Chapter 10 (Part 3): Trial

Just a little Note:   my Beta got busy so this chapter and maybe a few later will be un-Beta’d, so if there are mistakes they are all mine …..  If you see a lot of that’s and then’s, that is all me,  sorry….. I am bad for them and lack of commas.

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Disclaimer Reminder: I do not own the characters of SVM they are all Charlaine Harris’s. Thank you for letting me put my spin on their lives.



Well hell, I hated jail.

 I shouldn’t be here.

 What the hell was taking Frannie so long to get Sookie to change her mind?

There was no way in hell they had anything on me to convict me of anything.

I had been in here for two months now and I felt lonely as hell.  Sure my cell mate kept me occupied, he was nuts, Franklin was off the wall.

He was easy to talk to.  He listened and did not talk back (it was the perfect situation); the most I got out of him was a fucking evil ass smirk or a toothy grin.

 Like I said NUTS.

Frannie and Mom came and visited me but I was always chained to the wall and it freaked them out every time they saw me.  Mom said she did not understand what was going on and why they would not release me if all I did was stalk someone.   I told her to hang in there it couldn’t be much longer.

I spoke with my lawyer a couple of times as the months went on.  I realized that Glassport was a conniving asshole so I figure he would serve my purpose well and get me out of here. 

He said right now all the DA had on me was statements from my supposed victims but he was working to get them thrown out.   He seemed to be a decent public defender.

But after a year things turned for the worse, it was right after I had my last visit from Glassport. He said the amount of evidence they now had on me was substantial and if I was offered a Plea Deal, take it. 

Hell Fucking NO…..

He said that apparently not only was Sookie cooperating but so were Catherine and that roommate bitch Claudine.  Apparently they were able to get a video tape of me lurking outside Starbucks and Walgreens and that is was very incriminating since it lasted  for three hours of me sneaking around.

 Fuck I didn’t notice any cameras.

Apparently the worst of all their evidence was the witness at Starbucks who saw me watching Sookie and reported it.  Who the fuck was that, no one knew I was there.  No one saw me I made sure of that.


But he had one more zinger for me and this was worse than all the rest.

Glassport was nervous, sweating nervous; “it seems that your cell mate is Schizophrenic so he is under constant surveillance, so in turn so are you.  They have numerous tapes of what he says and apparently you are on these tapes too.” 

“Mr. Quinn, how much did you tell him?” 

“Shit, I don’t know.  I talk to him about all kinds of things but I don’t think it was anything worth mentioning.   Is there any way to find out exactly what they have from the tapes?”

Glassport said that they had to give him full disclosure on the tapes but he was waiting for his copy to be sent over to him and once he went through it he would get back to me. 

I asked him if I should ask to be moved from Franklin’s cell and he said that it was not necessary since whatever they think you incriminated yourself with was already recorded.    But to be careful with what I said from now on since the cell was under surveillance.

Well Mom and Frannie came to visit often; I think it was August when they let me know they moved closer so they could come visit me all the time.  I think I preferred them not so close but I wasn’t going to say it.

They told me they had been sending Sookie notes to back off and they think it was working.  Frannie said since they moved closer to the school she could do it all the time and no one would notice her, she was becoming quit stealthy.

I hope she was right.

It was late October when Frannie came to visit me again, this time alone, she told me she followed Sookie to Shreveport  where she was an Extra for a TV show.

 WTF, Sookie doesn’t watch TV.

 Frannie said she got on the same stage as Sookie and watched her.  She was dancing for the main character of the show, but the worst part about it was she was dressed like a slut and dancing like one too. 


I asked her to explain what she meant.

Frannie said Sookie was dancing by herself but she could see from her vantage point that Sookie was dancing for him, Eric Northman, if she had a stripper pole she would have stripped for him.

I was not happy, Sookie was MINE.   

I let Frannie know I was pleased with the information and when I was released I would make Sookie pay for her indiscretion.   To step up on the notes she was leaving.

Once Frannie left I sat down to think about everything she told me.  I was not happy about it but at least I knew Sookie had not slept with him.  How could she, she said she would be true to me.  

As the months wore on I was getting more encouragement from Mom and Frannie.  They said that Glassport not coming to me with anything new was good news; that I would be released once the case went to trial.  It was my words against those bitches.

My hopes got high after that.   I was going to kick this RAP and then Sookie and I would sit down and have a little conversation about her dalliances.

Well March came around; I was told by Glassport they were getting ready for the depositions.  I told him I wanted to be there for ALL of them.  He said he would make the arrangements. 

I was told the depositions were going to be on hold till April since Spring Break was here for the girls and since I requested to be at ALL of the depositions they were trying to make arrangements for everyone to be at the courthouse on the same day.  So it was a matter of time management now.

 It’s was April, I was told that they had come up with a day for everyone to attend.  So of course I was looking forward to that since I knew if I could intimidate any or all of the girls, they would call for my release.   I was so looking forward to this.

The day came, first up was Catherine, ohh this would be an easy one.  I stared her down and she ran.  The DA didn’t even offer to help her out… maybe she was on my side…. She knew the girls were lying bitches.     I was getting greedy, I thought I was up one but a few minutes later in walked Catherine again with an older gentleman. 

Shit a lawyer.

No matter, she was toast. 

I was so wrong this guy took NO SHIT from me.  The worst part was he was the lawyer for ALL of the girls….  The girls stood up to me even Sookie.  I may have to rethink how to intimidate them better…. I needed them to back down and soon.

 All seven of them did not back down,kept their cool and told their part of the story.  Shit my lawyer was even perturbed that they did so well.

The worst deposition of all was the one that was teleconferenced while the detective was in the room…i couldn’t intimidate a man.  Then to find out it was that blonde guy Sookie was flirting with pissed me off even more.  He stated his name as Eric Northman, he was part of the cast of “Blood Moon”… he stated all the facts as he knew them, yeah right.  He didn’t know Sookie was MINE, not his douche bag.

He said he saw me lurking both inside and outside the building.  He also stated he did not know who I was watching but he didn’t like it.  He said when he left the building a little later he saw me by Walgreens again so he told Security I was still there.

 Shit, He is why i got caught.   Asshole, paybacks are a bitch.

Then it dawned on me as he finished up his deposition that he was the guy Frannie said Sookie danced for in Shreveport.  I will kill them both, she is MINE.

I needed to get released soon so that I could take care of this little situation. I was not having it go on for much longer.

The day did not end up as I had hoped but at least that was over,the trial would start next week and then I will be out, collect Sookie and disappear. 

Sounds like a good plan to me.

The Trial was not going as planned.

Judge Talbot was not having any bullshit and called me on it before we even got too involved with testimonies.  She was a real Ball Buster…… As the jury was picked I figured I could flash my purple eyes a time or two and my charisma would win over the woman on the jury panel.  I was set. 

Yeah that did not happen, at least not yet.

The jury was pooled and they wanted to start today.  We got a 10 minute recess and then that’s when the first of many things happened.

The court room doors opened and in walked ten adults who all set down together and just glared at me, I recognized Gran, Copley and Catherine’s parents but the rest of them I was clueless on.   There was this bear of a man sitting next to Gran and he was not giving me his happy face, shit who the hell was he?

Well I didn’t have time to think about it, the judge called us to order, we were going to start.  First up was Catherine, shit this would be easy.  Oh shit there is the freakin lawyer again; I won’t be able to get away with shit. 

I sat there and listened to everything they had, it included the investigative stuff the Detective had done; shit there was a lot more information on me than Glassport had told me about.

 Now I knew why he told me to take a plea if offered.  Shit….  Shit and I thought I was going to get away with a light sentence.

We finished up the day and still no Sookie, I was looking forward to glaring at her again, plus I missed her and wanted to see her….

Back to jail I went.

The following morning I was being lead in when I looked down the hall; there they all stood adults and bitches.  So I screamed out that they were all BITCHES and I got hauled away.  I heard some commotion in the hallway but did not know what was going on, I ignored it.

Best to keep my distance until I was released.

The first one up the following day was someone in place of Northman; she was also at Starbucks and was able to corroborate what Northman had said in his deposition.  Even when he wasn’t here, he was a pain in my ass.

I would like to drain the son of a bitch.

Then a couple more detectives were called up to testify, then four more of the girls.  That just left Sookie.

When was she coming in? 

That’s when I looked at Frannie and she was smirking like a goon.

What did she know that I didn’t, what did she do?

I then looked over on the other side of the court room and figured out who all those adults were, the girls each sat with their parent or parents, ohh shit they had a backup plan to my intimidation.  That big guy was still glaring at me.  Who the hell was he?  The worst part was I could tell they all hated me that included Gran, that sweet ol’ woman did not hate anyone.

Well court was recessed again and still no Sookie so I would have to wait for day three.  Glassport did not say much to me.  I did not know if he gave up or was waiting for his turn.  I guess I would have to wait.

Day 3 and Sookie was finally called in.

The DA questioned her and drilled her like she was the defendant.  I liked her.

Then the question I was dreading to hear the answer to.

“Miss Stackhouse, have you had a sexual relationship with Eric Northman?”  She gasped, the gallery gasped and then I heard it, a timid, “I Wish” that bitch.   A few snickers especially from the big guy, who the fuck was he?

The DA finished up and asked Sookie if she had anything else?  She said she did but she would prefer her lawyer doing the questioning.

Well call me stupid, but WTF.

Her entourage didn’t even know about this.  This was going to be good or so I thought.

So I said quickly figuring I could use this to my advantage and said, “Frannie what the fuck did you do?”

The lawyer started to ask Sookie questions about some letters and she answered them.  Then I figured that the letters she talked about were the intimidation notes from Mom and Frannie, shit she kept them.

As she handed them over to the judge, the judge then scanned them quickly; I looked back at Frannie she was still smiling like a goon.  What the hell were in the notes and letters and why the fuck did she sign her name to them?

As the judged explained what the letters had contained and she wanted Sookie to read a few of them out load, she looked devastated.  Sookie started to cry silently but she held her own.

I looked over at the gallery; they were all stunned speechless until she started to read.  The letters only got worse as she read them; when I turned toward the gallery again all of them were crying including the big guy (he looked like he could kill me with his bare hands, he was that pissed).  SHIT.

As Sookie read the last one, I turned to Frannie and said quietly so no one could hear me, “Fuck you two, can’t you get anything right. I told you just to scare her not tell her you were going to kill her.”  Fuck, it was then that I realized I said it too loud and the whole court heard me including the judge.

Fucking A, I just sealed the deal, I was done.

But Sookie continue about her thoughts on the matter of mom and Frannie attacking her but she still came to testify. .  It was then I decided to man up and take the bull by the horns.

I knew I was toast and Frannie would not be far behind me.  She did not even have the forethought to run.

So I took the notepad from my lawyer and wrote,


Sookie was asked to step down and I watched her run to the big guy who gave her a big bear hug and then the woman next to him kissed Sookie’s cheek as Gran kissed the other one.  The big guy was here for Sookie, damn, who was he? Glassport than stood up and told the judge we wanted to change our plea.

The Judge told us both a little late for that but she would accept it.  She ordered for me to sit back down as she passed sentence, she was not going to give me any time to enter for a plea deal nor was she going to let me try for an appeal.   The sentence was getting passed today.

The jury would no longer be involved with the decision making since I changed my plea nor would they be involved with sentencing, well hell.

After she wrote a few things down she said.

“Mr. Quinn please rise.  I find you guilty of all charges.”

“For the charge of rape you will receive 25 years.

For the charge of battery you will receive 20 years for each charge or a total of 40 years.

For the two charges of Stalking with intent to cause bodily harm you will receive 10 years for each count or 20 years.

For assaulting a police officer you will receive a sentence of 10 years. You proved you were not smart enough to only do it once, you did it 3 times.   Yeah I was pretty stupid about that one. 

For the charge of resisting arrest you will receive 5 years. WTF was I thinking.

By my count that is a sentence of 100 years.

It will be written into the record that you are a flight risk; you are to not be given parole as you do not feel remorse.  You will be sent to the Louisiana State Prison and at that time your sentence will start; your time will be consecutively, you will serve all your time Mr. Quinn, there will be no getting out on good behavior.”  

“Good luck Mr. Quinn, you will need it.”

Before she continued Judge Talbot ask me if I wanted to say something?

I turned to Sookie and told her I was sorry, that I did love her but my love for her became an obsession and I hurt a lot of people in the long run.  To Catherine, I said I was sorry.

I knew I was done for; I hung my head and was to be lead out by the bailiff.

The judge told the bailiff to cuff me and take me out of the court room before she proceeded with her next sentence.

I heard chaos behind me but I was done so I didn’t turn around.  I figured they were after Frannie and possibly Mom and that’s when I heard mom say, “She would get me out.  Give her time; they hadn’t seen the last of the Mighty Quinn’s.” 

She was so wrong on so many levels I did not have the heart to tell her this was the last time she would see me alive and possibly the last time she would ever see Frannie too.   I screwed so many things up in my life but by far this was the biggest.

I knew then, I needed to pull my head out of my ass or be killed in prison, I would be a model prisoner with no light at the end of the tunnel but I would do what I could to atone for my sins.

Goodbye my sweet Sookie.



Authors Note:  Happy Holidays to everyone I will try to post next week on schedule.  I just wanted to answer a comment made to me about Sookie and Eric… The person said they did not believe this relationship was plausible.  I say that is not true … I have two cases that I spoke about to her, one being a close friend of mines parents and me and my husband.   My friend’s parents took 10 years of missed events until they got together and it was 2 years for my husband and me…..  Real life gets in the way and because it does people do not always see the obvious. Things slide by you and you put it into check for later but sometimes later never occur or it occurs when you have a déjà vu moment and everything clicks.  I hope you all are enjoying this story as I am have fun writing it but it you feel that the story is not worth your attention then please stop reading, I will understand.  Sookie and Eric will NOT have an instant romance and if you are looking for that, it is not in this story…. Sorry about my angst and making you wait but I want you to know it will be worth it.  Also a note on the Herveaux’s not putting two and two together, it happens but since this is a chapter story it may not occur when you want it too and my characters are not totally stupid they are just missing a bit of information.   You will see, the chapter will be called “Light Bulb”.   Until then my best Kristie

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