Chapter 07- Home

Chapter 7- Home


After I left Amelia’s I went straight home, I was mentally exhausted.

I wasn’t expecting Gran to be waiting up for me but she was; old habits never die.  Gran said she felt like something was wrong so she needed to stay up and wait for me. I told her that was sweet of her but unnecessary. Gran just said don’t be foolish child I am always here for you.

Who was I fooling, I was a mess and she could tell it. Gran asked me to go get changed and to come back downstairs to the kitchen so we could talk.

I did as I was told and came back to a cup of coffee, a warm smile and a generous hug from my Gran.  She always knew how to cheer me up when I was down.

We sat at the old kitchen table and I told her everything from Eric and I meeting at Merlotte’s by accident, to the Halloween party at the Northman’s, to the breakup at midnight.

I explained to my Gran that in all of this mess, I fell in love with Eric. I knew it was too fast and maybe foolish of me.  But it felt right, like it was meant to be.  It killed me to say all of those hurtful and nasty things to Eric but they were the comments I heard in his guests’ thoughts. I believe I was a coward to have run away from him before he could talk to me and make me understand he did not feel the same way as his friends but I knew to delay would have me melting in his arms and never letting go.

I knew while listening to his mind that he felt the same way as I did but the plan never changed, we were still on schedule to breakup at midnight.  However, I had these thoughts going through my mind as I spoke with Gran.

Not staying together!

Was I wrong in running away?

Should I have stayed?

How could I run away from the man I loved?

I was acting childish.

Gran let me think for a few minutes and she let me know her feelings on what happened.

Gran stated while she met this young man first and a few weeks prior to me; she knew he was a good boy and would be perfect for me.  She wanted to introduce us but Eric ran off before I got home from work.

Gran said she tried to delay his departure but he ended up leaving roughly five minutes before I got home.  If he had just stayed a few extra minutes this mess would have never happened.  Gran said she should have showed him my pictures on the mantel and then perhaps he might have stayed.

Gran said she felt it down in her bones that Eric and I were meant to be together but at the time she met him she did not know how to get us together.  She only knew he lived in Shreveport but did not have an address or a phone number so that she could contact him again.

Gran’s intuition told her Eric was family and she was to treat him as such so when he left after lunch she wrote his license plate number down so that she could get Sheriff Dearborn to run the plate for her.  (Sneaky Bitch)  She decided she was going to get his personal information that way.

…… Well I was not expecting to hear her say that ……… Gran can be so sneaky sometimes……

Gran and I talked for a little while longer but since we were both tired and we both needed rest we said our goodnights.

Gran said if I needed to talk some more we could finish talking in the morning before and after church, but she had thought we just about covered everything that needed to be said.

I kissed her goodnight and headed to my room to think and sleep.

The few things I knew for sure:

                 I loved Eric!

                    What a mess WE made tonight!

                         How was I going to fix this?

                            Why did I run, I knew it was wrong!

                                  Would Eric or his family ever forgive me and let me be a part of their family?

I knew it would not be right for me to march over to his parent’s house and knock on the door.  I needed to figure out how to get a hold of him.  We needed to talk and soon.  I wanted this to work……….

My mind was going shades of gray from lack of sleep so I knew it was time for rest or I would be in no shape tomorrow morning when I needed to take Gran to church.   Besides, I had tomorrow to figure out how I was going to fix this mess I was in.  I lay on my bed for a while and stared at the ceiling; but all I could see was Eric’s smiling face.  I fell asleep to his shining blue eyes and smile; it was the most pleasant image I have ever fallen asleep to.

I woke up Sunday morning feeling refreshed.  I dreamt of Eric and that he would know how to fix us. I also knew I would see him today standing on my porch.  I just needed to wait it out.

It was going to be a long day.

Gran and I went to the 10am church service and got back home around 12:30pm.  Gran made us a quick sandwich for lunch as Jason was coming over later for a big Sunday dinner.  Gran also knew I was too nervous to eat anything heavy and hold it down.  I was waiting for Eric to come to me or as Gran said to “COME HOME”.

I tried to keep myself busy with chores but I kept thinking about Eric and how I was going to help fix our mess.  We are quite the pair.

It was around 3pm when I heard a car coming up the driveway.  I knew it was too early for Jason so it had to be Eric.  I did not want to seem anxious but I knew it couldn’t be anyone else; it had to be Eric.  So I did the next best thing and lowered my shields and read his mind.  He was so confused and a nervous mess; he felt like his head was going to implode.

I heard Gran yell that the door was for me so I ran down the stairs to answer the door; I was trying not to be over eager.

I opened up the front door smiling like a fool and said, “Hello Eric, I’ve been waiting for you”.

I grabbed his hand and pulled him into the house; I led him to the couch to sit down with me. I think I was just as nervous as he was. But we were saved by Gran.

Gran walked in with a pitcher of sweet iced tea and two glasses.  We both thanked her and she left for the kitchen to keep busy and eavesdrop on our conversation.  She knew I was nervous so I think she wanted to stay close.

I could tell Eric was nervous too so I started the conversation for us.

“Eric, I am so sorry about how I did things last night.”

“No Sookie, It was my fault.  I should have never lied. I should have never asked you to break up with me like that.  I should have done it another way or told my parents the truth. This whole lying thing is not me. I am usually a strong person, some call me bad ass, but I caved in and I am sorry.”

“Sookie, it was horrible to hear what people said about you and I am ashamed to have called them my friends. Please forgive me.”

“I don’t blame you, Eric.  You can’t help what other people think.”

“Sookie what do you mean; what do they think?  They said nasty cruel things to you.  It was uncalled for and I am truly embarrassed.”

“It’s okay, Eric. I know you did not say any of those things and I should have never insinuated that is what I heard.  I feel bad because I would have heard you internally if you had.”

“Sookie what do you mean by “Heard Me”?”

Moment of Truth Time

I took a deep breath.  I started to explain things to Eric and how I had a secret to tell him.  But he had to promise me to keep it hush hush; no-one could ever know. I was telling him because I did not want to hide it from him.  I wanted NO SECRETS between us…    If it ever did get out again I would be labeled Crazy Sookie again and I did not want that to happen, I did not want to lose my job at the high school, I loved my job.

I took another deep breath and started to explain about my disability and how it works.  This was not going to be easy.  I could see the disbelief in Eric’s eyes.    I was nervous that Eric would reject me because of my telepathy.

I started out by first telling Eric what I overheard when he entered Merlotte’s with his mother yesterday.  As I told him my heart sank at his dilemma; he was fighting what I told him. He thought I was full of shit.  So I decided to continue; I was not too sure what to do next.    But as I told him what he thought about me he looked a little more curious.  I told him I was pissed at him because he lied about me but I decided to help him anyway.   I told him I agreed with his thoughts at the time; I also thought he was screwed.  As I went on with the story it led us to our talk in the hallway, this is where I think he finally started to believe me.  I told him I could gauge people’s thoughts to tell how far away they were.  This is how I knew his mom was close and why I slid into his lap and nibbled on his ear and neck.

The look he gave me scared me. I knew I needed to continue and tell him everything.  It is never easy when you are explaining this disability to someone; they want to lock you away.  That’s one of the reasons why I don’t tell anyone.


WE needed to start FRESH if we were going to do this.

I tried to stay out of his head but I heard him think clearly he must be dreaming because nobody was truly telepathic

……….……… Here’s my opportunity…… please believe me……………………..

I smiled at him and said Yes Eric, I am truly telepathic but I hide it as best as I can.   I only drop my shields when I think I need to use my gift.

Eric was in shock; I could see it.  He looked nervous and he wanted to talk about what happened last night, so I let him have the floor and stopped talking.

I thought to myself—– okay avoidance——– NOT GOOD———



I was shocked by what Sookie was saying but it did explain a few things about our conversations and the outcomes.  I did say at Merlotte’s she looked like she was hearing two different conversations while she was talking to me and in reality she was; my internal thoughts and external voice.   I never knew telepaths existed; it was kind of cool but I could see why she wanted to keep it quiet, someone who wished ill will could hurt her or her family because of it.

I tried to understand it but it was a little overwhelming so I decided to change the subject.  I would have plenty of time to work through my thoughts later on the matter of Sookie’s gift.  It was a gift even if she called it a disability but we could talk about why she called it that on a future date, we had other things we need to fix first.

I needed to tell Sookie everything.  How I felt about her and our possible relationship.  And I knew I needed to do it quickly before I chickened out.    But before I could Adele came back into the living room to say a couple of things that she thought we needed to know before we went any further.  She said once she said her peace she promised to leave us alone until supper.

Adele stated “she never saw two more fated, stubborn individuals in her life.   If we stayed together we could overcome whatever obstacles occurred.  We would be great together.  She knew this deep down as deep as her old bones would let her.  Adele said she could not only feel but see how much we loved one another; yes it was quick, maybe too soon but it was real and meant to be.  But we needed to get our heads out of our butts and fix our mistakes from the night before”   She then got up and walked away; she left us to ourselves.

I was stunned by what Adele said but when I looked up at Sookie she just smiled.

I figured Sookie started the conversation earlier so it was my turn.

“Sookie did you really mean it when you said you loved me?”

“Yes Eric, I meant it.”

“Do you think we can get past what was said last night?”

“Yes Eric, I already have.  It is just you that has to come to terms with it.  I have heard much worse from my own neighbors.”

“Sookie, can I ask you something about us, do you think we will make it as a couple?”

“Yes, but we will have to start fresh.  We have to start dating and no moving in together yet.  We are a long way away from that.  You said you had Skype so we could talk that way every night that way we do not run our phone bills up and we still get to see each other”

“Sookie, you know I fell in love with you before we met yesterday.  It would tear me apart if we did not work out. Do you see me in your FUTURE?”

“Yes Eric, you are a part of my future, as I am in yours.  As Gran said we were meant to be.  Plus I have been saving myself for my husband and I hope that it is you because I do not know how much longer I can wait.  I have tried to be a good girl but lately I am reconsidering why I waited. I knew before it was because of sensory overload but since that is under control now I am just being chaste.  Can you understand why I have waited and why I want it to be you?  I never been in love before and I feel we are forever so it feels right. “

“Sookie, are you saying what I think — you are saying, that you are a virgin? (She nodded yes)  I would feel honored in being your one and only. “I love you and I will cherish this gift from you always.”

“Sookie, can I ask you why you believe that so fiercely?”

“Because Eric I have been living by what the fates have carved out in stone for me all of my life.  I don’t know why I was given this disability and for what use. But I have learned to live with it.”

“I never moved away after college because I knew I was to stay here with Gran so that I could wait and meet you.  It was the hand I was dealt. “

“I Love You Eric please understand my life has never been easy but I have always been blessed.  I believe in fate and I know you are MINE.  It killed me last night to be cruel to you but it is what I thought you wanted.  By the time I made it to Amelia’s car I was ready to run back to you, but I thought you wanted me to leave because of our deal. I thought you were acting hurt and confused but when I saw you crumble to the ground and heard in your mind how devastated you were.  I knew I was wrong but I did not know how to correct what I just did.  I spoke to Gran about it last night when I got home.  She told me to listen to my heart; it would not lie to me.”

“So Eric I am listening to my heart.

I want to be with you.

Do you want to be with me?

Can you live with my disability?”

“Dear One, I love you.  I am here because I Love You and my parents advised me to pursue you until I made you listen and understand that we are perfect for one another.”

“Can you forgive me for being a fool? “

“Lying the way I did?”

“I want us, I want us badly….”

“I know I must sound like a pussy right now and I am sure last night I looked about the same but I am not.  I am usually a very strong person, I am usually the one my friends lean on but after our final kiss in the wine cellar last night I realized I am hopelessly in love with you.  I should have said something to you then but I was a fool and delayed my emotional forthcomings.  We could have had a much better outcome last night between us instead of that horrible break up; it would have never happened. “

“Yes, Dear One, I can live with and deal with everything you are; disability or not.  Lover, Can we please stop calling it a disability and call it a gift?”

“Eric, why do you call me lover if we have never been? And yes, we can call it a gift but I have always called it a disability, Gran calls it a blessing. “

“I called you LOVER Sookie because you are my future everything.


Best Friend


Children’s mother”

Sookie actually blushed after I told her my plans


“Eric, I heard you say you loved me last night but I thought it was part of the show.  I couldn’t tell after awhile if what I sensed was true or not, so I went with what we had talked about and continued with our plan.   For that I am truly sorry………. I want you to please tell your parents that I am sorry for what happened last night; I should have stopped after the beginning and just left.  I figured the more fuel you had for the breakup the more convincing it would be.  Again I’m sorry.”

“Sookie those ‘Elite Snobs’ last night mean nothing to me; nor do they mean anything to my parents.  My parents kicked them out and told them that they are not welcome any more in the Northman house.”

“My true friends have been blowing up my phone all day long to make sure I am okay and not doing something stupid.  I have not answered them yet because I want to fix us first.  It is the right thing to do and when we are done I will let them know that I fixed us and we are good as ever.  I want you to meet them the right way and enjoy their company as I do.  But you my dear are my utmost priority.”

“Again Sookie, I Love You, gift and all.  We can and we will work around it as long as you don’t’ EVER use it against me in a fight.”

“Eric I promise I won’t use it; it would be an unfair advantage where I would win all the time.  Again Eric I am saying sorry for the nasty things I repeated to you last night.”

“Sookie promise me something please.  Please talk to me if you ever hear anything like that again.  I will not tolerate it, you are MINE and I will protect you always.” “MINE……..HMMMMMMM…… I think I could live with that.”

I leaned over and gave her a much needed kiss.  It was like the one we shared the night before soft but sensual.  It felt like electricity shooting through our lips as I pulled away.

“Eric can I ask you another question?”

I nodded yes “Will you stay for dinner?”



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  1. Great ending….loved it was so fun and easy to read but most of all Eric and Sookie are both winners here !They are going make all work out..thanks for sharing this story with us.Take care

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