmmm, questions and soon there will be answers KY

  4. After flirting on the turnpike and flirting while playing with dolphins the all these coincidences these may really have something great 😍Can’t wait to find out more!!

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