Chapter 03: Dreams Come True




My dad and I moved to the US when I was fifteen years old. He was distancing himself from my stepmother who at the time was being an overbearing bitch but as the years rolled by without her in our lives their marriage fell apart and they finally divorced.

I never knew my mum she died from complications during child birth which I always blamed myself for. I had always thought my dad despised me for it too but he didn’t, and I’d come to find this out the year I was graduating from high school. Dad let me know that he was proud of me and my accomplishments and he was grateful to have me in his life.

It was then that he told me that he would love for me to take over the family’s construction business when I was ready. He was older when I was born so I knew it was rough on him to be raising a teenager on his own and being the owner and president of his own company.

Stellan Skarsgärd playing Dad (Peder Northman)

Stellan Skarsgärd playing Dad (Peder Northman)

and of course Alexander playing Eric Northman

and of course Alexander playing Eric Northman


So with that knowledge I decided to find a good college that I would fit into, I chose Florida State for its business management classes and my girlfriend at the time was also accepted for her degree in Liberal Arts.

I thought we would make it all the way, I had thought she truly loved me but I guess she loved the image we portrayed more than anything else. I was a jock and I was well liked not only by my fellow team mates but even the geeks because you see I had a brain and I used it, I was the salutatorian when I graduated from the Flying L’s otherwise known as Fort Lauderdale High School. I was smart but a jock so I fell into many cliques, I hated the idea of cliques but I dealt with it.

The year I graduated I saw myself distancing away from Dawn but I never understood why until now. I hated that she prided herself on the fact that she was popular and I was the well sought after catch of the class and she indeed had me.

Me, I could care less.

I started to notice a timid blonde girl that last year of school, she was two years behind me, I was a senior and she was a sophomore; I saw her in the halls and took notice of her when I could but what surprised me the most was about two months into the school year she was allowed to transfer into my debate and graphic arts class. Usually there were only juniors and seniors in these classes but she was a smart one so they allowed her to be a part of them prior to her rightful year. I never caught her name but I do remember the smile on her face whenever she would outsmart the rest of the class, she was timid for sure but kept to herself most of the time.

I wasn’t too sure why she never spoke to the rest of us or why she would not debate with us but what she wrote for our debate notes kicked other schools asses when we went up against them. I think her name began with an S, but I wasn’t too sure on that because I never heard her answer roll call.

But then I graduated and my life started to change and at the end it was for the better.

During my first year of college my life was hell, Dawn wanted to party more than anything else. Me, I was there for school and I let her know it. I guess I grew up and she didn’t.

We parted ways our second year, I just couldn’t take her anymore. I truly wish she was more like the timid little mouse from high school… I don’t mean the timid part I just mean someone who not only had good looks going for them but smarts as well. I think that came out wrong too. She was a person who knew what she wanted and she was determined to get it and if taking her classes at an accelerated rate helped her out then so be it.

I thought about S a lot when I needed a pick me up, I remember her blue eyes and her smile and that was enough to help me through some very trying days. It was even the face I saw every morning in my haze of sleep vs reality, it was a nice face to wake up to and see when becoming reanimated to a new day.

I graduated college and started working for my dad. I wanted to learn the ropes the right way, so I started as a grunt and moved up to where I am now. My title is crew supervisor but everyone on the crew knows that I will be taking over the reins sooner than later but they don’t treat me any different than the rest of the guys.

We started this new project on the Florida Turnpike, our initial estimate was a three year stint but dad felt if we put in extra time and effort we could get it done in two years and if we made that happen we would earn HUGE bonuses from the state.

This leads to why I have been spending more time on the site helping out then being in the office shuffling paperwork. Besides I loved the outdoors, it makes me feel better.

I started to notice this little blue sports car in the morning, it was always around the same time of the day 7:30 am to 7:45 am and with the way the construction was going I would see it stopped more times than not. I tried to catch a look at who was driving it but all I could see was blond hair, sometimes down, sometimes in a ponytail so I knew it was a female at least.

I finally got a break one day and caught her profile, she looked familiar but I couldn’t place her. It was another two weeks before I finally got to see her and once I did I knew it was my timid little mouse from high school. She still looked the same just a little older.

She always drove with the windows up and was always signing along with whatever was playing on her radio or iPod.

It took a few more weeks before I caught another break and her car stopped right in front of me while I was sitting on a girder. I must have watched her for what felt like hours but I was sure it was only about ten minutes. She caught me staring at her and I am sure I looked like a loon with the big ass smile I had on my face.

I was trying to figure out if she remembered me or not when I caught her staring at me too. It took me a few more minutes to get up the courage to walk over to her but by then the traffic started to move again and I know there must have been a frown on my face because one of the crew mentioned it. I told him it was nothing and went on with my day.

So every day I watched for her car hoping to catch another glimpse. Or hoping that she would be stopped long enough for me to talk to her, maybe even get her number if she was single. Yeah who was I kidding, she was probably married with children by now.

But this cat and mouse game continued every day for two months, some of the crew watched me intently every day and were trying to figure out who I was looking for and I finally fessed up and told them. They made fun of me because they thought it was weird that I was pining over someone I met years ago. I don’t consider it pining, but I was damn sure mopey about it.

Time was running out because my vacation would be starting soon and I would miss seeing her for the two weeks I would be gone. Once again, I had another lucky break, it was the day before my vacation and I was standing outside my work truck, it was hot, hotter than it had been in a long time and I wanted to change out of my soaking wet shirt and cool myself down with some water. So that is exactly what I did, what I didn’t intend to do was give a show to the traffic who had stopped next to me, but when I turned around I chuckled a bit because it was my mouse and one of my crew members was tapping on her window to make sure she was okay and to let her know she should move along.

Well I guess I got to her and much as she got to me.

But how the squirrelly FUCK was I supposed to meet her and find out if she was single or not or if she lived in Ft Lauderdale and so on. I was at a loss.

I guess I could figure that all out on my vacation.

I took my time getting to my destination of the west coast. I thought about taking my motorcycle but I figured it would be easier to take my truck to haul my clothes and such and if I needed to run around town or go on day trips I might find something I wanted to buy and with the motorcycle it would be hard to haul it back home.

So I pulled into my destination, Tween Waters Inn Island Resort, and I found a parking spot close to the front door, it just so happened to also be by a Blue Honda S2000. What were the odds that there was more than one of those cars floating around South Florida? That my mouse was here too? At least if she was I would know if she was dating anyone and if I had half a chance with her. Now just to figure out where she was in the Inn and what her days were like.

Thinking that over in my head was a bit stalkerish…. I had to pull myself back a bit and rethink what I wanted.

Yes I wanted to find her but I would make sure it was by pure accident, not by being her stalker.

I didn’t want to freak her out and I wanted a chance to see if she would have me. I was also trying to figure out if she would remember me from high school. I figured she didn’t but that didn’t matter in the scheme of things. All that matter was if we hit it off.

Only time would tell.

So after I unpacked I relaxed a bit in my room and went out for a bite to eat. I walked across the street to a local watering hole which served a pretty good burger and I got myself a couple of beers. I was trying to also figure out what I wanted to do this year around, I had been here before and it was a good place to get away from everyone and just relax.

I had also decided to come a month earlier than usual because the last 2 years I had a stalker, Ginger freaked me the fuck out with her squeal when she would see me and it would take me days to shake her off. I wanted peace and quiet; I didn’t want to put up with her shit this time around.

The owners of the Inn were shocked to see me a month early but they saw what Ginger did the last time around and were helpful in getting her away me. I told them I figured this was best and then I could enjoy myself more. They told me they had another regular in for vacation too, so it was like family coming to visit for the next two weeks.

It was nice to know I had friends like them. It helped pass the loneliness I would sometimes feel since I really didn’t have a significant other in my life. Sure I dated but nothing that would lead to commitment.

The following day I ate a late breakfast in the Inn’s dining room and then decided it was a nice day to go sit at the beach and relax, suntan and read a book. It was about 10am when I ventured out to the beach that was not too far from the INN’s property, I took everything I would need for a few hours, and I even brought extra water and a snack or two just in case I stayed longer than usual.

It was while I was walking up that I noticed HER. She was in her own beach chair and looking out at the horizon and just enjoying herself. I saw her look my way but she didn’t give any recognition to who I was. That hurt a bit but I figured with the suns glare she may not be able to see me properly. Wishful thinking on my part or was I making excuses up for her.

It was a little while later I saw her staring at me again so I just smiled at her, and she looked away with a red hue to her face; I was hoping it was a blush and not just sunburn. I thought maybe then she recognized me but she just turned her head to look at the family walking along the beach and then she looked back out at the ocean.

It was then I realized there were dolphins near the shoreline. I knew they wouldn’t hurt me if I went in but being an animal you never know so I kept my distance.

It was when I noticed her getting up from her chair with a beach ball in her hands and moving toward the water line that I called out to her to stop, not to go in, that there were dolphins but she just smiled at me and went in anyways.

I watched her play catch with them for a little while but then she lost her balance somehow and went under this huge wave that was breaking on the shoreline. I got my ass up quickly and ran over to where I thought she was. I saw the dolphins but not her. Dammit, I knew she would get hurt.

It was then that I saw a fin surface with a small hand holding it and coming toward the shore. It was one of the larger dolphins she was playing with; the damn thing rescued her. I was a bit shocked but she soon surfaced, it was when she stood up that she just pushed her hair out of her face and looked down at her friend and smiled. It looked like they were talking but really the dolphin looked like it wanted the ball back again to play with and I figured that out by the way its head was moving towards me.

So I threw it back to him but not before I started to approach my mouse. I smiled at her and her mouth was open, what’s the term, catching flies. Just as I got to her she went down again and I steadied her but when she came up she had her mouth open again but this time instead of flies she got a mouth full of sea water.

Do you believe in FATE, I am beginning too, my dad told me when I meet the right person I will know it and when I felt a jolt of electricity go through me when I steadied her, it was then that I knew I had found whom I was looking for.

I broke out of my musing and was looking at her in awe, but what happened next I will never forget.

I just shook my head and laughed by what came out of her mouth next, she shocked me little bit by the innuendo it held or maybe I just had wishful thinking.

She said to me, do I want to play with her? All I could do was smile and watch her turn beat red, my answer was; of course I will play with you any time and the dolphins too.

We played for a while, sun bathed for a while, asked 20+ questions to one another, but hands down the best part was when I got to rub lotion over her back and then she did mine. I was a little shocked that she fell asleep like she did. Apparently she trusts me and that gave me a warm feeling inside.

After meeting her and getting to know her a bit, I would protect her with my life…. Even if we only remain friends she will always have my protection.

We must have chilled out there for a while because the sun was starting to get lower in the sky and I knew we needed to get out of the sun if we wanted to enjoy ourselves for the next two weeks, sunburns will put a damper on any vacation.

I nudged her a bit but she didn’t move, I tried a little harder and with my lips against her ears saying her name softly, I felt her shiver, it started in her shoulders and moved down her back when I would say her name softly and nudge her again. She smiled at me when she woke up and I told her we needed to get going.

She got up and stretched like a cat, what that did to me is… Damn ….TMI…. Who was the mouse now? I knew as we walked back I really needed to open up to her more so I asked her if she wanted to go get a bite to eat together. She finally answered me when we got to her door. YES, was her answer….

Fuck me sideways she had the room next to me and our balconies joined outside with a small dividing wall between us.

What the hell was I going to do with her being so CLOSE, I was so screwed!

She told me to give her an hour to get cleaned up and ready, so I did… but the first thing I did was go into my room and check for an adjoining door to her room and fuck me it was there.

I decided that when the hour was up that would be the door I knocked on, not the one outside. I wanted to see if she was okay with us leaving it unlocked. I was hoping if she trusted me enough to fall asleep she would trust me at night too.

So ever hopeful that we could take this to another level but I would wait to see how she reacted to how I knew her first.

I kept repeating to myself, slow Eric, and proceed slowly.

Just then an animal instinct, one that I have never felt before, hit me hard, all I wanted to do was protect what was mine at any cost and with the door between us I could not get to her quick enough if something was to happen. I would have to approach that subject ever so gently.

1 hour, I could do this.

Who was I kidding no I couldn’t.


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  3. That was a nice surprise. I hope she remembers him after he tells her about the debate team. Lol! Cant wait for more.

    • oh you will not have to wait long the next chapter is ready to post but i am waiting to finish the next one before i post it. happy you are enjoying the story . KY

  4. Started your story & enjoyed the 3 chapters you have posted. Liked that the POV alternated between the two. Looking forward to reading how their dinner went.

  5. Loving this story! It is fun! I can’t wait to see how this all plays out! It is funny that Ginger is Eric’s stalker in this story! I wonder how Sookie would react to the info about Eric and her going to the same high school and being in the same class. Anyway loving it!

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