Chapter 7 of New Life is Ready!!!!

Hello everyone

Well here is the next chapter up for ‘New Life’. I hope you enjoy it and we will be continuing the rest of the story from Sookie’s point of view.

I don’t know how many more chapters this story has but there will be a few. I might accelerant time a bit here and there but will see.

As for my stories, the next up will be ‘Nite Light’ and then ‘The Vampire and the Wolf’. Two of California Kat’s favorites. The muse is a slow go since the new story ‘Meant to Be’ won’t leave me alone, see the teaser if you already haven’t . The chapter banners and character banners are all done thanks to Sephrenia, she is awesome. Plus 3 of the 5 chapters are finished, they are not shorty’s either.

So without further ado here is Chapter 7- Odd Beginnings.





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