Chapter 02: The Journey

The Journey

Willa had pushed and prodded me in all the right ways to take a look at what our country was doing to itself.   I was a businessman and I could see where they, the country, were failing and why.

A lot of it was due in fact to the older members of congress and senate, in terms of years served, they needed to be ousted.

Fresh blood needed to be brought in.

Fresh ideas and wants.

The American people were suffering because of the old blowhards still in office.  They could be bought quite easily and that was never a good thing for anyone.

I had thought older vampires were bad but politicians were a whole new breed. The longer in office the more they thought they were owed something.  The more the god complex set in and the harder it was to get them ousted.

New blood needed to come in but many found it difficult because these old buzzards played dirty.  The new and upcoming were always shamed, always chastised for something they did while younger.  Hell I am sure as I am vampire that the old buzzards had more skeletons in their closet than I did but knew as I did how to hide them properly.

The only way to get them out of office was death it seemed.

I knew that was not the right avenue to take but I was willing to back ‘any and all’ young gun that was willing to lay their life open, as a book per-say, and run their campaigns that way.

I had gotten many elected and changes started to happen.

The first change was how to get the old buzzards out of office.  It was a difficult battle but one that was won.  If the president could only serve 8 years then the senate and congress would have a set amount of years also.  They would be able to serve 4 terms of office and then they had to leave.

It seemed fair, how can you tell me an 80 year old person’s mind was as sharp as a tack, one who could make sound judgements and make laws to suit the general body of the United States.  None… they were as feeble minded as their limp dicks on Viagra.

We also needed to repeal their retirement plans. Those old buzzards were draining the coffers dry.  That was an even longer ordeal to get changed then getting their tenure shortened.

As my journey in politics continued I became aware that more needed to change and many were too scared to stir the pot for said change.

I knew that a vampire could care less what was said about them.  We had many skeletons in said closet but if you had a long enough life you knew they were already there and where you kept them.

If you didn’t mind them dredging shit up you were pretty much golden and unstoppable to get into any office for your state.

With that being said, My Willa brought up the run for presidency to me. Of course I laughed at her. But she held her ground stating why she thought it was a good idea.

And so it began.

I didn’t think I had much of a chance.

I had better chances of talking to Lucifer in Hell.   But I was going to give it the old college try for her. I was trying to make up for old hurts, make her proud of her maker.

One problem soon came up that I felt would end us before we started, I could not be in the oval office during the day.  Unless of course you wanted to see crispy fried vampire.  But since I was able to stay up later in the morning and I rose earlier at night it made up for the difference.

Besides who says the president has to work nine to five during the daylight hours.

And after all, a human did need their sleep.

As for me, I figured what the hell, I had tried other avenues and they were all successful. Why not politics.

As we started to campaign it seemed as if we were hitting many hurdles along our way.  But every hurdle was obliterated legitimately and the general populous liked the idea that I had no hidden agenda; I was willing to open my life up to scrutiny.

Willa even leaked stuff out about me so that when we were questioned we were not blindsided.   It seemed that everyone was interested in how I stayed alive all this time.

My simple answer was I was raised with honor by my human mother and father and then by my vampire maker.    My maker showed me the world and how to protect myself and what was mine.   How to live through the changes of time and to adapt to those changes.

The only time I hesitated was when I was asked if I had ever married?  Was I ever engaged to marry?  Was I ever in love?

That simple hesitation led to a thorough background check of me by the Republican and Democratic parties.     The only thing that they could find documented in newspaper clippings or on TV was my time traveling during New Blood’s promotion and after.  They found that I liked the ladies but what single man does not… right.

Nothing was ever documented earlier than that.

She was safe.


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30 thoughts on “Chapter 02: The Journey

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  2. Sookie has not come up. That’s pretty amazing if you ask me. I like the idea of Eric wanting to change the country and kick out the out farts in Congress. That made me laugh.

    • Yes he can in this fic with all the changes that took place and the vampires now having rights and he was grandfathered in by being in the US for 100 years. And yes to the terms it needs to change. KY

    • he has never stopped protecting her in his own way. they are two stubborn people and i am sure he does not want her hounded being frail and in her eighties… or is she. thanks for reading and enjoying KY

  3. Wow……Great story. I wonder how old Sookie is? Does she look her age or still young. Who did she marry? This is True Blood so Alceide is dead and Bill is gone. Sam married someone else. Sookie has got to be around 60 now. You just make me want to read more.

    • hello Sookie is in her eighties…. and yes this is TB so you are correct in everything you have said. but there are still tricks up my sleeves and since it is a t-shirt with short sleeves, they will be revealed soon enough. Thanks for liking the story and wanting more. KY

  4. Well I definitely like the changes Eric has made in DC, shame this is a fictional story, sigh.
    Love that Eric still thinks of Sookie and about protecting and keeping her safe!

  5. Would love it if Eric was real and these changes could be made for real — though don’t we all want change for the better. Eric is protecting Sookie but someone will find her they always do and then the “fun” I am hoping begins I know Eric is doing this with Willa but did I miss where Pam is in this story? I will go back and check chapter one to see what I missed. Cannot wait to see what you have up your short sleeves for the couple:-)

  6. Go Willa!! Lol! Okay, so I’ll admit I’m clueless about politics, but I do like Eric’s way of thinking…seems logical…Hmm…all this hinting about Sookie…you’re making me anxious for more! 😀

    • LOL, just making you want more… yeah Willa has grown into herself and she now has a decent relationship with her Maker. Hints are good thing. keeps you guessing KY

  7. Knew Willa was savvy. Definitely another underused character now to be utilised in your brilliant and original story. Do like the ‘back to beginning’ of his campaign chapter. Impressed with the style of your story. 🙂

  8. I’m not very knowledgeable about the American political system, just the basics really but I think Eric could be good for any country! I very curious about what has happened with Sookie since this is so far in the future. And how she feels about him being president. Looking forward to more!

    • thanks for reading and you will learn more about Sookie as we go along, surprises ahead. and yes i think he would make a great leader for any country as well. KY

  9. Wow, with the way their campaign and eventual election is coming along no wonder the people vote for him. I’m glad Sookie wasn’t found out and ambushed by the media, but if she doesn’t know what Eric is trying to do, the never been in love comment had to hurt.

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