Chapter 04: Louisiana

 We were to spend three weeks in Louisiana. Hitting all parts north, south, east, and west, making sure we hit Shreveport last.

I thought about ‘her’ the whole leg of this journey and I thought for sure I felt ‘her’ at two of my rallies.   If she wasn’t there she was damn close.

But when I went to look for ‘her’ she was gone very quickly.   I let Willa know to keep an eye out for ‘her’ and let me know if she saw anything.

Willa just chuckled at me and called me smitten.  I was far from smitten, I was still in love and that was never going to change even if one of us died.

Our last week in Louisiana was spent in the northwest, Shreveport to be exact.  I did not feel ‘her’ while I was there.  In fact I felt nothing.

I couldn’t get to Bon Temps quick enough.

There was something wrong with the bond we still held between us.  I needed to find out the cause.

So Willa set up a side trip for us to go to Jessica’s.

When we arrived I was greeted by all our old acquaintances; Jessica, James, Keith, Lafayette, Jason and Adilyn.

I was surprised to see the little fairy but I was told that she ended up marrying Jason years after that cunt Violet was ended. But it took some time for Jason’s marriage to Bridgette to fall apart, yet before it did they had produced three young’uns’ whom the two of them had raised together along with their own four offspring.

It seems that Jason was aging gracefully from being part Fae and having had copious amount of Violet’s blood prior to his marriages, this served his aging process very well and of course Adilyn was half Fae and would age slowly as it was.

However, to look at them now you would think Jason was just now hitting his fifties and Adilyn her early thirties.

It seemed that the younger vampires whom had been around the little Fae long enough grew tempered to her sweet scent, even Jessica had overcome her impulses to it.

As for Lafayette, well that boy made a damn good looking vampire. I have always admired him even when he pissed me off.

No one mentioned ‘her’ to me and I wondered why?  I never pushed it but I needed to go see if she was home.

As Willa was catching up with her old friends I made my way around the property.  I waved at a few of the reporters and they waved back but none approached me as they were told we were visiting with old friends.

As I walked I looked around at the grounds and realized there were additional houses built on Compton’s property. I wondered why?

But as I went through the cemetery I was drawn to ‘her’ gran’s gravestone.  Only to realize that right next to it was a gravestone for ‘her’. It said she died twenty years earlier.

I kneeled down and weep.   I knew the bond could not lie to me, I know I had felt ‘her’.  But here was proof that she was gone.

Why hadn’t anyone told me she was truly gone?

Why was I the last to know?

What the fuck happened… I would have protected her; she had to have known that.

Fuck it all to Hell.

“Mister whats’ wron wit’ ya? Whys ya cryn’ over my gran’s grave?”

I looked up and saw a cute little blonde girl standing next to me.  She was identical to ‘her’ in every way.     I had to look twice not knowing how she snuck up on me nor how she looked like a miniature ‘her’.

I wiped my face with my hand and rubbed the soft grass to clean it off; I didn’t want the child to be grossed out by my bloody tears.

“I am sorry, I was coming to visit your gran and found her headstone instead.   I am just sad that she is gone is all.”

“Ho’d ya know her?”

“We knew each other a long time ago. I would have married her if she would have accepted me.”

“Ohhh, yous’ him.  Hold on a sec.”

She looked at me like she was concentrating hard and the next thing I knew Niall was standing by the girl.

I nodded with respect and told him not to pop again since there were reporters about.

He nodded back.

Before either of us could say anything, the little girl spoke up.

“Grandpa whys’ he cryn’ over gran?”

“He does not know child.”

Know what????????

“Oh he no a telpat’ so he cants reads my mind, right.”


“Yes my child.”

OH fuck another one, dammit Sookie you should have told me there was more.

“Niall, what is she speaking about?”

“Oh that’s right you don’t know since you left her years ago.”

“Old man, do not speak riddles, Sookie chose and it was not me.  I left her to her normal life, the life she wanted. I was not included in that life.”

“Oh but vampire you were included in her heart, a heart that has never forgotten.”

I was gobsmacked.   She loved me still after we parted.  Why didn’t she call me?  I knew why, the same reason I never called her.


“She still mourns you.”

“Why… why the grave… is she dead?”

“No vampire that is a story for her to tell.”

“Tell me one thing and I will leave you alone,” with a nod from Niall, I worded my one thing very carefully and with multiple facets, “If she is still alive then why does no-one speak of ‘her’ and where is she, I cannot feel her right now but I know I have in the past, the only thing I can figure out is she can pop after all this time and that is how she got away from me again”…. I was rambling and Niall and the little one started to laugh, “But if she pops that means she is more Fae than I remember, why are you here Niall, where is the girl’s mother or father?  How many telepaths are there now? Are they safe?  Oh for the love of the gods answer me old man.”

“How can one answer when one still speaks?”

I looked at him and wanted to curse but I held my tongue.

“Come walk with us, it is safer once we cross onto Stackhouse/Brigant property to speak openly.”





38 thoughts on “Chapter 04: Louisiana

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  2. I like how Eric admitted he loved her. It was cute how Willa was teasing him. Seeing his tears at the grave site was heartbreaking. I don’t think he put it together that it was Sookie’s daughter. He said it looked like her, but then he said how many are running around. Poor guy is completely distressed. I’m thinking Sookie owns the whole property line. She might have faked her death because she hasn’t aged a day. All guesses. And everyone was glamoured to forget her. Okay now I’m off the lease 😊

    • lol, you are close on a couple of your guesses, time will tell. And yes i needed to show how it would have affected Eric IF she was dead, he would hurt and be miserable but I think our boy would have avenged her death for sure. thanks for reading KY

  3. Evil woman you are! Lol leaving us hanging on such a cliff. Love that Eric admitted his love for her. Eric certainly has a lot of questions, hopefully Niall will help him get the answers he seeks.

  4. Now, I need to know what is going on with Sookie. I can see that she would have a grave prepared so ordinary folks wouldn’t know her life was extended, but Jason and Adilyn haven’t done that. Anyway, Bon Temps seems to be mostly in the know about things like that. Great story. More, please. I hope your knee gets okay.

    • thanks, there is a reason behind the gravestone and all will be revealed. as for BT, yes that has some explaining to do as well. thanks for reading and enjoying. KY

  5. Ahhh (note the extra h’s 🙂 ). The plot thickens. Doing well with the ‘southern speak’, had to read it twice, three times to get the gist of it 🙂 . Niall’s involved, therefore there are complications, what fun for us. Looking forward to reading Niall’s secretive explanation, which if true to form, leave one with more questions and little resolution. 🙂

    • yes Adele’s words were fun to do, she has more of a southern thing going than Lala ever did. plus she is s child which makes it a bit worse. Oh yes when Niall is involved it is never what you think it may be. it is always the opposite. happy you enjoyed the chapter. KY

  6. **LIKED**
    Hm, had me going there for a second, tear ducts were at the ready 😩 I’m glad Sookie is alive or something like it. Apparently she also has gained a power or two. I can’t wait to meet Sookie again as I’m sure Eric is as well. I’m also hoping she at some point makes Pam trip and falls into a… Stake or something equally as harmful.
    Eric will understand, it’s a long time coming😕

    • thanks for reading and LIKING the chapter. yes when i wrote it i was tearing up because i wanted it heartfelt and i am glad I pulled it off. these two will meet and they will have their HEA. but first we have a few secrets to unravel and Pam, well she will be more accommodating for sure, it will be funny once it is revealed how so. . KY

  7. Ahhh!!! I knew there would be a twist, but I wasn’t expecting such a huge cliffhanger!! Oh, Eric…still such a softy for his Fae…I love it…Super excited to find out what happens next! 😀

  8. Oh no, not a cliffy…. Lol. Makes me wonder where Sookie really is. Can’t wait for the next chapter. Thank you!

    • cliffie is my middle name. if i had left this as a one shot as it started as I wouldn’t have so much fun reading your reviews. the cliffie will be reveled at the beginning of the next chapter for sure. thanks for reading KY

  9. Ooh evil cliffie! Like everyone else I’m wondering what is up with Sookie?? Guess I’ll just have to wait and find out. Hopefully soon:) Thanks for the update!

  10. Two of my favorite things cliffies and angst. If Sookis is around, how can she stay away from Eric? Guess that is an answer to wait for.
    I am also going to read Big Little Lies now that the series is over.

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