Chapter 09: Blood Moon


Well we got back to school okay.  It was fun to be all together again.  The first couple of weeks were rough getting use to the new school year but I was ready… More than ready ….

It was October when the girls approached me about going to Shreveport during the school week…I told them I didn’t think it was a good idea. 

But all five of them ganged up on me.

 Janice had checked with our teachers and they did not have a problem with us missing a couple of days… Plus we were all going to stay at Janice’s, so there was no worry about money for rooms and food…  Amelia had checked with Copley and he rented us a van so we only had to take one car, plus he told us to use his credit card to pay for gas.  So my excuse about school and lack of money were null and void…

It wasn’t until we were headed to Shreveport that it was explained to me, why we were going in the first place.  I about died when I found out we were going to try and be extras on “Blood Moon”.

My heart had been longing for Eric all summer long but I had caught a Gossip RAG or two and saw his pictures with this pretty brunette and the caption read that they were dating… So I knew then whatever I had felt was all on my side… but I couldn’t fault him, he knew nothing about me but that did not stop me from my fantasy relationship with him.  I continued to talk to him all the time.  It felt good and it felt right.

Over the summer  I had told Gran a little about Eric and my feelings  and she said he could possibly be my soulmate but the fates had knitted us apart and that one day we might be knitted back together again… but to hold onto my dreams, so that is exactly what I was going to do…

As we got closer to Shreveport we all got excited, but our first stop was Herveaux house….  Nice ring to that huh……We checked in with Mom and Dad and they said they found out the extras needed to be at the stadium at 8am so we opted to stay in and talk with Janice’s parents so we could have an early night; we wanted to be to be refreshed for the day LONG wait.

We woke up the next day and had a healthy breakfast and headed to the stadium… We brought plenty of water with us, it might be October but it was just beginning to cool off so we would be hot and miserable while we waited to be picked.

I looked for Eric and the girls looked for Alcide….  We did not see anyone but we were determined to be an extra…..

The girls wanted to be in Alcide’s pack but I opted for the dance scene at Fangtasia so we separated for a while.   

As I stood in line, or group mob, we were sectioned out on whether we could dance or not.  I thought I heard one of the other girls in the mob say they heard Eric was the one choosing the dancers.  I did not see him or anyone else anywhere on the set so I was oblivious to how they were going to pick out who they needed.  They needed 50 of us and there were at least 300 extras… damn, I figured I was not going to be one of them.

The day wore on and we auditioned, kinda.  If you could call music piped in and we shaked what the good lord gave us.  By the time 3 hours had gone by, we were narrowed down to 100 people both male and female.   It was another grueling 2 hours before the 50 were chosen.  I lucked out; I was chosen, like at the number 20 or so. I had no clue why I was chosen or by whom; I was just grateful to get the chance to come back tomorrow for our scene.  I hoped the other girls got picked too….  

Before the dance scene extras left, we were told to try and bring back something sexy and alluring to wear during our scene.  I was screwed. I had nothing.

Shit! Fuck! What was I going to do?

I found the girls a bit later and they were all chosen for the Pack…. The said their audition was much easier; they just stood there and waited to be looked at by the director….. They said they heard Alcide was helping choose but he wasn’t in the room with them….  But they were excited anyway because they could see him tomorrow morning……

I told them all my dilemma about an outfit and they all said that we would figure something out between the six of us; we had to be able to find something…   They said they lucked out; they were told to wear a nice top and shorts….. Damn that was easy…

We got back to Janice’s house early and started talking to Mom; we told her my issue about clothes.  She asked us, “If any of us had anything remotely close to what I needed?” 

They all shook their head no.      Mom told me not to get my feathers ruffled; she would figure something out.  Mom was curvy like me so we all trudged back to her bedroom to see what she had. I lucked out that we had the same size foot and we found a 3 inch heel shoe that was sexy as hell and I could easily dance in.  Now to find a costume to go with it….

Mom said I might as well go whole hog with my outfit; I probably would never get this chance again.  So we looked a little bit more and found something in her closet that she forgot was even there.  She said she bought it for a Halloween costume years ago but never ended up wearing it… Jackson told her she looked too sexy in it for their friends, so she went in something else….  I tried it on, it was a short mini skirt but it covered my ass well enough and a midriff halter top… I loved it. It fit me well.

It was out of my comfort zone but for Eric, I would wear it.   I wanted to attract his attention, just to say hello.  That’s all I needed to get me by for another year or two….

So I left early with the girls, even though my shoot wasn’t until much later.  We told them at the gate and they allowed me into watch their scenes and vice versa for the girls watching me since we all came in one car.

The Pack scene was long but it was cool to watch Alcide get the attention of everyone with his strong masculine voice.  I was sitting next to a pretty girl named Angela and she told me her and Alcide were dating.  I told her I was happy for her and I hoped it all worked out.  She said she hoped so too; she loved him a lot.

 It was then I saw Janice move away from the group and was about to get up but she was talking to that asshole who asked me for the picture last year so I figured she was okay.  I did not want to talk to him again; he was a total jerk….

I saw Janice wave at me and tell me everything was okay but she walked away again for a few minutes while they set up the next shot. 

The wolves were coming in so they needed to be extra careful with all the movements going on.  It was awesome to watch…. Alcide’s wolf was huge and it looked like they were friends, the wolf jumped up with his paws on Alcide’s shoulder and gave his face a lick….. Ahhhhh that was sweet…..

I had a great time as I watched and Angela was great so it made the time pass quickly…

Once the girls were done, we headed to get something to eat… The extras were given lunch and dinner depending on what we were doing but since the girls were waiting on me they were allowed to eat with me.

As we waited, we watched Alcide walk by us and the girls squealed.  Janice and I laughed and he nodded and smiled at us.  He was good looking but where the hell did I know him from… Shit I usually have a good memory being a waitress and all but I could not place where else I had met him.

As the night wore on, we were told to get changed into our outfits and if minor adjustments needed to be made, they would be.  I was approved right away and stepped to the side. 

We were told to take our places, which was on the dance floor.  The music started and we were all told to dance and when the time arose we would be told when to stop and start again; we were also told when and where to move.  It felt robotic but I was having fun,

It was about half an hour later that Eric came out onto the stage with us.   He moved slowly and gazing over the dance floor as he moved.  I know he did not see me but I was hopeful.  He looked beautiful in person; he was a gorgeous man and my breath hitched.

It took me a minute but I started to breathe again.

As I got back into the beat of the music, I moved towards his throne.

My back was to him and I was shaking what the good lord gave me and basically doing a strip tease without the pole.

It was fun, but when I turned around and caught the look in his eyes, he was feral… the lust was pouring out of his eyes… he looked like he was going to pounce on me.

I was dancing for him and gave it my all.  It was then we were all told to back up to give the cast member her time in the spotlight. 

Why did Eric looked pissed?

 I figured his lustful face was directed at the girl on the dance floor; it was his girlfriend after all.    But the look he gave her and the growl that came out of him was not a happy one…. Maybe the lust was for me?   I would have to wait and see.

I watched him scan the dancers, it looked like he was looking for someone other than her; he could not look at her and he kept looking away.  What the hell was that all about?

As we were told to move back onto the dance floor, I did and I made sure I got as close as I could to Eric, this was my last shot to tell him hello before we would be ushered off the floor and sent home.

I danced up to him again, doing the dirty pole dance and his look was feral again.  I knew it was for me, the look in his eyes was all I needed to know; it was all for me.  He was closed mouth the whole time but when I danced up to him I looked up and smiled at him (I said hello) and he smirked back but his mouth was full fang and it was sexy as hell.   I knew I blushed because he affected me the same way as I did him… I knew then, that yes, we were soulmates and one day FATE would let us be together, but today was not that day.

The crew told us to back up, so I looked up at him one more time, I said goodbye, but I don’t think he heard me; his state of mind was too feral.  As we backed up again, Dawn got her spot light. I knew I would not see Eric again. 

WE were lost to one another again.

We were ushered off the stage and we were told we did a great job; they would be wrapping up soon but they needed us to collect our personal items and get paid….  I did not want the money. I had a blast and I got to see Eric, which was payment enough.  The pay was cool but I was over the moon with the way Eric looked at me. 

I wondered how long until the next time I would be able to see him.   Then I remembered, the trial was supposed to be this year so it might be a matter of months that thought made me all tingly inside.

I caught up with the girls and they told me I did a great job and it was not unnoticed by Amelia, Tara and Claudine that Eric and I had a connection again while I danced for him…  I just smiled at them and said another day; today was not that day.

They all laughed as we collected our stuff and went to get paid.

We all had a great time and decided if given the chance we would do it all over again.   We headed back to Janice’s and I fell asleep smiling, it was going to be a good year.



Authors note:  hello everyone… I just want to address something real quick for you… Eric and Sookie will get together, but the HEA is going to have to wait for awhile… Real Life plays a major role in this story and I don’t see it happening as quickly as most of you would like… So if Eric had a girlfriend or two and Sookie dates it is because they are not meant to be yet… Bear with me on this little issues, I know a few of you have questioned my motives and asked why I just can’t skip to the good stuff.  The story is mine and this is how I see it progressing… thank you for reading my story….my best Kristie

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 09: Blood Moon

  1. I’m loving this! Fate is really a bad bitch!
    Maybe Sookie and Eric will find the right moment to meet each other again but I guess it will still take awhile…

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