Chapter 01: Dance for Me

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Chapter 1- Dance for Me

Eric’s POV

I think I’m in LOVE.

No, I know I am definitely in LUST.

While visiting my Maker in Texas I think I found who I have been searching for,- for all my 1000 years on this earth,- the person I would be spending the rest of my life with.

But how am I to know for sure.

I saw her at a club my Maker and progeny took me to after going to a god awful Republican party event where the politicians were trying to schmooze the wealthy vampires into donations and support. Of course I was there in my best Texan garb; I truly don’t know how these people dress like this on a daily basis, quite pretentious if you ask me.

Alexander Skarsgård as Eric Northman

Alexander Skarsgård as Eric Northman

But my progeny was a totally different matter, she is hard as nails when I needed her to be, however she was looking all hot and feminine in her shimmering purple gown, but that didn’t mean that was who she was, she was a more demure and pastels kind of girl.


Kristin Bauer Van Straten as Pamela De Beaufort

Kristin Bauer Van Straten as Pamela De Beaufort

As we made our entrance I had to keep reminding myself I was doing this for my maker, he needed backup and Pam and I were it.

Pam and I worked the room as a couple while Godric was being entertained by one of the rich and powerful Republicans…

Allan Hyde as Godric Gaul

Allan Hyde as Godric Gaul

Pam in all her snarkiness called herself a Republicunt, which of course I laughed at because of course she was as far from that description as possible, but she did clean up nicely and I appreciated her presence since that kept the sharks/woman at bay.

The last thing I wanted was a Republican bitch on my arm or in my bed.

After the damn event was over I told Godric I needed to relax so he took me to a club called Vixen… It was run by a Supe so I was sure they would carry blood. I needed a fuck and feed but the bottled stuff would have to do for now. You never know, I might get lucky and one of the girls would want to entertain me after their dance.

So there we sat at a private VIP table off to the side waiting for the next set; apparently Godric had come into Vixen often enough that he was given the VIP treatment whenever he graced them with his presence. I was always curious about this place when I would visit Godric; I would see it when he would take me to the vampire club he owned but we never stopped.

So here we sit waiting for the next performance/set. The lights go dim and the announcer/Dj says, “We have a special treat tonight. One of our retired dancers has come back to pay us a visit and we have talked ‘Cowgirl’ into a little show for y’all. Everyone give her a warm round of encouragement as she is a little rusty.”

As the music cues up I am expecting a country song, however, that is not what comes over the sound system. The song is ‘Smooth’ by Santana, featuring Rob Thomas.

The song itself draws me in, but out struts a platinum blonde bombshell in a leather duster and chaps. But the outfit does nothing for me; it is like an outfit you would see someone wear at a rodeo; plain, old, no sparkle or lace.


Despite the song, I am losing interest real quick until she starts to move. Her movements are sexy, graceful and sinful and as she dances through the song she slowly removes her scarf then her chaps in one fluid move (Velcro), once those are gone she starts to remove her duster but she uses it to block our view of what she has underneath… It takes me back to my burlesque viewing days where they would use the large feather fans to keep themselves from showing too much skin.

As she moves with the rhythm of the song I realize it starts for a second time flawlessly and I am drawn into her beautiful green eyes. But something is off, the color is all wrong, her hair doesn’t seem right and I feel as if she is trying to cover up who she is. What is she hiding?

I start listening to the words,

Well I hear you whisper and the words melt everyone
But you stay so cool

I am mesmerized, is she speaking to me through her song and dance?

You’re my reason for reason
The step in my groove

As the song continues so does her removal of the duster, lower and lower it goes until she is almost bare. What she has left on is awe inspiring and I move to the edge of my seat to stare.

And it’s just like the ocean under the moon
Well it’s the same as the emotion that I get from you
You got the kind of lovin’ that can be so smooth, yeah
Gimme your heart, make it real
Or else forget about it

She has on a white embellished bra, white thong, a holster with pistols, white embellished arm cuffs and pink boots.


If Freya were here she would make her one of her disciples or she would possibly be chosen as one of the Valkyries by Odin himself.


In every breath and every word I hear your name callin’ me out. 

She is a picture of what a goddess should look like and I am enthralled. I am still listening to the words of the song which are playing in the background, but I am entranced and I have a need that is surfacing quickly.

I need her.

And if you say, “This life ain’t good enough”
I would give my world to lift you up
I could change my life to better suit your mood
‘Cause you’re so smooth

Her toned and tanned body draws me in and I am now standing. I don’t care about the stares I am receiving from not only Pam and Godric but the other patrons. I slowly move towards the stage and pause at its edge.

As the song is coming to an end, so does her dance.

And just like the ocean under the moon
Well it’s the same as the emotion that I get from you
You got the kind of lovin’ that can be so smooth, yeah
Gimme your heart make it real

I need to find out more about her…

I need her.

As she finishes her set she looks up at me with a shy smile and winks at me before she exits the stage.

What the hell, has she bewitched me?

I try to move to the rear of the club but I am stopped by the Were bouncer and a Daemon. Godric had come over to where I was standing and gently guided me back over to our table to sit down.

I am watching for her to exit the back, but she is not coming out front to schmooze the patrons. I thought all the dancers came out after their sets to personally dance for the patrons but she never came out.

I tell Godric I need some fresh air and will be right back. In actuality I am going to wait at the back door to catch her as she exits.

So I wait, but she never exits.

Did I miss my chance?

How will I find out her real name? I am perplexed, but I figure a quick glamour of one of the other dancers will get me her name.

Yes that is what I will do.

I reenter the bar and head for the table. Pam has two dancers giving her and Godric lap dances. It is entertaining but I need to find out about the ‘Cowgirl’. I easily catch the eyes of the girl on Pam’s lap and asked her my questions.

But to my dismay she does not know the girl; apparently she worked here years ago and has moved on but came in to visit the owner and he convinced her to dance one last time. The only other useful information she has is that the bouncers and Dj call her Princess.

I wanted to speak with the owner but Godric told me not to push the subject, I didn’t want to mess with the Daemon.

Dammit what will I do now?

Have I lost her for good?

Sookie’s POV

Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse

Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse

I was in town for a damn event that my grandfather had wanted me to attend with him. He thought with my telepathy, I could help him out with the people he would need to schmooze so that he could get documents pushed through faster for the pharmaceutical company he ran here in the human realm. He wanted to open a branch in Dallas and needed new permits and such but there was hold up after hold up.

You see granddad is a Fairy Prince and I am a Fairy Princess but I didn’t have enough FAE in me to live in Faery. So he set up businesses in the human realm so that my family and I could live a good life, to be taken care of properly while we lived in Louisiana or wherever else we may have chosen to set down roots.

He also wanted to make sure that no other Supe could approach me without a family member knowing about it. So when it came time for college I chose a career that would allow me to run the pharmaceutical company that granddad Fintan had built in Shreveport Louisiana.

Daniel Craig as Fintan Brigant

Daniel Craig as Fintan Brigant

When the time came I went to a college in Texas so that I could live with my godfather or mentor, as I called him, to stay safe and feel protected; his name was Desmond Cataliades.

John Goodman as Desmond Cataliades

John Goodman as Desmond Cataliades

We were taught early on that we had fae in us and what might come about it and how to defend ourselves if need be. I had the FAE allure and my scent wasn’t as strong as a full FAE but it was enough to attract unwanted attention from the Supe community.

Granddad told me I had the essential fae spark but it seemed like it was diluted enough that I would be okay for the rest of my life but anything could trigger the spark and if it was triggered we would have to deal with what FAE qualities came about.

Trigger, what the hell could trigger it?

I knew I was a telepath because of Uncle Des and I came to terms with that a long time ago but what else could possibly happen. I didn’t want to think about it, so I didn’t. Uncle Des ran a prosperous law firm but on the side he had several other businesses and one of those businesses was a dance club, Vixen, okay maybe not a dance club it was more of a strip club and while attending Texas State I danced a little on the side.

But when I danced at the club I was always the lady. I never stripped down to be bare naked; I always left on my bra, thong and boots. I would NEVER perform lap dances after my set; I wasn’t that kind of girl. I was saving myself for my husband, I know it was wishful thinking and being FAE tends to make you very sexual, hell look at my brother the manwhore and cousin the tramp, but I was determined to keep something human of myself. So I held my standards and the patrons never knew the true me since I would not do personal dances, – no matter the amount of money they offered-, I had green contacts that I would put in my eyes every night and platinum extensions I would attach to my hair; I did this so no one would know I was truly a blue eyed blonde virgin fairy princess named Sookie Stackhouse.

Life seemed good up until that damn event. I knew of the Sheriff of Area 5, what Supe didn’t but I never approached him because fairies and vampires do not mix very well, which leads me to not knowing what he looks like but I could harbor a guess from the whisperings about him. That was another fact granddad instilled in us long ago, stay away from vampires, it would cost us our lives. I am sure the Sheriff knew of the Brigant family but I was never one to have been approached.

I hated the Republican fundraisers; the people there were so pretentious.

While musing, I caught the movement of a beautiful creature, an Adonis, maybe even a Viking god but I knew Vikings had passed on long ago.

However, that is when I saw him up close and personal, walking with a beautiful blonde on his arm. I knew they were vampire because of their void but that did not mean he was approachable. I had heard that the Sheriff and his maker were to be attending this soiree and I would need to be careful….Fae…Inexperience….You name it…  I was vampire bait….

I was a virgin but I lusted after this tall blond man/vampire and wondered if I could have him.

NO was the response my mind said to me.

I knew in my bones I needed to have him. But Fate would be playing with danger if that was ever to happen. I had always been told that our kinds do not mix, don’t temp it.

I didn’t know what I was doing as I moved closer to him and would listen to him talk to the others but I was enthralled. He talked with such authority and his charm oozed out of his pores.

Lafayette would say he was sex on a stick, and this time he would be correct.

But I watched from afar as he smiled and smirked and became annoyed, but you would never know it from his motionless face. You saw it in his eyes; yes I was that close and I was hoping he did not notice me. I continued to watch until granddad needed me and then I went on to do what was needed of me for the night.

This night could not have ended sooner, I was tired but energized and I knew what I wanted to do; I wanted to dance, but I did not know if Uncle Desmond would allow it. I had not been back to the club in years but uncle said he would keep my costume in stasis just in case it was ever needed again.

When I got to the club I went to the back and saw a couple of bouncers I knew. Tray was my favorite and always called me Princess since I really was but the other bouncers just thought it was a pet name he called me by.

Stuart Reardon as Tray Dawson

Stuart Reardon as Tray Dawson

I told him I was there to see Des and he allowed me in his office.

Uncle said he knew what I was there for and pulled out my outfit for me; you would think he was telepathic or something. He told me to get myself ready and he would fit me in after a couple more sets.

So there I sat in the dressing room all ready to go and for some reason I was nervous as hell. But as I let my shields drop I heard that there were important vampires out in the audience tonight. The girls were trying to figure out how they could impress them and maybe become a pet. I am not sure after one meeting they would ask you to be a pet NOR did I think any of them were worthy of pet material. They were all callous bitches who wanted a sugar daddy at any cost.

I wondered if uncle knew, but I am sure he did because he had said long ago that the dancers did not stay around for long; there was a big turn over in exotic dancing.

So Tray came back to get me, he was the only bouncer Uncle felt comfortable watching over me when I danced. I gave him a bear hug and he kissed my forehead, said good luck Princess and pushed my ass toward the stage.

When I stepped out I was nervous as hell but once I looked over the crowd I felt better and when my eyes locked in on the Sheriff, I decided this dance would be for him.

If I couldn’t have him sexually by being a fairy, then I would give him my body and soul from my dance.

So I danced for him, I locked my eyes on him every chance I got and I drew him in. I didn’t expect him to come to the stage’s edge but that is exactly what he did. He stood there and watched me, he was in a trance and I think they only thing that brought him out of it was the song had ended. As I looked up I gave him a smile and as I turned toward the exit stage right I winked at him.

I freakin’ winked at a vampire.

Damn, I felt for sure I was going to lose control and jump into his arms. If it wasn’t for Uncle and Tray standing at the curtains edge I may have turned around and ran for him.

Why was I so drawn to him?

Uncle shooed everyone out of the dressing room and told Tray to stand guard. There was an amorous vampire out there and we needed to get the Princess out of here quickly.

I really didn’t register what they were saying until I looked up and granddad was standing there looking at me, he told me to come with him.

When did he show up?

I obeyed and walked to him and as soon as I touched his hand we popped.

Popping was a little disorientating but fun. Granddad told me that my car would be brought to me later and Tray would be standing guard while I was staying in the hotel.

I didn’t understand what the big deal was.

I needed someone to explain to me what was going on.

This had never happened before and it got my stubborn streak soaring high and I was pissed.

Granddad told me to go get changed quickly and come back out to the sitting area, we needed to talk.

A statement of ‘we need to talk’ was never a good time for the other person.

So I quickly did as told, but I was still pissed.

I did nothing wrong. I danced for a man, a man I was attracted to, a man I drew to me, a man I wanted above all others, a man I would have before the nightfall if I could manage it.

However, I knew if I was getting a guard and granddad was here that wasn’t going to happen but it gave me the idea that there was always Shreveport; they could not control me there. I needed free rein to run the company. I would just have to have a meeting with the man that would be MINE.

As I entered the sitting area I saw that granddad had been joined by Uncle Des and my great grandfather Niall.

Jeremy Irons as Niall Brigant

Jeremy Irons as Niall Brigant

With the three of them sitting there I knew I was in trouble. I was caught off guard when Tray quietly entered the room and took a stance right next to the door.

I blinked hard, I kept shaking my head, I didn’t do anything wrong. I felt like I was getting ganged up on. I wanted to break down and cry but I didn’t, I needed to be stubborn and show them that I was a grown woman and I didn’t need scolded for my dance.

I was told to sit down and listen.

Niall was the one who spoke, “Grand-daughter we never thought that your spark would ignite like it did, but it has and we believe it was from the dance you did tonight for the vampire. When the FAE dance for their MATE, their spark tends to ignite and grow. We believe that your ignited spark is what pulled the vampire to you, to the edge of the stage and held him in place. We had always hoped that if it did ignite it would be for another Fae and not for a man who was dead. However things never tend to go the way we had hoped with you and we know you have saved yourself which is uncommon for the fae to do but not for a human. We believe you saved yourself for The Northman. Some of your stronger emotions are truly human and I think your soul had held out and has chosen your mate for you and from the looks of what had happened tonight we believe his soul has chosen you also. We could try to strip you of these feelings but in the end we believe it would only hurt you. However, we also know and acknowledge you are stubborn and if we had forbid you from seeing him you would have already figured out a way to go to him; if you haven’t already. I know you know who he is, Fintan saw you leering at him at the fundraiser. The Viking is a decent vampire and honorable; he would be able to protect you from all others… If you would like to meet him we can arrange for a meeting to see how he reacts to you and your scent. In the meantime, Tray will be your guard and he will go back with you to Shreveport and do the same. I can see a steam rising in that head of yours but it is for a good reason. You ignited your spark, you smell more of FAE now, you cannot hide it until we train you to suppress it, you will have more FAE tendencies and Tray will be able to help you train and react to unwanted advances. It is a precaution in case you do not choose the Viking or he does not choose you, however, Tray will be going with you no matter if you choose The Northman or NOT. That is non-negotiable. Now you can speak and ask questions.”

Questions; I had a ton of them.

“Where should I start first? Yes I want to meet him, I can feel him in my blood and it aches for him. I want to meet him as soon as possible but can you pull it off? Can it be tonight? Why now, meaning my spark igniting? And what happens if he doesn’t want me?”

I have so many more questions but I think they are more for him then my family.

Fintan spoke next, “You will meet him then, we will arrange it, but it may not be tonight.”

At that Uncle Des pulled out his phone and spoke into it as the person on the other end answer. “This is Desmond Cataliades, is this The Northman. Yes, yes. You were in my club tonight and you appeared to be taken by one of my dancers, Yes, Yes. She would like to meet you too. Umm, yes as soon as possible, tonight if it can be arranged. Would you like to come to us or we meet you somewhere else more neutral. Yes please bring your Maker; you may need his help and control. No, I cannot elaborate over the phone, this is a conversation needed in person. Yes, 1 hour would be fine, you can come to the penthouse suite we have at the Hotel Camilla. Yes if you are early that is fine, a little anxious I see. No, please leave your progeny elsewhere. There are delicate matters going to be discussed and seen and I would prefer her not attending at this time. Yes, Yes please apologize to her. We will see you when you arrive. Oh yes another thing before you arrive, let me warn you, we have a Were guard in attendance, he is the one that held you off at the club… Yes, Yes he was following orders. Yes, yes I only wanted to be forthcoming. Until then. Goodbye.”

Uncle spoke to us next, “He will probably be here before an hour. So I expect if you my dear would like to meet him in something other than sleep wear you better go get changed. Be quick we still have things to discuss.”

Once he said that I was off and running, what do I wear to meet the man of my dreams in. I finally chose one of my sundresses. White with red flowers, I left my hair down and just put on a light sheen of lip gloss. I wasn’t much for makeup so this was good for me.

Sookie_red and white dress

I ran back out and sat down pensively and all the men in the room chuckled at me, even Tray.

Tray spoke first, “Princess you have always been a favorite charge of mine and I jumped at the opportunity to guard you. We are friends and it will make this much easier than a new person you do not know and who you would fight at every turn if they issue an order for your safety. I have always thought of you as a daughter and that will never change. But let me say this NOW, if that vampire hurts you in any way I will find a way to have him meet his True Death. In the meantime before we leave for Shreveport, we will need to go by my apartment for me to be able to pack my things up so that I can move permanently with you. I will not be coming back to Dallas—unless it is as your guard. Where you go—I go. Are you good with that?”

I looked at Tray in awe, I always liked him, he treated me with respect and kindness and I knew he cared for me but I never fathomed that it would be in a fatherly way. But now thinking back on things, he did always treat me like a daughter.

“Yes Tray I accept your terms.” With that being said we shook on it and then we hugged.

He stepped back to his post and granddad spoke again, “Child we do not know why the spark ignited now but we assume it was because you and your mate were close. I understand that you were drawn to him at the fundraiser but you did not lock eyes nor did he realize your presence. If he did realize your presence he did not acknowledge it while working the room with his progeny. The ache you feel is the call of your blood to his, it is a FAE bond that so few achieve in their lifetime and it is forever. Which leads me to a blood bond, when and if the vampire accepts you he will most likely initiate a Vampire bond of his own, and this too is forever. The vampire will believe you to be married and no other may ever touch you or take your blood. However, if the vampire is not of strong will he may not be able to get past your Fae scent and drain you dry. That is why we asked for his Maker to come with him tonight, we do not know how he will react to your scent. The Northman is 1000 years old and has great control but there could always be a chink in his armor which could be your scent. His Maker, Godric, is over 2000 years old and has the best control of will power I have ever seen. So please let us take the rein on the meeting and please do not do anything rash. I beg of you to show some restraint.”

I just huffed at him and everyone chuckled. I would behave I could not lose my mate, I could not.

“I accept to the best of my ability, I cannot promise nothing will happen. Let me apologize in advance if something does happen…. I’m Sorry.”

They all nodded but had smirks on their faces, what the hell does that mean?

“Can you tell me what I will do if he does not want me? Not because of the bond or the ache in our blood but because I am Fae and a princess… It is my biggest fear.”

Niall spoke next, “Young One, we will be here with you every step of the way. We do not know how to answer your question. We can only hope he accepts every part of you. FAE…Princess… Blood ….and Tears.”

With that statement there was a knock on the door.

We all stood up and Tray answered the door.

We heard Tray say, “Eric Northman and Godric Gaul to see Mr. Cataliades.”

As they entered the room they saw great grandfather and bowed deeply.

Damn, they knew who he was.

I did not know if this was good or bad.

They then saw granddad and uncle to their right side and acknowledge them with a much shorter bow. They in turn bowed back at the two Sheriff’s in front of them.

Well I guess this was going well, until Tray shut the door a little too hard and it spooked me. I guess I was tense and afraid and I thought he would run for the hills once he saw who was in the room with me.

But it wasn’t he who ran, it was me, I darted to him, not away from him and he scooped me up with his arms and held me tight.

To be continued…

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    • thanks for reading. I will continue this story when i get the chance, right now it is not at the top of my muse’s list, it was a story done for a challenge. KY

  1. Hi, I am a fan of your stories. I like them, love them and I really want to read more of this story. please update it. I am waiting for it to be updated since last 6 months. Plz…

    • Hello thank you for reading and i will update it as soon as i can. I have been working on some of my others ones to get them done and then do one at a time. But Real Life has gotten in the way and work have been extremely hectic. But i do promise to get back to it, 1/2 a chapter is already written, i just have to finish it. please be patient. KY

    • oh you will be happy, there are 2 chapters of this one waiting to be posted but I am trying to get Oval office finished and posted before i start back on this one. Going to try and finish one story and move onto the next in posting but i still work on other stories chapters when the muse if fickle. KY

  2. Hi, I’ve seen your new story (Oval Office) and seen that you serve as a beta editor for other FF/WP SVM writers. Any chance that you will continue this story (Smooth)? I know it’s been several years but maybe that time has given you additional ideas for it? I’m hopeful that you will. Thanks!

    • hello, as a matter of fact I have 4 chapters written for Smooth and I plan on finishing it. Since loosing my job back in April due to Covid I was hoping to write a lot more but my mind is fickle and doesn’t stay focused like it did when I was working 50hr weeks. That being said I am writing and it is not just for this story , it is others as well. thanks for asking and have a great day. KY

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