I heard a song the other day that made me think of my lover, it fit us to a tee. It was a song about prejudices, not only of the church but in life, its name was ‘Take me to Church’ by Hozier. It fit our once relationship well, the trial and tribulations we suffered through came to the forefront of my mind. The song was us and I had decided then and there that maybe this was whatever god there was telling me to smarten up and listen.

When I first heard the words I thought it said my lover is not human. It shook me to my very core. I had to google the lyrics to make sure I was not hearing things. My very soul was on fire until I saw the words but you know what my bonded got my humor and I got hers, we were so alike in that aspect. However, it got me to thinking about the rest of the song and how it applied to us.

My lover’s got humour
She’s the giggle at a funeral
Knows everybody’s disapproval
I should’ve worshipped her sooner

If the heavens ever did speak
She’s the last true mouthpiece
Every Sunday’s getting more bleak
A fresh poison each week

My Church offers no absolutes
She tells me, ‘Worship in the bedroom.’
The only heaven I’ll be sent to
Is when I’m alone with you—

Take me to church
I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies
I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife
Offer me that deathless death
Good God, let me give you my life

If I’m a pagan of the good times
My lover’s the sunlight
To keep the Goddess on my side
She demands a sacrifice

Drain the whole sea
Get something shiny
Something meaty for the main course
That’s a fine looking high horse
What you got in the stable?
We’ve a lot of starving faithful

This song was us, she was a telepath who knew every ones thoughts, me a creature of the night, a dark creature who would drain everyone who would even think to hurt her. I was her darkness, she was my sunlight. The only time we never argued was while making love. And the other times when we would argue she called me a high-handed asshole. If this song wasn’t a sign of some sort, -what was-?

I knew of course that it wasn’t written about us but it has so many similarities it got me to thinking.

I would pray to her god or even Odin if she was allowed to come back into me life. I needed some guidance soon because if it did not come I was sure I could not make the next year, the last three have been hell.

So I did what I thought was right and Freyda hated it of course, I found a church to attend on Sunday nights and I listened . . . .

This story will have five chapters. 

Story ETA Unknown.

8 thoughts on “TEASER

  1. Can’t wait to read more. Hubby likes to listen to the local pop radio station and this song gets played to death…..great lyrics, but I don’t have to listen to it a dozen times a day……:-)

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