Chapter 03: Campaign Trail

Chapter 3- Campaign Trail

We started our campaigning a year earlier than normal.  We wanted to get everything out of the way early so we could campaign about the issues not about my life or who I was.

I belong to no party and that idea served us well.

Those two and a half years were the longest of my undead life.

We traveled, we spoke, and we held night rallies, early morning rallies.  We were attuned to the masses and it was working for us.

At the beginning we had complaints about what time my rallies would be held since I could not attend a luncheon but it was quickly tackled with a common theme.  If we were trying to gain new respect for the presidency, if we were trying to undue the fuckups in government and how it was failing, then WHY THE HELL would I attend a woman’s cotillion?

Pam would have never attended one except to make fun of the dresses and attendees. Republicunts came to mind from so many years ago.  She did look awesome in that purple dress.

As for me if I was searching for a high end snotty meal it is possible I may attend but it wasn’t to be part of my new repertoire.

So Hell Fucking NO

I was running my ticket on the theme of equality for everyone.  I was not in this to garner favors from the wealthy.  I was already wealthy I did not need their favors. Favors like that were not good for anyone.  It was like thanking a fairy or asking for their help and in return the fairy expected you to be at their beck and call to repay them.

No, I was not having that.  There was only one little fairy-hybrid I would have ever given a favor to without a payment in return but I had not seen ‘her’ in years.  I needed to stay focused; I needed to stop thinking of ‘her’.  But minor things would always bring my lover to the forefront of my mind, that I could not stop nor did I want to.

We wanted the common people to be involved, this new government was for them, not me, I wanted to see my country thrive not be taken over because of mismanagement.

So when we held a dinner rally, they were affordable for all. We never charged over $25.00 a plate.  The reason, I didn’t need the money and I was paying for my own campaign.

I did not want fundraisers.  They were like favors, those who attended expected favors down the pike for the dinner plate contribution.

The money earned from our dinner rallies was funneled into a fund for future up and coming politicians to use. Ones who were not born with a silver spoon in their hands nor their mouths and would need help financially.   These are the people I cared about lately, the ones who would as a team make this country great again.  I was just leading them in the right direction, like the pied piper.

By this train of thought it also reminded me of ‘her’ and what she had continued to tell me about being high-handed and only caring for myself.  I wanted to not only prove to ‘her’ I was different, that I had and could change/evolve but I needed to prove it to myself first that it was possible.

So as we traveled the country I was made aware that we would be going to Louisiana.   I was hesitant but I knew we needed to go there.

The goal was to stay away from Shreveport if at all possible and most definitely Bon Temps.

Willa told me the last time she had seen ‘her’ was the year that we reconnected. Willa said she was aging gracefully and had a family surrounding her that loved her.

That was fifty four years ago, she would now be in her eighties and our love was a distant past for her, of that I am sure.

It is one memory I am sure she never dwelled upon.

For me, I didn’t give that memory a second thought.

Who am I kidding, I thought about ‘her’ always. Minor things would remind me of her. I had always hoped she had done the same about me.

I still have the picture I kept of her from the grainy shot taken from a security camera at Fangtasia.  The white sundress with red flowers will always be a favorite of mine.  I had taken it out of the frame long ago and put it in my wallet so that it was always with me.

Pam didn’t even know I still had it.

Yes I was a sap when it came to ‘her’, Yes I still loved her but no-one would be the wiser.

When Willa and Pam scheduled our trip in the south I was made aware that we would be traveling to Shreveport. It was unavoidable.   I still had businesses there so I needed to show my face.  I still had some importance in the community since I had so many employees and their families who were employed through Valhalla Enterprises.

I dreaded the trip. I did not want to be so close to ‘her’ but yet so far away.

I didn’t care of ‘her’ age.

I just cared about the ache in my chest. I needed to see ‘her’ just once, to give myself closure.

Who was I fooling, certainly not myself.

I wanted ‘her’ even now, even old and wrinkled. I needed ‘her’; I needed ‘her’ more than I have ever needed blood. And I dare say even more than I ever needed Godric.

The ache I felt was the bond we shared. It should have disappeared years ago but I think it lived because I willed it to OR perhaps because my lover, my mate, my wife of my heart was part FAE.

She was my ONE. That would never change.

I knew if I was to sneak off I would be caught by the press so I had to make sure the deviation to BonTemps was a planned one.  I needed to make sure I could check up on ‘her’ and she not be found out about.

I knew that Compton’s progeny still lived in his home with her friends and family.  I figured if we swung by to check up on old acquaintances then I could walk the grounds and take a looksee next door.

I was hoping she lived there still.

Yes I was a devious bastard but I needed to make sure she was okay. That she fared well, that she loved her life and normalcy.

As the days approached for our time in Louisiana, I became nervous, giddy, on edge, and multiple of other emotions had raced through my body.

Whatever you wanted to call it, Pam was not happy.  She could not feel my emotions any longer but she said it was written all over my face.

It made her bitchier than normal… you would think she was going through the change of life for how moody she would get during certain times of the month.   Vampires do not suffer PMS but Pam’s attitude some days would prove the populous wrong.

She of course blamed the long lost fairy snatch.

True it was ‘her’ that drew those emotions from me but I could not let onto that fact.  I needed to protect ‘her’ once again from Pam’s wrath.

I spoke with Willa and told her what was going on with me and she just smiled.   She said she figured as much, that the love the two of us shared never fades away.

She told me to let her handle her older sister.  She would make time for me to get a look next door to Jessica’s.

After I spoke with Willa I still had my doubts and apprehensions.

However, I was now actually looking forward to this leg of our journey.

And the possibilities of a sighting.

However, I intended to keep ‘her’ safe.


35 thoughts on “Chapter 03: Campaign Trail

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  2. Awww!!! This Eric is such a sap and I adore him for it!!! Seriously can’t wait for this LONG awaited reunion!! 😀

    • yes he is after all his long years of being alone, maybe just maybe he will find her again and have a few good years… we shall see … long huh, yes the GP is quite longggggg KY

      • Omg! How did I know you would go there!?! 😂 Yes very long and apparently neglected…poor thing…lol!

    • we shall see on the age thing and how and if she was able to stay fresh and young. as for Pam , he maker needs to come before her wants and needs now, he has given into her for far too long and a little growing up will help. thanks for reading KY

    • i do believe you are right, cupid, sigh…. she makes a good one. thanks for enjoying Eric, he might be a smug, badass, high handed vampire but we love him even more when he shows emotion and lets us know he is just like us with love to give. thanks for reading KY

  3. This part of the campaign is here and travel to Shreveport/Bon Temps is now. Pam doesn’t have to like, but she has no choice but to accept it.
    I wonder how it will be for both Sookie and Eric? Will they see each other? I hope they can at least speak to each other.

    • you know me i love the angst. you will have to wait and see, to see if there is a twist or two. but yes Pam needs to grow up and enjoy the fact that her maker is happy for some reason, it might not be one she likes or approves of but one she needs to deal with thanks for reading. KY

  4. Loved it…..Eric’s need to see his Sookie one last time!!!
    I bet he’s in for a big surprise when he finally meets her again and she is still the same as
    Can’t wait for the next update.
    P.S. Hope your knee will be okay

    • thanks and yes he needs closure or a new beginning. we will see what happens. and for now my knee i there and reminding me that i do have a little pain to deal with. KY

    • welcome and thanks for reading. just a bit of a warning since you don’t know my stories. i can be a bit angsty and twisty. but we will find out soon enough. enjoy KY

  5. Love Eric’s way of running the campaign! Also that he still constantly thinks of Sookie. Willow is being such a big help and can’t help wondering if the “ageing gracefully” alluded to Sookie not ageing like a normal “human”.
    I hope Pam will put Eric’s needs above her own in this matter and not make things too difficult for him because I feel that when he does get to see Sookie he won’t want to be without her any longer.
    I have no doubt he will get to see her on this side trip but will she get to see him also? Yes, I know, I’ll just have to wait and see, lol

    • LOL, yes you will, just be patient. Yes ERic never stops loving that stubborn woman, two peas in a pod. and yes Willa is awesome, she is like the best support system he has. Pam is awesome in her own right but she does not like that fairy-hybrid too much, hopefully she will put her makers happiness before her own. but you never know she may just snap. KY

  6. Well I wonder if Sookie will even be there? If she has not aged then I do not think she would stay around Bon Temps for 50 years. People would talk too much and I think the government would have found out. I could see her in a secret lab somewhere held against her will. Wow this story can go several different ways.

  7. You are such a tease! Who is this family that surrounded her? Her fairy family? I bet Sookie’s still HOT and is going to knock Eric’s socks off (figuratively)! At least, that’s what I keep telling myself. Lol.

    • LMAO, maybe , maybe not. her family, remember in the show she had that WERE at her Thanksgiving table and she was pregnant, the family is hinged on that and others. Knock him to his ass for sure. KY

  8. He still loves her! It’s kinda sad at this point, but we shall see. I have faith in Pam. Once she see’s how happy Eric is she will fall in line. I know she want’s him happy. I guess we shall see! I can’t wait!

    • Yes he has never stopped loving her, i don;t know how he could. The both truly loved one other but so many obstacles were in their way to let nature takes its course. As for Pam i am sure she will have a tantrum and then settle down. thanks for reading KY

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