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Summary: They were always destined to be together, but Real Life always got in the way even if they are both Supernatural. However, they worked through all their obstacles as a team to finally be together.


My exchange gift for Kelpie.

Challenge prompts: For the Gift I Want to Receive:

Pairings: Eric/Sookie

Preferred rating: (Smut is not required, but it is appreciated.) T and above-prefer smutty

Prompts: (A minimum of three. They can be as detailed or as vague as you like.)

1. Chef Eric

2. Pirate Eric

3. Pirate Sookie

Deal breakers: (Things you do not want.) either of my OTP sleeping with anyone else. I’m possessive!

Hope you enjoy it; I tried to make it fun and angst free.


Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters; I have used the characters personas originated by Charlaine Harris in the SVM books and a few from Alan Ball in True Blood. I am just playing with them for a bit and bringing in a few new friends, giving it a twist in an all human world.


Gods I loathed Fangtasia anymore, however a promise was a promise.

My child needed a vacation, she had been working so hard since our return and she wanted to take her new child and my youngest with her to fashion week in Milan. I was okay with that but sitting on this damn throne being gawked at by bloodbags that reeked of sweat and drugs was infuriating, I don’t know if I could suffer through another 5 nights.

I felt mirth through my bond with my lover; she was getting a kick out of my annoyance and sending it through our bond. Yes we finally bonded after all this time and for all the right reasons.

The first 9 nights of my purgatory were bad enough; I would need the help of Odin to get through the rest.

Let just say that the only things that kept me amused and centered for my nights at Fangtasia were the feelings coming to me from my bonded, my musing or reminiscing of my past,-as you may call it-, and of course playing Angry Birds on my iPhone.

(Text from Sookie- What has you so amused my love?)(E-reminiscing)

I look back and wondered how I ever sat here night after night on this damn throne for all of those years, – which of course I have to give credit to Ginger for dreaming it up so many years ago-, and dealt with these insipid creatures.

It makes me think back to a time when my life was much simpler, well not really simple, just not being on display for the fangbangers and tourists.

One of my all-time favorite times was when I befriended a chef.

Her name was Julia Childs, Pam and I thought she was a hoot (as my bonded would say) and we spoke with her one evening when she was taping a show late at night. She knew we were other, as was she, and I convinced her to teach me how to cook. She had to rethink how to teach me since I could not taste but since she was a Were she taught me how to cook by smell. By the time she was done teaching me I was a full blown Chef and I was much sought after from late night establishments for the culinary delights I concocted.

A Vampire Chef, who would have figured…. But I loved it.

It was one of my favorite personas, for I have had many.

I now use my talents on my bonded when she least expects it because when you love someone as much as I love My Sookie you do little things for them when they least expect it to happen and it makes it all the more meaningful. My Love chuckles at me when I cook her an elaborate dinner, she says she doesn’t need nor deserve it, but really she does, she puts up with my high-handed vampire ways.

I need to remind her how much I love her and I am happy that she finally chose me after all the bullshit that went down after Bill’s death; he forced her hand and it was despicable in vampire culture, in so many ways he was an immature vampire and acted like a baby vampire. The asshat should have met the sun not force her hand. However, I couldn’t place blame on just her, I had been away far too long because of New Blood, but I always came back, I couldn’t stay away from her.

(Text from Sookie- You must be thinking about Beehl again, please stop, he is not worth the aggravation.)(E-I will try)

I gave my love her space; however, I was drawn back to her every few months. I would check up on her to make sure she was okay and getting by. What is the saying: ‘I was drawn to her like a moth to a flame’ but I did not want to be overbearing, I was called high-handed one too many times, so I kept my distance.

I knew all too well that being over bearing and high-handed was the wrong approach with her; she needed time to mourn all her friend’s deaths. She lost so many in such a short period of time.

She needed time and if I wanted to win her back I would need to give her plenty, which I had in droves.

After New Blood was settling in or becoming prosperous as Pam had called it we laid our stakes (pun intended) back down in Louisiana. Pam was none too happy about coming back to the shit hole but I told her that her sister was here as well as my love and this was where I would be with or without her.

Even if during those 5 years of being away I would return from time to time; I knew I wanted to be in no other place. I wanted to retire so to speak and Louisiana was calling my name.

My Love was a big reason for that.

I needed her as much as I needed the bagged blood I drank. She was my life force and I knew I was hers but she would have to choose me, I would not push her. I tried pushing before when I laid it all on the line and she chose to walk away.

We had been back for about 6 months now from promoting and franchising New Blood when my Willa approached me and told me that Sookie had taken ill and she didn’t know what to do. Prince Niall had not been seen in months and she and Jason could not get a hold of him to come help, they figured it was a Fae thing since Sookie was never sick.

I knew I was needed and didn’t hesitate to seek her out.

When I arrived at her house she was feverish and talking gibberish and by the oddest chance there was no barrier against me when I entered her home. I had thought for sure that I would bounce off the human protection barrier and they would have to get Sookie to allow me in.

Yet I was able to walk right in and seek her out.

She lay in her bed, the one I knew all too well; she looked so tiny and frail. I called Ludwig right away and she came immediately but she said that it was nothing she had ever seen before. She drew some of Sookie’s blood which I had growled at her for and she told me to back my shit down she needed to find out what was the matter.

Her thoughts were that being a fairy-human hybrid might be finally catching up to her body chemistry and making her ill. The vampire blood she had taken in previous years had staved off her chemistry change.

I asked if being beside her with my cool body would help take the fever down and the doctor replied it could help, but it couldn’t hurt her either. With that being said I stripped down to my boxers and placed my cold body against hers.

She immediately clung to my side and spoke coherently. “I knew you would come”.

I let her know I was always there for her even when she could not see me. She said in her feverish state, “I always knew, I felt your void; it was so vast that I knew I was always protected.” I smiled at my little minx; she never called me out on my visits or let me know she knew, however this little bit of knowledge made me happy.

Sookie was sick for another 10 days and I stayed by her side the entire time. Jason had agreed to let me move her down into my chubby during my downtime and I allowed him to come down and tend to her during the day. I hated the breach of security but he promised me it would only be him coming down, Lafayette would be the only other allowed in the house during the day so that he could cook her some herbal broth the good doctor had suggested and they tried to get her to take it in but were having difficulties on the first few tries.

However, Jason promised he would make sure all her other needs were taking care of by him while I was in downtime; he had grown up, he had stopped his life the moment his sister got sick.

On the sixth day of her illness Ludwig came back to us and said that her blood was fighting the vampire blood still inside of her, she either needed another dose of vampire blood or we would have to extinguish what was left of the/my blood in her by magic.

I spoke with Jason and he told me to give her my blood, it would heal her up quickly and he would let her know that he made the call, not me. He would inform her that he wasn’t glamoured by me or another vamp and she could check him out if she didn’t believe him.

I knew Sookie could tell when someone had been glamoured but I didn’t know she could break through the glamour. That was food for thought but for another time.

Plus the other positive to me giving her blood was that I would be able to sense if she was in trouble, she hadn’t been in any Supe trouble in a long time but I knew there was always a possibility.

After all she was a trouble magnet.

I told him I agreed but the blood she was fighting was most likely mine and I did not know how much still remained in her after all these years. It should have disappeared years ago.

Jason exact words back to me were, “She is a stubborn fool and her blood is probably just as stubborn as she is and wouldn’t let yours go. You should have never left her man. She loved you… She still loves you. Have you heard what she says while she is sleeping, she always did talk in her sleep? I am hoping what she says is just dreams and not real life shit cause some of it is scary shit and other stuff is just plain funny. I know you love her dude; otherwise you wouldn’t be here. So don’t even try to say you don’t, you be lying to me and her.”

“Jason I would never lie about that, I loved your sister for years but SHE chose not to be with me so I stayed away. Many times I wished for her to call me to tell me she was ready. Many times I had thought our time was finally here but she never called so I never came. I know it was a ‘catch 22’ for us but I would not force her into a relationship with me. I wanted her to choose me.”

“Dude you caught her a long time ago, no catching to it.” So ‘simple’ I forgot not to use big words and sayings he would not understand. I just chuckled to myself; Stackhouse had certainly grown on me in the past few nights.

“So how you gonna give her your blood? Do you think she can swallow it on her own? She is barely able to swallow the broth I feed her. Can we just inject it into like you would a turkey for bastin’ and marinatin’?”

The thought of basting my love was even funny to me and I chuckled. Only Stackhouse would come up with something so insane.

“No Jason, I will bite my wrist, we will open her mouth and drip my blood into her mouth and let it flow down her throat. Only a little should be needed but if she latches onto my wrist I will let her take more but that will be by her choice.”

“Okay I’m ready when you are; I want to be there while you do it. Just in case she wakes up, I can tell her it was all my doin’.”

So on the eighth day after a little hemin’ and hawin’, Jason’s words not mine, we decided it was time; she was not getting any better.

We called Ludwig and she said she wanted to be there too just in case there was a complication. However she said I needed to bring her up from the cubby it was too cramped down there for all of us.

I let her know that every night for the past week I would bring Sookie upstairs so that her friends could come and visit her and sit vigil. Even though she did not know they were there, they needed to be near her.

Sookie had more friends than I realized, human, fairy and vampire alike, my youngest was there on a nightly basis along with Jessica, apparently after I left and Bill gone, Sookie became their MAKER of sorts, she taught them what she knew of vampirism and kept them safe. They never fed from her, she was their mother, they both needed her and her being sick was not sitting well with either one of them.

The little fairy girl, Adilyn, cried when she saw her friend because she was afraid she would lose her and not get her friend and teacher back. I told her not to worry we would figure this out and Sookie would be as right as rain soon enough. Andy thanked me for being kind to his daughter. I knew I had used her once upon a time to gain access to Warlow but I told them both they could trust me now to leave her be, her scent did not call to me.

Pam visited once to see what all the fuss was over and she was horrified to see Sookie so frail. She actually said she wanted to help. My oldest had finally seemed to grow up and her petty jealousy had been put aside. It was rather refreshing. I told her she could help by bringing me clean clothes and bagged blood.

The night of the sharing was a family affair; in attendance were Jason, Lala (as he wanted to be called), Willa, Jessica and Dr. Ludwig. I explained what Jason and I were going to do. I would sit on one side of Sookie and Jason on the other. I would bite into my wrist and drip the blood into her mouth while Jason helped it to stay open and massaged her throat.

Ludwig suggested using her scalpel it would be cleaner and more blood would be able to enter into her mouth quicker.

I nodded and we proceeded. As the blood dropped into her open mouth,-what happened next was not expected-, both Willa and Jessica’s fangs popped down into place.

My ancient blood called to them both, but they stayed in their spots.

But what was rather funny and as I think about it now, I will forever cherished, was the growl that emanated from Sookie, it was feral to say the least and the louder it got the bigger the smile on Ludwig’s face became. However, when Sookie latched onto my wrist and sucked harder I knew it would be only a matter of time before she would be herself again.

My blood is what her body needed and craved.

Ludwig had me pull away from her so I did not overcook her and told me in two nights time she wanted me to give her more blood. She was hoping in those two days she would be back to herself and Ludwig would make the demand of Sookie to take my healing blood again and not be so damn pigheaded.

With that said she popped away.

Jason thanked me and gave me a man hug.

Lala hugged me and kissed my cheek and told me he owed me for bringing back his friend.

Willa blushed and then hugged me. I held her tight and told her her mother would return to her soon. She smiled at me and told me she would go call Pam. But before she and Jessica left, I asked Jessica to step outside for a quick minute.

“Jessica, I know Sookie is all you have left.” she nodded. “I am willing to be your surrogate Maker so older vampires won’t bother with you and I am sure Sookie will be happy for you.”

“Thank you Eric, but Pam had made the offer the other night and I think I will take her up on it. You will have your hands full with Sookie and Willa.”

“Either way young one you will be of my blood line since Pam will never be too far away from me either.”

“I would like that Eric, thank you.”

With that she zipped away and Willa followed her.

Jessica had seemed to finally grow up, no longer the baby vamp I remembered.

(Text from S- you okay honey, your emotions are all over the place?) (E-thinking about your illness)

I went back to my love’s side and asked Jason if it was okay if I took her back down to the cubby and let her rest. He said his goodnights and I locked up behind him.

As I carried Sookie down she was jabbering again. But this time she was talking of a dream she had, it was of her and I laying on a bed of furs, making love to one another and talking about our future. It was not a dream it had happened to us when we first shared blood but I could not get her to understand.

So I let her talk.

She told me how we lay together and looked up at the snow falling down from the sky but it never hit us, the sun was out and it shone down on us both and I had looked glorious in the sunshine. We talked about the possibilities of what lie ahead for us and what we could be together and do as a mated team. That she loved me with all her heart and soul and she had wished that this dream would come true. She said she never felt so much love and happiness in all of her life from another person or for another. I let her know that all she would need to do is choose me and that life could be had.

(Text from Sookie-hmmm, your emotions tells me you are thinking about our first bonding in the snow? Am I right?) (E-possible)

She fell asleep for a little while and when she woke she told me about another dream, one of me standing in a body of water calling to her as the sun shone down upon us; she called me a crazy vampire since I was in the water out in the open and in the sun. Again I told her that it wasn’t a dream, it did happen. But she told me only the good times like these come to her in her dreams, she said that bad stuff always happened to her when she was awake. I knew the bad stuff she spoke about and I had hoped to Odin that this was not what she talked about for Jason to hear. Yes some of it was scary shit and I did not want her to relive it.

I told her that when she woke for good, only GOOD times lie ahead, we would be together and share everything. I would not leave her if she would have me.

She told me she would never want me to leave again. She needed me as much as she needed to breathe.

I concurred on this thought but it would be something that would have to be revisited once she woke for good.

As I went into the downtime, since it was not yet dawn, I had a day dream but I do believe it was a shared dream with Sookie (our first of many), because as I saw it, she spoke the words.

(Dream told in Eric’s POV)

It was a Masquerade ball or maybe a Halloween party I was not too sure.

I knew it was at Fangtasia because the vermin were milling about. The place was all decked out for a party, the guests all had on costumes with some wearing masks.

I sat in my booth and observed the festivities, on this night I did not want to be on display for anyone.

Pam had convinced me to be a pirate like Captain Jack Sparrow. I was a fucking Viking not a Pirate but she told me my scowl would work well with the costume. So there I sat with long dark brown dreads of braided hair with red beads hanging down or entwined within my hair, a red bandanna worn around my head, a white buttoned down shirt- with the top 3 buttons opened, a dingy blue long coat/vest, and a holster belt with dead animal pelts and beads hanging on one side and on my other side sat a pistol and sword. My knickers were like a bluish brown color with knee high light brown leather boots, which folded over at the knees to my calf. I drew the line at the mustache, goatee with beads and the blackened teeth. I would darken my eyes to make them stand out but nothing further than that. I had a reputation to uphold.

Eric's outfit inspiration

Eric’s outfit inspiration


I heard from the vermin that I was a hot mess. So I guess they approved.

(Text from S-honey what are you thinkin’ about. You seem happy and sad?) (E-PIRATES….)

I sat there and watched as a group of four women entered the bar. Two were dressed like bar wenches, 1 was dressed as a vampire (cliché) and the last one was a female pirate. My interest was piqued.

My undead heart skipped a beat when she turned and looked my direction. She had long flowing blonde hair, a corset of black that held up her ample bosom, a white gauzy long sleeve shirt, a black skirt that was split up to her hip on the one side which showed her red and white stripped knickers. Her heels were tall on her shiny black boots. And she wore a black belt to hold her sword. Her only other accessory was the large gold hoop earrings she wore.

Sookie's outfit inspiration

Sookie’s outfit inspiration

She was Magnificent.

She looked around the bar and you could see the upset on her face when there was no place to sit. As she found me again, she approached me and said with her head held high. “Thank you mate for holding our seats, thank you for saving it for us, but you may now go.”

I chuckled and then I full out belly laughed. This one had balls and I told her as much.

She looked me square in the face without an ounce of emotion. “Do you think that was too much?”

Once again I full out laughed and with that she smiled.

I told her and her girls they could sit with me, I wouldn’t bite….. MUCH…

She thanked me and as soon as they sat down, one of the waitresses approached the table. They put in their drink orders and watched everyone dance and leer at our table.

The dark girl asked Sook if she was okay. Her response, “yeah in a minute I gotta reinforce them”.

I had no clue to what she was referring to but she again piqued my interest.

I asked her if she was okay. She said she would be fine in a minute; she had get her shields up before she got a headache.

I knew I looked lost and she leaned over and stated she can hear everyone’s thoughts, but she could not hear mine. I rose my eyebrow at her and she said she can’t read my kind and some others were sketchy.

I asked her if anyone knew of her talent, “nuh, just the people in my home town but they just think I am crazy.”

I looked at her in awe, she seemed so sweet, so gentle, and I knew I needed to make her mine.

“Can I know your name?”

“Oh sorry mister, Sookie….. Sookie Stackhouse. And you are?”

“Sheriff Eric Northman Area 5 and owner of this bar.”

“Nice ta’ meet ya.”

“So do you come here often?” What a stupid question to have asked her. Yes for some reason she made me nervous.

We talked for what seemed like hours… Like we were old mates… Like we were meant to be.

It was nearing 1:45am when last call was announced and I asked Sookie to dance with me. The vermin were annoying all night and I wanted our bodies to know each other intimately before I lost her to leaving me here as she needed to get home.

She agreed and as we approached the dance floor, the vermin who were left stared at us in awe. I never danced with anyone.

We complimented each other’s outfits and her boots put her at the perfect level for me to see her beautiful face, her eyes stood out as having seen the world for much longer than she had been on this earth.

A slow song was playing and she put her arms around my neck and I held her close to my body with my hands along her full hips. A very odd tact for me to do, vampires do not touch others. We molded ourselves into each other, the perfect dance between two lovers and our bodies knowing the other intimately. It was like we had been making love for centuries. I knew if she was mine this dance would be all too familiar under the sheets. We were both so lost in the rhythm of the music that we were brought out of our reverie when a fangbanger approached us and asked to cut in, but before I could respond Sookie turned quickly on her heels and told her to fuck off, I was hers.

I was in awe of her as I spun her around and latched onto her lips.

Her lips, so soft and warm, pouty and luscious but eager to learn. I knew she was inexperienced from our talk earlier and I was willing to be her teacher. So willing. Who would have thought that this young girl could give as good as she got, yes we had to stop several time for her to breathe, but every time we restarted our kiss it got so much more magical. I was lost; I was lost to a woman for the first time in over a thousand years.

I knew at that moment I needed to make this young woman MINE.

The doors were closed and my employees started to clean around us until her friends came over to us and broke up our kiss. This woman was untouched in numerous ways and I needed to make her mine, however, she needed to go home and I needed to let her. I would make sure we would meet up again and she would become part of my life.

I was brought out of my thoughts by a text from my lover.

(Text from S- baby are you okay, you seem lost in your thoughts.) (E-Yes my love, Pirates have got me remembering why I needed you to be MINE).

(S- Do we need a play date again?) (E-possible).

I fell back into my thoughts of how Sookie’s mind was so vivid in all the dreams she shared with me those last two nights of her illness. She dreamed of other escapades which we have since then revisited many times in our play dates as she calls them. She had told me that we needed to keep our lovemaking fresh and our playdates certainly made sure of that, they were never carried out the same way twice.

But again I delved further into my thoughts of those last two days of her illness and remember the love I felt from her through the small blood bond we shared. I knew then I had to make sure when she rose we would complete the bond and be ONE.

The two nights went by quickly and she rose like a baby vampire would, we were all in attendance, me, Ludwig, Jason, Lala, Pam, Willa, Jessica, Andy and Adilyn. She woke up feeling refreshed but scared because she did not remember the last two weeks. And since everyone was hovering she wanted to know what she did wrong.

“You did nothing my love except come back to us.”

“Yous’ been sick sis and Eric an’ me haven’t left your side.” I nodded in the affirmative to her.

“Thank you, hello doctor, am I okay.”

“You will be little girl after you take more of his blood. I want no arguments, his blood is what saved you and we all want you to stay healthy, can’t have you dying on my watch.”

“Yes ma’am….ummmm ba…Eric is’ you okay with that?” I caught her stumble with a pet name but I did not call her on it, nor did anyone else.

“Yes min lilla, whenever you are ready but the doctor wants to be in attendance to make sure nothing goes wrong. We will move to your bedroom and then come back.”

“Ummm…K…. can we get it over with so that we all can visit?”

“Sure min kära, do you want to walk or be carried.”

“Carried please, I feel woozy.” I looked at Ludwig and she said, “She has only eaten broth for the past two weeks so her body needs nourishment and three meals a day after tonight would be best for at least a week if not more.”

Lala spoke next, “I will take care of her, is it okay if I move into the room upstairs so that I am close by for her?”

“Of course Lala you are always welcome in my home. And thank you for wanting to take care of me.”

With that we went off to her room. I made her comfortable on the bed but she asked to sit up and take from my palm like she first did. I approved the change and climbed in behind her, bit into my palm and she smiled and latched on. The feeling was glorious and I was afraid we would get carried away, but with Ludwig being there and coughing to get our attention helped us out. I think if she was not there we would have gotten carried away and be damn who was downstairs.

Sookie of course blushed and it was all thanks the doctor. Ludwig bid us farewell and said she would see Sookie in 4 days to check up on her.

“Eric, thank you for being here with me. Can I ask… why?”

“Because my dear I have never stopped loving you and I missed you terribly. I wanted to be with you and when Willa told me you were sick I did not hesitate to be at your side. It is your choice if I stay, right here with you in your home. But if you choose to tell me to leave then I will abide by your wishes.”

“Eric …..STAY.”

I was overjoyed with that four letter word.

It meant the world to me.

Sookie had used that particular word once before and it meant a lot to us then too. She was the love of my undead life and I would prove that to her until she passed on and I followed OR she allowed me to turn her.

We have been together ever since, working as a team, making a home for our combined families, enjoying our life together but the one thing that still lingered out there was our eternity together. There had been no further talk of her turning, for now we were enjoying ourselves.

Her light to my dark….Her warmth to my cold… Her honey sweet smell to my ocean breeze smell with a hint of sandalwood. I could continue on with my analogies but what would be the purpose of this daydreaming, all that mattered was we were together and no one would ever pull us apart again.

I was broke out of my musing by a murmur across the bar. I looked up and smiled.

Fairy Pirate Sookie has come to play.

Life couldn’t be any better.

The End

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