Chapter 09(B): Final Days

Erik spoke to his brother and sisters, “Guys stay out of my head for a little while, I would like this private okay. Momma that includes you as well.”

Well that intrigued me for him to blatantly ask them all to stay out. His mother just scowled at him. And of course, I chuckled.

“Min Barn please take your mother downstairs with you. After Erik and I talk we will be down to talk to Sebastian. Lover, I would like your help in the matter of Sebastian, I want you to push your will onto him so he cannot speak out about our plans to his Maker.”

She smiled at me brightly, “Yes my husband I will do that for you, for us. And we still need to talk.”

“Seriously Momma, talk… as if…. We all know better… we can feel you remember… you are pushing your emotions at us… we are happy Far has not felt what we have because if he had we would have saw the two of you consummating your marriage in this very room, which I for one do not want to see my parents getting it on. You need to chill out, no one needs an orgy happening today.”

I looked at Tara and chuckled. She was as brazen as her namesake.

I turned toward Sookie and smiled. She of course was a nice shade of red. The bond was singing with LUST, so I knew what Tara was talking about, no need to act on it yet, Tara was correct, we needed to be alone for the consummating.

Charles spoke up next, “Let’s get going so nothing else happens. Erik we will see you downstairs.”

They all left with Sookie in the mix. I turned to Erik and he looked nervous, I could not have that.

I motioned for the chairs so that we could sit.

“Erik, you can ask of me anything. You are min son, you are my blood, and I will give you anything, answer any question you have, I will help you in any way I can. Please do not feel that you need to be nervous around me.”

“Far, I know that, it is just hard for me to ask for anything.”

“Min son that is because you are an alpha, alphas’ have a hard time asking, they are usually the ones commanding, giving or in charge. You have nothing to fear, just ask and if it is within my means I will gladly help.”

“Far, I am nervous and worried that you will say no. I spoke with Charles about this and he wants the same thing. But I am scared you will say no.”


“Yes sir.”

“Spit it out.”

“We want to take your last name.”

I was flabbergasted… Not angry…In shock.

“Explain please.”

“We grew up knowing about you. Before Thalia ever stated what she felt about us kids and our parentage, both Charles and I always felt different around our dad. Like we were missing something. We heard him in his head several times about how he would look at us and see you, not him. That he was a place card for you, a sperm donor. He loved us and he loved momma in his own way, but he knew in his heart he was placed in her path for this reason only. It was one of the reasons why our last name is Stackhouse. Honestly, I never knew what his last name was as it was never spoken. So, Charles and I want to know if we can legally take your last name as momma has? We talked to Uncle Des about this, so he knows we have been thinking about it. His suggestion was a hyphen between the two names if you are hesitant. Plus ….”, he trailed off.

“Min Sön, I would be honored if you took my name, hyphen or not. I look at you and I see me. I do not understand fully how, but I do. I see your mannerisms and I see me. I do not know how you learned them since I was not around, but they are there. If you and your brother want my last name, then you may have it. But I am curious if there is another reason for this?”

“Uuummm, we know your line died off long ago and we want your name to continue on in the human realm. We feel we are more a Northman than anything else: Stackhouse and even fairy. We want to honor you and your lineage. As for our children and spouses, they will be given the option to change it or keep it. Hell, even Uncle Jason talks about changing his last name to Northman, but I think that is more for protection than anything else.”

“You have made solid points and if the two of you would like to change your name, I give my blessing. But I see there is something else. So, go ahead and ask it of me.”

“Well this is a tough one to speak of. Charles knows I want this, but he is unsure for himself. Far would you be willing to give me your blood.”

I was shocked, but I needed to know why.


“I feel that you are my dad down to my very core. I know that your blood somehow flows through me/us. I want your blood to be truly in me, I want it to be a part of me. I want your blood in me to make me truly a Northman. I do not know what will shift inside of me if anything, but I know that I will not take for granted that you have given it to me. I want to be your son in every way, Erik Godric Northman. Charles is hesitant because he is afraid of the implications. He is afraid I am trying to rid the memory of our father, which I am not, I would have asked even if father was still alive. I want to truly belong to something and that something is your line, a Northman.”

I smiled and said, “Your mother gave you both my name and my makers?”


“Did she ever say why?”

“She told me once when I was little that I had your name because I looked like you, even when I was born, she did not hesitate to call me Erik. She said she knew before I was born that I would look like the love of her life. She dreamed of it. She said she called me Godric after another great man that was briefly in her life. She never told us about him until she brought him back as her familiar. She told us what she could but tried to keep out the bad parts, she did not lock down her shields, she forgot about our telepathy of course so we all saw everything as she thought about it. So, I was honored to be named after you both.”

“She was always a very smart woman when she needed to be. But tended to forget about the little things.”

“So, what do you think. Do you need to think it over or do you need to talk to momma?”

“My blood is sacred and not to be given out unwisely. I am unsure what way your mother would swing in this decision, but I do know that she would tell me it was a decision for me to make since it is my blood. I do know that bonded mates like your mother and I have a hard time with someone else having their blood. However, since you are my child already, I do not see an issue. Other Supes will smell me in you, so be aware you will be asked why you have had my blood, or why do you smell like The North Man. I will let you have it, but I need for you to let your mother know first. Plus, I think I like the idea about being able to track you and feel your emotions for the short time. As for Charles receiving my blood, he will have to ask himself so that I know he is sure he wants the link to me.”

“Thank you.”

“No, thank you, you honor me.”

I smiled at him, but he quickly came over to me and hugged me. He made me very proud of him at that moment. I think he always will.

“Is there anything else or should we head downstairs?”

“No, we are good. Let’s go since I am sure momma is fit to be tied.”

I do love southernisms.

We walked and talked, rode the elevator down and when we opened it our family was waiting. I am guessing Erik called them.

I walked over to Charles and placed my arm around his shoulder and leaned over so only he could hear me.

“I would be honored for you to take my name, no hyphen needed unless you want it. As for the other thing, you will have to think on it and ask me yourself.”

I squeezed his shoulder and let him go. He looked over at me and smiled because he knew what I was talking about and nodded.

Sookie stayed corporeal while we talked and as we walked, I held her hand. It felt right. We all followed Claude, who led the way to the basement. Sebastian was being held in one of the holding cells until I could talk to him.

“Sebastian, I hear you are willing to help us, first I need to make sure you will not turn on us. My wife is going to issue a command in your mind so that you cannot turn on us. Is that acceptable?”

“Your wife? You are not married? Is she a witch? What is she? I promise not to turn on you.”

“I understand that you think you will not turn on us, but a Makers command can alter what you want vs what the Makers wants are. My wife can push or glamour all creatures so your Maker will not be able to alter your/our plans. Is that acceptable? As for not having a wife, well I have been married to Sookie since 2072. No-one knew about it; she was my best kept secret. And do you see the four children standing around her, those are my/our children, they are another best kept secret. Do you think I honestly wanted everyone in my family business? They lived a quiet life but have decided to come out of the woodwork per say. As for what Sookie is, she is not a witch but a Force of Nature.”

He looked awed.

“So, can she procced so that you can go back to your Maker?”

“Yes, yes, go ahead so I can get back before she thinks I planned the others death.”


I was looking forward to seeing how this was done. I wondered if she needed to touch him and then I thought of Pam and figured not. I guess each person is different since she pushed into Niall, Desmond and Clovache from a distance. I wondered if she had to talk out loud, whisper or think it?

I guess I would find out soon enough, however, I think that varied too depending on the situation.

Sookie stepped up to the cell and opened the door. She placed her hand on his shoulder and looked into his eyes. He smiled at her. That was all it took, Sookie spoke loud enough for us all to hear her and what she suggested in his mind.

“You will go home after we mame you. You will tell the AVL that everything backfired, there were too many guards to get to Eric or his children. You fought as good as you could, that you lost your appendage by a sword. You ran and hid until you could get away, you can embellish anywhere you need to if they ask you questions. However, you will not betray us. You will not tell them about me and my children and how we can turn into lions. You will not tell them Eric is married, that will be coming out soon enough. You will not be able to be overridden by a Maker’s command. You will not be able to tell them anything about us. You will report to us every three days and let us know what is happening. Unless something urgent comes up then get to us immediately. We will give you a secure phone and you only use that to text Claude; he is unknown to them so you will be safe sending it to him. I need to know if his smell affects you because if it does you need to ignore it. Do not hesitate to let us know if they, the AVL, think something is suspicious about your claims or your actions. We will protect you the best we can. When this is all over you will have a job with us, we will see you soon Sebastian, I was never here.”

Just WOW, my lover was thorough, she was not playing around.

She turned to leave and winked at me. I kissed her on the cheek, and she shimmered out. At the same time Claude released his scent to test the waters.

I looked at Min Barn and they just smiled back at me. They were as proud of her as I was.

Sebastian just looked as awe struck as the rest of us, since my wife mentioned turning into a lion and then shimmered out.

What Supe is able to do that?

NONE… just my lovely wife.

Without asking Sebastian to let us know that Claude smelled sweet, he was not affected, that was a good thing, no attacks on any of our Fae family and a guard could be sent to him if needed.

Just as I was getting ready to ask Sebastian what appendage he wanted removed, a sword materialized in front of me, as Pam walked down the hallway towards us.

I took the sword and looked at Sebastian. He knew what I was going to do but Pam spoke first.

“You were really going to do this without me? How are you going to get him to not speak to his maker?”

“I do not need your permission and his glamour has been handled.”

“Glamour, vampires cannot be glamoured.”

“Oh, on the contrary, the Dae call it pushing. It has already been taken care of.”

Sebastian was catching flies now, since Dae was mentioned as an added on plus for my wife. He just looked at me wide eyed and nodded his respect.

However, that did not deter the whine starting from min dotter. I stopped it before it picked up speed. Plus, she lifted her nose in the air and took a whiff and smiled at Claude, who took a step closer to Min Barn.

“Enough, it is finished. We are protected and Sebastian needs to let me know which appendage to remove.”

“I think it would be best to take one of my hands or an arm. I am ambidextrous but my Maker thinks I am just left-handed. So, the left side would be best.”

Before he could think and back away, I swung the sword and took off his lower left arm. I left the elbow because those are a bitch to grow back. Before he could think about the pain and what I had just did Claude stepped forward and cauterized it with a silver blade. It smelt like shit but at least his pain was minimized.

He looked at me.

“The silver cauterization will help in the healing, no need for you to lose too much blood. You can tell your Maker that the pain she just felt was you sealing the wound with silver. She will believe you since it is hours after the other two vampires were ended. Now here is your phone and Claude will pop you to wherever you need to be. OH, and yes Claude is FAE, but you will keep that to yourself as well.”

“Thank You.”

“We will see you again. Keep in touch with Claude and if we do not hear from you Claude will know where to locate you. Claude pop him to his home so we know where to locate him if need be.”

I turned around and started to walk away. I may have gotten ten feet away and I heard the return pop. Our spy was now in place.

I turned around and stated, “Well that was fun. Now off to my suite to do some work. We only have a few more days until we must jump into our new roles and learn. So that means enjoy yourself now because we may not have time once we get to the White House. Good night everyone.”

I heard from behind as I walked away.

Goodnight Sir

Goodnight Master

Goodnight Far

I smiled to myself and thought…my family.

I was blessed by Odin and Freya for sure.

I smiled as I walked and nodded to those walking near me. I could do this; I could be cordial and nice to everyone. I needed to, because in two plus months’ time I would be sworn in as president.

I rode the elevator up and I could smell her as I got off. My Were’s were not there. But a note was.

I gave them the night off.


Sneaky wife. But at least I could make her scream later if need be and no one would break in.

I opened the door to our suite.

The smell was intense.

My knees buckled

My fangs ran down

My cock got hard

As I walked, I smiled. Talk be damned, I needed to claim my wife and consummate my marriage.

A song sprung into my head as I stalked her, I had not heard this song since long after Sookie and I first left one another, but as I think about it now the words hold true, at least from me to her, maybe that is why I remember them so well.

The song you say, ‘10,000 Hours’ by Dan & Shay. I am unsure why that song just popped into my head as I approach my beautiful wife, but as it does come into my thoughts, I start to sing to my lover.

Do you love the rain? Does it make you dance
When you’re drunk with your friends at a party?
What’s your favorite song, does it make you smile?
Do you think of me?

When you close your eyes, tell me, what are you dreamin’?
Everything, I wanna know it all

I’d spend ten thousand hours and ten thousand more
Oh, if that’s what it takes to learn that sweet heart of yours
And I might never get there, but I’m gonna try
If it’s ten thousand hours or the rest of my life
I’m gonna love you (ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh)

Do you miss the road that you grew up on?
Did you get your middle name from your grandma?
When you think about your forever now, do you think of me?

When you close your eyes, tell me, what are you dreamin’?
Everything, I wanna know it all

I’d spend ten thousand hours and ten thousand more
Oh, if that’s what it takes to learn that sweet heart of yours
And I might never get there, but I’m gonna try
If it’s ten thousand hours or the rest of my life

I’m gonna love you (ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh)
I’m gonna love you (ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh)

Ooh, want the good and the bad and everything in between
Ooh, gotta cure my curiosity
Ooh, yeah

I’d spend ten thousand hours and ten thousand more
Oh, if that’s what it takes to learn that sweet heart of yours (sweet heart of yours)
And I might never get there, but I’m gonna try
If it’s ten thousand hours or the rest of my life

I’m gonna love you (ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh)
I’m gonna love you (ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh)
And I
Do you love the rain, does it make you dance?
I’m gonna love you (I’m gonna love you)
I’m gonna love you

As I get to her, her tears are streaming down her cheeks. I hate when she cries but I know these are happy tears, not just from the bond singing out to me but from the beautiful smile on my lover’s face.

As I take her in my arms I whisper first; “I LOVE YOU Min Kära”.

She smiles and then I say a little louder; “I LOVE YOU My Wife”.

As her smile grows, I yell at the top of my lungs; “I LOVE YOU My Sookie”.

I do not waste any time in ripping the clothes off from her and myself.

As I finish, I run my fingers down her gorgeous voluptuous body and pull her to me.

I tilt her face up to mine and lower my lips to hers and pour all the passion I have in me to our bond and our kiss, and I feel in return our bond swoon.

I pick her up bridal style and vamp to our room… I place her not so delicately on the bed and look down upon my lover.

Finally, she is mine forever and ever.

I feel a tear rolling down my face but before I can do anything about it, my wife takes care of it by licking my face from my chin to my eye and ingesting my blood.

The bond soars at her actions.

NO more pussy footing around, we are finally mates, husband and wife, a bonded pair and so much more, we are family as it should have always been.

I gently lay her back on the bed and proceed to worship her body. The person/body I have longed to be with for far too many years. I worship every part of her, and then I kiss every part I have worshipped.

After I move back up her body, I look down at her and smile.

I love her so damn much it hurts.

I know nothing will separate us now.

I use my fingers to see if she is ready for me, she has not been with another in years and I do not want to hurt her on our 2nd-first time. I feel the heat coming from her lady bits and I use my nimble fingers to part her and feel her wetness.

“So Wet.”

“Only for Eric, My Mate, My Husband, Min Mäke.”

I continue to scissor my fingers and realize she is ready for me and the time has come to consummate our marriage.

I stop what I am doing, and she groans.

So impatient My Lover is.

I work my way over her naked body and hover. The only thing that is touching her is my cock slowly dragging over her woman bits. I push down some more and her vaginal lips part and my cock is now dragging against her clit.

I looked down at her and she smiles and lets out a ‘please’ from her supple lips.

I cannot deny her.

I hover closer to her body and I feel her hand clasp around my cock.

She raises her legs so that her knees are bent, and her feet are planted firmly on the bed.

She strokes my cock a few times before she places me at her entrance.

It already feels like heaven in her warm wet folds.

I have forgotten what she feels like, it has been so long.

I slowly push the head in first, so she has time to adjust, and I see her smiling up at me.

I start to slowly push the girth of my cock into her, her smile widens as she continues to look up at me.

She is beaming when I am finally all in, I feel my cock’s head hitting her cervix.

She was made to fit me perfectly.

She wiggles her hips and I start to move. Slowly at first until her hips are moving at a faster pace than my cock.

I know what she wants but I want this consummation to be about love not want. Nor do I want to rush it, I want to cherish this moment always.

“Lover, I want to take this time slow. I want us to enjoy our 2nd first time and I want this memory always. I want us to think of this as our wedding night and how we can love one another through our bodies as much as we do through our hearts. We have plenty of time for a fast and loud fuck but for now it is all about making love.”

With that I rest my forehead against hers and look into her eyes. I slowly push in and pull out. Over and over again. I could feel her tightening around my cock, I could feel her walls clenching but I did not quicken the pace. Slow and loving. I tilted my cock’s position ever so slightly and hit that magical spot that sent her over the abyss.

I soon followed since her vagina was still as tight as ever and her clenching walls were milking me of every drop.

I went to pull out and roll to her side, but she grabbed onto my ass cheeks and said, “don’t you go anywhere buster.”

I chuckle and think: ‘Buster’, only she could get away with a nickname as such.

My lover then lowers her legs and they lay flat against the bed.

However, I hover over her, still connected at our sexual bits and look down at my wife, this is where I needed to always be.

This is right.

My Life was below me, connected to me in more ways than one.

I could feel myself getting harder, I knew we still had things to discuss but I needed to make love to my mate as many times as possible tonight. There was still plenty of time before dawn, I wish I did not need to sleep as she calls it, but I knew our time would be over around 7am. We still had around 5 hours to play and talk.

Besides, I still could ask questions as I readied us for round 2.

“My love, I have a question for you.” I never stopped moving my fingers over her clit while I asked my question.


“I believe what Thalia said about paternity and all for our Min Barn. I would never doubt it. But I just have one small question.”

She started to play with my ass more and tried to reach for my balls, but her arms were just too short.

Nevertheless, I continued with both my question and my fingers on her clit while I started to pump my cock slowly into her.

It paid to be tall with long arms.

I removed my hand and started to move a little bit faster. Sookie was moaning underneath me, so I knew her pleasure was building.

So, I struck with my question.

“Lover do you think your innate magic will wake up my swimmers and another baby can happen.” At the same time as my question, I moved faster in my pace.

Her eyes flew open and she looked scared as hell. Her face was beautiful, but still looked scared.

“I don’t know, why would you ask that?”

“I was thinking,” … I pushed into her a little bit harder… “if by some chance my blood did help form Min Barn, then maybe your innate magic will also enliven my dispersed sperm and then we will possibly have a child together the old fashion way.”

I did not want us to stop but I could tell by her look she was at a loss.

“Lover it’s okay, I understand you do not know. But if it happens it happens, and I will love our baby. But looking at your face now you seem scared. OH, and I am NOT wearing a damn condom until we find out.”

I kept pushing slowly in and pulling slowly out. I think I lost her mentally while she thought out what I said, but through the bond I could feel it was signing and her vagina became much wetter, I do believe she squirted.

She looked up at me and smiled, I think she came to the same way of thinking as I had. If it happens it happens, no telling what her new powers could do.

“I would like that, our own child, but I think it will not happen. I could always talk to Dr. Ludwig and see what she says. However, I am grateful you are a part of my children’s parentage and if that is all we get then so be it.”

Her words made me smile so I sped up my ministrations and she was becoming tense, her body was coiling, I could feel it.

I loved being able to feel her through the bond, I hope she felt the same way.

I moved a little faster and she gripped my shoulders. She was close, I needed to touch her clit to push her over. So, I did just that and she screamed. It was a great sound, however it produced Godric by the side of the bed. Well that would help along the next question.

I was close but still needed time, so I flipped her over to her hands and knees. I watched Godric lie down and snuggle into himself, I guess he was content again since his mistress was.

Such a weird sight but I knew he would protect her no matter what was happening, so I better make sure I never hurt her during sex.

I started to push a little harder into her so that I could cum. It was working, I could feel my coil building and I really did not care if Godric watched. Hell, he watched when he was alive, and vampire why would it matter if he watched as her familiar.

I lifted Sookie up, so she was now sitting back on my knees and thighs. I started to thrust harder straight up into her and lowered my fingers down to her clit.

I was so close, and I knew this had to be our last time for a while, my lover needed to rest a bit. I could feel her squirming, her pleasure was building. I wanted her to go over at the same time as me.

“My love, cum for me. I know you are ready again. I love you; I love everything about you. You are my life now. Cum for me Sookie. Just Let Go.”

She did not answer me, she merely moved her hand under us and grabbed ahold of my balls and tugged. Oh my god, that is what I needed and it threw me over the edge, I would not let her miss out so at vampire speed I moved my fingers over her clit and she fell over as well.

At the same time, she screamed, and I roared.

There was never such a more perfect moment of love making between us then at this time.

Content, I pulled out of her and went in search of a wet washcloth. She needed cleaned up, I did not care about myself.

I reentered the room with one in my hand and proceeded to clean her up. I knew I could have done it the vampire way and cleaned her up with my tongue, but we needed to talk.

Plus, I think sometimes we will have to compromise by doing it the human way.

After all I was trying to be the good husband.

I finished cleaning her and took the cloth back to the bathroom and wet it one more time to clean me up a bit. I figured this way she would cuddle with me while we talked.

I got back into the bed on my side and she inched back until she was molded into me. Cuddle, snuggle, whatever you want to call it we were doing it and I loved it.

I put my arm over her waist, and she grabbed my hand and laced our fingers together.



“Are you tired, or can we talk a bit?”

“We can talk, after all that was what we were supposed to be doing anyways.”

“Hmmm, can we talk about Godric.” At that I heard a puff, so I knew he was listening.

“Sure, what do you want to know.”

“I was wondering if you knew he comes to you when you sleep? I was wondering how you communicate with each other? I was wondering if you knew he comes to you when you scream out is ecstasy? I was wondering if he can stay corporeal at all times, or does he have to shimmer out to survive? Last but not least, does he eat?”

She laughed at me, or maybe it was a giggle.

I heard a loud purr come from the side of the bed.

“Well, let me say this first. We can kind of communicate with each other, like on a telepathic level. It is easier when we are together, but we can do it also when we are separate.”

“Can I ask a question about that?”


“Can Min Barn hear you when you talk to him like that? Can they hear his thoughts as well?”

“No, they cannot, I think it is because we are one and the same. When we are separate, they can hear me think to him but not the response back. His response is more pictures and feelings than words. Does that make sense?”

“Yes, it is like a response with a vampire child through the bond. Though we can talk quickly and be heard by our child or Maker it is through our bond that we feel and see what the other is thinking.”

I just smiled at her, my lover was in my arms and with me finally.

“So about when you sleep, did you know?”

“I didn’t think it happened all the time, but I have a feeling now that you know him, he will show himself more often, he is comfortable around you and knows he is protected and will be unharmed.”

“So, what about staying corporeal or does he need to shimmer out?”

“Oh, he can stay corporeal and if I need to join with him I can. If he is not corporeal, I join him in a shimmer. Does that make sense?”

“Yes, it does, I will just have to watch it more closely. As for him always being around and corporeal, I think I would like that too.” I would have my Maker back in a way I never thought possible.

I heard another grunt, so I think he was in agreement with me.

“So my love what about during your climax? Did you know?”

“noPe, you are my first since he has become one with me. But now we know.”

Another first with my love.

“What about food and eating.”

“Well if I am kept full and happy with food so is he. However, I have seen him eat at the farmhouse when the grandbabies feed him food they do not want or like. I think he can eat and maybe he does when he shimmers out and I do not notice him doing it. I never gave it much thought. I guess we will have to start keeping raw steaks around for him so he can have a treat when we have dinner each night.”

With that comment there was another grunt.

“Well I think we will have to add that to the things to keep in the refrigerator at the White House. I do wonder what the in-house cook will say?”

“Do you think we should find our own cook? Or is that a no no?”

“I do not know my dear I will have to ask Oliver when we meet. I am sure it will be different for the cook since I am vampire, and you are human. We might have to find our own cook.”

“Well if we have to find our own cook and Erik stays with us as help for your term then I can ask his wife Sasha if she would like to cook for the president and his entourage. She already knows us and is not scared of vampires and she went to culinary school.”

“I think that is a solid plan, she already knows our dietary needs and she knows Godric. Win-Win.”

“Okay so next question my love?”

“Adilyn can she cloak her scent; do you think Jason would like to help with Pam’s security detail?”

“Oh, we can all cloak our scent, Niall has taught all of us and he has also taught all of the children, their scent is less but still there. As for Jason, you will have to ask him, I know he wants to help out any way he can. He really does like you; I think his nightly dirty/nasty dreams he had of you sealed the deal way back when after you fixed up his bites at the camp.”

“Oh… do tell about the dreams, were they good?”

“From what I could see in his thoughts they were very good and erotic; they would make him blush when he thought about them. You have some potent blood mister, as he had the dreams for about two years.”

I did not say anything I just chuckled.

“Please don’t say anything about them and if you do, do it when I am not around, I don’t need to see that again.”

“As you wish Lover.”

“Okay what next?”

“Do Min Barn always have a telepathic link open between them? And what of the empathy they spoke of earlier.”

“When they are with each other the link is always open, it is more tactical for them. They shut it down when around their children, so they do not hear things they do not need to know about. When we are at a family gathering, we try to maintain shields and since Niall was there from the beginning with them it is much easier for them to maintain them up. They do not falter like I did. I think of it as a blessing for all of them, they did not have to go through the headaches and hurt I did while growing up. As for the empathy, they all received that once they visited the Fae realm and this gift emerged from within, that is also when Jason’s empathy sprang forward. It is also when Jason’s unknown spark ignited. Niall wanted to see if the realm did anything for him and as you can see it did.”

“Talking about the realm, so if you were to leave me to go and pay a visit, we would be in sync so only a day or two would be lost not a year?”

“Yes, Nergal keeps a tight watch on it when we all go so that there is no lost time for us. He loves his grandchildren as he calls them. I know I know; he calls me his goddaughter even though I am like a distant cousin and he calls my children and grandchildren, his grandchildren. There are no words really to translate the word he would use from the Dae realm and he does not like the term cousin and does not want to just call them kin. So, grandchildren it is, he like Niall are great-grandfathers to them all. As for Desmond, they call him uncle. We are all tight nit, so familiars are used. The grandkids call Bubba- Poppa, but Thalia and Rasul there they use aunt and uncle before their names. It works and now they will have their Farfar.”

“I cannot wait to meet them all.”

“We will try to work a night in before D.C., we will just have to keep Pam busy, they do not need her interrupting.”

“Sounds like a plan. I can call Oliver and ask for an extra day or two.”

She just nodded.

I pulled her closer to me, if that was possible and smelled her hair, sunshine and honey… hmmmm.

“Sookie, will you change your last name so that it appears like mine with no space?”

“I have already spoken to uncle about this and he has the paperwork ready, he is just waiting for my signature and approval to move forward.”

“Let’s see if we can get this pushed through so the name change is done before the inauguration.”

“Just so you know Erik spoke with me earlier telepathically. He told me about the name change. I told him it was up to you and him and Charles, I thought it was a great idea. He also told me about the blood. I told him it was your choice and if he needed to feel closer to you than to do it with your permission of course.”

“I am honored with both the name change and the blood for Min Sön. I let Charles know earlier it was up to him on the blood part, he has not gotten back to me and I told him to think on it.”

“He will probably get back to you in a day or two. I know they wanted to have all this started before D.C., just give him time.”

“I have one more question. Hunter, I really do not ever see him without Claude by his side. Does he fear me? Is he okay with us being together, I know his mother feared us at the end, did she not?”

“As for Hunter, he is always the last to ask for anything since he is not truly mine nor is he a shifter like his brothers and sisters. He was always shy. Give him some time and he will come to you soon enough. He likes spending time with Claude, he was a good mentor to him while they were hiding. Claude helped him with his telepathy while they stayed in the shadows so to speak, when he got to us, he had a good handle on his shields. Plus, I think the age difference to his brothers and sisters is a thing for him too, he has thirteen years on Erik. They were never close, but Erik did go to him for advice and he looked up to him. As for a fear of vampires, I think after the Warlow incident at the club he gave vampires a wide birth, but he knows that our vampires would never hurt him. Just give him time and he will come to love you as everyone else. He was included in the story telling when I would talk to his brothers and sisters about you. I am sure the love is there but like I said he is just a little shy.”

“I will wait for him to approach me. But I will include him in the title of Min Barn. I will let Erik in on this so he can tell him as well.”

“Do you have more question for me?”

“Oh, I have plenty of questions, but I think we are good for now, we have forever to find out the answers. I think it is time to make love to my beautiful wife again.”

And so I did, a few more times, before I was pulled to rest.

The following day I put a call into Oliver and asked if he minded if we took an extra four days off before heading to Washington D.C. I let him know I needed to visit with some family members and left it at that. He did not begrudge me and said he would see me and Pam when we got into town. He did ask where we would be staying, I let him know it was undecided, but I would let him know when we knew.

I let Pam know we could talk but it needed to be today because I was going to Bon Temps for a few days with Min Barn. I also let her know she was not invited and was to stay at the hotel and keep herself busy.

She balked at being left behind, but I told her Willa would be with me as well, so she had the hotel to herself with of course Rasul and The Flowers by her side.

We decided 10pm would be a good time for a meeting. So, I caught up on a few emails and sent one to Desmond to meet me at the farmhouse in two days’ time.

Of course, Min Dottir was early, I think she thought she would catch my mysterious visitor if she got to my suite fifteen minutes early. Fat chance, Sookie left a few hours ago, she said she needed to go by the farmhouse and do a few things before our arrival. She told me not to worry Min Barn were going with her.

After the quick knock Pam walked in uninvited. Rasul shook his head and stayed in the hall with The Flowers and Bubba. I of course let Pamela know of her indiscretion by forcing her up against the wall with her throat in my hand.

“Pamela, is this your suite? Do you just walk into any room without being invited? You forget your place child. Do you have to have a refresher course before I leave for a few days? If you are going to act childish like this in the White House, we have some lessons to go over before we get there. This will not happen anymore; do you understand me?”

“Yes master, sorry master. I am so used to it just being us, I forget myself sometimes.”

I knew she was blowing smoke up my ass, but I let her get away with it, this time.

“Pamela what else did you want to discuss? I know you have questions, so ask?” 

(NOTE: I am going to have Eric’s response after each question, to cut back on the back and forth.)

“Well, I am curious about your visit to Bon Temps; I know I am not invited but I am curious why now?” I want to go visit Min Barnbarn Adele and speak with Niall about Fae security and a few other odds and ends if you must know.

“I wanted to know when we would be leaving for the White House and where we would be staying?”We will leave for D.C. in five days’ time, it is still undecided on where we will stay. I need to talk to Niall about security first then I will make plans.

“I wanted to know if you knew if we needed to do anything to our homes in D.C. before we could live in them?” No, Oliver is taking care of all the light tighting for us, it will be finalized while we are in training.

“I wanted to know if there were more secrets you are keeping from me?” Of course there are, that is what secrets are, if you need to know about any of them, I will let you know but at this time they are none of your damn business.

She looked pissed at my response but oh well.

“I wanted to know how you glamoured Sebastian?” I had a Dae friend who could ‘push’ handle it for me, this person can push any species. Plus, Sebastian will be handled by Claude so do not interfere there.

“I wanted to know if Stackhouse could be part of my security detail?” I will ask him while I am in Bon Temps, I had already thought to do this while I was there. I will let him know you had asked for him. But you do know Adilyn will be with him and possibly a couple of small children. He does have a family and he will not leave them behind for you.

She grunted at this.

“I want to know about the lion you were petting?” At this time, the lion is not of your concern, in due time you will know, but now is not the time. Just know that the lion is mine, one of my guards, that is all you need to know.

Oh the glare I got, if her eyes were silver lasers, I would be finally dead.

“I want to know why you call Sookie’s offspring Min Barn and they call you Far?” Because that is what they are. They are Sookie’s and mine. I do not know how but genetically they are mine, so it is only fair for them to call me Far. If you have a problem with that get over it. Do not go sniffing them either, take my word for it or ask Thalia, she will school you on it.

By the Gods I hope she asked Thalia because Pam would have a rude awakening, Thalia would school her in the most delicious way. I would love to sit there and watch. Maybe bust out a chair and some popcorn even though I could not eat it, I could smell it though. It would be the perfect show. Or maybe I can get her to videotape it for me.

“I want to know if there is anything I need to do before we leave?” At this time there is nothing that you need to do, I have handled everything but our residence in D.C…. You can enjoy yourself, but guards will be with you at all times, so do not do anything stupid because they will report it to me.

“Is there anything else you need of me?”

“No master.”

I knew there was more, but she was balking, and I knew she would possibly ask at the wrong damn time.

“Pamela, let me tell you this. I know you want more answers to unasked questions, however, I will not answer them. My love life is my business not yours. My body hearts are none of your business. My personal affairs are none of your business. My feeding habits are none of your business. My human children will only put up with your shit for so long, keep in mind Sookie schooled them about you so do not push your luck. Remember that Rasul, Bubba and Thalia have been the protectors of Min Barn since they were born, and their protection will come before you if the need arises. The Flowers are Min Barn’s cousins so again they will come first before you, blood before you. I think that about covers it.”

“Duly Noted Master.”

“Are we done here?”

“Yes sir.”

As she was about to leave there was a knock on the door and if by the urgent pounding it was important.


It was Claude.

“Eric, Sebastian called, he said they believed him about his arm and told him to recuperate since he was injured and unable to fight. The assault that has been planned for tomorrow night he could stay out of since he would be of no help with only one arm. I told him we would call if we needed anything else from him.”

“Claude, text him back and tell him to lay low and thank him for the intel.”

“Yes sir, what do we need to do about tomorrow? I can call Min Barn back so that we can meet.”

“No, let them visit their family. Call Niall and ask him to come by my suite a little before midnight if he could, since the meeting will be scheduled for midnight.”

“Sure, I will let him know. If there is nothing else, I will take my leave.”

With that Claude left my room.

I let Pam know that she would be involved in the midnight meeting. I texted my security force and let them know we had a meeting in the conference room near the front of the lobby at midnight. I walked out the door and let Bubba and Rasul know as well. They in turn texted Thalia and Willa.

I knew I needed to text or call Sookie, but I wanted her to enjoy her night off, she was due back tomorrow, I did not want her to walk into an assault. I guess I needed to call her so she would stay at the farmhouse and let us handle this one.

I was going to wait a little while longer to call her so that she would not feel obligated to attend but that was ruined when there was a pop in my suite and there stood Niall and Sookie.

I had forgotten about Air Niall.

“Hello My sweet.”

“Don’t sweet me, why didn’t you call. Claude already popped over to tell Niall. Eric, we need to be here.”

I just shook my head. I did not want to ignore her but ignore her I did for the moment.

“Niall, nice to see you again. I asked Claude to call you because I have an idea and it includes your Fae guards and The Flowers. I did not want to include Sookie and Min Barn this time. I wanted to change things up so the AVL does not know what we have in our arsenal, besides Pamela and my Were guards will be attending the meeting so Sookie could not be corporal for input.”

“Eric, that makes sense, but you know she will want to attend whether she is allowed to or not.”

“Oh, I am fully aware of that. Aside from what has just occurred via telephone I thought she needed to be with her kin and to finalize some things before we arrive there tomorrow night. The meeting tonight was of no consequence to her since I wanted her and Min Barn to guard the farmhouse in case someone found out about it prior to her reveal.”

She scuffed at me, nonetheless, she knew I was right, and I was only being a protective mate.

“Fair points Eric. I will go visit Claude and be back in twenty to pop her home. See you soon great granddaughter.”

With that Niall walked out of my suite and road the elevator down.




“No buts or I need. I need for you to be safe. I do not want to reveal you to the AVL yet. My Weres we will be informed of you and Min Barn at the farmhouse not before. I want to use another tact to throw off the AVL once again. We cannot use the same tactical offense every time, we do not know of any leaks yet. I do not know of any, all the same, we do not know if this is an assault to plant someone before we leave for D.C. or another kidnapping attempt, the last thing I want is for everything to be turned upside down. I know you could be of help listening to the humans in the hotel. Believe me it is a good idea, still I think we need to use another tact here. Please agree with me, I am sure Niall will.”

“High-handed Vampire. I Love You and I understand, however if things go sideways, I want Niall to pop you to the farmhouse. Am I clear mister?”

Mister, how I love her feisty nicknames… only from My Sookie.

“Yes dear. Now come here and kiss me.”

That is how Niall found us in a lip lock twenty minutes later. Niall chuckled and Sookie turned a nice shade of red.

How I loved her blush.

Niall popped her back home and said he would see me at midnight.

When I arrived at the meeting, I was not shocked to see Erik or Charles, I am sure they traveled by Air Niall. I learned later they came by car so they could guard me during the day and go back with me to the farmhouse the following evening as my personal bodyguards, this was a demand not a request by their mother.

I thanked everyone for attending and begun.

“I have learned that the AVL have planned another attempt tomorrow night or tonight if you want to be time correct. We are unsure what will transpire but we know there will be at least six persons attempting either to kidnap or cause a ruckus. I believe they are going to plant a spy amongst us and possibly that spy may be a human, so we must check every avenue. If there is a new check in today Min Söner, I want you to listen, Weres I need you alert as well, it may be a Were. If you do not know the new Were in the hotel keep an eye on them and tell Min Söner to listen to them, they are both telepaths and will be able to ascertain if they are on the up and up. If the attack happens at night, I need the Fae and Dae on alert as I want you to handle them this time. I know the last time the human guests saw the lions take care of the problem and I have a feeling you were filmed on a cellphone and it may have gotten back to the AVL by now. Stay vigilant but do not turn. If a turn is needed let the Wolfs do it. Vampires, I need you to protect your charges, no questions Min döttrar, if your guards tell you to do something, do it, do not hesitate. Niall can you have a few Fae here tonight for guard duty and The Flowers will be my guard along with Bubba. Tonight, we still leave for the Farmhouse. However, Pam, Rasul and The Flowers will remain behind. Pam, The Flowers will be your daytime security, they will stay inside your room, no balking at this. Rasul and The Flowers will be a dual nighttime team. NO negotiations here. I think I got everything covered, if there are any questions let me know now and then we can go enjoy the rest of our night.”

“Eric, I will stay here as well to help protect Pam. I am not needed while you visit the farmhouse and if I need to, I can pop over.”

“Thank you Niall, I appreciate that. I did have a few security items I wanted to discuss with you so if you could make time, I would appreciate it. Pam you have another guard that can pop you out of trouble if need be. You listen to him as you will you other guards, there is no need for you to balk at any of their orders. Again, NO Negotiations.”

My head of security, Tray Dawson spoke up.

“Sir, can I have a minute with you after we adjourn.”

“Of course, if there is nothing else, we will meet up again after the threat leaves tonight and then head for the farmhouse.”

As everyone was leaving Erik asked if he could stay as well and Tray let him know it would be well advised.

“Sir can I speak frankly.”

“Sure you can, I will answer what I can.”

“I have two questions. Are they, Min Söner, really telepaths and Were/Shifter at the same time? Who is Niall to you?”

“Tray, Erik and Charles and the girls Karolina and Tara are my kin. My sons and daughters, Min Barn, it is hard to explain but they are of my blood. Their mother, my wife, is called a Force of Nature by the A.P.. I was going to tell you at the farmhouse where you will interact with the family more. However, since you asked of it here. Sookie and I were married in 2072, she is a well-kept secret, she wanted a quiet life, and I gave it to her. My children are Fae, Dae, Were/Shifter and Human. They are all telepathic, with empathy on the side. As for Niall, he is My Sookie’s great-grandfather, he is also known as the Prince of the Fae. So he is my kin. I know fairy and vampire do not normally mix, nonetheless you have witnessed that we do mix and very well at that, as you know we have a few Fae floating around here as well as at the farmhouse, where I believe there is also a few Elves. Before you ask why, My Sookie, is called a Force of Nature, it is her story to tell but she is also telepathic, Fae, Dae, human and she has a familiar. Sookie has many powers and we will fill you in at the farmhouse. For now, keep this to yourself as we want to keep it quiet until the reveal is to happen for everyone.”

“Understood Sir.”

“Erik, do you have anything else for Tray before he leaves to settle his mind?”

“Momma just wanted him to know she would like for him to come over early tomorrow before everyone else. She wanted to have a sit down with him with no other security Weres around. I think she wants to tell him everything before the others and talk about the push. And answer any questions before the others are told.”

“Yes, that would make sense, I agree as long as Tray agrees.”

“Sure boss, what time should I drive over and how do I get there.”

“Oh no need to drive, Claude will pop you over and then back again, it is quicker.”

“Why don’t you call it a night and meet up with Claude at 10am and then you can be back in the afternoon when I am sure the shit show will start.”

“Sure boss, I will let my Lieu know I am needed at the farmhouse and he is in charge tomorrow until my return.”

With that he turned around and said goodnight. And me, well, “Oh Sookie you can materialize now. I knew by Erik’s wording you are here, damn woman, I guess you do not trust me.”

With that, there she was right next to our son.


“Oh, I know you are not. Just nosey and tactical. I like the idea of Tray going over and you talking to him, when you push, film it and talk out loud so he can see you did nothing more than what we ask of him in not being able to talk about you, the farmhouse or your powers. We need to discuss how much of the security detail will know more than what they were told tonight? Or do we want to see if you can push a no speak on them as well?”

“I will think on the push of all the Were security, I know it will not harm them and it will be added protection for us. We have to decide if we will do it in group form or one at a time. We have four days so we could break it up, I guess. I will ask Tray what he thinks about it after I tell him.”

“We have time lover; we can talk again tonight about it. Now you need to get back to the farmhouse and I have some work to do.

With that being said, Niall walked in and popped Sookie back home.

She was a handful, but she was my handful.

I just hope tonight went by fast and no one was hurt on our team. No telling what the AVL had up their sleeve.

and finally

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16 thoughts on “Chapter 09(B): Final Days

  1. Estas son las delicias de una batalla en ciernes, pero ya es hora que Eric se dé cuenta que Sookie es más capaz que él de salir sin un rasguño de cualquier batalla.
    Un gran capítulo. Y, por si acaso, felices fiestas.

  2. I crack up with how well Eric knows Sookie even if they hadn’t seen each other for so long. Can’t wait to see what the AVL have planned and how it’ll blow up in their faces.
    Great update, thanks!

    • thank you for reading and reviewing. Yeah he has her pegged for sure, book Eric always knew her, TB Eric was getting there and they about faced them. as for the AVL , we shall see. KY

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