Chapter 05, Part 1: What Are You Waiting For

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The summit had ended and I headed back to Oklahoma. I didn’t want to call it home because it wasn’t.

Home was wherever Sookie had landed.

The bitch queen ended up getting 7 months confinement.

Seven months of relaxation from being overseen.

Seven months of telling her and the world she could kiss my ass.

Seven months of being a regent to a state I didn’t want.

Seven months to spend extra time with my charge.

Seven months to make plans for my future because there was indeed a future away from this state, with my true wife and children, both alive and undead.

Seven months to actively search for the missing Were and the queen involved with the kidnapping of my wife.

Seven months to actively search through Freyda’s rooms and offices to find the evidence that I needed to end her scrawny ass. .

It will be a glorious seven months of freedom.

Once back in Oklahoma I contacted Jake to bring back Addy and her mom; I needed to meet with him at the palace. He told me I was nuts, did I forget about the queen. I gave him a short report of what happened at the summit with her and it quelled his worries.

However, I knew damn good and well that the bitch would be scheming while encased in silver. I knew I needed to be 20 steps ahead of her for when she was released and I knew I better have as much searching done as possible before her return.

Addy and I’s first Sunday together was heartfelt.

She told me she loved me like a daddy and that if things were different she wished I was her daddy because she never had one before. I told her of course she had a daddy, just not one in her life. However, if she wanted me to be her fill in I would be honored. Truth be told that little girl held a piece of my heart just like Sookie and min två döttrar. I couldn’t say the same about Sookie’s two children, but I knew I could love them given the chance.

If I was only given the chance.

Our first Sunday together was a happy affair, I handed Addy her new book, “The One Who Got Away.” She was shocked that it was already out since we thought we had a few more months to go before its release. I told her it was a good thing it was out since we did not know how much time we would have together after the seven months were up. At the time she didn’t understand what the meaning of us being apart truly meant,- maybe even permanently apart-, and what it would mean to our budding friendship/relationship but I knew in the next few months she would indeed come to understand what it did mean to her and to me.

It came to mind that the next book, “The Pyramid”, would be coming out while I had her running for her life. I was going to make sure she had it though; I didn’t want her to miss out on it because of me and the nonsense with the queen upsetting her life.

We happily read our own books and spoke about it during the week. True to the A.P.’s word this book was about me and Sookie.

It detailed how we each in our own way pushed the other aside.

How we each caused damage in our own way to drive the other person from our lives.

How we each caused damage to each other’s heart even though the love between us was eternal.

It was heartfelt to read, but it gave me an insight into my Sookie and how wounded she was by my actions.

Not calling her for days, not speaking to her for months.

Not coming to her when she needed me most.

It hit hard on my undead heart but I knew this was her way of cleansing her soul and my own.

If only I could get word to her that I knew about her and what she was up to. Nevertheless to do that would mean other’s would find out about her before the rest of her attackers were caught and for that to happen and justice to be served I needed to keep my mouth shut and wallow in my pain and suffering as per usual.

A few months had passed, and I had feelers out everywhere for help. There was many a king and queen that were pissed off about what had transpired due to the King of Arizona and his compatriots. They all seemed to want justice for Sookie and now knowing she was of Royal Fae blood it lit a light under all of their asses to find the truth.

We all knew they were afraid of the repercussions if Niall started a war over Sookie’s supposed death.

Yet on a more positive note.

The Dae had been caught by Mr. C. and the Council of DAE had put them to their death for killing one of their own; they found them cowered in the corner of a dark cave in the daemon world. I would have loved to have been able to give them their death but it was fitting that Desmond was there since it seems Sookie was his god-daughter, not too sure how that all worked out but knowing Sookie and how she was so different it made sense. You could not tell she was DAE as there were no traces of Dae in her blood, I think it had to do with her telepathy more than anything else, it was rumored that some Dae were telepaths but it was never proven.

I would have to wait to find out the truth from my little mate.

At the moment I didn’t care since justice was served three fold. And I had a life to live for another five months.

As each night started I would call Addy to ask about how she was doing and how her day had gone, she would tell me of all the things happening in her life and that she was happy that we were now able to talk every day. I had to remind her often this was temporary, that I would be under a microscope once again and during that time I would need for her to leave with Jake and her mom to be safe. She told me that she would agree to it as long as she was able to talk to me at least once a week. I felt there was no harm in agreeing with this request but I knew it might not come to fruition.

Addy had a way to get things out me like Sookie had and did many a time; however, I also knew I had failed Sookie in one of the biggest ways known for a relationship to crash and burn, which ours had most certainly done.


As I thought back on my life I realized I fucked up were My Sookie was concerned.

I should have called her every day upon my rising.

I should have been there for her ever fucking day and if it was the last thing I do I would atone for all of my wrongs to her.

I should have asked her to live with me whether in my home, Bon Temps or a new home that we could call our own.

I should have told her early on what was going on and included her in what may or may not have happened in our lives.

Maybe things would have been different, maybe not, but at least we would have come to the conclusion together, not worlds apart.

But first I needed to find out who plotted to kill her and secondly for me to get away from the bitch queen.

I contacted Stackhouse about needing his help in the future; I needed for him to open up the old farmhouse to a little girl, her mother and their guard. His only response was he would do it in the honor of his sister but Thalia would need to be told so she didn’t chase them off, as that was her home now.

I thought to myself that Thalia would be a fantastic guard at night time for Addy; Addy might even break the shell of the old vampiress just as Sookie had and gain her respect. Thalia was going to be a wonderful addition to her team of guards.

With that settled we had four months left to plan, I gave Jake maps and information about properties all over the globe that he and the girls could stay in starting in four months’ time, and they wouldn’t have to stay in the same place twice for months on end.

I told Jake they would need to run because I had caught a spy in Freyda’s farce of a court and the spy told me that Freyda had already laid the groundwork to take Addy away from me and harm her.

I told Jake when it was time he needed to disappear from the face of the earth, to use whatever contacts he had to lay low and out of sight, to travel around if necessary.

But without fail, keep them safe.

All of my plans were in holding patterns now.

Addy would be safe, four different escape plans were in place for her, Jake and Linda.

We had a lead on the Were which meant we were getting closer to the other monarch who had helped Arizona.

It was only a matter of time.

It was the week before Freyda was to arrive back in Oklahoma and we had a major break. It seems our Were friend was outed by his Pack, they apparently didn’t want the shame of this Were and his antics anywhere near their Pack or to have to take on his shame and punishment. So they abjured him and were to hand him over to me.

He was to be brought before us in three night’s time.

I had contacted Niall and he was to come retrieve him and take him somewhere safe so that we could get all the information out of him that was needed. It was only a matter of time before the house of cards came tumbling down with Freyda in the middle of it.

Of that I was sure.

However, it seems there was a fail-safe when the Were was taken, a spell of sorts that would set off a chain of events; when he was taken another spelled Were went into action, he had been spelled to be his helpmate in following through with a premade plan of abduction if something had happen to the original Were.

It was actually a very smart plan, too smart for Freyda, there had to be another helping her.

This spelled Were did his job well it seems. He had been glamoured to follow Addy and her Mom and find out their routine for the months prior to the summit. It appears he knew of when they were with Jake and when they were without protection.

However since Freyda was due back Diantha was called back in to once again be a second guard. And it was her that had thwarted the kidnapping and killing of the Were, but not before he had killed Linda. Diantha had gotten the truth of this plan out of the Were before he died, he said he was not a part of the telepath’s attack, he was smarter than that….. Apparently NOT…. It was all a bloody mess and the police were called due to the fact humans were involved; however, since Diantha had killed the perpetrator in self-defense with kitchen knives, it was a closed case and follow up was done rather quickly.

Plus Mr. C. helped push it along; it was nice to have a lawyer on retainer.

It was two days before the bitch was due back and I had to think fast, I called Mr. C. for help….. Again… He told me he would take care of everything as far as the funeral was concerned, he would take care of Addy’s guardianship paperwork and he would let the new parent know of his new charge. He would make sure the girl was guarded 24/7 by daemon guards until she was jetted away from Oklahoma.

It was just one more thing added on to the pile of bullshit that was being fed to me by the spoonful. I knew it would settle down but I didn’t know how long it would take.

Niall arrived and took the Oklahoma Were back with him to Faery since we had determined he had a spell placed upon him to not speak of the kidnapping. Niall told me it would be safer and the spell placed upon him would dissipate, the spell would not be able to cross the dimensional plains and therefore he would be able to interrogate him properly.

It was a step in the right direction but due to the time shift between realms I did not know how quickly he would return and how much time would have been lost on my side by this maneuver. The skipping between realms had never been something attempted before but we knew it needed to be done so that we could move on; we needed to find out which monarch we were looking for as we had reached dead ends thus far.

I was afraid the time difference would be far too long.

Minutes could be days, days could be months, months could be years.

However, like a chess game we had to meticulously choose our next move and sometimes the wait was excruciating.

However, several things happened in one day’s time.

Linda was cremated, readied to be taken with Addy and Jake where she was to be spread over the ocean waves in Barbados upon their arrival; she had requested this type of burial from Jake and Addy after their recent visit.

I was named as Addy’s guardian or father if you will. Apparently this is what the pastor and Mr. C had spoken about long ago. I guess even having him on retainer didn’t give me the privileged information about this guardianship matter. Desmond was a wise lawyer; I guess that is why he never told me about Sookie being alive or if he even knew. I believe in my undead heart she must also be his client and I respected him even more if he could keep all parties confidences and secrets about important matters to himself with no slip-ups.

Jake would be taking Addy to my home in Barbados first , they would stay there for two to three months’ time and then move onto Europe, travel a bit , stay at my vineyard in Tuscany and then onto Nantes France. Once several months passed they would move onto Sweden. Jake would keep in touch through the lawyer and Diantha. He felt that it was over kill for Diantha to be with them the whole time but he appreciated it if the daemons stayed on with them until he left Barbados for Europe.

Plans were coming back together again and in perfect timing.

I knew without a shadow of a doubt that my life would be in turmoil once the hell bitch walked through the doors of the compound again.

The night she arrived back the vampires of Oklahoma were waiting on her in the throne room where she held court. The anticipation was excruciating as she was running late. But I had heard that she did not want to feed prior to arrival to get her strength back, she wanted to get her state back under her control again,- immediately was the word she used-, so she negated the offer to stay an extra night to feed and recuperate… So we waited as she bathed and put on a flowing white dress to present herself to us.

She looked emaciated and frail.

She looked as if her hair had lost its luster; clumps seemed to have fallen out.

She looked like dead woman walking.

She looked like they should have left her in that coffin and buried it.

She demanded donors be brought to her immediately so that she could regain her control over the donor pool as well as her retinue. Her minions jumped at her bellowing and I just sat back and watched. She was pitiful before but even more so now. It would take her months to regain her looks and possibly her control as MANY had jumped ship on her because they felt she was the other monarch behind the death of the fae princess and were waiting patiently for her demise…Many of the states vampires hated her and her childish ways and demands.

Freyda snarled at me and told me this was my entire fault, she should have me chained in silver as she had been but she had much better plans in mind.

Apparently she didn’t know we squelched her plans of another kidnap, I will wait for her to figure that one out on her own. Wouldn’t want to spoil her plans after all.

She barked orders at me and I left the throne room, I had enough of her nonsense, but I knew I needed to bide my time and I would.

I knew in my heart she was the other monarch, we only needed to find the evidence to bring her the true death.

Another six months had passed after her return and things had pretty much returned to normal.

I went to MY Church every Sunday.

I followed her orders to the letter.

I sat on my consort throne and played video games on my phone.

I looked miserable, even though I was not.

I knew Addy was in Tuscany now and enjoying her life with her guard.

I knew it was only a matter of time before we would have what we needed out of the Were in custody, I just needed to be patient.

Another month had again passed with no word on the Were and me bidding my time; and of course the bitch was getting worse.

I spoke to Mr. C and he told me all was well, they had arrived in Nantes and would be staying there though the winter months; there was no need to move onto Sweden yet. I made arrangements with him to get Addy her next book,-‘The Pyramid’-, he told me he would get it to her immediately, but he was sure she would like to hear from me somehow.

I asked him to meet me at the church and we could record a message for her so that she could hear my voice and know that I missed her terribly. We would once again be together, but things were not wrapped up yet for it to be safe for her to return to me. I would be sending Diantha to be with her again through the winter months just in case an issue may arise.

The pastor was very helpful in all this, he was saddened by Linda’s death but he knew that she trusted me enough with her daughter to give me guardianship and by having guardianship I would keep Addy safe. He told me he would do whatever it took to help us out, he missed the young girl but knew she needed to leave since there was someone out to kill her…

Apparently, I had found another friend in a breather. I wish along the years I had made other friends like this and I knew that Sookie would be proud of me for my attempt. However, I knew I had to be careful because of Freyda’s jealousy, it was spiking at an all-time high.

I did not need her going after the pastor. He may have been high profile by his job title but it would not have stopped her trying to hurt me and the ones I cared about.

It was during this time that she found out her little plot of kidnapping had failed and the girl had disappeared.

She was livid.

The winter months seem to drag on, I had instructed Jake through the pastor, whose given name is Paul, to spoil Addy for Christmas; I wanted her to have whatever she wanted. I wanted her to have things I could give her that her mother was unable. I wanted her to be lost in having too much fun then to be worried about my well-being. I would be fine as long as I kept my head down and stayed out of Freyda’s way.

However, all she said that she wanted was for me to live with her and be her daddy.

I was saddened by her words but I knew as long as Freyda was alive that could not and would not happen.

The new book came out and I read it by myself, I missed our talk about it, however, I knew she would be reading it too. You see I was glad Addy was not here because if she was she would have seen how choked up I was getting over the book. That my wife had done things she regretted and wished she could have taken back. This book was EVERYTHING that happened to me and Sookie at the ‘Pyramid of Gizeh’. EVERYTHING. Our blood exchange was actuality the heroines first in the book but our last. The special dance that we had and what it meant to her at the time and her fears that the Were (her first love) would come to mess up her new found love. She talked about how she used the vampire she met at her home at first, but came to love him. She knew he had feelings for her but she was cautious because of the other vampire that had tried to steal her parents’ home and then her Were,-her first love-, left her high and dry after regaining his memories. How she knew that she hurt him,- the new vampire-, deeply when he saw her talking to her first love at the hotel. She didn’t know who or how to choose. But what had hurt me the most was her admitting that she used the Were for what he could offer her (protection but at a cost) and she shoved it back in his face when she rejected him for the last time. I knew I needed to separate all of it but I also knew she gave both the vampire and the Were traits of me and our relationship. I wish I had known then how much she was truly hurting and how all of it led to her confusion on how to proceed with our relationship. What is the saying, oh yes, “hindsight is twenty/twenty”; well I wish we had it then so that we could not make the tragic mistakes that followed us leaving Rhodes.

By Gods, I missed my wife/mate/lover.

This book just made me miss her more. And with knowing the name of the last book I was afraid at what she would reveal and how the chain of events would role in the next book, ‘Maker’s Last Word’.

A few more months had rolled by, we had hit mid-March, spring was fast approaching and I knew Jake and Addy would be heading to Sweden soon. I told Jake that he needed to keep Addy away from the farmhouse by any means necessary and to stay at my flat in Stockholm. He could take Addy around the town but to miss direct her from the farm. He had asked me why and I told him my vampire children were living at the farmhouse and not to disturb them.

In actuality I feared they would smell me on Addy somehow and think she was a plant of some sort; I knew too many months had passed by where we were together for my scent to linger but Karin had a strong sense of smell as did I. But deep down I knew it was so that Sookie could not read her mind and learn about her before I was able to explain. I knew she would be troubled with why I was able to protect and love Addy but I was unable to stay, protect and love her. Plus I had not told Jake that Sookie was alive, I had figured she was going by another name so that she could blend in. I had long ago glamoured both of them to not say my name to anyone if interrogated or glamoured. I had also made my face blurry in their thoughts in the likely hood they ever came across another telepath.

It was all done as failsafe’s to keep them safe from other vampires.

I hope it works.

I had heard through Cataliades that they were enjoying my country; they had met other Americans while sightseeing in Stockholm but were going to go on a road trip to northern Sweden to see the beautiful country. Diantha was to meet up with them there since they would be traveling so much. Plus Jake said that Addy said too much to the family so he thought it best to get her out of there for a while. He needed to re-group, – in 2 month time-, he was hoping I would have my issues resolved and Addy could come home to me. She was getting antsy and stubborn and hard headed and mouthy.

Damn that sounds like another woman that used to be in my life, MY SOOKIE.

I spoke with Addy in June and told her that things were not resolved yet and she would need to be patient. She was NOT patient, she was not happy with me at all. I told her I needed to be more careful then before because the queen was following me around and the only reason I was allowed to speak to her now was because Pastor Paul had offered his office and phone for me to speak to her. She was not happy but she said she understood.

I called Diantha back to the states I would need her help soon, of that I was sure. I felt it in my bones. Something was coming and I needed to prepare.

I got a call from Desmond and he told me that Jake wanted me to be aware that Addy had run away when they went back to Stockholm but the American family they had met before had helped find her and talk some sense into her about safety. The boy had tracked her down and chewed her out about safety and he had told her that he wishes he was as safe as her with a personal guard and he wishes he still had a loving father in his life because he feared he would never see his again. But he understood his father’s duty and respected him more for keeping his family safe by being in a different country and away from them. That he knew all too well the hurt of losing a parent and she needed to grow up and act accordingly like the teenager she was and help out the situation she was in, not fight it. She apologized to Jake and said she would try harder, that was all I could hope for.

Addy as a teenager played by Danika Yarosh

Addy as a teenager played by Danika Yarosh

He was a smart boy and if I ever met him I would thank him.

I asked Jake to leave Sweden for a while and to travel around the Scandinavian countries, I would send another daemon to him, but I needed Diantha close to me, I felt that to my very core that Diantha was a big part of the take down soon to come. Jake told me he was going to take Addy to Holland and The Netherlands so that they could have a change of scenery and I knew I had a castle or two for them there to stay in so they would be fine.

Life went on.

Few things could shake me up but when I overheard Freyda talking to an old friend of mine about a visit I knew this was the start of something good. It appears my old friend, the King of Sweden, wanted to come pay me a visit while he was in the states with another old friend of mine and Sookie’s, Russell Edgington and it appears Peder was to bring his assistant Aude.

I knew for a fact his longtime assistant and lover was named Svea. Which made me wonder who would be playing the role of Aude?

However being the tactician that I am I advised Freyda this may be a takeover search party and she needed to make herself look stronger… I knew better though… She advised me to make it happen so I did. I called old friends and asked them to send me vampires in two night’s time that they trusted and who would listen to my commands. I wanted an army behind me that would help me destroy her if needed. I was just hoping this was the start of a new chain of events and the last cog would be Niall’s return with the information we needed.

Three days later, the Kings and their small entourage were escorted into the throne room. Russell was throwing a hissy fit because of the way they were being treated. He said they came in peace and she was treating them like an enemy. They were there to visit an old friend and she was making it harder than it should have been.

I had to agree with him, but I had to go along with her demands.

I greeted my old friend, “Min bror, hur har du varit och vem är denna härliga varelse bredvid dig?” (My brother, how have you been and who is this lovely creature beside you)

I knew for a fact the creature was min dotter, but I would go along with the ruse.

“Du vet vem det är, min assistent, Aude, vacker är hon inte.” (You know who this is, my assistant, Aude, beautiful is she not)

“JA faktiskt, där är ditt husdjur Svea?” (Yes indeed, where is your Pet Svea?)

“Hemma hålla nere palatset, är du svartsjuk?” (At home holding down the palace, are you jealous?)

“Ja, jag längtar efter att vara i Sverige igen och min blåsiga skit som min yngre barn kallade det. Jag saknar den kalla, vintrarna och rytande bränder. För att vara med den man älskar och vårda varje ögonblick som det är den sista. men jag saknar mina döttrar också, aldrig visste hur mycket de betydde för mig tills för några år tillbaka när jag tog på en extra hundra år för att skydda och mina bondeds jag. De betyder allt för mig och om jag kunde rätta till problemet till hands skulle jag.” (Yes, I long to be in Sweden again and in my windy shithole as my younger child calls it. I miss the cold, the winters and the roaring fires. To be with the one you love and cherish every moment like it is the last. But I miss my daughters too, I never knew how much they meant to me until a few years back when I took on an extra one hundred years for their protection and my bonded’s. They mean the world to me and if I could rectify the issue at hand I would.)

“Få sentimental i din ålderdom bror.” (Getting sentimental in your old age brother?)

“Något sådant.” (Something like that.)

“Något som du önskar att berätta när jag gå tillbaka?” (Anything you wish to tell them when I go back?)

“Bara att jag kommer att vara där snart och det kommer att finnas tillägg till vår familj.” (Only that I will be there soon and there will be additions to our family.)

“Ditt meddelande kommer att levereras, eftersom vi nu får en stare ner från din drottning jag föreslår vi ändra tillbaka till engelska. Men först är du okej, några bekymmer jag behöver veta om? Om vi behöver prata privat vad skulle det bästa språket vara?” (Your message will be delivered, as we are now getting a stare down from your queen I suggest we change back to English. But first are you okay, any worries I need to know about? If we need to talk privately what would the best language be?)

“Någon skandinavisk dialekt eller grekiska. de är bäst, är tiken en idiot när det gäller spark” (Any Scandinavian dialect or Greek. Those are best; the bitch is an idiot when it comes to languages.)

“Noterat, oh my näsan är scrunching upp.” (Duly noted, oh my, her nose is scrunching up.)

“Se upp ett utbrott är framför oss.” (Watch out a tantrum is ahead of us.)

And with that we changed back to English, but not before a small smile erupted on Russell and Aude’s lips, they both understood everything.

I never did answer his question about ‘am I okay’, I really didn’t know, but I had a feeling that is why they are visiting, to check up on me.

“I apologize your majesty, but being back in the presence of my old and dear friend North Man brought the Swedish language out in me. I am sorry I was unaware I was doing it and you did not understand. We came here to visit you and your lovely state and Russell being an old friend as well offered to show me around the states. We have been to a couple of states already but unfortunately I am being called back on a family matter so I will be going back once we return to Mississippi in two nights time. Maybe next time it will be longer and then Aude can sedate her love of shopping.”

Oh what a dig at Pam, Karin hates to shop and I could see the glare in her eyes when he said it. Someone was getting thrashed tonight of that I was sure.

“My queen, why don’t you show your guests around, I can stay here and hold down court if you would like me too. That way I do not over step in speaking in Swedish again to my longtime friend.”

“Yes Eric that is a great idea. But I prefer you go with us. Be a dear and bring up the rear of the line.”

Well I guess that was my first of many paybacks tonight, I was being treated like a pet.

“Yes my queen.”

This gave me plenty of time to zip off to my room and get the talisman to hand over to Karin. I could slip it in her pocket and speak to her quietly in Greek and tell her what it was. The A.P. was a mischievous old crone. She knew damn good and well when I would see my child and I am sure she knows a hell of a lot more than she told me that day at the summit.

I wasn’t even missed by Freyda in my short zip away. Peder and Russell had her by both arms and laying it on thick, both of them were equally good at blowing smoke up her ass.

I walked a step behind my child and whispered in Greek.

“Tha prépei na topothetí̱sete af̱tó sto chéri í̱ ti̱n tsépi̱ sa. Tha prépei na foroún aná pása stigmí̱. Eínai magic’k apó ti̱n Fae Prínkipa kai eínai na sas voi̱thí̱sei na vreíte to neótero adelfí̱ sou. Tha nió̱sei san na échete éna desmó mazí ti̱s kai tha eíste se thési̱ na párei gia na ti̱s grí̱gora, an af̱tí̱ eínai se kíndyno. Foréste to kóri̱ mou, sas écho̱ empistosýni̱ kai me tous mikróterous mou. Peíte ti̱n adelfí̱ sas agapó̱ ópo̱s agapó̱ kai egó̱ tha eínai sýntoma kontá sas se af̱tó to thyelló̱deis shithole.” (I need to place this in your hand or pocket. You must wear it at all times. It is magic’k by the Fae Prince and it is to help you find your newest sister. You will feel her like you have a bond with her and you will be able to get to her quickly if she is in danger. Wear it my daughter, I trust you with my youngest. Tell your sister I love her as I love you and I will be with you soon in that windy shithole.)

I was going to tell her more but I didn’t want her to know I knew about Sookie and her children. That was a story for Sookie and I didn’t want the bitch to over hear her name.

Karin/Aude acknowledged my words with a small nod and we proceeded on. Well it seems the queen did not trust the visiting kings and demanded they stay an extra night. She had rooms already made up for them and she wanted them to see how gracious she was being to an old friend of mine.

My suspicion was that she would have all of us heavily guarded so that we could not speak to one another during the duration of their stay. I also assumed she would try to board their plane to see if they had an army awaiting her.

One, it was Russell’s plane not a charter, she would never get on.

Two, she was an idiot.

Three, they would not bring the army with them; they would have them lay in wait.

Four, I believe my first assessment, they were here checking up on me for some reason. The reason was never stated but I think it had to do with a bidding by Sookie. Karin/Aude slipped and called her nest mate Claudine. The only Claudine I knew was Sookie’s fairy godmother whom was killed protecting her. Plus I knew Karin despised the nest mentality so she would not belong to one, another hint perhaps. I would not push the subject either, but if I remember correctly, Jake had said the mother of the American boy was Claudine. I had to wonder if they had already met and somehow Sookie got through their glamour.

It was a long night but the three of them manage to talk to me individually in either Swedish or Greek. I let them know I knew they were checking up on me but I was fine at the moment. Peder asked me about the last Were and I told him that he was captured and being interrogated in fairy; the sky fae had him at the moment but at any time the prince would be back with the information extrapolated from the Were so that we could go after the last of the perpetrators. The Dae’s had been caught and executed. Things were falling into place.

The night went well as expected but true to form we were all guarded at night and I had been told by a text that Freyda had tried to enter the plane unannounced and a military presence on it had stopped her. Apparently Russell has a friend in high places and he brought a few military along with him to guard his plane.

Very smart man and a very stupid queen.

The following night the entourage was meant to leave about 11pm, so they could make it back to Mississippi before daybreak. However, the bitch had other plans; she was making it difficult for them to leave on time.

I don’t know what she was up to, it was going to backfire soon, and I heard Russell talking to Bart with a small girl child whining that she needed him back, now. I did not know who the child was but Peder got on the phone and spoke to her in a gentle Swedish tone, he called her Emma and told her that her faster (aunt) would be back tonight and they would be heading out the following night to go back home. To please be patient and good for her mor (mother), that we were all walking on eggshells and needed to get out of Oklahoma quickly and without incident.

I heard a boy say that ‘father’ would make sure onkel (uncle) Peder and faster (aunt) Karin would be protected but if she didn’t hang up the phone soon they would never make it home. She was making faster (aunt) Pam pace like daddy and momma was crying because she was worried too.

I was shocked by what I was hearing but when the little girl called the boy Hunter, I knew who Sookie’s son was, it was her nephew and I wondered why she was raising him and this Emma was the daughter, my daughter, if I understood the AP correctly.

I felt a warmth rush over my undead heart, I knew then I could love these two and it made me feel so much joy in my heart.

I needed to get to my family. If I had only known how close they had been. Sookie came to Russell for help and she was here in the states. If I could, I would fly to her tonight be damn the consequences.

The next voice I heard was Sookie’s, the sweet southern drawl, the words, “Emma let Peder go so that he can say goodbye to your daddy.” I heard her and I am not sure I was supposed to and god only knows if her words were meant for me, but I had hoped that Freyda did not hear her; Freyda was too busy on the other side of the room to have heard but a whisper out of the phone. Another whisper erupted from the phone, one I was sure this time was for me.

…..jag älskar dig min Viking ….(I love you my Viking)

I wasn’t holding on very well and I looked at Peder and was about to demand answers but it was Russell who swooped to my side and stared jabbering on about this and that. I knew it was a distraction and I heard Peder end the call and tell the queen that they must be allowed to leave; the family matter must be attended to immediately. She told him she apologized that she did not fully understand how dire the situation.

If only she knew MY HUMAN family was so close, the dire situation was MY HUMAN family, MY HUMAN family loves me and MY HUMAN FAMILY was worried about me.

This knowledge would help to keep me grounded and it would help me through however long it took for me to get back to them.

I had a family once more and I was going to make damn sure I was with them as soon as possible.

It was during this time that I wished our bond was still alive and well, I would send back to my mate that I adored her. I sent it anyways even though I knew she would not feel it. IT GAVE ME H.O.P.E. for the future whatever it may bring. She still loved me and I her, we would make it this time.

I was broke out of my musing by Russell who had been speaking to me but I hadn’t been paying attention, but when he went into a whisper in Greek, I nodded that I was listening.

“Vóreia ánthro̱pos tha ti̱n prostatéf̱sei me tis zo̱és mas, ta paidiá tha eínai asfaleís, échoun dó̱sei to epíthetó sas, kai eínai í̱di̱ dikós sas. Ekeíni̱ tha me skóto̱ne an í̱xere po̱s sas to eípa, allá tha í̱thela na ti̱n syncho̱rí̱sei se mia stigmí̱. Ákousa ta lógia ti̱s gia na sas?̱ Den nomízo̱ óti í̱xere óti tha tous akoúsei, kathó̱s kai. Af̱tí̱ eínai píso̱ kai kalýtero apó poté, Bubba tha prépei na pi̱gaínei mazí tous katá ti̱n epistrofí̱ tous, eínai chtypi̱ménos me ti̱n Emma, kathó̱s kai i̱ mi̱téra ti̱s kai to syntomótero Tháleia eínai se thési̱ na párete mia antikatástasi̱ gia ti̱n prostasía tou Iásona pou tha katef̱thynthoún epísi̱s pros to Vorrá gia na eínai mazí tous. Sýntrofos sas échei polloús fílous pou poté den í̱xere óti eíche kai af̱tí̱ ti̱ dikí̱ mou kai tou sevasmoú Bart échei kerdísei. O̱stóso, an egó̱ í̱ o Bart chreiázeste móno pou chreiázetai na kánete eínai na kalésete kai emeís tha sas voi̱thí̱soume. Aeropláno mou eínai sti̱ diáthesí̱ sas ópote to chreiasteíte. Proséxte palioú mou fílou kai parameínete asfaleís gia ti̱n oikogéneiá sas.”(North Man we will protect her with our lives, the children will be safe, they have your given last name, and they are already yours. She would kill me if she knew I told you this, but I would forgive her in an instant. I heard her words to you; I don’t think she knew that you heard them as well. She is back and better than ever, Bubba will be going with them upon their return, he is smitten with Emma as well as her mother and as soon as Thalia is able to get a replacement for Jason’s protection she will also head to the North to be with them. Your mate has many friends she never knew she had and she has earned mine and Bart’s respect. However if you need me or Bart all you need to do is call and we will help you out. My plane is at your disposal whenever you need it. Take care my old friend and stay safe for your family.)

“Eán boreíte na párete mia ef̱kairía na ti̱s po̱ ti̱n agapó̱ akóma. Eínai óli̱ mou ti̱n kardiá kai tha ti̱n / ta paidiá mas ánef̱ óro̱n agapoún.” (If you get an opportunity tell her I love her still. She is my whole heart and I will love her/our children unconditionally.)

“Nomízo̱ óti af̱tá ta lógia tha í̱tan kalýtera an í̱rthe apef̱theías apó esás. O̱stóso, egó̱ tha ti̱s po̱ na ti̱n akoúsei. To ypóloipo eínai méchri sas fílos mou. Kalí̱ týchi̱.” (I think those words would be better if they came from you directly. However, I will tell her you heard her. The rest is up to you my friend. Good luck.)

I turned to see Karin/Aude smiling at me and I nodded for her to approach… As she came forward she was playing with the talisman around her neck and smiling. But she spoke to me in Finnish.

“Mestari, olen kuullut, mitä sanoitte, ja hän rakastaa sinua silti, koskaan unohtaa, että hän teki kaiken tämän suojella häntä ja Hunter ja nyt Emma. Ja tämä talismaani minä kuluvat aina suojella Addy. Kyllä me jo tiedämme hänestä, se on miksi Claudine halusi meidän täällä sinua varten. Oltava turvallisia isä.” (Master, I heard what you said and she loves you still, never forget that, she did all this to protect her and Hunter and now Emma. And this talisman, I will wear always to protect Addy. Yes we already know about her, it is why Claudine wanted us here for you. Be safe father.)

With that she walked away before I could respond and told Peder they needed to leave.

I asked the queen to accompany them to the airport but I was denied, punishment number 2.

She told me I had other things that she needed me to take care of. Bedding her was not going to happen, I still had months before that chore was due again and I hoped to all the gods that would listen that her life would be ended before that.

The following month after their departure back to Sweden the last of Sookie’s books came out, ‘Maker’s Last Word’, I read it quickly and it pretty much told me of our life. The life we had but I was too controlled to let her in completely. It was us and Appius and what he had done to me. In the book the vampires maker showed up and demanded his fealty again, that he was his possession even though he no longer was. He found out that he was never fully released; he was still under his maker’s control… All of this was true, it was me and Appius, gods I hated my maker, but yet I still loved him. He taught me everything. However she couldn’t use the same last command but chose one close enough. Sookie couldn’t tell/write about the contract so the final command was for the vampire to kill Aude. The vampire was commanded to kill his love and soon to be bonded but his maker failed to know the extent of the love they shared and the inner strength that Aude contained within her human heart. The final words to the vampires Maker were, ‘meet your true death Alexei, and go to your maker’…and with that a branch limb was put through his heart… I am quite certain that is the exact words Sookie would have said to Appius if it had been her to slain him. But of course we know it was her Uncle Dermot who had thrown a fairy blade.

So close but yet far enough away to avoid suspicion. I loved my wife and through her books I have learned a lot of what I have to do to fix our relationship. I knew with the beating of my undead heart I had A LOT to fix. I would take eternity to fix everything if she gave me the chance.

Just a chance and I would make it right.

Until then I would wait and plot.

I would love and learn.

I would make sure my family; all of them would always be protected.

Life went back to normal for the next two months and that is when Niall appeared in Freyda’s court. He not only had Fae guards but the Were, the Vampire council and the AP.

Oh heads were gonna role.

Author’s Note: The translated section in Swedish, Greek and Finish are from google translate so I hope it translated well.

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