Chapter 02: Dream Lover

Chapter 2 BITN


It was a beautiful night.

I swear I saw the flying blond man again. I could see his teeth, they were so white and he was smiling. I waved at him and told him he was a figment of my imagination. That my mind was playing tricks on me since I was tired. I told him I may be a telepath but I wasn’t stupid because people just can’t fly.

As he floated up, I could swear I heard him chuckle and just like that he was gone again.

I changed into my Pj’s (a pair of boy shorts and tank top) and opened my bedroom window. It was such a nice night, the breeze was spectacular that I left the sheet down around my feet and laid there on top of my bottom sheet and fell asleep.

Dream sequence

I was dreaming about the man in the sky, he told me he could fly and not to be scared of him.

I told him very little scares me since I can hear everyone thoughts. People have scary thoughts sometimes and I have to keep my face stone cold straight so they don’t catch on that I heard some scary shit from their mind.

He told me that it must be an awesome ability to have and I told him it wasn’t, I would rather fly or turn into an animal. Those traits seemed a lot more fun. Hearing people’s thoughts weighed down your very soul.

He asked me if I would want the thoughts erased from my mind.

I told him that would be nice but I didn’t think it would ever happen.

He said he could help me out with that if I wanted him to.

I told him maybe one day when he was real and not in my dreams or an imaginary person in my night thoughts.

He asked me what if he was real; would I invite him into my home?

I told him of course I would, I had southern manners, but I didn’t even know his name nor did he know mine.

My name is Eric Northman and yours might be?

Oh Sookie…. Sookie Stackhouse.

Oh isn’t that a sweet name.

Not really but it is the one my momma and daddy gave me when I was born.

Sookie invite me in please.

Oh I am so sorry, Eric Northman won’t you please come in.

I felt the breeze shift a little bit and I swear I felt my mattress shift underneath me but I was comfortable in my dream, I didn’t dare wake myself up to figure things out. I wanted to get back to my dream.

As I lay there I heard Eric speak to me again, come closer Sookie, can I hold you in my arms.

I felt myself roll over onto my side and I hit a hard cool wall. I shifted a little and felt an arm go around me and it held me tight. It felt so natural, so right to be in his arms.

If only he was real.

Sookie, can I ask what you are?

Oh I am a waitress and a telepath?

What are you?

Oh I am vampire.

Vampires aren’t real silly, Anne Rice is good at writen’ about them and I love Dracula but I know they are not real. I love to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer but that is just a silly TV show.

What if we were really real and were to come out of the coffin so to speak, would you still be my friend and invite me into your home.

Of course I would silly, I like you, and I trust you. I don’t know why… but I do.

I thought I heard him intake a deep breath and I felt the hairs on my neck stand up but it felt good and I could feel my lady bits coming to attention just by his breath on my neck.

Oh that was interesting. I was still a virgin and knew about masturbation but I had never been touched or aroused like this.

My Sookie, you smell so good, what are you other than a waitress and/or a telepath?

I don’t know Eric, I am just learning about Supes from my friend Alcide, maybe I am something else but I wouldn’t know. My parents died when I was little so I was never told. An’ Gran doesn’t know nothin’ either or I would hear it in her thoughts. I know my brother has something goin’ on but it’s not telepathy. So I really can’t answer you right now.

You smell of sunshine, sweet flowers and honey. I wish to taste you.

But if you tasted me, wouldn’t you drain me of my blood. That’s what vampires do, right?

Oh little one, we exist because we can hide our drinking from humans. We exist because we must and if we were to kill off those we drank from we would be left with no one to feed from.

OH! Would it hurt?

Not like I would do it, but I would wish your permission first.

I think I would give you permission, but you know ‘I am dreaming’ so none of this is real.

Sookie open your eyes, you are not dreaming I am here with you , in your bed and you are, what is it called, ‘cuddled’ up to my side.

NO I am jus’ dreamin’; you’re only real in my day dreams and fantasies. NO man would be interested in my chubby redneck ass.

Why do you say that? I love your curves; you are a beautiful young girl.

That’s it Eric, I am just a girl. I don’t turn eighteen for another few months and even then I don’t think a man, not a man as beautiful as you would look at me once, let alone twice.

My Sookie, in my time you would have already been married and have had children, age is just that, an age, but I will not push you.

Plus Eric, you should know that I am a virgin and touch is a big thing for me, I can hear people’s thoughts more when I touch them so it’s hard for me to be intimate with anyone. I will probably die a virgin in my ripe old age.

But Sookie you are touching me, do you not hear my thoughts too.

NO, you are as quiet as a church mouse. It is very comforting.

Sookie I wish you would open your eyes and see me. I am right here.

Well if I open my eyes you will disappear and my dream will fade away and then I will be all alone again. It’s hard not having a boyfriend or friends to stay with you, I can hear their dreams and it wakes me up or gives me nightmares. It was nice hanging out with Alcide today, I think because he is a Were I cannot hear him very good, he is all snarly and red in his mind. But when I touched him I could read his thoughts clearly and they were nice, it was great that he wasn’t afraid of me.

I am not afraid of you either little one, I wish to be in your life. I wish you would trust me and see that I am real. Open your eyes.

Eric, if I open them and you disappear I will be very mad at you and myself for chasing you away.

Okay, then keep them closed, maybe one night you will be strong enough in your heart and mind to open them so that I can see your eyes up close and personal.

HMM…K…. Eric are you going to taste me?

Only when you are awake, I will not do it while you are sleeping. I need you to be fully awake every time I drink from you. I don’t want you to be mad that I took advantage of you in your sleep.


Rest my Sookie and I will let myself out in a little while and then I will visit you again another night. Is that okay with you?

Yes, I would like that.


In my dreams Eric returned to me almost every night of every week for over two and a half years, we talked and laughed and I told him that he would probably be the only man I ever shared a bed with. I told him it was hard enough to hug someone let alone be intimate or wrapped up in an embrace like we were in my bed.

I so was afraid of being in the embrace of any man I may get close to, he would be thinking thoughts of someone else or what my boobs looked like or the color of my nipples and so on.

I told Eric of my most intimate secrets and he told me some of his, – his long life, his Maker Godric whom he loved dearly and of his child Pam who was quite a handful but very spoiled.

However, I think I scared him a little when I told him I loved him.

I explained that there were different types of love for people in your life; the love you have for your friends and family; the love you have for a person of the opposite sex when you became involved in a relationship and then the final love. That final love was the love you would have for your soul mate, the one that is everlasting; it was a beautiful love that withstands all time and issues.

After what I said to him he remained quiet for a while, I told him that the love I felt for him at the moment was like a friend, but so much more than a friend, he never entered the friend zone, he had already bypassed it.

I told him why I loved him like this; he understood me, he got my humor, never teased me about my gift, and told me I was his everything and that I was the most beautiful creature he had ever laid his eyes on. I told him if he were real then I would hope we moved onto the next level of love until the everlasting love consumed us and we were ONE.

He chuckled at my musing and told me for that to happen I would have to believe he was real an open my eyes to see him.

Six months ago as he left me to my dreams and after we had talked for hours, I swear I heard him say that he loved me too but his love for me was like the soul mate kind of love. And he had never loved like this before. He cherished the time we spent together and would remember his love for me always and at his darkest times.




39 thoughts on “Chapter 02: Dream Lover

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    • yes she does need to do that, but i think she feels he is in her imagination and enjoys his company too much to loose him by opening them up, keep in mind she was a teenager when this all started and now a naive young adult who has never had a significant other. it is terrifying to her to think she will loose all this if she opens them up. thanks for reading KY

  2. Gosh Sookie! Stop being a fool:open your eyes!
    Eric is real… how come he hasn’t seen her in these last six months!?
    P.S. You really do work for an awesome company-they put people at first place instead of profit!
    Your colleague will be in my prayers.

    • yeah our girl needs to man up but like i said she is a naive teenager when this started and is still a naive adult when the reveal happens. she will figure it out and more will be revealed in the upcoming chapters. KY

  3. Talk about holding onto a dream! I really hope she gets brave enough to open her eyes soon.
    Why did he leave her 6 months ago????

    • Vampire reveal and the lead up to that kept him too busy. since she thinks he is part of her imagination she has not put one and one together to get a answer for herself and since she believes he is in her imagination it will take her a bit longer to figure things out. thanks for reading KY

  4. Oh Sookie. Mariah Carey’s ‘Dreamlover’ kept playing on repeat in my head while reading this,

    “Dream lover come rescue me, take me up, take me down, take me anywhere you want to baby now”

    So excited for the next installment! XO

  5. She’s so naive. Hopefully it won’t take her much longer to figure it out.
    Blessings to you and your colleagues and their families.

  6. If Sookie wasn’t so convinced Eric was a dream they’d probably rush the relationship. Luckily two years have passed and maybe Sookie won’t be too scared to open her eyes for Eric. Then again maybe vampires will ‘come out of the coffin’ and Sookie can see he’s real.. Who knows really but, I can’t wait to find out😄

  7. Oh Sookie! Open your eyes! And yet at the same time there is something so sweet about how they take their time learning About each other night after night. Lovely!

    • yes quite the dilemma, to do or not to do…. will see how she handles it soon enough. yes they will know each other by the time they meet face to face. thanks for reading. KY

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  9. Silly girl, open your eyes…he is a hottie. She loves a dream, silly girl. She is afraid of reality. A very childish love. I’m curious how they will meet again.

    • it will be revealed soon, yes she is a young naive teenager and has a first love whom she thinks is imaginary. EPOV is up next and you may find out a bit more. thanks for reading KY

  10. Little innocent Sookie! What’s going to happen when the vamps do the big reveal? Will she still believe he was only in her dreams? Going well with the story.

  11. I must say, the title had me hum “dream lover” by Bobby Darin lol

    Great chapter, I find it interesting that he would speak to her while she is asleep and she would not want to wake up because she did not truly believe he was there.

    The story is different in that there is no wondering or wait game to play, we know Sookie and Eric loves each other. I like that, it’s different and intriguing.

    Thank you

  12. Awww, it’s so sweet that he keeps coming back and lets her indulge in her dream world. Two and a half years is probably like a blink to him, but he’s still so patient with her. They’ll already have that soul deep love by the time the silly girl opens her eyes, lol. Love it! On to the next!

  13. It’s understandable that she is afraid to open her eyes and risk losing what she thinks she has found in her dreams. When she finds out he is real, and that he was truly there I hope she doesn’t get angry.

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